Let’s Listen to Nilambar Acharya: Democracy is the Key

By Rama Parajuli Nepal Politics: The King has to step back for a talk Nilambar Acharya, a prominent political analyst has answers to any question regarding the present political situation of Nepal. He is for a peaceful movement to restore democracy. He expressed his ideas about the ongoing movement in Martin Chautari on 21 JuneContinue reading “Let’s Listen to Nilambar Acharya: Democracy is the Key”

Nepal Democracy Movement: List of Activists in Jail

Civil rights suspended, press freedom squelched, Democracy is on hold in Nepal since Feb 1 royal takeover. King is continuing his talks of Peace and prisons around the country are experiencing a surge in traffic: number of political prisoners is increasing like never before. Orders from supposedly independent Supreme Court are a joke for theContinue reading “Nepal Democracy Movement: List of Activists in Jail”

United We Blog! on ‘Dangerous Assignment’

‘When Nepal’s King Switched off the news, reporters switched tactics’ After being covered in so many media outlets around the world in a time span of two months we thought our ‘15 minutes of fame’ completed. We were wrong. [We have been covered by Online Journalism Review, Mid-Day (Mumbai), Hindustan Times (New Delhi). Well, IContinue reading “United We Blog! on ‘Dangerous Assignment’”

Kathmandu Drama: Gagan Thapa Released, Arrested

Nepal Democracy Movement: Student Leader Arrested Again Gagan Thapa addressing a corner meeting in Baneshowr a few dats before he was arrested on April 26. Pic by CSK The ruling of the Supreme Court in Nepal became the subject of public mockery today when Nepali authorities staged the artless drama of releasing Gagan Thapa, aContinue reading “Kathmandu Drama: Gagan Thapa Released, Arrested”

Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind

Wife of Nepal’s Sacked PM on green signals of Feb royal takeover [Photos of this post will not be displayed] By Dinesh Wagle Arju, pic by Wagle, on her fate and luck, on her marriage with Sher Bahadur Deuba, on Kathmandu elites, on Democracy, on on Feb 1, on December and January. United We Blog!Continue reading “Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind”