Maoist Madness in The Himalayan Times

UWB is strongly against protest programs in newspapers and media house that aim at stopping the newspapers from reaching to the public.

The Himalayan Times Protest

To stop a newspaper from being circulated, like in the photo, is a crime against free society. Workers stop the circulation of the Himalayan Times. Pic via THT

The protesters in APCA House, the publishers of English daily The Himalayan Times and Nepali daily Annapurna Post have disrupted the distribution of papers as they are demanding facilities and benefits from management. The Maoist as a party is clearly behind this disruption and the national leadership must be held responsible for this mayhem in media sector. Maoists are trying to intimidate media by staging such drama in the name of facilities and benefits for workers. Yes, anyone including the Maoists can have peaceful protest for whatever the reason but while doing so no one can undermine people’s right to information. We respect and defend the agitators’ right to protest and demand facilities but we condemn their act of preventing the papers from being circulated. To stop papers from reaching to subscriber’s home or to try to stop a newspaper from being published is a crime against democracy and free society.

Information Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara of the Maoist party is encouraging such act by not acting against it and that only shows what his party might do in future. We know Maoists are not satisfied with the professional/commercial media houses in Nepal whose media outlets enjoy good circulation and ratings. Intimidation is not the way to counter those media and no newspaper in good conscience can become a Janadesh (a Maoist mouthpiece). Open your own newspaper, if you can, and join the competition. Provide quality content and readers/audiences will be yours. After all, the present media houses are not distributing their papers for free. People buy and when they do that they do that by their choice. Professional Commercial media needs to be flourished in Nepal for the shake of institutionalizing democracy in the country.

[1. Maoists hinder delivery of THT, Annapurna Post-News from the Himalayan Times: The Maoist-affiliated trade union workers, who have been delivering The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post, today hijacked the delivery vehicles of the dailies in Kathmandu and dumped all the copies in front of the newspapers’ offices.
2. Surrender we’ll never (the paper’s stand on the issue)
3. Newspaper Closure: Maoist Madness (our previous blog on a similar Maoist strike against media before)]

We urge the reporters and other staffs of the Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post to counter the ill intended protest strongly and stand tall for the freedom of expression by continuing reporting and producing the papers. We fought against an autocrat called Gyanendra and we must deal with the neo-autocrats in the veil of Prachandapath.

There is a whole lot of debate about APCA house (the source of investment and the provision of Foreign Direct Investment in media sector.) We are not dead against FDI in media but the government should regulate it with proper laws. We want transparency. It’s an international trend for newspaper of one country trying to open its edition in another country in one form or the other. Proper laws of the land should deal with such cases. And that should be fine with Nepalis too.-Wagle

Here is a press note issued by Ram Pradhan, editor of the Himalayan Times, for International Media Network Nepal Pvt Ltd

21st July 2007

1. For the last 3 days there has been a disruption in the distribution of AP and THT. On 21st July it did not reach the market because all distribution in Kathmandu was hijacked by the Maoist affiliated trade union. The Maoist affiliated trade union workers (delivery boys) creating obstruction beat up dispatch staff of Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times. We conclude that such act is a blatant attack on the independent press and interference in the people’s right to information.

2. The delivery boys are not affiliated to the publishing organisations of Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times. Nine distribution agencies including RB News are involved in the distribution of these dailies and they manage all the things related to the distribution of these dailies. It is no concern of the publishers of Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times on what kind of individuals are involved in the distribution of the papers and how much salary is paid to them.

3. The act of the Maoist affiliated trade union into unilaterally and illogically demanding that delivery workers be given permanent employment is a mockery of the labour laws in this country. We conclude that this demand to make the delivery boys employees of the publication houses is an act of going way beyond the legal parameters. It is the duty of the newspapers to disseminate information without let or hindrance of any kind.

4. We believe that the rights of working staffers should be protected. However, the act of piling newspapers in the front door of their offices by taking control of the vehicles carrying the papers in the name of workers is a criminal offence. It is highly regrettable that the government is a silent spectator even at a time when a criminal act is being committed in media houses with impunity. The government has proved to be powerless to protect the right and independence of journalists.

5. It is notable that such disruptions occurred not only in Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times but also in Nepal Samacharpatra and in Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post some weeks ago. The publication of Nepal Samacharpatra was intact halted. Incidents like these show that there is planned offensive against the private media houses. This should be taken with utmost seriousness and there is the need to raise strong voices for press freedom.

