No More Corpse Politics, Maoists Stay Calm

Kathmandu will see tomorrow 28 corpses from Gaur killing lined up in Tundikhel (Open Air Theater), courtesy the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). They were killed by the armed cadres of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) yesterday. We can understand the Maoist situation. They have lost their cadres and they were all brutally murdered. Maoists have the right to pay respect to their fallen comrades whom they have declared ‘martyrs’. But CPN Maoist must not do the politics of corpse. We don’t need lash ko rajniti.


Mother of 18-year-old Govinda Adhikari mourns the killing of her son. The corpse of Adhikari was brought to Hetauda hospital Wednesday night. Adhikari was killed in the Gaur clash. Pic by Pratap Bista

CPN UML, the second largest party in the ruling alliance, did the lash ko rajniti when Madan Bhandari, the then General Secretary of the party, was killed in a road accident. Continuous protest programs organized by the UML at that time only contributed in defaming the democratic system. No one gained, and the sufferer was democracy. It has become an undeniable fact that Maoists are using all sorts of measures to intimidate all branches of society. The best way Maoists can effectively counter any such attacks in future is by gaining confidence of the people. They must stop bullying.

Maoist cadres are announcing on loud speakers in the city that third phase of Janaandolan will be started from tomorrow. What do they mean? They have the right to organize peaceful protests but this is not the right time for them to exert unnecessary pressure on the government. Maoists have demanded that the MPRF be outlawed. It’s true that Maoists are the ones who can help government control the menace called MPRF but that should happen without declaring the outfit outlawed. We don’t want another fighting in whatever pretext.

The statement issued by Chairman Prachanda of Maoist Party has words like exercising restrain but in today’s public meeting organized in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, the Maoist cadres continuously talked about taking revenge. One of the slogans that cadres chanted after the meeting was over was this: Hatya ko badala linchhau, linchhau (We will take the revenge of murder). We know not all cadres are under Prachanda’s control but the party Headquarter must try to show that it’s doing the best to put the cadres under its tight leadership.

Developments of the day:

Rautahat Still Gripped By Terror

KATHMANDU- With Rautahat district still gripped by terror following Wednesday’s killings, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on Thursday urged the government to ban the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) blaming the outfit for the bloody shootout that claimed the lives of 29 Maoists. The barbaric killings of the Maoist activists at Rice Mills area in Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat, have drawn criticism from national and international human rights bodies and political parties. District headquarters Gaur is completely shut down while fear is still rife among the locals.

MPRF had been publicizing its mass meet at the said venue for the last two weeks while the Maoists had also been campaigning to organize their mass meet at the same ground for the last couple of days. Both sides prepared their stages at a distance of about 100 meters from each other on the ground. The clash took a nasty turn after MPRF cadres wrecked a stage constructed by the Maoists for the program while the latter’s rally was arriving at the venue. Shortly after the incident, both sides reportedly exchanged fire.

Ban criminal outfit MPRF: CPN-M

Nepalgunj: Maoist Chairman Prachanda has urged the government to ban the agitating MPRF and initiate action against its leadership. Talking to reporters in Nepalgunj today, Prachanda labelled MPRF a “criminal outfit” and warned of launching a fresh “struggle” unless it was banned. Prachanda further said that he had already discussed issuing a prohibition order against the forum with the government. “I have already talked with the prime minister about this…the government has given its assurance that it (MPRF) will be banned and action will be initiated against the leaders,” Prachanda said. The Maoist chairman further said that failure to launch action against the forum would cast a “grave suspicion” over the government itself. He claimed that armed persons “from beyond the (Nepal-India) border” had been involved in the shootout at Rautahat yesterday.

Separately, in a statement issued this evening Prachanda said that “some royalist regressive forces and Indian Hindu fundamentalists are behind the killings.” “This incident (killings) has indicated that the end of monarchy and establishment of a democratic republic is the need of the hour,” said the former rebel chief.

Meanwhile in Kathmandu, addressing a gathering of supporters in Durbar Square, Maoist leader Dev Gurung said that the government should “ban the Madhesi Forum and take action against its leaders.” He also demanded a “restructuring of the border security so as to contain the increasing infiltration and criminal activities.”

