Five Quick Questions to Anil Shah on “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” event and the campaign

Ashutosh Tiwari asked 5 quick questions to Anil Shah, Facilitator of “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” campaign:

1. What exactly is this event and this campaign, and why do you think this is important at this time in Nepal?
ANIL SHAH: The event of Wednesday 4th February 2015 is the commencement of what we refer to as the ‘Ma Movement’, which in effect is based on the philosophy that if we are to truly build a prosperous and peaceful nation each of us has to start individually by being the be227148_225603777456734_349327_nst that we can be.  In the event we will hear from individuals who have excelled in their respective fields as well as from young motivational speakers on how to take hold of positivity to build on an individual’s core competencies to be the best that one can be, in their domain of choice.
The reason for the timing is the environment of negativity and despair that seems to be enveloping the nation now, with the blame game for our collective shortcomings being thrown about and everyone fixating of the faults and failures of each other. At a time like this there has to be a platform that showcases ‘hope’ and we believe the seed of that hope for a better future for our nation starts with each of us individually, with ‘Ma’!

2. Since the end of Jana Andolan 2, we are all — from Mechi ko Mahakali and from the Himalayas to the Tarai — struggling/debating/discussing/arguing/quarreling with one another to define what it means to be a Nepali and what Nepal means to each one of us and to our ethnic group. In this context, your assertion “I am Nepali [in] our Nepal” could strike some as an example of naive patriotism bordering on, well, jingoism. Your response?
ANIL SHAH: Sometimes it is the most naïve and simple thoughts that are the most transformational. Let us take the relationship of a mother with her children, one a doctor, one an engineer, one in politics, one in business, one unemployed, each will have their own strengths and weaknesses, each a unique ‘Ma’ but each will receive the unconditional love of Ama. For her each child is as special as the other.
Now when we look at the relationship from the children’s perspective, they all share the same mother, no one has the right to claim her exclusively, or keep her to just themselves for she is ‘Hamro’ Ama! We have built an environment where in the diversity that used to be our beauty and strength, is today threatening to tear the very fabric which makes our nation. So while there are many who talk negatively on a collectively basis on the national, regional, ideological, religious, or ethnic level, we believe someone has to stand up and talk on the individual level. For in all this din to build unanimous consensus nationally, we seem to have forgotten that this is only possible if we start with building the correct philosophy individually, we all need to remember that the change I aspire for starts with ‘Ma’!

3. Who are some of the speakers at the function, and what will they be speaking on? Will there be a unifying theme to what they will talk about?

ANIL SHAH: We have a wide array of speakers from many arenas of life sharing their experiences on a wide range of issues. When you look at the range of speakers from Abdus Miya, Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Kshitij Raj Lohani, Rajesh Hamal, Sagar Prasai, Saunak Bhatta, Shailee Basnet, Shristi KC and the slam poets Ujjwala Maharjan & Yukta Bajracharya, you will see what I mean. The event itself will reflect the diversity that is Nepal and strongly put forth the idea that it doesn’t matter what arena you choose to live your life in, as long as you do the very best that you can in your field, you will add value to your nation.

4. What does success look like for this event, this campaign?
ANIL SHAH: This initiative is a journey and as in every journey there will be many milestones that we need to pass as we forge ahead. One measure of success for us is how many ‘Ma’s’ can we awaken and energize so as to enable the individual to open the doors to their full potential and be the best that they can. Another milestone is the ability to connect several initiatives that are currently happening and doing great work all around the nation by providing a platform for them too to be a part of the Ma Movement, not by leaving what they are doing, but by up scaling and doing the same in an even better way.
And yes, of course, the Ma Movement envisages the development of a network of Nepalis across the nation and spread around the globe who believe that enough is enough, now the time to talk is over now it’s time to work in a manner where each individual brings works to the best of their capabilities utilizing their strengths and competencies, so that collective we start building the nation we all aspire for. And as even the longest journey starts with the first step, the biggest of changes starts from ‘Ma’.