6. We know that some senior Maoist leaders are directly protecting the attack on the free press. It is white terrorism. We urge all to be aware and alert about incidents that seriously undermine and jeopordise the process of peaceful transition in the country.

7. There is no option other than to suspend publication of papers if the government continues to be a hapless onlooker and keeps tolerating the unjustified defiance of the Maoists. We urge all media houses, journalists, political parties, international community, civil society, readers and world agencies concerned with the development of media, protection of journalists and their rights, and press freedom to take the matter very seriously and express their solidarity for the freedom and independence of press in Nepal.

Ram Pradhan – Editor, The Himalayan Times
For International Media Network Nepal Pvt Ltd





81 responses to “Maoist Madness in The Himalayan Times”

  1. sagarmatha Avatar

    This CA election of Nepal seems to be dirty elections and the rotten history of democracy in the world. Does Prachanda deserve democracy and democratic norms in the coming CA election ?Do Prachanda and Baburam deserve the defeat in CA election ? Do Madhesi and other ethnic groups participate or accept the result of the CA election held by this syndicate-leaders of 8 parties ? Until and unless the deeper ethnic, moral and spiritual crisis exist among the Girija, Sitaula, Prachanda, Baburam, Madhav, Bamdev etc., the CA election could be a tale of votes bought, stolen, suppressed, lost, cast more than once, assigned to dead people, miscounted, ballot boxes thrown into rivers and hills, litigated all the way to the Supreme Court and at the end a failure.

    In the search for a genuine solution to the crisis in all its depths and dimensions, Nepali people might shrink at the prospect of a takeover by some one else. The narrow “constitutional” approaches will guarantee not only the final suicidal game to syndicate rule but also guarantee toward more cruel ethnic war in Nepal. The people have the right to abolish a government that no longer serves its promises and assurances. The narrow interpretation in constitution can always bring unknown destination and chaos and the hope always become pessimistic. The constitution is only a tool to rule the country for particular government but the final source of sovereignty resides in the Nepali people. As the sovereign of the democratic state of Nepal, the people have the right to abolish a government that no longer serves the mandate of providing “peace and order, protection of life, liberty, and prosperity and the promotion of the general welfare and the true sense of democracy. Therefore, thru a new people power, the Nepali people can set up a transitional government to replace the rotten, oppressive and deceitful structures of the pseudo-democracy that has been imposed on the nation. This transitional government can then tackle the urgent and long-term task of systemically rebuilding and renewing democracy. As its name implies, the transitional government will not be a permanent form of government. It will simply create a new structural context for solving the most urgent problems facing the country. It will usher in a new Constitution through a participatory nationwide process. A rotten political system exists because citizens have allowed it to fester and decay all these years either thru neglect or indifference.

    “For we will reap what we sow. When we sow apathy, we will reap a totalitarian government. When we sow vigilance and noble actions, we will deserve our democracy.”

  2. sad&depressed Avatar

    guys guys guys, pls stop arguing with each other, for we all want the same results.
    lets unite to formulate ideas on how it is the most suitable for nepal to move forward. lets start a movement where everyone is included. where everyone is equal, and there is no segregation. where we will be known only as nepali not phadi neither madhesi, nor bahun neither newars. where we will work to make the nation better. we can get together like minded ppl who have no affiliation to any existing political parties neither the royals and especially not any even sentimental symapthy towards the maoists. where every one has a voice and is respected. and everythings is decided by vote democratically.
    this is what i purpose to the people who is i assume is sick and tired of everything and everyone that you cant stand anyone anymore.

  3. SS Avatar

    FCuk the maoists….the country is literally in ruins……the king’s direct rule was a lot better than this……..

  4. guyfromktm Avatar

    at present the major task should be to DEFEAT the Maoists and then deal with the 7parties through a democratic process. The Maoists should be penalized by the public for years of intimidation, extortion, killings and displacement– this can be done by concerted pressure from all circles and then by voting them out during the CA. Post CA and minus the maoists, the seven parties can be dealt with by using the democratic institutions. However, if the terrorists Maoists remain viable, they will turn this nation into a totalitarian communist state. So, this is not the time to figure out if UML is better than Congress. The need of the hour is to attack and smoke out the terrorist Maoists.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    The Maoists with their YCL goons once again stopped the distribution of the Himalayan Times. The govt. forces were a mute spectator to all this. So what’s cooking GPK?

