Maoist Shutdown in Nepal: Day I

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By Keshav P. Koirala

The normal life in the Kathmandu Valley [and across Nepal] has been hit hard on the first day of the indefinite general shutdown imposed by the Unified CPN (Maoist) on Sunday demanding resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Hundreds of Maoist cadres and supporters have gathered at the major thoroughfares and junctions in the Capital since early morning to enforce the shutdown, more popularly known as banda.

Public and private vehicles remained off the road and thousands of people have been forced to walk towards their destination. The entire market places, schools, colleges and industries have been closed down due to the Maoist strike.

Ambulances, vehicles of diplomatic missions, press and other emergency services, however, have plied the roads in the Capital Valley without any obstruction.

Security has been beefed up in Kathmandu taking into account the possibility of violence. However, no unpleasant incident has been reported as yet.

Along with his family members and neighbours, this man came to take part in the Maoist agitation from Parsa district in the southern plains. This man cannot speak Nepali clearly and is very new to Kathmandu. He even doesn’t know where he is staying here.

The Maoists have brought in thousands of people like him to the capital “to make their stir against the government decisive.”

The Maoists, who stepped down from the government last year following their differences with the president over the reinstatement of the then army chief sacked the Cabinet led by them, have termed the incumbent coalition government as unnatural. They have taken to the streets demanding that a national unity government be formed in their

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4 responses to “Maoist Shutdown in Nepal: Day I”

  1. Nepal my country Avatar
    Nepal my country

    Enough is enough mourist has bleached the law and the gov should thke strong steps to control the rebal force……. Otherwise, I’m not seeing any futere of Nepal if this so called “Janna Andolan 3″ happens it will be like the Africans country where war goes on everyday…….I request with the people to act responsible and don’t late this strike success coz it’s time to ” protest against protest” to secure our future, our childs future and the most important to save our country Nepal.

  2. Deva Avatar

    The much awaited “Nepal Bund” is now finally upon us! Day I passed off peacefully without any bloodshed as both sides, i.e. the Maoists and the Government showed remarkable restraint. The Nepalese People silently endured and made adjustments to their lives. But if this situation is allowed to carry on for some more days, it will not only bring added miseries to the People but also invite bloodshed ultimately. If this is what the Maoists really wanted, then so bit it!

    The Maoists are in a position to capture State Power from the Streets today. But for how long?
    Don’t forget, there are others also eagerly awaiting their turn to heat up the streets of Kathmandu. The hunted will be the hunters finally!

    The leaders of the Maoist Party also now need to realize that their “safe havens” in India are no longer available to them. They will be hunted down ultimately.


  3. Deva Avatar

    How wrong the Indian Government has now been proved! They were led up the garden path by the Maoists with the help of great personalities like S.D. Muni, Shyam Saran, and people from the JNU who had hoped to bring their own Maoists under some moderation! What follies people in high places can make!

    Even our great one time friends, the British were not far behind in pampering the Maoists in Nepal with their hidden motive of promoting the interests of the Gurungs, Rais, Limbus, Magars, and other Mongol origin races who had been their faithful “soldiers” for centuries. It has only now opened a “Pandora’s Box” and no power on earth can put it back in again.


  4. nita Avatar

    they don’t really care abt us

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