To All Privileged Bahun-Chhetri Elites of Nepal [and Zamindars of South]

By a nonelite, unprivileged Bahun

I am totally amused, almost to death, by the hypocrisy of REAL Bahun Chhetri elites whose parents (bureaucrats, judges, ministers etc) were lucky (or corrupt or influential or combination of all) enough to make money to send their kids to top schools of Kathmandu (xaviers, ‘kanthas etc), D’ling and D’doons and to the collages and universities of amrika and belayet (Columbia, Brown, SOAS for example).

Is it a coincidence or just that I am selectively getting to read views of such ‘educated and rich’ Bahuns/Chhetris whose parents and grandparents had access to resource? A minister’s daughter or a judge’s son or a sachib’s grandson. Of course these elite Bahuns/Chhetris can rightly think that since they are privileged, well off and can live in between Kathmandu and (London, NY or Toronto) they don’t need any more facilities from the state.

These elite and privileged Bahuns/Chhetris- not sure if they are sympathizing with the Janajati/southern movement or patronizing it- with their rosy glasses see all Bahuns and Chhetris of Nepal as rich and privileged as they are. But these elite Bahuns/Chhetris CAN NOT speak for the millions of poor and rural Bahuns and Chhetris in rural areas of Nepal or those in Kathmandu who had to come here as a compulsion during the difficult times of conflict or those who somehow have built homes in Kathmandu by selling whatever they had in the villages and still live in incomplete/unfurnished or rented buildings in Kathmandu.

In this context comes the declaration of Khas Arya as indigenous people. The privileged and rich Bahuns/Chhetris and Thakuris AND politically indoctrinated ones can ridicule this decision. But to portray ALL Bahuns, Chhetris as rich and privileged is simply wrong. When Khas Arya were promised to be counted as indigenous yesterday that included Dalits too- one of the most underprivileged class in Nepal.

By the way, some of these elite Bahuns/Chhetris/Thakuris may rightly claim that they went to those elite schools because they deserved that and were capable to getting partial or full scholarship (from the university or the likes of Fulbright for example). However, they shouldn’t conveniently forget that there could be equally talented and deserving people out there in some remote areas of Nepal. But those in remote areas- yes, poor Bahuns and Chhetris (and of course poor Janajatis and Dalits too but now my point is about poor Bahuns and Chhetris) didn’t have neither ACCESS nor resources to learn, to begin with, about the scholarships or the schools.

They were not in Kathmandu, where everything was/is, because their parents (or grandparents or great grandparents) were not the bureaucrats, judges, ministers (or other influential people like royal priests) based in Kathmandu. Their parents were the farmers of the villages who had to toil day and night in the fields and look after cattle.

Just as there are two classes- poor/destitute and rich/elite- of Khas Arya, the Janajatis and Madhesis too have distinct classes in terms of wealth, access and education. There are elite Janajatis and elite Madhesis as there are poor, underprivileged Janajatis and poor, underprivileged Madhesis. There are zamindar and feudal Madhesis and there are super rich Janajatis. There are Dalit Madheiss and there are destitute Janajatis.

Therefore the clear demarcation of rich and poor, privileged and unprivileged CAN NOT be done on ethnic or regional lines. It has to be done on the basis of the poverty index. If one person gets more benefit form the State than other, that has to happen on the basis of how poor (financially, culturally and politically) the person is. It CAN NOT be done in a wholesome manner, along ethnic lines, with false claims that all Bahun Chhetris are rich, privileged and oppressors and all Madheis and Janajatis are poor, unprivileged and oppressed.

Federalization of Nepal can not be done on such flawed argument. That is why there can not be ONE Madhes ONE Pradesh or Provinces carved along the ethnic lines. It has to be done on the basis of need- who needs to get priority over whom. That prioritization should be done on the basis of, as stated earlier, poverty index (which is another way of saying resources, not identity) so that the same benefit can be offered to a Dalit of Dhanusha, a poor Panajati of Taplejung and a poor Khas Arya from Okhaldhunga or Kalikot.






