An Updated Report Of A Nepali Reporter

Birthday Blog. A reporter on his job in a changing political scenario of the country. By Dinesh Wagle “Are you pessimistic?” was one of her many questions that particularly put me in defensive position. “No, I am not,” was my instant reply. “I am not pessimistic at all.” Then I started explaining to the JapaneseContinue reading “An Updated Report Of A Nepali Reporter”

Rajdhani Daily Covers UWB

Nepali newspaper features United We Blog! In yet another report about blogs in Nepali media, UWB features in today’s issue of Rajdhani, a national daily published from Kathmandu. The article, written by KP Dhungana, a blogger himself, tries to introduce the concept of web logs to its readers. It highlights the importance of the newContinue reading “Rajdhani Daily Covers UWB”

How “Breaking” are “Breaking News”?

What struck me was that the news of Ambition Academy Miss Teen Nepal 2005 appeared with the tag line “Breaking News” on Kantipur Online. I still wonder if it was exactly the right decision. A critique of online journalism in Nepal By Satish Jung Shahi On Saturday night, August 6, popular news web portal KantipurContinue reading “How “Breaking” are “Breaking News”?”

Royal Nepal Government Seeks Explanation from FM Radio Station

By Dinesh Wagle on August 3rd, 2005 in Xtra Nepal FM faces possible closure Breaking Blog. Authorities in Nepal have ordered an independent FM radio station in Kathmandu to immediately halt broadcasting news. Officials at Nepal FM 91.8 Megahertz have confirmed to UWB this afternoon that they have received a letter from the Ministry ofContinue reading “Royal Nepal Government Seeks Explanation from FM Radio Station”

Regression Revisited: Radio Tune and the TV Contract

Radio Nepal changes the signature tune and Nepal Television requests the district administration office to monitor its reporters’ activities The world is moving forward. America launched the discovery shuttle, India resolved its nuclear issues with the US, China decided on the exchange evaluation. And here in Nepal, we are being forced to return backward inContinue reading “Regression Revisited: Radio Tune and the TV Contract”

Q: Why I am Not Balanced? A: Tell Me Who is Balanced.

By Dinesh Wagle on May 29th, 2005 in Wagle Monologues Some words on ABC of Nepal’s Journalism When I was in college, teachers tirelessly repeated in the classes what was written in the books: Journalism is all about ABC. Yes, so simple, teachers said, it is all about ABC: Accuracy, Balance and Credibility. While inContinue reading “Q: Why I am Not Balanced? A: Tell Me Who is Balanced.”

Nepali Reporters Take Democracy Fight to Cyberspace

By Terry Friel (Reuters, 24 March 2005) New Delhi- Journalists in Nepal, one of the world’s poorest and most backward nations, are going hi-tech to sidestep tight censorship imposed after last month’s royal coup. Outspoken Web logs, or blogs, are springing up and being widely quoted and linked to in the ‘blogosphere’ – the mushroomingContinue reading “Nepali Reporters Take Democracy Fight to Cyberspace”