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  • Tracking the Indian Ambassador to Nepal: Jayant Prasad-2

    Tracking the Indian Ambassador to Nepal: Jayant Prasad-2

    Nice shoe your excellency. Previous post: Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad-1 SEP 13: Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai summoned Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad at his office and discussed the possibility of rescinding the Patna High Court verdict in which it slapped jail terms and fines on 11 senior Maoists leaders. “The PM inquired the […]

  • Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad

    Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad

    Ambassadors are the most visible faces of Indian diplomacy in Nepal and they are not always thought to be pursuing diplomacy. Some, like the current ambassador Jayant Prasad’s immediate predecessor Rakesh Sood, was widely believed to be one of the worst examples of Indian intervention and failed diplomacy in Nepal. While in India (or in their […]

  • Dining with an Indian spy, former king Gyanendra proposes revival of monarchy

    Amid escalating uncertainties regarding the extension of Constituent Assembly (CA)’s term, Former King Gyanendra Shah has proposed the revival of monarchy in the nation. It is learnt that Shah, in a dinner meeting convened with Alok Joshi, official of an Indian intelligence agency, said that assistance will be sought from the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), […]

  • Reasons to Come Home

    By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal I came back to Kathmandu last week after completing my two year tenure in Delhi. “Welcome back to darkness,” some of my friends said. Load shedding is not a new phenomenon in Kathmandu. But the continued and unacceptably long hours of power cuts have fueled further frustration. Not to […]

  • An Experience of Crossing the Nepal-India Border

    By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal The border between Nepal and India is so open, smooth and easy to cross that it doesn’t even feel like an international border separating two countries that once fought under different rulers. There is not much difference between the landscapes, bazaars and people on the two sides of the […]

  • Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Nepal’s Free Media

    These are not very good times for the relationship between the Nepali media industry and the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. They are at loggerheads, most recently, over a statement issued by the embassy on 27th blaming “certain print and television media” reporting “against products manufactured by Indian Joint Ventures in Nepal.” Past allegations of this […]

  • Promoting Nepal in India

    Despite being so close and sharing a border there is an unimaginably high level of misunderstanding about THE HIGHEST DEMOCRACY in THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY…Nepal should do something to promote itself among Indians. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Many Nepalis living out of Nepal face one common challenge: how to effectively tell foreigners about their […]