Government Promises Action

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, who visited the clash site today said that the government is committed to take action against those responsible for the Gaur killings. Talking to reporters in Gaur, Minister Sitaula said, “It’s a barbaric act,” adding, “Even condemnation is not enough.” UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the “guilty should be punished. They should not be spared.”

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65 thoughts on “No More Corpse Politics, Maoists Stay Calm

  1. Ha.. ComRED~~ What will you do (suppose) if all 14 k corpse will lined up in Tudeikhel whom you have been brutally murdered without any apparent reason?? Seems that there is severe lack of intellectuals in Maoist; afterall they are following outdated, torn iddeology of Mr Mao.
    All know it that you had adopted the Gun politics and all of you should have the same fate sooner or later!

  2. ok… now why the f**** would i want to see a bunch of idiots that died for their foolishness who first “went to a place to organize their rally” when another group “had dibs to that place already”? Considering the other group does not necessarily have a soft spot for your group!!!!!

    This shows that the Maoist have 90% sheep in their group that just follows their leader and jumps off a cliff if asked. Baa … Baaaaaa Baa

    Bringing these Maoshits into the political arena was the worst thing the govt. could have done. The Jackal is now in the chicken coop.

  3. In pretext of federal system, autonomous and self-governing not only protesting but also vandalizing public properties, business communities and killing ruthless by hiring Bihari Gundas was from the beginning clear that MJF is a Madhesi Royalists and Hindu exterimists governed movement.

    Observers have said this, news media have said this, political parties have noticed that MJF or MPRF is a regressive forces and its code motive is to down play with the democracy and obstruct the CA election to contintue with the old regime’s (feudal oligarchic establishments) for privileged Madhesi group of people.

    General public of Madhesh are mislead by the organizations. This is work of the Madhesi Royalists – meaning there are many privileged Madhesi royalists who have been exploiting people of Madhesh with the connection of the Palace. These Royalists and Hindu Extermists in Tarai are the big thread for national integrity of Nepal.

    Government and people of Nepal must go after the MPRF or MJF at this point of time and pinalize the leaderships and file the case against humanity for the human rights violations. This has happened after the peace accord that the nation has embrassed. It is time for Nepali people to ban the MJF as the criminal group.

    This time to wipe them out of the political movement. However, government is now committed to fullfil their demand for the poeple of Madhesi by establishing federal governance structures, autonomous and self-governing electoral procedures through proportional electoral system.

    So lets get away with the MJF by arresting their leaders as the murderers and public vandalists therefor outfit.

    We must unite with Madhesi people to penalize the regressive disguished regressive leaderships of so called MJF.

    There should not be compromising ground with MJF leaderships on the public crimes and violence against humanity that they have committed by hiring Bihari Gundas to masacre Nepali people.

    But there is a unifiing ground to compromise with the people of Madhes who have been mislead by the MJF leaderships. We must get that right and help the Madhesi people to their demand for their civil rights and civil liberty.

    Down to Madhesi royalists and Hindu Exterimists who have been missleading innocent Madhesi people in a false pretext.

    Glory to the national integrity of Nepal.

  4. Here is the state ment of MJF lair and disguished royalists who calls MJF peaceful party after massive vandalizations of public property, obstructing daily lives of ordinary for months and months, and finally mass murdering by hiring Bihari gundas:

    MJF terms Prachanda’s demand to ban it as ‘undemocratic remark’

    A senior leader of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) has termed Prachanda’s demand to ban their organisation as grossly undemocratic remark.

    “That is an undemocratic remark. There is no reason to ban the MJF,” Sita Nandan Raya, central leader and MJF’s talks team coordinator, told Kantipur TV on Thursday evening.

    Raya also accused Maoists of using weapons at Gaur attack first. He said that after the Maoists used weapons, the people retaliated.

    “We are a peaceful party. We do not have weapons,” Raya said. He also rejected that MJF has any link with Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha – Jwala Singh. sd Mar 22 07 ”

    MJF leaders have taken very safe side with the royalists and Hindu exterimists underground support and mass Madhesi people’s sentiment for autonomous and self-governing demands for the protests of violence.

    This is outright misleading and violent organization which hires Mandale of Tarai and Gundas of Bihar for mass murder and public property vandalizations.