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  1. Barsha Chitrakar Avatar
    Barsha Chitrakar

    I am a Newar of Patan, a Janjati, to be precise. And truth be told, I’ve heard many a times that this country has been and is being ruled by Bahuns/Chhetris. And I always thought, ya, it’s true. Maybe because of the fact that most of the ministers are from the so-called elite group. But as this write-up rightly puts, just because a minister is a Bahun doesn’t mean that every Bahun has the power/knowledge (I don’t think ‘knowledge’ works much in our country’s case) to be a minister. Just because some Newars are from affluent line of entrepreneurs doesn’t mean every Newar is a cunning businessman. So yes, it was wrong of me to think that Bahuns/Chhetris always stay on top bureaucratic positions. And yes, this whole ‘Jati’ thing is rubbish. I’m a Newar and will always remain so. I really don’t know what ‘Janjati’ or ‘Khas’ means; but I sure do know what being a ‘Nepali’ means.

    1. Anonymous Nepali Avatar
      Anonymous Nepali

      So what does being a “Nepali” mean?

      1. Barsha Chitrakar Avatar
        Barsha Chitrakar

        well, as per my definition, the simple fact that u were born in Nepal and every branch of your family tree shows a Nepali face makes you a Nepali 🙂 . Ok, fun aside, but don’t you think this is what makes you a Nepali? From day one at your school, you read about this landlocked country delineated by a diverse groups of people and culture and everything; u then read about a whole other countries where u don’t belong; and then u know, ok, so this is my country Nepal and I am a Nepali. I really don’t have a precise definition. I wish I had, but u see, I’m not a politician. But the simple fact that we were born in Nepal, our fathers and mothers and forefathers conquered and lived in Nepal, and we speak Nepali, this should be enough to account for us that we are, indeed, Nepalis.

      2. Nepalese Avatar

        NO, its not good way.. to just spend time on bahun and chhetri..

        Better to dedicate ourself.. for the development of our nation. Well, we are here with for all Nepalese. We invite you to join you with your idea..

    2. Shiv Avatar

      BRAVO!!. and by the way I’m a foreign Chhetri whose racial identity is listed as ONLY NEPALI..NEPALI..NEPALI..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thapa Avatar

    I am an Indian Nepali of “Janjati” origin, whatever that means. On my recent visit to Nepal for some business purposes, I could not help but notice the overwhelming presence of “high caste” people in the government positions. And trust me they were not deserving – not by a long show. You not need to possess superpower to observe how and why they go there. Needless to say, I could not get anything done. Hell I did not even know what language to speak to them with -not English and certainly not business and common sense. We need a BIG change in nepal – enough of this feudalistic structure in the guise of monarchy and “feudalistic democracy”. We need to throw these ultra hindu nationalists, religious fanatics along with high caste “maoists” priests pretending to be comrades, both varieties imported from India, to preach hatred, violence and divide the community. Another point I like to highlight is Nepali Indians seem to be much more in tuned with their culture, tradition, heritage, language, nepaliness than their nepali counterparts who seem to become more indians (cowbelt UP, BIHARI variety from north india) than indians themselves by the day and yet they seem to hate them the most.

    Ruling caste of Nepal need to get their heads out of their butts before it is too late to salvage Nepal, or whatever is left of it.

    1. Indain Nepali Avatar
      Indain Nepali

      Blame only the particular and not the whole. There is no any ruling class in Nepal. The President and Vice President are Yadav and Jha respectively, Prime Minister is Bhattarai and Speaker is Nembang. What ruling class are you talking about? Don’t do jatiya rajniti, it’s a poison of a society.

