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Nepali Politics: Floor Crossing During Prime Ministerial Election

nepali lawmakers floor crossing
On Monday (2 August) a group of 11 MPs from MPRF crossed the floor to vote for Maoist prime ministerial candidate Prachanda. That was round three. The fourth-round voting for a new prime minister (Prachanda vs NC's Ram Chandra Poudel) will be held tomorrow (August 6). A cartoon by Batsyayana (via Kantipur). For more info on the floor crossing incident and Round 3, click on the cartoon.

Maoists Leadership Wants To Halt Forced Donations. Will Cadres Follow?

Maoist Donation...Batsyayana Cartoon

Guerilla: Don’t worry, he is giving it voluntarily.

Cartoon by Batsyayana. To buy his book – collection of cartoons- please click on the Paypal logo on left bar. Read about the book here.

Finally, under pressure from the parliamentary forces, Maoist supremo Prachanda and his party’s central committee have decided to halt running their Peoples’ Government in villages and taking forced donations. But the Chairman has made it clear that the party will keep accepting voluntary donations to feed the People’s Liberation Army. Well, party and comrades never said before that they were taking forceful donations. They always talked about voluntary donations. So we wonder what kind of donations the party will stop ‘accepting’. Continue reading Maoists Leadership Wants To Halt Forced Donations. Will Cadres Follow?

Batsyayana and His Cartoons: Now in a Book

The book Batsyayana and His Barbs: A Cartoonist’s Take on Post-1990 Nepal will be available online on UWB for sale. (read more about the book below)

Buddham Sharanam Gachhami

Prachanda: O Buddha! I take refuge in thee
Guerillas: O Buddha

Cartoon by Batsyayana via (the front page of) Kantipur (Monday, June 26, 2006).

Batsyayana is Nepal’s foremost cartoonist both in terms of the content of his works and its quality. Over four decades he has charmed his readers with irrepressible wit and humor. And by unflinchingly and persistently drawing cartoons against corruption, bad governance, government censorship, untouchability, violation of human rights, extra-judicial excesses and in favor of freedom of press, he has helped further the most vibrant civil democratic discourse in Nepal. Continue reading Batsyayana and His Cartoons: Now in a Book