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I see talk here of getting rid of the Maoists, chasing the Maoists back into the jungles etc. However, no one has really bothered to outline in greater detail how this is to be accomplished. Let me tell you that the SPA does not have the balls nor the brains to accomplish such a feat. The other problem is that there isn’t any unity amongst the SPA itself. If the congress goes after the Maoists the UML, being the opportunists that they are, will side with the Maoists to get at the congress etc. The way I see it there are two viable options here:

    1) The congress party unites. Which would make them the biggest most powerful party in Nepal. If the united congress plays their cards right and manages to get the Terai constituency on their side the Maoists as well as the other parties will be totally fcuked. They will just dominate. Frankly if they a party doesn’t win a significant majority in the parliament it will not be possible to effectively stand up to the Maoists and set them straight. I understand this means the congress will be uncontested in parliament but hell the way things are now I don’t think this is the worst option.

    2) The SPA makes a pact with the King and the NA and then arrests all the Maoists leaders and throws them in jail. Without any leadership, the fact that all their cadres have been out of practice of war for so long and most of their weapons are now locked up the Maoists will be perish. Of course I think this option is unlikely since there is too much suspicion between the King the the SPA. However, if the SPA had any brains they should be able to convince the NA and the King that this is the best alternative for them as well because the way things are the King’s future is bleak in Nepal. With international support, the Maoist leaders in jail and the support of Terai groups the Maoists will be totally screwed.

  7. arthas Avatar

    Everybody should be united for the denunciation of Maoist tactics to make media serve their interest. They are still stuck with the slogan of proletariat revolution and view media and informed population as their “class enemy”.

    Wake up, Maoist leaders. The country is already a century behind developed economies and all communist movements are de-facto a history, crushed by infinitely productive capitalist economic structure beyond any salvation.

  8. BK,UK Avatar

    mr wagle, please dont post any political article coz ur readers dont have political awareness as seen from above comments.

    all are anti maoist, nothing more than that. sounds they are getting paid for writting in ur blog. i have have read they appreciate the JIMSE FATAHA MORiYARTI(james f moriarty) . ur site being evil really day by day by this workers , workers means dont know whose workers exactly…….. but some of them …….working and getting paid………

  9. ???? ???? ?????? ???? Avatar
    ???? ???? ?????? ????

    UNITY.. what does it mean?
    UNITE.. why do we need to?

    we lost our unity and we will never unite.. its all because of ???? ???? ?????? ???? !!!

    ??.?.??. (???????)- ???? ????
    ????? ??? ??- ?????? ????

  10. ???? ???? ?????? ???? Avatar
    ???? ???? ?????? ????

    UNITY.. what does it mean?
    UNITE.. why do we need to?

    we lost our unity and we will never unite.. its all because of ???? ???? ?????? ???? !!!

    ??.?.??. (???????) – ???? ????
    ????? ??? ?? – ?????? ????

    they all are puppets of ???? ???? ?????? ???? (South Block) ..@#$%^#

  11. Shaman Avatar

    We got what we prayed for and fought for… truly democratic regime where everyone is allowed to do everything sans any restriction whatsoever. It was evident from the beginning itself that the Maoists only exist to create havoc and mayhem. But that dream of freedom made us overlook the obvious. Crying wolf now is unlikely to produce any result.

    The only alternative available to all the Nepalese is to learn to live with it. As Buddha says ‘what you do comes back to you’. Secondly, nothing comes for free. We got freedom, and now we are paying the price.

  12. hope Avatar

    They all have lost credibility, they all dragged us to the current situation. No, Bhudai, I beg to disagree, SPA were never been a solution and nor will they ever be .

    Look at Nepal’s “Democratic” history, it has been ruled by either of these SPAs, and they are solely responsible for the most of the if not all the problems that a country is in. The first” revolution”, congress got it all, they couldnot maintain it and Mahendra took control, you have to acknowledge that was congress’ failure. Then after a long period of “struggle” again, the second “revolution” SPAs got significant “victory”, once again because of their incompetence and stupidity they lost to Gyanendra then to Maoist. Then comes “revolution III “,SPAs got revenge with Gyanendra with the help of Maoists and now they have shown their colors again.

    The point is they are proven incompetents,they have said it loud and clear , they are losers and they donot have any capabilities to run a country, they will drag us deeper and deeper into this never ending mess.They have proved the fact that if we trust them again,out of stupidity, they will continue to do what they are capable of and you can’t blame them as they will say, you’ve chosen us despite our past performances, what do you expect?? They are like garbage ,not even recyclable, have dump them.