      1. Gurkha Nepali Avatar
        Gurkha Nepali

        But of course, ironic, throughout centuries they have benefited by claiming their caste, now comes equality. Still blaming the politicians, and unfortunately they have all been from bahun and chhetri community, including those from “Madesh”, unlike all you want. Fact is fact.
        You neither have the experience nor the perspective to JUDGE, not yet, being in the eye of the democratic storm. Luckily, here in India, we do. Bahun (I have no other word to use) politicians in Nepal have, not unlike bengali politicians with bangladesis, continuously supported the migration of “madeshi” biharis as a vote bank (notice when the CITIZENSHIP ACT became effective) to “democratically sideline and neutralize” the votes of indigenous population of Nepal while creating hatred against them at the same time – much to the ignorance of the native population in Nepal.
        For centuries, tribals in Nepal have been subjected to autocratic rule and dogmas. They are now struggling to break free of these feudalistic shackles. I wish them luck. They should know nothing is free, more so when it comes to freedom, rights, equality and justice. Marginalized nepalease will hopefully learn the benefits of democracy and fight for it.

        Hers is some inspiration: Look at your southern neighbor India, A dalit (a so called untouchable – a product of Hinduism) is ruling the state of UP, same with Nitish Kumar, Same with most of the south indian leaders, a sikh – a minority is ruling the country. Now remind me when did Nepal produce a a janjati leader of ambedkar calibre? or even a Nitish Kumar?

        Those who now hate casteism – jaiyabadi – have most benefited from that same structural and systemic discrimination of casteism throughout the centuries and a byproduct of hinduism and their elites.

    2. PETER TOBIN Avatar

      Mr Thapa, I am an Irish citizen who has long supported Nepali people against the Brahminical state and the ravages of casteism I agree with some of your comments re Nepal, although I note that new Maoist leaders like Biplav and Prakanda are not Brahmin. That you do not apply the same criteria to the Hindutva Brahminical state at present in India, where you have a mass murderer as PM, the Bania Modi, leaves one to doubt your good offices. Clear out the filth in your own Lok Sabha and the vile caste system that pollutes the sub-continent – and makes the Republic of India quantitatively the most poverty-stricken shithole in the world.

    3. Janjati Avatar

      Do you know that the main goals of sons of majority of so called Janjati’s is to join British army, or Indian army. Bahun and chettri do not have that option. All intelligent, capable and the cream of janjati thus leave the country where are Bahnun and chettris sons have to make sure that they survive in the country and support their family. Brain drain is the main cause for Janjati’s not being successful in Nepal; when they return back from the army, uneducated and skill-less it is too late to complain.
      Study and research about Nepal before you make judgements.
      PS: I have not taken into consideration of recent foreign travel and women. Current position is a reason of this practice of two century.

  3. Rp Subba Avatar

    Ruling elites, dalits, janajatis, madhesis, pahadeys – you guys have it. Indulge yourself in this fight while you see your country become a failed state every day. And who is doing this – You. I do not think there is anybody who really loves Nepal. The “I Love Nepal ” is only a political statement, utterly vested and selfish. That is the reason why every caste and ethnic group wants a piece of Nepal, separately. That would be their way to ‘love’ Nepal better. Since every group has their own ways of showing this ‘love’, the fragmentation of Nepal is indispensable.

    ‘Love’ is universal, but in Nepal it has turned out to be a force of division.

    1. Nepali Dai Avatar
      Nepali Dai

      You have seen the reality R P Suuba. Thanks for your comment.

  4. chaudharyraju1 Avatar

    The saddest part of this ongoing transition in Nepal is that it is a stalemate. We have got stuck in the middle and this mid-way-crisis is crippling Nepal to a hellish level. I can see that we all have become so hidebound and insular that nothing seems agitating us rather than our own family. We have become more and more self-centric and egotistical that is what eating Nepal. We have lost the sense of thinking wide-and-deep. 😦

  5. Nepali Dai Avatar
    Nepali Dai

    Dhaan khane musa chot pahune bhyagutta. Same things have happened to some of the people in Nepal. Because of few in the portfolios all are blamed. All Nepalis are poor except the POLITICIANS. These CUNNING politicians have used these poor Nepalis to reach their goals using the caste system as their ladders and we have helped them because we are stupid.
    If we can rise above this dirty thing and be a “NEPALI”, there is solution to the present problem.
    Caste system doesn’t give food, but only brings clashes between the people and it’s a tool for the CUNNING POLITICIANS to EXPLIOT the poor NEPALIS to reach their goals. We have become the DHUPAURE of the Chor Netas.
    Caste system can be a slogan against some people on the street, but the reality is different at home. These slogans doesn’t feed anybody at home we have to do ourselves.

