Eighth Wonder

Seven years of blogging completed. Satisfied. But long way to go ahead…this journey had officially begun on this day- 1 Oct- in 2004. Thank you all.






6 responses to “Eighth Wonder”

  1. Angel Avatar

    Wishing it all the best …. May it be able to climb the ladder of success as much as it wishes… HAPPY BLOGGING DAY!!!!!!!!

  2. Basanta Avatar

    Congratulations! And best wishes for the years ahead!

    Wish you and all the readers of this blog a very happy Dashain!

  3. Hari Sharma Avatar
    Hari Sharma

    Keep Blogging!

  4. Suman Shahi Avatar

    जब संसारमा अत्याचार सोषण हुन्छ तब भगवानले नया अवतार लिएर जन्म लिनु हुन्छ हे भगवान अब एघार अवतार लिएर यो देशमा शान्ति र सबिधान को लागि राजनेता को रुपमा जन्म लिनुहोस्

  5. aasthachaurasia Avatar

    very heartly congratulations….Lets enjoy blogging unitedly……and happy belated blogging anniversary…

  6. Yajna Man Tamrakar Avatar
    Yajna Man Tamrakar

    Ramro kam lai nirantar dinus, Subhkamna chha !

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