    This is how they want to bring back the monarchy. Forget about the federal governance structures.

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  6. Beware, maoists are planning to stage a secterian violence in kathmandu city on pretext of Gaur incident. That is what they mean the third phase of maoist battle.

  7. Maoists never speak truth. Never never never.

    They themshelves said that most of the dead were just there to participate in the meetings. Now they say all of them were maoists.

    Bullshit. They are just trying to supress MRPF. But any undemocratic way to suppress MRPF will be counter productive.

    If someone is really interested in integrating people of nepal and removing ethinic discontent then only way forward is to adress the genuine problems, postpone more sensitive issues and tell frankly about any issues that are illogical as ‘sorry this is not gonna happen’. Thats it. All political players need to be frank and honest.

    Maoists can never win trust of people if they continue their high-handed ness and THOUSANDS OF LIES.

  8. E-male lai parnu pir parey jasto chha! Makune ko anuhar ekdum chintin thyo aaja!

    Maobadi ra Madheshi Forum le aafnu griha jilla lai ranabhumi banaeko le hola…

  9. Royalists barking too much against the Maoists on this blog!

    Watch out, jackaaaassy: It is time to give democratic lessons, training and experience to the Maoists and it will take sometime for them to get used to it.

    But despite the name “Maoists” (which gives the Royalists – ‘chherpati’ and the conservative democrats get ‘jhakris’ and moderate get ‘takris’, but Maoists are becoming one of the political power for the liberal socialists party.

    – Target is to end the caste discrimination of Bahunism and Madhesi Royalism.

    Soon you will see the Maoists with that party name will become the socialist democratic force of Nepal.

  10. Its an egregious of Mr. Prachanda (and his party solicitors) to state the involvement of ROYALYST in GOUR incident. And on the top their (CPN-M) demand to put a ban on MJF is ridiculously outragious. If they are wise enough to visualize their past they would have sealed their mouth before making such stupid saying.

    It is really a sad part for the Maiost to forget their own history so early. When their (CPN-M) party was banned in the initial phase of their so called revolution, it worked in negative way and they came to this uprised political situation. Now what if govt. put a ban on MJF??? will they be supressed??

    It is always the past that teaches us a lesson. If you repeatedly make a mistake then you are undoubtly inane. Maiost need to learn to socialize rather then making people fool. On the other hand, govt. had to put serious attention on the activities going in the country and try to resolve it, provided that peace restoration does not get hindered in any way.

  11. aba deshkai sabaibhanda thula hatyara haru hatya ko badla liney kura garney bhaye….

  12. This is a piece worth reading… applies to what happened in Gaur and speaks to the larger trends in Nepal…

    “The Maoists’ branding political developments (outside of their narrow
    world-view) as “Royalist”-initiated or “regressive,” has reached an
    all-time high on the scale of stupidity. American Ambassador Moriarty
    was branded a Royalist sympathizer for the exact same reasons the
    Maoists call the Madhesi Janadhickar Forum (MJF), selective members of
    the Nepal’s business community and any other group that opposes Maoist
    intimidation, violence and coercion, “Royalists.”…”

    “While over-zealous civil society and human rights activists feed off
    the UN’s $88 million “peace dividend” to Nepal, the Maoists continue,
    unrelentingly down a path of radical politics. Hundreds of cases of
    intimidation, of reporters being threatened for publishing news
    harmful to the Maoist “image,” of ordinary citizens being taxed twice
    and thrice, of extortion drives, of armed politics, have all gone

    “Even though the “evidence” was presented in the House, not a single
    politician demonstrated the courage to point out the very serious
    nature of what the Maoists had alleged or to evaluate the “evidence,”
    which of course, turned out to be completely bogus. Nepali politicians
    seem to show no hesitation when begging for American aid, but when it
    comes to protecting American citizens in Nepal, not a single
    snivelling politician, said a word. There is only one term to describe
    this – “shameful.” ….”

