No More Corpse Politics, Maoists Stay Calm

Kathmandu will see tomorrow 28 corpses from Gaur killing lined up in Tundikhel (Open Air Theater), courtesy the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). They were killed by the armed cadres of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) yesterday. We can understand the Maoist situation. They have lost their cadres and they were all brutally murdered. Maoists have the right to pay respect to their fallen comrades whom they have declared ‘martyrs’. But CPN Maoist must not do the politics of corpse. We don’t need lash ko rajniti.


Mother of 18-year-old Govinda Adhikari mourns the killing of her son. The corpse of Adhikari was brought to Hetauda hospital Wednesday night. Adhikari was killed in the Gaur clash. Pic by Pratap Bista

CPN UML, the second largest party in the ruling alliance, did the lash ko rajniti when Madan Bhandari, the then General Secretary of the party, was killed in a road accident. Continuous protest programs organized by the UML at that time only contributed in defaming the democratic system. No one gained, and the sufferer was democracy. It has become an undeniable fact that Maoists are using all sorts of measures to intimidate all branches of society. The best way Maoists can effectively counter any such attacks in future is by gaining confidence of the people. They must stop bullying.

Maoist cadres are announcing on loud speakers in the city that third phase of Janaandolan will be started from tomorrow. What do they mean? They have the right to organize peaceful protests but this is not the right time for them to exert unnecessary pressure on the government. Maoists have demanded that the MPRF be outlawed. It’s true that Maoists are the ones who can help government control the menace called MPRF but that should happen without declaring the outfit outlawed. We don’t want another fighting in whatever pretext.

The statement issued by Chairman Prachanda of Maoist Party has words like exercising restrain but in today’s public meeting organized in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, the Maoist cadres continuously talked about taking revenge. One of the slogans that cadres chanted after the meeting was over was this: Hatya ko badala linchhau, linchhau (We will take the revenge of murder). We know not all cadres are under Prachanda’s control but the party Headquarter must try to show that it’s doing the best to put the cadres under its tight leadership.

Developments of the day:

Rautahat Still Gripped By Terror

KATHMANDU- With Rautahat district still gripped by terror following Wednesday’s killings, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on Thursday urged the government to ban the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) blaming the outfit for the bloody shootout that claimed the lives of 29 Maoists. The barbaric killings of the Maoist activists at Rice Mills area in Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat, have drawn criticism from national and international human rights bodies and political parties. District headquarters Gaur is completely shut down while fear is still rife among the locals.

MPRF had been publicizing its mass meet at the said venue for the last two weeks while the Maoists had also been campaigning to organize their mass meet at the same ground for the last couple of days. Both sides prepared their stages at a distance of about 100 meters from each other on the ground. The clash took a nasty turn after MPRF cadres wrecked a stage constructed by the Maoists for the program while the latter’s rally was arriving at the venue. Shortly after the incident, both sides reportedly exchanged fire.

Ban criminal outfit MPRF: CPN-M

Nepalgunj: Maoist Chairman Prachanda has urged the government to ban the agitating MPRF and initiate action against its leadership. Talking to reporters in Nepalgunj today, Prachanda labelled MPRF a “criminal outfit” and warned of launching a fresh “struggle” unless it was banned. Prachanda further said that he had already discussed issuing a prohibition order against the forum with the government. “I have already talked with the prime minister about this…the government has given its assurance that it (MPRF) will be banned and action will be initiated against the leaders,” Prachanda said. The Maoist chairman further said that failure to launch action against the forum would cast a “grave suspicion” over the government itself. He claimed that armed persons “from beyond the (Nepal-India) border” had been involved in the shootout at Rautahat yesterday.

Separately, in a statement issued this evening Prachanda said that “some royalist regressive forces and Indian Hindu fundamentalists are behind the killings.” “This incident (killings) has indicated that the end of monarchy and establishment of a democratic republic is the need of the hour,” said the former rebel chief.

Meanwhile in Kathmandu, addressing a gathering of supporters in Durbar Square, Maoist leader Dev Gurung said that the government should “ban the Madhesi Forum and take action against its leaders.” He also demanded a “restructuring of the border security so as to contain the increasing infiltration and criminal activities.”

Government Promises Action

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, who visited the clash site today said that the government is committed to take action against those responsible for the Gaur killings. Talking to reporters in Gaur, Minister Sitaula said, “It’s a barbaric act,” adding, “Even condemnation is not enough.” UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the “guilty should be punished. They should not be spared.”






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  1. Neil Horning Avatar

    Oh, well then I guess I was wrong. Average Joe madeshi must love to chase down people, rape them, and kill them in cold blood.

  2. Neil Horning Avatar

    Let me clarify a bit. Something is at work here. Maybe it’s the Palace, Maybe it’s some elements from India, or maybe it’s something no one has thought of. It’s either that, or the MJF is just that @#$ed up.

    But really, I think the MJF is probably not as stupid as to plan something like this. They would know it would only shift opinion against them. Whoever initiated this is someone who wants to see a war between the two groups.

  3. B Avatar

    Mr. Horning,

    How do you know that something like this would shift opinion against MJF? How many blogers do you see on this site who blames MJF more than the moaists? Why some elements from Inia? Why not the indian government which is involved in this madness? Why would king try to use a group whose prime demand is a republic nepal? If indians are involved, why cant this government ask the indian government to tighten the border? Why is the indian government letting extremists operate in India against Nepal? If this government has evidence, why not share it with us and the indian government to expose the extremist hindu organization? Who do you think is more popular in terai today MJF or the maoists?

