Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals

Nepali Monks Rally for Burmese Monks

Images from a rally in Kathmandu participated by Nepali monks and human rights activists against autocracy in Burma. They demanded immediate release of Burmese monks detained inside the monasteries by the Burmese army junta. They also demanded restoration of democracy and freedom of expression in Burma. They expressed full solidarity with the ongoing democratic movement in Burma. Several hundred monks, human rights activists and general public participated in the rally. Pics by Bikas Rauniar and Shruti Shrestha via Kantipur

Nepali Monks Rally for Burmese Monks

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Nepali Monks Rally for Burmese Monks

Nepali Monks Rally for Burmese Monks





13 responses to “Nepali Monks Rally For Burmese Pals”

  1. Free Burma! Avatar

    Free Burma!
    International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

    International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“.

  2. Sweta Avatar

    These monks are who never raise voilence, yet its them that the burmese military has attacked. What burma is facing is closer to what Nepalese people faced on April of 2006! I have seen the people, the country is rich but the people poor.. how much greed can satisfy a person? arent the gold and diamonds they have enough, they treat themselves as humans and others as animals. Its unfair and we should do something. Raise our voices against the milatary Juntas, those who have been ruling severly for nearly 2 decades!

  3. Kirat Avatar

    What’s happening in Burma is a shame. It’s also an indication for us of what will happen in Nepal if we let the Maoists get away with their diktats.

  4. admin Avatar

    Due to the support of the people around the world Nepal saw “True” Democracy, now it is our turn to show solidarity towards the people of Myanmar so that they can also be free to the true sense.

    We speak for a Free Myanmar.

    note: for the blog editor, the country is now known as Myanmar and not as Burma

  5. introvert Avatar

    sad point, not much hope in burma this time, long way to struggle.

    to give justice to the ppl in whole south east asia isnt easy job.

    i only can imagine, revolt inside army can bring ppl into justice in burma.

    we still dont know how we defeated feudal monarchy once. if we could defeat due to 19 days movement on the street, they would have achieved as well.

    we had armed force to defeat royal army which burma doesnt have.

    if democracy possible in burma this time , no country will be under autocratic regime. the poorest situation in the world is in burma.

    my respects to those fighters in my mother land against autocratic regime.

  6. rohit Avatar


    wHEN communism is so popular in nepal, we must see this face of communism, the communist military dictatorship of Burma

  7. ya? Avatar

    where were the monks when the Buddhist Autocratic Bhutanese government kicked out the Hindu Bhutanese of Nepali origin from the Kingdom of Bhutan?

  8. The Monk of Nepal Avatar
    The Monk of Nepal

    Burmese are oviously nice and freindly people but the military government of Burma was too bad.

    Monks for Myanmar
    People for Democracy
    Religion for the nation
    Peace for the world
    And two thumbs down for the Military government of Myanmar.

    May Triple Gems bless to all Myanmar people and live in Harmony.
    peace and no violence…..

  9. Avatar

    Budham Saranam Gachyami….
    No more can anti-voilence protest work in this 21st century revolution.
    100s of monks have been disappeared by the milliant regime.


  10. mozzas Avatar

    yes..nepalese sud learn n farsighted n watch wats happening in Burma….hope they get the freed …god bless them..

  11. Simon Columbus Avatar

    @ rohit:

    Burma is as much a communist country as I am the emperor of China. It’s a dictatorship, nothing else.

    I am one of the organizers of today’s “Free Burma!” campaign and I have to say: We count more than 11.000 signings in just half a week, thousands of blog posts… it’s exiting. I really hope the Burmese people will win their struggle for freedom and peace.

  12. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    “Monk”ey sees what monkey do. We cant get our democracy right and we have become the the worlds preacher.

    Great going guys.

  13. lumbini radio Avatar

    free burma, free tibet and lets go to school and work today ok. Happy V tikka and dassein to all bloggers and teachers of peace education.
    In memoriam so many dead journalists in Nepal.

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