  6. Party Peedit Avatar
    Party Peedit

    This posting by an “underprivileged Bahun” to all “privileged Bahuns” seems a fairly confused piece of writing. Tell this to Prachanda, the most “underprivileged of all Bahuns” who represented the so-called proletariat, contributed to killing over 15000 Nepalis as “class enemies” and now has forsaken “class struggle” for “caste struggle”. It is an open secret that he has been receiving support of the Scandinavians for his anti-Hindu help in furthering the agenda of proselytization, and is regarded as one of the richest men in Nepal. His own party’s second in command Vaidya accuses him of embezzling over two billiion rupees. Baburam’s wife is now known within the Maoist circles (and in their speeches) as the “real Pampha Devi”. Look at all the Ponzi schemes run in Nepal and see the surnames! It is fraudulent Bahuns like him and GPKoirala who are the real privileged Bahuns, and not the educated ones (Fulbright or otherwise) who are so (they are merely earning a good living abroad after their families invested in their education, no different than children of former British Gurkha soldiers living in Reading in UK as Brits because their fathers shed blood for the Queen).

  7. Nepali Dai Avatar
    Nepali Dai

    where is my comment? Is there another politics here like in Nepal?

    1. Really? Avatar

      Adding to this. The ‘Elite’ Bauns and Chettri’s that actually come from Khandani families are doing pretty well for themselves and I think most of them have gone out of politics and ventured of to either settle abroad or do business in Nepal/ Bank jobs. Right now its all previously underprivileged Pahidiya Bauns that and Madhisays that have taken over Nepal political scene. Don’t you think if the “Khandani” or “Privileged” were ruling they would at least be well educated and cultured? Please use some brains and do some research. Even my granddad who was a politician at that time was very well educated, however if you ask my father he would never get into politics. Its simply not what it used to be.

  8. Anonymous Nepali Avatar
    Anonymous Nepali

    I think you’re forgetting that what’s being proposed is “ethnic federalism” and that there is a difference between the former and what is called “federalism” (division of states without ethnic status).

    You bring a great point that there are many poor Bahun and Chhetri groups in rural areas of Nepal (as well as poor and rich Janajati). However, what you’ve subconsciously underlined is the big issue of Kathmandu-centralism and the centralised nature of Nepal. More specifically, how the government in Kathmandu fails to support and develop rural areas in Nepal and does not provide similar opportunities of growth and improving the poverty index in these areas. Due to this issue, we need to find a way to decentralise Nepal, and federalisation is one of these proposed solutions.

    In regards to ethnicity and caste, it is clear that Bahun and Chhetri still hold the majority when it comes to the ruling of the country which is highly disproportionate to their actual numbers. In the past 150 years, we’ve seen the Rana autocracy and the Panchayat era propogate Bahun and Chhetri culture, language and religion into Nepali society. When on a daily basis Janajati groups have to speak another language (Nepali), are Janajati not oppressed? Is their culture, language and heritage not being forgotten? Should we just forget about the ethnic struggle and go back to the default setting? (Which is Bahun/Chhetri khas culture).

    “Federalism” will help decentralise Nepal, and in my personal opinion, such an action is needed in order to start developing the poorer regions of our country and develop opportunities for all castes in these areas and create a more prosperous Nepal.