    “So where are Moriarty’s critics today? Where are the Civil Society
    and Human Rights activists who were falling over each other, kissing
    Prachanda’s ass in public? Where are the self-proclaimed “protectors”
    of Nepal’s democracy when what little we have, is being systematically
    dismantled. Do these idiots finally understand where Moriarty and like-
    minded people were coming from when they warned of the nation being
    held “hostage” to the peace process (under the pretext of “regressive”

    “Welcome to the New Revolution… with no idiot king as a focal punching
    bag, this revolution definitely won’t be “televised.” Even with all
    the atrocities that persist, Nepal will be lucky to get an occasional
    column in a right-wing rag like the Washington Times – that too,
    written by elements that grovel to a known, left-wing extremist like
    Prachanda and his clowns. Yet another irony on a never-ending list of
    ironies that collectively, describe the tragedy that Nepal is….”


  13. Nepali People’s Rights Forum:

    “Soon you will see the Maoists with that party name will become the socialist democratic force of Nepal. ”


  14. It was maoists fault to organize a coincident mass meeting with the “criminal” outfits and the foolish administration was totally impotent until a lot of blood was already shed.

    No matter what the crime is, killing another human is never justifiable. We all condem the heinous act of newly formed criminal gang in Nepal. Today they have attacked maoists, and any wise person can speculate that their next target would be other political parties and those individuals who don’t follow them blindly like a “bheda”.

    Things are going from bad to worse. Hopes for a better Nepal is always there, but it seems faint in the awake of recent voilence. Someday we might get fed up of the violence, or get so poor that we can no longer afford to buy guns or maybe grow old and can no longer hold guns with our shaking hands or whatever we will realize that violence was not a good choice. But a lot of irreversible damage would already have been done to the society. Well, there has been a lot of wars and the trigger happy bastards have always been the ultimate loosers, but just to start another war just for the shake of a bunch of morons who cannot come to competitive politics is just fooloshness.

    Apparently those who are irresponsible seem to be strong, but it will fade away with time. We can’t expect much from those loosers who cannot be a leader of the whole Nepalese (but just a certain community).

    And one more thing, we are facing leadership crisis in Nepal. There aren’t anybody who can enforce the rule of law. And after PM Girija, because of his old age and health conditions, who knows what would happen. Most people thought Prachanda would be next, but it seems that he is just another funny guy who is blaimiing the royalists for everything (just remembered joke I received via sms.. “there must be royalists behind this.”)..

    Freedom must prevail.
    Voileice must end.
    Monarchy must be dumped in Bagmati.
    Loosers get out of leadership, give chance to cacpable ones.
    and Let harmony preail between all communities.

  15. “MPRF had been publicizing its mass meet at the said venue for the last two weeks while the Maoists had also been campaigning to organize their mass meet at the same ground for the last couple of days.”
    It is Clear that Maoists went there Looking for a Fight. And they were Beaten (Literally to Death). Was this the Same Kind of Terror thousands of villagers, teachers, journalists, political party workers, farmers, families of soldiers, policemen etc. felt when the Maoist Hordes descended upon them? What Goes Around, Comes Around tenfold.
    Now Look at them trying to Garner Sympathy from the People.

  16. Aru ko marda wa wa ra tali padkhaune prachande.. aafno marda chae lute kukur jasto karaune.

    yehi ho laas mathi ko rajniti.

    comrade, yo ta suruwat matra ho. Jhagada ko beu tapaile ropnu vayo aba jati machne marchhan yesko jimma pani tapae nai linus

  17. I just read in Nepalnews that women were raped and killed the the most gruesome manner. Why the hell are MPRF killing women?
    How many Maoist cadres died from this? Anyone know?

  18. Pundit, you were calling for this to happen 2 days ago. Mouthing off on the internet is one thing, but it feels slightly different what it actually happens.

    Also, it looks like my analysis wasn’t so shallow after all. Eh Pundit?

  19. Dont just blame roylist for everything. You need to think outside the square. From the histroy, there is only one element which is very active to create instabilit in nepal and that is none other than our closet neighbour. Wheen ther was panchyat , they create instability through congress and UML and after restoration of democracry they fed maoist due to which 13 000 lives lost and now very come to normal, they raise the issue of ethnicity and promote those element in terai to make usrest in nepal.
    Our peace process start from wrong place. No matter what happend they should (SPA and Maoist) sign all peace agreement in nepal. When they sign in india ofcourse they have their own interest to fullfilled from our leaders.
    Problem is our counry in noone is nationalist. None of our leader has nationalist approach.