5. You are a busy banker. What motivates you to find time to do this sort of thing?
ANIL SHAH: Many of us live is cocoons of prosperity wherein we are satisfied in our secure lives within these bubbles. But if you look outside these fragile bubbles you will see a nation in crisis. Now the question before me is will I wait for others to fix the problems, whether they be the Constitution, healthcare, education, economic development, natural resource utilization, or the solid waste management or will I see what can I do to be a part of the solution and stop being a spectator sitting my cocoon.
The Ma in me wants me to do more, but not do more by leaving whatever I am doing and jump into politics, but do more firstly by constantly bettering myself professionally and personally and then do more by sharing what I have learnt over the years of my life journey with my fellow citizens and learning from their life journeys so that together we can add synergistic value to deliver an even greater end result… and for me being part of the Ma Movement is the best way to do this, today, tomorrow and for as long a ‘Ma’ walks the earth!







One response to “Five Quick Questions to Anil Shah on “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” event and the campaign”

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    भारतीय सत्ताको गिद्देदृष्टि र नेपालमा इसाईहरुको चलखेल !

    २०७१ सालको प्रारम्भमा भारतमा कांग्रेस (आई) पतन भएर भारतीय जनता पार्टी
    (भाजपा) सत्तामा आएको छ । भारतीय हिन्दु राष्ट्रवादी पार्टी–भाजपा सत्तामा
    आएकाले हामी नेपालीहरु खुसी छौं । हिन्दु राष्ट्रवादी नेता नरेन्द्र मोदीले
    कस्तो नेपाल नीति कार्यान्वयन् गर्छन् त्यो हेरेर मात्र भारतको नेपालप्रतिको
    रवैया बुझ्न सकिन्छ । तर मोदी सरकारले पनि कांग्रेस (आई)को झैं साउथ ल्वक ‘रअ‘
    को बाटो लियो भने भारतीय जनता पार्टी पनि नेपालको शत्रुको रुपमा मानिने छ ।
    नेपालमा धर्मनिरपेक्ष, गणतन्त्र कायम भएपछि अमेरिका र यूरोपका इसाई देशहरु
    विश्वको यो हिन्दुस्थललाई इसाईकरण गर्ने र चीन टुक्रयाउने रणनीतिमा संलग्न
    रहेका छन् र रहन्छन् । अमेरिका र यूरोपका देशको नेपाल र चीन माथि आफ्नो रणनिित
    सफल भएपछि उनीहरुको शक्ति भारत टुक्रयाउन लाग्छ । अहिले पश्चिमाहरु भारतलाई
    सशंकित बनाउन चहादैनन् ।

    नेपाल, चीन, भारत ध्वस्त गराएर एशीयामा पश्चिमाहरुको प्रभूत्व कायम गर्ने कुरा
    चीनले चाहिं राम्ररी बुझेको छ । चीन अहिले शक्तिशाली छ । उ हेरेर बसेको छ ।
    पश्चिमाहरुको चीन माथिको षडयन्त्र बढ्दै गएमा पश्चिमाहरुलाई लखेट्न आफ्नो
    सुरक्षाको लागि चीन ससस्त्र चीनिया रेड आर्मीसाथ नेपाल प्रवेश गर्छ । यसरी
    चीनको नेपालमा प्रवेश विश्वयुद्धको थालनी बन्छ । साम्राज्यवादी शक्तिलाई
    लखेट्न चीनको नेपाल प्रवेश नेपालको लागि अर्को खतरा हो जसबाट भारत पनि
    सुरक्षित बन्न सक्तैन । यो वास्तविकतालाई कांग्रेस (आई) र उसको गुप्तचर संस्था
    ‘रअ’ ले त बुझेन । तर अहिलेको हिन्दु देशभक्त पार्टी भारजपाको नरेन्द्र मोदीको
    सरकारले पनि बुझन सकेन भने मोदीको समयकालमा नैं एशीयामा पश्चिमाहरुको रजाईं
    चल्छ । यो खतरनाक षडयन्त्रलाई बुझन नसक्नु भारतको ठूलो हार हो ।

