The Despondent Citizens of Democratic Celebrations

The Editorial of The Kantipur National Daily as published on Feb 19,2008 ( Falgun 7,2064 B.S). Can be assessed in Nepali here Today, Nepal celebrates its fifty-eighth Democracy Day. The Nepalese, ironically show no trace of happiness or enthusiasm for the occasion. And it is not because the people are against the democratic system. RatherContinue reading “The Despondent Citizens of Democratic Celebrations”

Separate Statehood For Nepali Indians Is Needed

The demand of separate statehood in Darjeeling and surrounding areas in India by the Gorkhas (Nepali Indians) has gained momentum yet again in recent months. The winning of the Indian Idol title by Prashant Tamang, a local boy from Darjeeling, a few weeks ago has also kindled a new hope of separate statehood among theContinue reading “Separate Statehood For Nepali Indians Is Needed”

Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals

Images from a rally in Kathmandu participated by Nepali monks and human rights activists against autocracy in Burma. They demanded immediate release of Burmese monks detained inside the monasteries by the Burmese army junta. They also demanded restoration of democracy and freedom of expression in Burma. They expressed full solidarity with the ongoing democratic movementContinue reading “Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals”

Nepali Press Will Fight Against Maoists

BIRTHDAY BLOG: Today happens to be the third birthday of United We Blog!, Nepal’s pioneering web site. But, as in a person’s life, UWB has also gone through many ups and downs. They say, history repeats. It has been repeated, albeit in the form of tyranny raising its ugly head. We celebrated the first birthdayContinue reading “Nepali Press Will Fight Against Maoists”

The Maoists and Press Freedom in Nepal: What Happened in Kantipur Yesterday

Maoists confiscate papers: Meanwhile, demonstrating their Stalinist nature, the Maoist cadres in Pokhara today disturbed the distribution of Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post. According to Dhruba Panthi, chief of Kantipur Publication’s regional office in Pokhara, a group of Maoist YCL cadres led by Maoist trade union’s Gandaki zonal coordinator Khagendra Kafle and Maoist district committeeContinue reading “The Maoists and Press Freedom in Nepal: What Happened in Kantipur Yesterday”

Down With Maoists: Press Freedom Will Prevail in Nepal

Update 2: The Patan Appellate Court this afternoon issued a stay order: not to stop the publication of the papers. The order, issued by Justice Jagdish Sharma Poudel, also says not to organize protest programs in the office premises that the Maoist unionists were doing in the past several days and the order also saysContinue reading “Down With Maoists: Press Freedom Will Prevail in Nepal”

Maoist Trade Union's Naked Intervention in Kantipur Publications

Nepal’s largest independent publishing house that publishes two biggest newspapers is the latest target of the CPN Maoist Today’s issues of Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post are without a single advertisement. This is unusual given the fact that Kantipur, Nepal’s largest paper, attracts many pages of advertisements daily in normal circumstances. But yesterday Maoist affiliatedContinue reading “Maoist Trade Union's Naked Intervention in Kantipur Publications”