  4. Patriot Avatar

    Horning – to think that MJF would be dumb to pull off such a thing is vain. Believe me, I think MJF are indeed smart to do whatever they did, coz no matter what the opinion will never shift against them. Look at the whole picture first. Its instead the Maoists against whom opinions have shifted. 90% Nepalese view them with suspicion simply because their goal is to rule by intimidation and dictatorship whereas Madhesis are only demanding what they deserve – inclusion. And everbody know how SPA-M have dished out a raw deal to these people and left them in the cold. People sympathise with Madhesis and hate Maoists. Now I dont know about MJF, and if they are taking advantage and doing whatever they are doing in the pretext of representing all Madhesis is a diff story. But whtever, I think SPA-M have brought this unto themselves. Even if a 1000 Maoists were to be brutally murdered tomorrow, believe me you wont find people out in the streets protesting, except of course their own fellow comrades.

  5. Patriot Avatar

    Only point where I cannot totally disagree with you is perhaps theres another force involved that want to see a war between these groups, obviously who else than royalists here. But is that relevant? Its obvious royalists would do anything in desperation and nobody would be surprised. But blaming royalists will not help, even if they are involved they’re only exploiting a problem just the way Maoists did. The right way to look at things is how we can address the genuine probs of Madhesis and Janjatis and all those marginalized. Simple, but not that simple isnt it?

  6. "Kill Prachanda Campaign" ( Avatar
    “Kill Prachanda Campaign” (

    Let’s Kill all maosit ba$tard$! “United we can eradicate maoists from Nepal”!

  7. waiba Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit, blame it to whomever you want for this tragic incident, but what contribution have made towards peace, or do you even contemplate the possibility of peace? You continue to espouse hatred and disharmony.

  8. waiba Avatar

    to Kill Prachanda Campaigner….
    Violence only breeds violence; eye for an eye only brings blindness. Please don’t waste you valuable time with this nonsense, childish, barbaric mentality.

  9. manan Avatar

    Could it get worse? Yes.

    According to this article, Maoists want revenge unless the government bans the MJF.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Patriot: I agree with you the Royalsts are certainly not sitting around doing nothing. I am sure they must have a hand in inciting this violence. But I think they are exploiting a greviance that already exists.

    Norning: people here attack you for being a third class journalist moron who has no clue about Nepal. I constant defend you because I think you do a good job reporting Maoist activities. But sometimes you show glimps of your naiveness/stupiditity and cluelessness about Nepal and its poltical situation.

    “I think the MJF is probably not as stupid as to plan something like this. They would know it would only shift opinion against them.”

    Tell me Mr. Norning why the hell does MFJ care about public opinion? Public opinion? You think public opinion matters in Nepal?
    MJF, in case you are not aware is an extreamist group who are pissed off and want to exploit the situation to gain power for themslves. They aren’t sitting around thinking about public opinion.

  11. replytoall Avatar

    tragic what?????????????????

    is this a tragic incident? i think not. it is a moment to rejoice and I cheer that finally somebody( not that i like MJF) is trading punch for punch against the Maoists.

  12. sonam Avatar

    Maoists trained Upendra Yadav, and Mr. Yadav is giving his Guru Dakshina.

    People died and that is bad, but arn’t the Maoists playing Lash Politics.
    Remember in Lahan incident, they took away the dead body by force so that Forum could not play Lash Politics.
    There has to be one law, and right now the maoists think they are above the law. The maoists must come within the law, if they don’t, more such incidents will take place.

  13. Rame Avatar


    Ohh Hoo…, sandipjee tapai paani. Aaba hijo samma maobadi le RNA ko henoism dekhauna ko laagi aafani saathi la jalau thiyo haina ta. Kati ko haat khuta kaat thiyo ta kati ko ke. MRPF ka kehi aanga Maobadi bata paani aaeko cha. Aakir Guru ta unni nai hun. Naramro bhaeko ho. Tara tapai (or myself) sanga na solution cha na enough (independent) information cha.

    I don’t support killings, but I do support MRPF in their fight against Maoist Dadagiri. Tapai maobadi le dadagiri gardai cha bhaane kura ma ta sahmat hunu hunch hola (la woodland ko sahu lai ni tokhe cha mora haru le, lahan ma ta jyan nai liyo, aani MRPF ko meeting jahile ne bigarna khojne).

    Maanau marne 28 jaana, maobadi nai thiyo (no guarantee though)
    , aaba yi 28 jaana ko jyan le maobadi haru ko dadagiri less huncha bhaane ta over 2 crore lai ramro bhayo ni haina ta.

    Maobadi ko naam haina, tara janta ko naam ma “sahid” ghosna garau marne haru lai.

  14. citizen of repablican nepal Avatar
    citizen of repablican nepal

    This is mandale’s block.Ohh mandale haru pani yati buddhiman… tin jana milera attank garna khojne. timiharuko babu gyane lai thegan lagaye pachhi ta Upendra Yadap, jyala,goiet ,kobra, tiger jasta gyane ko khol odhera basheka sabai gadha haru ko halat ta awasya herna parne jasto hunchha hola. Just think about your future before doing such nonsence talk against maoist the great hero’s of Nepal. The prachanda- world hero. you dog mandale rajabadi chor haru forum, morcha ra aru kathit nam bata kehi din ko lila pura gara.
    Ganatantra jindabad…
    Gyane ko chamcha heru desh chhod.

  15. abc Avatar

    Mandale haru le pani blog kholeko rahechha baaaaaa…………….. A rajabadi chor haru timiharu ko time off bhai sakeko chhha. …….. kehi din jati sadyantra garchhau gara, jati marchhau mara . Aba timi haruko anta nischhit chha………..
    Raban for rajabadi…

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