A Notice That Wasn't Printed in the Himalayan Times….

…because of the Maoist disruption in the production of the newspaper. UWB reproduces the full text of a notice issued by the Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post (published in today’s edition of Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post): YCL Threat to Kantipur Journalist: Hari Bahadur Thapa, Chief Reporter at Kantipur, nation’s largest and most influential newspaper,Continue reading “A Notice That Wasn't Printed in the Himalayan Times….”

Jobless Journos of Gorkhapatra

The Maoist minister is trying to turn the state-owned publishing house a Maoist recruitment center The other day, Gorkhapatra Corporation, the government owned publisher of dailies Gorkhapatra and the Rising Nepal, refused to renew the contract of 49 journalists, rendering them instantly jobless. Of the 49 working journalists, many were appointed during King Gyanendra’s directContinue reading “Jobless Journos of Gorkhapatra”

Maoist Madness in The Himalayan Times

UWB is strongly against protest programs in newspapers and media house that aim at stopping the newspapers from reaching to the public. To stop a newspaper from being circulated, like in the photo, is a crime against free society. Workers stop the circulation of the Himalayan Times. Pic via THT The protesters in APCA House,Continue reading “Maoist Madness in The Himalayan Times”

Crackdown on Nepali Journalism

More than 200 Nepalese journalists arrested, dozens in custody Journalists continue fight against detentions, repressive media law By Committee to Protect Journalists New York, April 18, 2006—More than 200 Nepalese journalists have been detained since April 4 while participating in pro-democracy protests to demand press freedom or while covering the nationwide demonstrations, according to informationContinue reading “Crackdown on Nepali Journalism”

Strike and Nepali Journalists

As strikes continue in Nepal, attacks on journalists reported By Committee to Protect Journalists New York, April 14, 2006—Thirteen journalists were arrested today in Baglung, west of Kathmandu, while protesting against media restrictions during the seventh day of a nationwide strike, the Federation of Nepalese Journalists reported. Others detained during the past week, including veteranContinue reading “Strike and Nepali Journalists”

Journalists’ Solidarity for Press Freedom

Nepali journalists on solidarity show in Kathmandu More than 200 hundreds of journalists gathered at Maitighar, Kathmandu today showing solidarity for press freedom. Members of International Mission to study Nepal’s media situation too participated in the show. Stop control over the press, restore press freedom: the banners reads.