    Whether Federalism is done on ethnic basis or not, is questionable, however, it shouldn’t be as controversial as many reactions to this are making it out to be. The people of Nepal are not “one”, and adopting a caste-blind view is dangerous as it assimilates all the different heritages of Nepalese people as one, which is impossible considering the opposing parallels of a culture from Tharu background to that of a Rai/Limbu background. If at least “ethnic federalism” takes place, there are defined states for these major groups to retain their cultural heritage as the ruling majority (as opposed to the current situation where Bahun/Chhetri cultural heritage is the ruling majority for ALL of Nepal).

    But of course, as I said, “ethnic federalism” is controversial, but this shouldn’t detract us from the concept of “federalism” itself. We need to find a way to decentralise Nepal. Only through decentralisation and the development of regions AWAY from Kathmandu will we see the poverty in rural areas decrease and quality of life increase.

    Thanks for reading.

  9. Empowerd Gurung Avatar
    Empowerd Gurung

    I would like to know why the blogger feels carving states along ethnic lines is bad for nepal? Spare me the national, communal, religious unity, privileged, non privileged non sense. Give me the administrative reasons.

  10. Ramesh Avatar

    No one can stop ethnic federalism now. But, no single caste can rule the particular state. If Congress and UML are wise, they should support the demand of Janajati movement.

  11. Desertrain Avatar

    Lets face it a proud nation built on collective effort of all without a distinct segreration based on caste, religion and creed as being wontonly destroyed in the name of poltical expedency.
    Prithivi Narayan Shah- the great created a nation for all of us, now few dimwitted and overtly influenced by the foreign and dead idealogy in sowing the seed that will be bring end to a nation that once aspired and proposed Zone of Peace.
    All across the world all nepali are worried by the turn of events- lets be sane and wrong the right before hell breaks loose.

  12. Chandan Lama Avatar
    Chandan Lama

    True that not all Bahuns and Chhetris are reaping the benefits in this country. True that you cannot lump everyone together and classify them as the victims (the fact that even within the Janajati community there are major gaps between the poor and the rich. But the fact still remains that ethnic cleansing is the biggest hurdle to overcome in Nepal. Where are the janajati doctors, engineers, political leaders, professors, business elites, factory owners, poets, writers, etc etc??? How come the proportion is so vast? Have you ever wondered? Here you are hurt at the model of Ethnic Federalism simply because you have a racist tendency to look at things. Where is the compensation by the Government of Nepal to the various different ethnic communities? Is it enough to give them special quotas when they consist of 70 % of the total population of Nepal?? One Nepal cannot boast of a couple of castes only. It has to start becoming much more inclusive than that. Only then will the slogan hold any water. And the first step of the country is to start respecting where the Janjatis are coming from. Respect them as you would want them to respect you. What chances do you think that a Tamang boy or girl have at school when they are asked to learn Nepali and sit for the exams? Isn’t that already unfair? How long will you rest on your handicap that your Vedas and your Kings and then your Politicians have been providing you with? When are you going to start accepting a level playing field may I ask?

  13. palatan subramanyam Avatar
    palatan subramanyam

    Dear Leaders of the Khas Tribes,
    *( Madhav Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, Iswor pokhrel, Ram Chandra Poudel, sher Bahadur Deuba, Krishna Sitaula, Arjun Narsingh Kc, Sushil Koirala, chitra Bahadur KC, Kamal Thapa et al)

    ‘Ekal Jatiya Rajya Chahindaina, Desh Tukryauna Paindaina’ has been your slogan and it has worked very well now to divide and confuse the ‘common Nepali’. The Khas tribes now constitute nearly 32% of the population and it is now your duty to hold the country together as it has been held together since Prithvi Narayan built this country. All you powerful Khas Tribal leaders think the country is in great danger of crumbling into pieces if federal units are made on the basis of history of the dominant ethnic community. The point of the matter is that Nepal was never a single unit ( great cultural and identity division remained). The majority of the other components of Nepal, namely the Madhesiyas, the Muslims, the Janajatis and the Dalits were all left out.

