Nepali in Transition: Updates on Political Developments

Bargainings for portfolios continue. Here is the latest along with what pro-Maoist newspaper like Janadesh and pro-UML paper Drishti say. Plus, Jana Astha weekly on Gyanendra’s blatant ignorance to the government investigation By Dinesh Wagle The politics in Kathmandu is focused in forming the interim government in which Maoists are expected to join. Talks betweenContinue reading “Nepali in Transition: Updates on Political Developments”

Interim Nepal Government: End The Bargain Soon

The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoists have failed to hammer out an agreement regarding formation of the interim government. The major sticking point is division of portfolios amongst the four major parties- NC, UML, NC (D) and Maoists. The difficulty in power sharing amongst various political parties is understandable. Not only do differentContinue reading “Interim Nepal Government: End The Bargain Soon”

‘MPRF Hired Professional Killers in Gaur’

Dr Mathura Shrestha, a prominent human rights activist, visited Gaur a day after the carnage, in which 28 persons died. Dr Shrestha served as Health Minister in the post-1990 interim government. He attended a meeting of MPRF in Delhi and met also Chief of Janatantrik Mukti Morcha, Jaya Krishan Goit, a couple of times. DrContinue reading “‘MPRF Hired Professional Killers in Gaur’”

Dead Bodies On Their Sides, Maoists in Nepal Publicly Mourn Gaur Massacre

Gaur killing update:Rautahat police on March 24 arrested six persons from district headquarters Gaur and Sirsiya village on suspicions of having being involved in Wednesday’s deadly Maoist-Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) clash that claimed 28 lives. The police had made the arrests during a series of house-to-house searches today, district police office, Rautahat said.The namesContinue reading “Dead Bodies On Their Sides, Maoists in Nepal Publicly Mourn Gaur Massacre”

No More Corpse Politics, Maoists Stay Calm

Kathmandu will see tomorrow 28 corpses from Gaur killing lined up in Tundikhel (Open Air Theater), courtesy the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). They were killed by the armed cadres of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) yesterday. We can understand the Maoist situation. They have lost their cadres and they were all brutally murdered.Continue reading “No More Corpse Politics, Maoists Stay Calm”

Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace process. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go forContinue reading “Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?”

Another Nepal Banda Tomorrow: Depressing Scenario

Protest, protest everywhere, how can we get out of this mess? Janajatis or indigenous people have called for a general strike in Nepal tomorrow. Economically that would be yet another blow to already depressing situation. That will be yet another day of walking for hours to reach offices, yet another day people wasting their timeContinue reading “Another Nepal Banda Tomorrow: Depressing Scenario”