Regression Revisited: Radio Tune and the TV Contract

Radio Nepal changes the signature tune and Nepal Television requests the district administration office to monitor its reporters’ activities

The world is moving forward. America launched the discovery shuttle, India resolved its nuclear issues with the US, China decided on the exchange evaluation. And here in Nepal, we are being forced to return backward in a quick pace. The king dismissed the political system considered the world’s most progressive and restored back the remnants of the autocratic Panchayati system. The cabinet is almost same: Tulsi Giri was there and Jagat Gauchan has recently been added. I am not sure if the signboard of Parliamentary Secreteriat is there in Singha Durbar but I won’t be surprised if that has been replaced by the signboard of Rastriya Panchayat. Because the king has started the game of replacement: democracy by autocracy, human rights by gun rights, Gorkhapatra by Gorkhapatra (Nepali spelling changed) and democratic raodi tune by panchayati radio tune.

From yesterday, on the ‘auspicious’ occasion of the happy birthday of king’s grandson Hridayandra, state-owned Radio Nepal changed its news signature tune to remind people those ghostly days of Panchayat. The tune was last changed after the restoration of democracy in 1990.

Anyway, the topic I want to write about is not the change in the signature tune but the strange behavior of Nepal Television. After firing many reporters with democratic background, the state-owned TV station is renewing/awarding contracts to several journalists with a draconian “reference”. UWB has received the copy a contract paper. The beginning and the body text is normal and usual. But the reference, at the end of the contract, makes everyone shocking.

A copy of the contract has been referred to the related District Administration Office (we are not revealing that here because of the possible problem for the reporter) requesting the office to keep an eye on the reporter’s activities. “It is requested to the District Administration Office to monitor the reporter’s activities.” Well, what time has come in Nepal? Nepal Television doesn’t trust its own reporter. They donâ??t have confidence over their own employee.


5 Responses to “Regression Revisited: Radio Tune and the TV Contract”

1. Roshan Says:
July 30th, 2005 at 6:25 pm

Stupid and nonesense things…Yes! our King going backward…he wants AUTOCRACY…system want to run by GUN and BATTLE..if he is thinking going to BACKWARD and want to run the country using GUN POWER it means that he wants END OF KING SYSTEM in Nepal becuase will come to the road soon…..People need democracry, human rights they dont need your GUN SYTEM in the country
2. kala kisna Says:
July 30th, 2005 at 6:34 pm

Kamila ko kaal aayo Bhana powakh aaucha, sall ko kall aayio Bhana sahar pascha, aani rajtantra ko kaal aaya pachi yasti huncha.
3. chinta Says:
July 30th, 2005 at 11:35 pm

I don’t understand why he is so stupid, why he has to bring everything as was in Panchayat. Man, if given a free hand, this man will also reduce 13 years from Bikram Sambat, and say this is 2048 BS.

Gyan bro sucks.
4. Whosyourdaddy Says:
July 31st, 2005 at 4:01 am

Nepal have already been divided and conquered away by our Moaist dai and bhai and didi baheni ..and soon, when they have it all… communism will come back to Nepel when its dying all over … even China is florishing in the its special zones where capitalism rules… so what the king does is irrelevent !!

You guys have really lost sight of the real issues and got yourself lost under the same bureaucracy that you so much abhor !! shame shame shame
5. peter Says:
August 1st, 2005 at 11:02 am

Are radio stations allowed to broadcast political news or not?

Listening to Radio Nepal’s 8pm broadcast last night was a trial.

In no particular order: There was a report about the Police “Opening Fire” on a student demo in Kathmandu somewhere or other. Surely this is Political News.

Then there was a report about the crown prince’s son’s birthday – 4 days late! How insolent is that!

I have to say the news presenter’s voice was reminiscent of the WWII wartime radio broadcaster called Law Hawhaw infamous for his germany based radio propagandacasts – he was later tried for treason.

Really, Radio Nepal why not just turn off your transmitters and save us all a little pain.

And to the Tosser who blocks the BBC broadcasts you should have your fingers slammed in a door.

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