  20. The whole story is too sad to hear and see, and leaders of all should be blamed for playing game of politics through violences and killings. I found government very weak in this particular case, they should control the mass meeting of two factions realising the experiences of the past happenings of Nepalganj, Bhairahawa, Birgunj and other places.

  21. I little perspective from the U.S. here:

    In our country it is considered perfectly Normal and legal to set up a venue at the same place another organization already has. It’s called a counter-protest. Here’s one that just happened in the capital.

    Notice that the anti-war activists, as extreme as they are, did not hunt down the Pro-war activists, rape them, and cut off their breasts.

  22. Most unfortunate incident yet again! May the departed souls rest on peace!

    Yes, part of the blame goes to maoist, but this time maoists deserve sympathy.

    And and it may be too early for maoist-haters to hold a celebrating party. Despite a huge loss of lives, maoists are acting responsibly, and it appears that the incident will put their adversaries special Madhesi Forum in pretty bad light. Upendra Yadav’s group is so badly cornered that they are not able to to issue any formal statement till now. On the other hand, Girija’s pressure tactics on maoist (see the businessmen were so nice to provide Girija a handy stick to beat maoist; but now it is of no use) no more effective. The pressure is now on Girija to act tough on Madhesi Forum.

    Maoist-haters seem to be delighted from the incident (as reflected by some of the comments above); but strategically speaking this could be the turning point in Maoist favor. Maoist can energige their supportbase, can once again speak of their arm strength publicly (reminding the general people the possibility of bloddy civil war ahead), use sympathy from general public and get maximum from the Girija government.

    The political development in next few days should be interesting to watch.

  23. Maoists should not restraint themselves .. and why should they? The way their people are brutally murdered (alas Maoist did the same with innocent Nepali in the name of “suraki ki safaya”), it requires that the criminals be punished harshly – there is no place for this kind of violence in moedern world.

    BUT Maoist should be careful this time as to find the real culprit (the ones who actually carried out the murder), and not try to take revenge in an indiscriminate manner.

  24. Agreed. No more politics on dead bodies. And no more revenges. GON needs to deal firmly with criminal elements. They need to book MPRF leaders and bring out entire saga of conspiracy. The manner in which killing has taken place amply suggests that this is cold blooded and premediated murder. MPRF can not pass buck now. There are enough grounds to suggest that they did it to revenge past high-handedness of the Maoists somewhere else.

    MPRF is done for ever and criminal leadership there should be thrown inside jail. Similarly, cross-border abettors of this heinous crimes too need to dealt with at proper level. GON needs to unearth link between Royalists, Mandales and MPRF. If there exists such links, then GON and Interim parliament must immidiately declare Nepal a republic.

  25. Haaaa Haaa!!!!!! What the heck, Madhesis are now Royalist. Wooow, I will not be surprised if Kamaiya will also be Royalist, afterall the ruling caste have fu**ed them and they enjoyed it, so, they want to become royalist over again. I guess it is same with Madhesis.

    After, looking the list of the dead (unfortunate ones), I see maoist had gathered their cadres from their strongholds (Gorkha, Dang etc..). In fact, they did come to fight and it is very likely that they must be armed. Huuuh, now after losing, they have started talking about killings and humanism and Maofu**ism.

    MRPF has demonstrated their might. It was fu**in Maoist who started it all and now they have paid price of their Dadagiri. Banning MRPF makes no sense, after all, what they are doing is, following the path of Maoist.

    Sad for live was lost.

  26. Your reap what you sow ! that is universal and irrevocable truth. Maoist started the end game and now they are frustrated that they have been beaten by others in this murderous game. If these bullshit SPA and M continous in this path they are sure to be getting chakh ma laat in Kathamandu as well where they have managed to piss off most of the population anyway. It if useless to blame MJAF because everybody including eye witness has mentioned that it was Maoist who have started the fight by trying to do AAM sabha when MJAF has already announced that one week ahead. Maoist believe in use of arms not democratic means and this Gaur is sadly just a trailor of movie and Nepali have yet to see whole movie which is more horrific. The joke going around now is that Prachanda wife got pregnent and he sees Royal hand on this too !

