Best of Nepal In 2005

BEST Persons & Events of 2005 (here is the WORST list) 1. The 12-point Agreement: For giving us the hope of bright and peaceful future. This groundbreaking agreement between the seven-party alliance and the CPN Maoist altered the polarization status in Nepali politics. Two of the three forces started talking. However, critics say the agreementContinue reading “Best of Nepal In 2005”

Welcome Dr. Tulsi Giri, See The Black Flag!

Students in Jhapa wave black flag to Dr. Tulsi Giri. Plus, the story of “collecting” people for Dr. Giri’s meeting. All pics by Sharawati Karki via Kantipur. By Upendra Pokharel In the photo above police are arresting students of Mechi Campus in Jhapa who were protesting the arrival of Dr. Tulsi Giri in their town.Continue reading “Welcome Dr. Tulsi Giri, See The Black Flag!”

Attending a semi-underground press meet in Nepal

As we all know there is no freedom of expression in Nepal. Pro-democratic activists are detained and regularly harassed. Police kicked pro-democratic students from their offices yesterday. Later in the evening, they organized a press conference. Participating in that semi-underground press conference was an interesting experience for journalist Jeetendra Sah. Terrified students just ousted fromContinue reading “Attending a semi-underground press meet in Nepal”

UWB! Hacked (Now Back). How Does It Feel?

United We Blog! was hacked yesterday morning and was not working till now. But after some upgrading and restoring backups (nearly a five-hour-work for webmaster), UWB! is back. The design plus other things are still temporary but for readers who look out for posts and the members of UWB! team who were panicking for notContinue reading “UWB! Hacked (Now Back). How Does It Feel?”

Palpasa Café Hits Bookstores

UWB has been authorised to sell the book outside Nepal (To buy the book, click on the Buy Now button on the right bar) Palpasa Cafe, Narayan Wagle’s debut novel, hits the bookstores from Tuesday (26th July 05). A press release issued this morning by publication nepa~laya, the publisher, states that the market pressure hasContinue reading “Palpasa Café Hits Bookstores”

First Democracy, Then Aid: EU

EU aid to Nepal under review By Devendra Bhattarai Eduardo Lechuga Jimenez is Charge d’affaires of the delegation of the European Commission to Nepal. He says that European Union is review its aid programs to Nepal because of Feb 1 royal takeover. In an interview with Devendra Bhattarai, Jimenez, who is in Kathmandu to celebrateContinue reading “First Democracy, Then Aid: EU”

Interview Of Nepalese Blogger In ‘Media Action’

Media Action, an electronic news and information magazine of WACC or World Association for Christian Communication, interviews Dinesh Wagle, co-founder of United We Blog!. Dinesh Wagle, editor of ‘United We Blog! For a Free and Democratic Nepal’ who boldly and openly challenges the restrictions under his own name, and the RFN Blogger, anonymous editor ofContinue reading “Interview Of Nepalese Blogger In ‘Media Action’”

UWB Featured in AsiaMedia

United We Blog! is attracting people from all over the world – proved again as Asia Media features UWB in its latest article. AsiaMedia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan service established by Tom Plate (UCLA Dept. of Communication Studies) in 1998. Co-founder Dinesh Wagle has been quoted in the article: Dinesh Wagle, 26, co-founder ofContinue reading “UWB Featured in AsiaMedia”