Election Drama

Batshyaan Election Cartoon

Cartoon by Batshyaan via Kantipur

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2 thoughts on “Election Drama

  1. What a humor and what an attack aginst Kamal Thapa- Durbar Mantri.Keep it up Batsayan, these elements of the society will wipe out sooner and you guys will be on the spot light.

  2. It looks like one side story. What I wanna say is that on the one hand parties along with their new friends(Maoist) wanna disrupt the municipal poll at any cost & by hook or crook. They must honor the right of people. Parties refused to take part in municipal poll because they don’t have the guts to face people after 12 years of their corruption, misuse of authority.

    I think parties have lost their faith on people so decided to join the Maoist to strenghten their position.

    On the other hand government wants to show world & opposition leaders that even at this moment of conflict the government has guts to conduct munical poll.

    That’s all bro. & sis.

    At the end no matter what others say & do the ultimate victim is the poor Nepali Citizens.

    Because throughout the history poor Nepali were the victims.

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