    Too much of everything is pain in the ass. so stop blaming everyone and look into own Kattu first.


    See your face before blaming others.
    You ban MPRF and then there will be no NEPAL.

    Maoists are Crying because they came to know they have no ground in Terai.
    They are not crying for the departed soul.
    The killing is higly condemenable, but what can you expect out of your stupid
    brain and behaviour. Why to go for confrontation. That will not make you win
    people. No other party is going that way. Why only maoists bothers about

  28. Rame,

    You said
    “MRPF has demonstrated their might. It was fu**in Maoist who started it all and now they have paid price of their Dadagiri”.

    So in your definition of “might” of a group, they need to rape the fleeing (possibly crying too) women, chop their breast and tear their body. …which world you are in my friend? And if everybody adopt your definition of “might” (who does not want to be mighty afterall?), then what our society would be like?

    Yes, maoists committed some barbaric act in the past, and now they have been made accoutnable for every such act.

    Most improtantly, our country is in very difficult point of the history. Politicians (and king) have already screwed up the nation beyond the level of tolerance. But politics is politics; they have their own book to follow. Politicians are the ones who rule or govern whether we like or not.

    So, this is also the time we general people need to get dettached from the politician’s game. Politicians always accept risk (including that of life) for the given rewards and prepared to fight over decades if not centuries. Often general people are dragged to their game plan without making them fully aware about the risk and reward they are going to face.

    One problem with Madhesi Forum is that they are adopting voilent strategy, and they believe that it delivered some early success (though it is to early to call it a success). The Forum seems to continue the voilent strategy but do not have enough capacity to manage it. Injecting a sense of voilence among the general support group is not so difficult but managing its possible implications is really challenging. For example, during maoist war, killing around 30 from enemy side would be a big news to celebrate for both army or maoists. That would be considered as a big battle success. But in Gaur case, the Forum leadership had to go hiding. There is wide coverage in media specially on the kind barbarism in naked display.

  29. Well, well,

    If the GON has listened to the plight of MPRF when the maoists were disturbing their peaceful gatherings maybe it would not have come to this. If GON had prosecuted the maoist who shot dead a madhesi, maybe it would not have come to this. What is this! Maoists can kill people and they are not prosecuted but others can not even retaliate in defense and or in anger. Why not just say, enough of killing all togther? Why not prosecute Maoists aswell? If are not fair to everyone as in not have one law for the maoists and onother for others, this will not stop. Tomorrow the people will start taking up arms in protest of the maoists? The maoists started this confrontation with the MPRF and the government neglected the issue and here are the consequences. GET RID OF THE MAOISTS, GET RID OF THE MAOISTS, GET RID OF THE MAOISTS, GET RID OF THE MAOISTS. This can be the only solution.

  30. Who says Madhesis are royalists? Madhesis are not royalists but the criminal elements in MPRF leadership can be hand in glove with Royalists, Mandales and Vigilantes. If these leaders were sensible enough, they would have strengthened resistance to Maoists through ballot but not through bullet.

    No body should ever forget that Maoist won praises after abandoning their violent and wayward means. The entire development in Nepal is built on edifice of agreement between Maoists and SPA. So, citing singular cases of Maoists highhandedness is not enough to show that the Maoists have not transformed them politically. It may take time for insurgents to get used to peaceful politics, but their mistakes does not warrant weilding weapons by everybody else.

    MPRF committed the biggest mistake by unleashing this heinous episode. This is criminal and is aimed at provoking the Maoists. Everybody knows what will happen if peace process is derailed. Only Mandales, vigilantes and royalists provoke Nepalis for militerization and further bloodshed. GON has no option except putting the criminal behind the bar and allow the peace process to reach logical conclusion.

  31. Mr. Paribartan,

    Granted that it takes time for the maoists to transform. However, it does not mean that the state should not punish any of the maoist cadres. Had the state punished everyone fairly maybe the MPRF would not have had guts to committ such crimes? But to call MPRF illegal or to ban it, just because they caused the death of 28 people (even this is yet to be proven or investigated) instead of one or two like maoists does not sell? Even people who take one life should be punished. The sad thing is not that it takes time for the maoists to transform but their criminal activities are being overlooked.