    These same marginalized communities are now asking for a piece of the pie which you Khas leaders have been holding for so long. Currently they are asking for only a piece which they consider to be rightfully theirs.
    A concerted effort is being made to the public into thinking that identity based federal units will fail and should not be considered because :

    1. Quarrels over territory will occur between states.
    2. Travel will be restricted between states.
    3. Ethnic identity states will give less privilege to Khas tribals.
    4. Federal units will not be able to generate resources to meet ends.
    5. Khas tribals will be discriminated.
    6. Terai provinces will block hill provinces.
    7. Some federal states will have more advantages.
    8. Nepalipan will be lost.

    This notion is being now discussed and given much priority in the Nepali press which is dominated by the Khas tribals. Even certain sections of the press have come out openly fighting for and defending the status quo and being offensive regarding Madhesiya, Muslim, Janajati and Dalit aspirations. They have even gone to the length of inciting anti-communal fights by openly broadcasting counter demonstrations from Khas communities where there is a lot of sloganeering against the Janajatis and certain ethnic communities. These are so called members of the press doing propaganda in the name of press freedom for the cause of Khas domination in matters of the Nepali state. Dear Khas Tribal leaders, how can you defend these people in the name of press freedom when they were attacked by angry demonstrators? In fact they were carrying out political propaganda!!! They were only activists for your cause and any normal Nepali citizen can see through this trick.

    The margininalized groups are asking for identity based federal units where they will not discriminate against other communities as you all have been doing. They are not asking for more privilege or power as you Khas Tribals have been enjoying. There will be no fight between Tamsaling and Kathmandu over waste disposal as has been reported in the press. This is clearly Bahunspeak to intimidate people into thinking this identity based thing is wrong. The people who stopped the waste disposal trucks are, you guessed it right- Bahuns!!!!!!! Holy Mackeral!!

    You Khas Tribal leaders are trying to kill an idea even before it is born and put into use. Please be sensible. Please stop being partisan. Stop being Khas Tribal leaders only. You are in a position to lead the country as universal leaders. Rise above your petty egos. You all should be more Nepali than Khas Tribals only. You will be liked by all. Leaders should be fearless. Tell your Khas community that identity based federal states will not be directed against any community. If the rest of the country can tolerate Khas domination for so long why can’t Khas people at least accommodate the rest of the communities in a more equitable distribution of political power?

    The rest of the country is saying “ Ekal Khas Samudayako Prabhutwa Chahindaina” and you are saying ‘ Ekal Jatiko Rajya Chahindaina”. For us it means the same. There has to be give and take.

    There has to be change in the leadership of the major political parties by incorporating leaders from the Madhesi, Muslim, Janajati and Dalit communities PROPORTIONATELY. The same has to be true in the government administrative posts, the military, the police and other domains of public services. If this had been the case, there ould be no need for identity based politics in Nepal. You Khas Tribes had all the opportunity to practice this fair placement but alas due to your petty communal feelings, you were not able to deliver correctly.

    Still now you are trying to maintain the status quo. Change is inevitable. Be wise and flow with the times. In the end it will bode well for you and the community you represent.

    Jay Nepal !!! * Khas Arya has now been placed as a tribal unit in the indigenous group!

  14. B Avatar

    This is all BS. This country is failing because all we can do is blame each other. The Maoists blame NC and UML, UML blames Maoists and so on. If you listen to all the leaders, they all sound great. This is what it is. We do not accept what wrong has been done as our mistake. To me, there are only two castes in Nepal…RICH and POOR. If you are rich and powerful, everyone one will suck ur D no matter which caste you are from and if you are poor, may god help you. Anyone who does not see this reality in Nepal is an idiot or has not spent time in Nepal at all. What needs to be done is that, these poor and weak NEPALIS need to be given a chance. NOT an equal opportunity, but POOR NEPALIS need to be given a proper and biased opportunity to uplift themselves. DONT YOU IDIOT KNOW, THIS IS A WAR BETWEEN HAVES AND HAVE NOTS. If you feel discriminated against, go earn some money and power, discrimination will disappear. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY, FOOL:(

  15. Online Shopping Avatar

    You got a really nice points in here. Really liked this one. Keep posting!

