Nepali Politics: Floor Crossing During Prime Ministerial Election

nepali lawmakers floor crossing
On Monday (2 August) a group of 11 MPs from MPRF crossed the floor to vote for Maoist prime ministerial candidate Prachanda. That was round three. The fourth-round voting for a new prime minister (Prachanda vs NC’s Ram Chandra Poudel) will be held tomorrow (August 6). A cartoon by Batsyayana (via Kantipur). For more info on the floor crossing incident and Round 3, click on the cartoon.


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  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear Editor,
    It is a matter of grief that the Nepalese people are puzzling seeing the nonsense activities of the so-called big three party leaders who are guided by RAW and CIA.
    You see-Nepal is facing a bleak future because of the anarchic activities of the party leaders including the Maoists. Their movement of 2002 which they claimed to be of full democracy has pushed the country on the verge of breaking up. The main reason for this is India’s naked interference. The Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists do not take them as responsible when the country has clearly fallen under the grips of India. Nepalese people had expected a lot from the Maoists. But the people are betrayed by the Maoists because they fall from their ideology and are indulged in anti-national attitude.
    The Indian intelligence agency, RAW has a grand design to make the parties swallow poison coated with sugar and to make Nepal implode. We have been saying from the very beginning that the constituent assembly elections are a ploy to destroy Nepal. Why would a country which was ruled by one or the other constitution need a constituent assembly at this time? Like India annexed Sikkim in the name of state assembly elections, India wants to capture Nepal by playing the drama of constituent assembly and to incite the country into a communal war. But RAW is doing what ultimately will not benefit India itself. The leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists are for sale and they are liable to be punished by both Nepal and India.
    In such situation, why the suspicious diplomant-Shyam Saran is coming in Nepal ? Is Indians are the gaurdian of Nepal ? Nepal is a sovereign country. She never follow order of the foreigners.

    Yes, we respect Indian & the Indian people but not these culprits. We know-Shyam Saran is not a good diplomant. He is totally exposed in his notorious activities. It was a great blunder of Indian diplomats- Shyam Saran including Sive Shankar Mukharejee, KB Rajan, Rakesh Sood and other officials who not only blundered in their assessment of Maoist but also did much harm to Indian’s interests in Nepal. Among the diplomats, Shyam Saran is a monsters who could not understand the reality of Communist’s anrchism. Mr. Saran may be served earlier as the Indian ambassador in Kathmandu and played a key role within the Indian establishment in backing the 12-point understanding among the Maoists,but it was suicidal game for Nepal as well as India. So, we hate Shyam Saran. Qiite Nepal- Shyam Saran.
    There is no consensus among the traitors. The mejority Govt. also can’t possible. They are all power-hungers for PM but not for the country. They do what the RAW and CIA say.
    Nepal will not be safe from the traitor. They do not let a word escape fearing that India will be angered, although the nation has almost drowned due to Indian intervention. They do not speak a word when Christians move from villages to villages violating Hinduism. Those wanting to sell the nation are taking the support of RAW and CIA. They continue to remain in power to pillage state treasury. They will be subjected to the retribution that the Nepalese will unleash on the mad dogs. ‘Albeit murder utters the name of the killed, innocent is captured if this is the perpetrator.’ Let it be noted that the agreement they reached with the king on 24 April 2006 has failed. They are trying to hide this and savor more. They will fall into a noose themselves. Now the democratic regime has failed. The alternative is to return to 1990 Constitution-a democracy with the king. The king needs to form an inclusive cabinet under the leadership of either the Maoist chairman Prachanda (being a controversial leader) or former chief justice and find a solution on that backing.
    Thank you.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai

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