  32. What a short memory the Nepali public has. As gruesome as the Gaur incident may be, this seems no worse than burning a busload full of innocent civilians or chopping off a journalist’s head like a dashain ko boka or crushing people’s legs with rocks. Maoists are just now reaping what they have sown over the past 13 years. Punish them first, then talk about Gaur.

  33. Mr. B,

    I agree with you. Henceforth, GON must deal firmly with violence whoever may be the perpetrators. Now regarding banning or not banning MPRF, it depends on findings of Probe commission. If MPRF had carried out this massacre in premediated manner to provoke the Maoists in order to derail the peace process, then both legal and political decisions must be taken against MPRF. This is my position on banning MPRF.

  34. Why can not government treat each killing as individual incident? Why not punish people who indulge in voilent activities without bothering about what party they belong to?

    Government is not stopping maoists from doing anything. And that is fact. This is the reason which is giving invitation to more killings. Just arrest anyone who beats, humilates or kills anyone else. If royalist is killed by maoist then also the killer should get jail and similarly for any other person v/s the other.

    And the strict rules are to be applied for every shot fired by police as well. Democracy starts from respect of people and their intellect. As long as people’s life is not safe there can not be any democracy.

  35. What goes around…..comes around…..

    “Twenty nine people were killed in the exchange of fire between the two rival groups while more than 40 others were wounded. Anirudra Yadav, Nepali Congress district member and member of the party’s Mahasamiti said that bullets had been fired by the workers from both the sides.

    He said that the incident took an ugly turn after the Maoists fired first and the Forum workers retorted back. The Forum workers before entering the meeting venue had used some vehicles and motorcycles with Indian number plates while participating in the street demonstrations, he said.

    Forum President Amar Yadav said the locals and the Forum cadres had retaliated after the Maoists entered the venue opening fire.”

  36. First lesson to the Maoists, more should come for these bastards, nothing is brutal enough for what they have done. Martrys my ass.

  37. FFFFFuuuKK ! ITS tERRIBLE Dr. Dong! Why you give the same modified problem which I havn’t done well earlier??

  38. By now we should have realized that killing all the Maoists is not possible, and war is not the solution to the crisis in Nepal.

    Maoists should be brought into the mainstream politics as much as possible and there they should be defeated. It is like rolling the boulder to the peak of the hill and pushing it down the other side. If killings like that in Gaur continue then in the long run it will only help the Maoists to garner sympathy and support among SPA. That is exactly what they have tried to do by holding the condolence program in khula manch. There should be a design to severe the links between Maoist leadership and its combatants. This can only happen when the Maoist leaders get a taste of luxury. They should be inducted in the interim govt. as soon as possible. That will also force them to be defensive.

  39. It will be naive to expect any justice from the govt. at this point. First off, they don’t want to provoke the Maoist and screw up. If the Maoist go back to war and the SPA gets the blame then they will be banished from Nepali politics forever. Once again it will a tug of war between the royalists and the maoists umpired by India. So, even for political parties to be vocal against the Maoist it is important that they be included in the govt as soon as possible. Once again, I want to reiterate that killing the Maoist fighters may provide instantaneous satisfaction but it is an option we have tried and failed already. It will not work.

  40. Horning: you analysis was shallow. I certainly don’t believe ‘Royalists’ were behind the massacars. And I am not sorry for the deaths of Maoist cadres! I mourn and am deeply sorry for the death of those innocent women and other men who died in this incident. But Maoist cadres deserve to die even more violent deaths! Bastards mouring in public for their cadres. What about all the people (school teachers, businessmen etc.) they used to brutally murder by skinning them, hanging them from trees etc. on a weekly basis?
    Tell me Horning what fu*cking evidence, besides wanton speculation, to implicate ‘royalists’ in this incident. No the Madeshis are frustrated and betrayed by the Maoists and now they are kicking their asses. Look at the damn pictures of average Madeshi folks protesting – does that look like regressive forces?





  42. To blame royalists for the carnage is silly. Horning is still quite immature as to the nature of Nepali politics. He’ll learn. We who’ve grown up in the country know well about the tenuous fabric that’s holding all the various ethnicities together.

    That has ruptured. That’s what needs to be healed first. Compared to the potential destruction that could result because of that, the Maobadi menace is trifling.

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