    I prefer NA’s intervention with or without Gyanendra, a total control of the country by Army.Like Thailand,like Pakistan, they are not doing bad at all and there is a real possibility of it. As the differences mounts and the tensions rises in the ranks of NA with regards to “integration” of terrorist army into the NA they have to take initiative. If they merge NA will live forever as a defeated force and the new comers will always be taken as victors. Will that be acceptable for the army which takes so much pride on it’s undefeated record even in colonial era.They are insulting the army by refuting their security, they made humiliating remarks and trying to degrade and dimotivate army by various means. I think it is inevitable that the conflict between Army and maoist would explode and hence army would have no option than to sieze the power. After that, capturing all the heads of the maoists and political parties and send them either to jails or to exile.

    And then start reforming the political parties by annoucing all the registered old parties as void and reregistering new parties with new faces. Old guards must be barred from politics. And within five years handing over power to newly elected government. If Pakistan can do it so can we!!

  13. lakure Avatar

    ???? ???? ?????? ????,

    You are 100% right,

    And Girija as a interim head of the state consulting three times with Indian Ambassodor to rule the nation. And sometimes even going to Indian embassy.

    This is what Girija said “Grand design”

  14. lakure Avatar

    I mean three times a week.

  15. sad&depressed Avatar

    i agree with hope, i prefer to be ruled by the army then the maoist.
    and one more thing, and another message to the punk from camden. first of all you dont even live in nepal, second at least james moraty did his job well, you remarks are very insensitive. if you dont like the post dont read it, there are a lots of other sites in the net that spreads maoist propaganda im sure you will feel quite at home. but anyway i do not understand you say you live in UK which is oddly enough ruled by a queen and is not even democratic. you r one of those typical kind that say that the US(west) is this and that but you would be the first in line to apply for DV: types of you are the biggest threat to the sovernity of the nation.

  16. catch22 Avatar

    BK UK,

    First of all I don’t think most of the participants here are anti-maoists, or anti any other party for that matter. It’s an easy way out for blind supporters of the maoists like yourself to state a blank statement as you have done. What I am certain of is that most of us are anti anyone who tries to impose their will on others, this is what the maoists are resorting to. Please tell your masters to follow democratic norms which I am sure you should have some inkling of due to you being based in the U.K. and we will be happy to stop bashing your paymasters. Or is it you who are unaware of democratic politics even though you live in a relatively democratic society. Maybe you should get your head out of the propoganda material your party touts and take a walk around town there in the U.K. and talk to people about political awareness. Or better still come home and experience the “awareness” your bosses are spreading. First hand knowledge has no substitute as many of us here do as we live it everyday.

  17. scoop Avatar


    This BK UK chap is definitely a maoist supporter, and from his statement it is clear he is bitter that the holy grail is slipping away from his masters as we edge closer to elections. That is all, simple bitterness – well if this guys bosses had stuck to the agenda for peace and democracy then it would have done them good.

  18. sl Avatar

    Well catch 22 unlike you I am anti-maoist for sure. I don’t care if they behave or not, I just don’t want them. The image of the Chitwan bombing with babies blown up is clear as yesterday for me.

  19. sad&depressed Avatar

    correction to what i said before, the army is one of THE biggest corrupt institution of nepal (how much did the generals pocketed during each arms deal???), they are topped only by maoist in murdering fellow countrymen, so i would prefer the army under home ministry then the opposite way around. every country is different so dosent mean what works in some other place will work in nepal. nepal is unique and it should be treated so. and the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.
    the country needs to be a democratic and free.

  20. Peace Avatar

    I wonder what made you think that I support Maoists.

    No freedom and peace loving person would support a violent outfit like Maoists.

    All I was trying to say was that supporters of UML are flocking to Maoists in same false hope and lack of leadership in UML. UML is much moderate (and probably democratic) as compared to violent Maoists, and its a shame that Maoists are able to lure activists and supporters of UML.

    As Bhudai commented, a unified Congress party comprising both Nepali Congress (Koirala) and Nepali Congress (Democratic) seems to be the only option for the country. However, I wonder how they are going to get rid of their corrupt leaders who now seem to be everywhere.

    Of course both congress parties still have many time tested leaders who sacrificed their life for the struggle for democracy during entire Panchayati regime, who were however, superimposed by the corrupt leaders and Chaytye Congressis who suddenly mushroomed out of nowhere.


  21. ???? ???? ?????? ???? Avatar
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    ???? ???? ?????? ????

