It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party

Nepal’s largest political party, whose President is the Prime Minister and acting Head of State, has officially adopted the policy of federal democratic republic Sixty years after it was established with the mission of turning Nepal into a nation of constitutional monarchy by removing the autocratic rule of Rana family and three years after itContinue reading “It’s Official Now: Nepali Congress is a Republican Party”

Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

Gyanendra, sidelined by people, is planning to organize a lavish party and a procession to mark his birthday that the nation celebrates no more in the next few days (23rd of Ashad) in Soaltee Hotel and in Narayanhitti Palace. No EPA leaders and any sensible person should attend that cursed party and procession. By PrakashContinue reading “Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks”

Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!

The Lead: Now parliament can remove the monarchy by a two third majority if it finds the 240 year old feudal institution meddling with the election of constitution assembly election. The parliament yesterday passed a bill that has amended the constitution and added the new provision on monarchy. The Maoist has been demanding that theContinue reading “Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!”

Nepal Comment: Catch Phrases and Road to Nowhere

By Chattra Bahadur The catch phrases in Nepal change frequently. Usually, metamorphosis is almost invisible; however, it spreads uncontrollably like a wildfire. The media, knowingly and/or unknowingly, creates frenzy. We are instantly consumed by the season’s catch phrase and our reactions are often extreme, defying any logic and reaching a point of insanity. Then, weContinue reading “Nepal Comment: Catch Phrases and Road to Nowhere”

Campaign For Democratic Republic Nepal Continues

Human Rights and Peace Society of Nepal organized a program in Jorpati, Kathmandu as part of the organization’s nationwide campaign for democratic republic. In 2006’s April Revolution that began today (or tomorrow by Nepali date), Jorpati had seen some of the intense demonstrations against the despotic royalist regime. Jhyamma..Jhyamma Ganatantra: In the democratic republic tuneContinue reading “Campaign For Democratic Republic Nepal Continues”

Those Who Suppressed Nepal Democracy Movement

Don’t forget these names. Here is the list of 202 guilty individulas who, according to the High Level Probe Commission formed to investigate the oppression during the April’s popular uprising, were involved in suppressing the historic movement. These are the people responsible for the death of innocent 21 people during the movement. Plus, the manContinue reading “Those Who Suppressed Nepal Democracy Movement”

Coup in Thailand: Generals, Go Back To Democracy!

The Military Coup is Deplorable and Thais must fight back. We in Nepal condemn the army takeover. The military coup in Thailand yesterday reminded many of us in Nepal King Gyanendra’s Feb 1, 2005 takeover. First, as the global democratic citizens, we strongly condemn the coup and urge the Thai people to fight back theContinue reading “Coup in Thailand: Generals, Go Back To Democracy!”