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  17. Сергей Avatar

    Богат не тот кто владеет средствами
    Богат тот кто знает их истинную цену.
    Всегда будут богатые и бедные пока не появиться единое сознание
    Всегда будет дискриминация пока Ваши желания не будут многогранны.
    Всегда будет неравенство пока не произойдет очищение.
    Все что вам нужно внитри Вас. Все что вы хотите вам дает ваша земля , вам осталось приложить только усилия в правильном направлении.
    Бумага с цифрами не съедобна ) Знание есть сила богатство и власть. Удачи

  18. it works Avatar
    it works

    lets stop being racist to each other and stop blaming and pointing opposite culture.
    I’m magar and live around bahun’s and magars , they are not bad we live happily in comunity, who’s bad most of the goverment employees are. I’m happy abt some of the employees taking bribe as long as its no threat to nation and people and is small amount. Most of the bribe comes from middle class and can afford to bribe. People fake for different problems so lets stop there for now. As the salary is not enough and government cannot pay . But the big problem is higher rank officer taking huge benifits and 10s of millions in under table or not releasing fund appropriatley. Education is main problem of country along with transportation. If we educate people there will be less in health and transport rule +licence and new roads will give access and less death on road. Health service needs widening main stuff civilians need to be civilized not visulantees. 75 jilla, 14 anhal 5 bikas chettra works perfect if its under proper directors. Prove with history fedral works nepal is nl exception.

  19. concerned_nepali Avatar

    Even in this day and age of cosmpolitanism, we are stuck in the primitive mind-set of cast/clan based identity politics. Instead of pointing fingers at everyone, I think we need to reflect on ourselves. What are we portraying ourselves to be? We have become the laughing stock of the region, with the lowest GDP per capita income and one of the lowest HDI’s in Asia. It is always easy to blame the system, when the problem actually comes from each individual, like myself. When was the last time you stopped someday from littering on the streets and made it clear that to someone that it is NOT ok to pee on the streets? We lack a civic culture that is based on respect for each other; we like to blame every other group/cast/clan whatever, but we fail to look ourselves in the mirror.

  20. Bijaya Ghimire Avatar

    Insightful!! redefining identity is complex

  21. puran pandey Avatar
    puran pandey

    i found my own view on this post . this is the realistic of nepal . must be seen and apply the policies through the eye of poverty index of all nepalis not through the wholsome cast .

  22. Manoj Avatar

    Bhaunus are not the culprit but the leaders are the culprit.There are many poor bahunus in this country.

    1. Mr Mongol Avatar
      Mr Mongol

      How can you say they are not culprits? Because of them so many of our Tibeto-Burman languages became extinct. And I really hate it when we Mongols have to celebrate Hindu festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Who says they are national festivals? Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why there are only 20% Bahun-Chhetri but 80% Hindus in Nepal? That’s cause our Mongolian brothers and sisters were forced to become Hindus. And now those so-called pandits on TV are attacking Christians for converting other peoples. Watch your big Bahun mouths before you speak.

  23. Arjun Avatar

    I am utterly stunned by the tendency of these “non-bahuns/chettris” on this site to generalize the whole goddam ethnicity because of the few. What do you mean by ruling class? Have you not seen the diverse ethnicity of our politicians? Did you know that “Indo-Aryan” forms the majority in Nepal, and maybe, just maybe, the reason you see so many faces in elite posts are “bahun/chettri” because of this.
    People, come on, please, instead of bickering over this issue, can’t we not work together. I mean, this is Nepal, not some the UK or the US etc. A country like ours, where all of has been living in peace and harmony, whatever happened to all that? Please don’t blame “bahuns/chettris”, blame the politicians. Do you really thing all the “bahuns/chettris” are elites? If you, my friend, I hate to break it, but you are deluded. I have seen so many rich other ethnics groups also, I don’t go on bashing them. I understand working hard and smart can always bring you wealth, but don’t let wealth dictate your philosophy. We are Nepalese, we need to strengthen our cohesive bond. We are all one, we are all equal, we are all Nepalese. Let’s work together to bring a better politicians, we can do that, just give your children a better way of thinking, a good upbringing, a smart education. You will see diversity in the top official level in few years, now most of the ethnic groups are educated and smart, we only need this feeling of mutual respect and love. Don’t judge a person by his appearance, but by his character. Generalizing is one of the bad characters. I used to do it too, now I have learned to not let my ego rule me. I let reasoning and logic rule me, and also empathy.