  22. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    You invite evil inside- don’t expect it to play by the rules which you do not even understand. A classic case of elephant in the room.

  23. lakure Avatar


    Not a classic case of elephant in the room. But a classic case of hyenas in the room.

  24. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Dear All, Did you see doublespeak of Maoist bullshit Mahara was giving in Live TV and Threatning the owner of press and Television not to spread false rumour that Maoist is involved in strike in HT/Annapurna and at same venue their fucking Jamarkattel Baje was threatning of more strikes if they do not behave. It was quite fun to see fear in these Mallik of so called free press. They are more afraid of Maoist than Gyanendra as atleast he did not threaten press in this way. The press paid the price becuase they also bacame indian agent and spread false rumours now they have to pay the price themselves.
    and in news also Gorkhapatra fired all the regional reporters so that they can fill their own goons and look at what this HISILA YAMI ( witch) did to Khanepani sansthan by firing the staffs so that they can fill it with there supporter. So much for press freedom,so much for democracy. This is the price we paid for our own stupidity by supporting these thugs SPA&M. though I will blame this situation for greed and stupidity of Gyanendra also.
    Like I said before only save nepal is to support NA even though they are corrupt ( but less than Maoist) and wipe out these stupid SPA&M. This is not good option but better than to be ruled by imcompetent SPA and thuggish Maoist.

  25. Shaman Avatar

    There is an old Panchatantra story like this.

    An old and feeble frog king in a had deep fear that his kiths and kins would take away his throne. He didn’t have physical strength to match theirs. So he invited a snake to wipe out all his enemies. Snake ate all of his enemies and the old king was the only one left. By this time, the frog realized that he had made a mistake by calling in the snake and he would meet the same fate as his kins. The snake then told the frog that he was feeling hungry and there are none other frogs left to eat. The frog told him that there are other relatives in another pond and he would call them. Snake was very happy thinking that the frog was so stupid that he will get other frogs also. Silently, the old frog ran away from the pond never to return.

    Moral of the story is that evil can only harm and it is incapable of doing any good. The best example is the Maoist in Nepal.

    In Nepal’s case, SPA and the Nepalese have nowhere to run. Ultimately, the Maoists are going to eat away everything. Too bad a thought but the reality bites!!!

  26. Protect Press Avatar
    Protect Press

    The act of maoist-affiliated cycleboys is really condemnable. What the hell they think they will get preventing conscious and widely renowned media houses via their worthless, baseless demands.
    My question: Should the illiterate be granted the job of permanent teacher in schools if they forcefully demand it ???

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Man oh man all the times I used to come on this blog and critisize the Maoists and say they weren’t capable of functioning under a democratic framework. Nor do they have any intention. I say arrest the top leaders – Prachanda, Baburam, Mahara and a few other top leaders and then it’s all over. Has anyone ever heard of what happened to the Shining Path in Peru? Technically if the SPA united (if they actually cared about Nepal) could unite and take this action. We could get full international support. Without the leadership the Maoists are nothing, plus right now most of their weapons are locked up. What the fcuk is the SPA waiting for?

  28. asheem Avatar

    well maoist and there thugs are spreading like cancer right now. we can see them obstruct everything and anything without any reason. the most recent example was manhandling and beating up of CDO and A-CDO yesterday.
    if these thugs understand language of violence and only violence then we the mass will suffer. this just makes me ponder what the situation will be in CA polls.
    as far as i can see, the comment made by one of the lawmakers, stating that the current parliament can not be dissolved, and CA poll which in present context has a strong possibility of not taking place, has just given the SPAM a lifelong right to rule Nepal.
    this has turned out to be nothing more than an eight party autocratic rule rather than multi party governance system which these SPAM vigorously advocate.

  29. greatrethorics Avatar

    Media are intimidated and will never work properly.
    Even in the outcome of elections there will be fear of military fear of repression from maobadi. Maobadi opt for the all nepalese shiva like eternal tranformational identity.
    This is what hindus loved this is how they did it in Peru. In Peru they are denominated terrorists and pretty much extermined and active in all the same places, just more violence than in my younger days.
    It will wear itself out, just maobadi pretend to be a decent worker so you don’t look like what you are, because I recognized them 15 years ago. As the military recognized me forever as anti gun. In favour of bush ha ha who sells them. So don’t blame Prachandra who is good. Maobadi are not the problem actually the media are.

  30. kranti today Avatar
    kranti today

    its all bakwaassssssssssssssss

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