    भारतको विश्वासघाती व्यवहारबाट नेपालको मित्रता माथि कुठराघात भइरहेको छ ।
    उत्तरतर्फको छिमेकी देशचीनसँग भाषा पनि मिल्दैन, भौगोलिक अवस्था पनि अप्ठयारो
    छ, तर चीनले नेपाललाई दुःख दिने काम गरिआएको छैन र चीनसँगमा हामी नेपालीहरु
    सशंकित छैनौं । धर्मको हिसावले बौद्धधर्मप्रति चीनिया जनता परिचित छन् । चीनले
    नेपालको सार्वभौमसत्ताको सम्मान गर्छ । चीनमा साम्यवाद स्थापना भएपछि पनि
    चीनिया कम्युनिष्ट नेता माओत्सेतुङ्गको समयदेखि नेपाल–चीनबीचमा कहिले खट्पट
    भएको छैन । कांग्रेस (आई) र ‘रअ’ ले नेपाललाई ध्वस्त गराउने कुरा जवाहरलाल
    नेहरु विश्वविद्यालयका कुख्यात नेपाल विरोधी प्रा. एस्.डी.मुनीले लेखेका छन्–
    ‘१२ बुँदे समझदारी, माओवादी सात दल सहकार्य, दोस्रो जनआन्दोलन, माओवादीको
    मूलधारमा प्रवेश, शान्तिप्रक्रिया, संविधानसभा निर्वाचन गणतन्त्र घोषणा आदि यी
    सबैमा हर्मिजको भूमिको कुनै न कुनै रुपमा थियो । माओवादीहरु र ‘रअ’ बीच
    उत्कृष्ट समझदारी हुनुमा ‘रअ’ का नयाँ प्रमुख हर्मिज धाराकन र बाबुराम
    भट्टराईबीचको राम्रो व्यक्तिगत सम्पर्कले पनि सहजीकरण गरेको थियो ।’

    त्यसैगरी भारतीय गुप्तचर संस्थाका पूर्व प्रमुख पी. हर्मिजले पछि भनेका
    थिए–‘नेपालमा जेजति काम भयो, त्यसको मूख्य श्रेय प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंहमा
    जान्छ । १२ बुँदे समझदारी विशेष परिस्थितिमा भएको थियो ।’ पी. हर्मीज माओवादी
    कथित जनयुद्धको बेला र दरबार हत्याकाण्डको समयमा नेपाल नैं ‘रअ’ प्रमुख थिए ।
    सोनीयाँ गाँधी पनि क्याथोलीक पी. हर्मीज र बाबुराम भट्टराई दुबै क्याथोलीक
    भएकाले सोनीयाँ गाँधीको आसिरवाद प्राप्त गरेर नेपाललाई इसाईकरण गर्नमा
    माओवादीहरु सक्रिय बनेका थिए । स्मरणहोस्– प्रधानमंत्री राजीव गाँजी नेपाल
    भ्रमणको अवसरमा सोनीयाँ गाँधी इसाई भएकाले भट्ट पूजारीले पशुपतिनाथको दर्शनमा
    सोनीयाँ गाँधीलाई रोक लगाएका थिए । त्यही आक्रोस थियो नेपालमा धर्मनिरपेक्ष
    लाधेर इसाईकरण गराउने ।

    प्रचण्ड प्रधानमंत्री र बाबुराम भट्टराई अर्थमंत्री बनेपछि पशुपतिनाथमा भट्ट
    पूजारीहरुलाई निस्कासित गरेर माओवादीले इसाई समर्थक पूजारी भर्ना गरेर सोनीयाँ
    गाँधीको इच्छा पूरा गर्न खोजेका थिए । अवका दिनमा भारतीय सत्ताको गिद्देदृष्टि
    र इसाईहरुको चलखेल बन्द गर्ने दृढ संकल्पकासाथ नेपालको राष्ट्रियता र
    प्रजातन्त्रलाई बचाउन २०४७ सालको संविधानलाई कार्यान्वयन गरेर संवैधानिक
    राजसंस्था र हिन्दुअधिराज्य यथावत कायम गने सशक्त हुनसक्नु पर्छ ।
    –दीर्घराज प्रसाई

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