  24. CHHETRI Avatar

    To the Idiots who hate us, I hate you BACK, to the rest of peaceful indigenous guys, there’s no hostility, jay Nepal.

    To the Bahun haters: What you janajati “experts” FAIL to remember is: PRITHIVI NARAYAN SHAH WAS NOT A JANAJATI.

    What you FAIL to remember is: the Vice President is JHA (MADHESI),
    the Former Vice Prime Minister Gachhedar was THARU (JANAJATI).

    All you know best is blame on the Chhetris and Bahuns, WHAT exactly have THARUS, NEWARS done for Nepal????

    Oh yeah, you have gone to the Maoists and created MORE CHAOS, and when you have to run your mouth, you people blame all your problems on Chhetris and Bahuns.

    And the stupid thing about all this is: Mohan Baidya, the janajati rights “tauke” himself is a BAHUN.

    Before you run your Mouth, NEVER FORGET: you might be a local hero or something by claiming “Newa Rajya”, “Limbu Rajya”, and god knows what “rajya”, BUT YOU ARE ONLY CONTRIBUTING TO THE DIS-INTEGRATION OF NEPAL.

    Without Bahuns and Chhetris, your population would be so small – that Nepal would be annexed by either India or China, in fact, Nepal would NOT even exist WITHOUT Prithivi Naryan Shah, AND his Re-unification Campaign.


    Madhesi are flooding Southern Terai, politically mis-balancing the NEPALINESS of Nepal, due to immigration for jobs, Nepali Youths are decreasing, we are LOSING our voice, we are LOSING our Land, we are LOSING **NEPAL**, do you idiots even realize that?

    F*ck NO, your pea-sized brain is focused on Newa Rajya, Limbuwan, Khambuwan, Tamuwan, and all those BULLSHIT – that your puppet “leaders” feed you with.

    In the end, with all these stupid “rajyas”, you **WILL** need ANOTHER Prithivi Narayan Shah to RE-unite Nepal.

    Being a Chhetri, I say, YES, my forefathers DID come from India, BUT f*ck, I AM MORE NATIONALISTIC, MORE PATRIOTIC than you Maoist slave-idiots will ever be.


    1. Kham Magar Na Avatar
      Kham Magar Na

      Solta, federalism is for conserving the rights, the languages, the religions and the cultures of various ethnicities of Nepal. For example, if all Nepalese are forced to speak only Khas Kura, Gurungs will forget their language but if Gurung language is the language to be spoken in Tamuwan, it will be preserved. No Khas will be there to (laught at ) the Gurung language. Take example from South Indians.

  25. Kham Magar Na Avatar
    Kham Magar Na

    This is all bullshit! We should all be preserving our tribal religions, cultures, languages and traditions instead of wasting time by blaming each other.

  26. Raytheon Avatar

    I don’t know about you, but my Kham Magar ancestors in Jajarkot District were forced by the local Thapa Chhetris landlords of Jajarkot to work their fields at gunpoint and bayonet-point. My people used to be dragged from their houses into the fields to work by so-called “poor Chhetris” at the point of a bayonet, who were the muscle-power of the local landlords. This all was less than 40 years ago. When my forefathers rose in revolt, the local Thapas, who all had relatives serving in the Royal Nepal Army, to use Artillery and Tanks to fire on the Kham villages.

  27. #Nepal: How Nepali Elites Capture the State and Political Agenda | United We Blog! Avatar

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