India Claims Passport Issue “Politicized” in Nepal but…

May be it was politicized which is not the case when seen from the Nepali nationalistic point of view but, the Indian embassy doesn’t say, it was for a good and valid reason. The embassy press statement issued today also hides the fact that it was India that sought the passport contract from Nepal disregarding the legal tender process. Can we politely say here to India: “Please, we don’t want your help in passport printing. We will do that ourselves. You print your own passports, install whatever you want to install in your own offices. Thank you.” And what’s so confidential about the undiplomatic letter that the Indian ambassador wrote to the Nepali foreign minister? Can’t we, the citizens, see what foreign ambassador writes to our minister, our foreign secretary?

Here’s the statement that the Indian embassy issued in Kathmandu today:

Attention of the Embassy has been drawn to the media reports regarding Government of Nepal’s decision to cancel the contract between Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal for supply of machine readable passport.

India agreed to supply the machine readable passport booklets through its Government Undertaking, Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India (SPMCIL), at a concessional price, as a gesture of goodwill and in keeping with the friendly relations between the two countries. In the spirit of mutual cooperation, the Government of India further agreed to provide, at its cost, technical assistance, which included supply of software and hardware equipment, installation of these equipments at the Central passport Office in Kathmandu and training of GON officials for personalization of Machine Readable Passports. Letters were exchanged by the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal and the Ambassador of India, Kathmandu on March 23, 2010. A contract was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal and SPMCIL for printing the passport booklets on March 26, 2010. The arrangements agreed with the Government of Nepal would have allowed it to issue machine readable passports by early-June 2010. To ensure this, SPMCIL and the Government of India have already initiated action.

It is a matter of regret that the issue has been politicized in Nepal and confidential communication from the Embassy has been publicized.

Government of India remains committed to strengthening India-Nepal relations which have withstood the test of time.

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14 responses to “India Claims Passport Issue “Politicized” in Nepal but…”

  1. pulkit Avatar

    dishonouring a contract is not a very professional thing to do! India’s security concerns could be justified owing to many cases of anti indian activities seen emanating from neighbouring soil, due to free border which is taken advantage of by criminal non state actors, however there has to be a proper way to channelize the request… however why politicize the issue?

    1. bakhat Avatar

      “..many cases of anti indian activities seen emanating from neighbouring soil”

      Was that a typo, pulkit that you said ‘anti indian’? because there are several dozen armed outfits in indian towns bordering nepal, many of them are sponsored by indian intelligence agencies that are actively involved in undermining nepali security and integrity. indian intelligence agencies distributed money to wage various kinds of movements in madhes to destabilize nepali democracy and nation state. nepal has never sponsored anti-india activities. nepal has never interfered in indian national politics. nepal has never poked its nose in internal affairs of india. but india has and, as nepal is fire, india occasionally gets its nose burnt- as is the case with passport scandal.

      we the nepali people are very sorry that terrorists are attacking india. we condemn that and feel those terrorists should be dealt with harsh blow and forces. our heart bled when mumbai was attacked, when india’s parliament was attacked. but those terrorists didn’t come from nepal. in fact, nepal has acted as a fence against threats to india… look how much money india is spending to safeguard its borders with china, pakistan and bangladesh. and compared that figure with nepal.

      which democracy in its sane mind asks its neighbor to cancel the legal tender and give the contract to it as india did in this passport scandal? your own times of india has written that your foreign minister sm krishna discussed the matter with nepali minister and possibly with prime minister. this blog has reproduced that report and a paragraph reads like this:

      It also shows up India’s Nepal policy in a poor light yet again. The passport contract was discussed by External Affairs Minister S M Krishna himself and the ministerial involvement, when it was common knowledge that a tender process was already in place, shows the Indian establishment’s chronic tendency to become dubiously involved in deals.

      please cure your ‘chronic tendency to become dubiously involved in deals’. get well soon india.

  2. silentrocker Avatar


    Rescinding a contract is a professional thing to do if due process has not been following. Just because Sujata and SM Krishna agreed on the agreed does not entitle India the contract. We have our own process and procedures defined by law while deciding such an important factor. So yes, as you said, “there has to be a proper way to channelize the request”.

    On the contrary, we do not agree that it has been politicized. As has been quite rampant on the part of Ambassador Sood, he doesn’t understand diplomatic courtesies and protocols. His highhandedness in almost anything in our national matters cannot be tolerated. He is damaging India’s image in Nepal by not honoring his own diplomatic protocols. It is normal for him to go to any ABC politicians’ home for breakfast, lunch and dinner only to “purse Indian interests”. And we Nepalese are not so dumb to understand that.

    We understand the security concerns of India but let us not play that game in this case. We deny and will confront any actions and intentions that goes to compromise our aspirations of nationalism, no matter how tiny as a nation state we are. Hope that crosses every Indian’s mind. It is precious for us because we never have a history of slavery. We have fought and will fight against all kinds of interference.

    As an endnote, I have some suggestions to my Indian friends. If India wants to have a solid relationship with Nepal, then it has to revise its foreign policy. As an example, why not honor the Gujral doctrine?

  3. Pant,Dibakar,MN Avatar

    The immature and visionless acts of so called great politicians and builders of new Nepal,has created a great problem out of which country has been weakened.The dealing of MRP with India,was fully against established procedures and suicidal too for nation.So,by any means it should be cancelled,that’s why government decision seems right step.But,these types of childish and visionless acts could be dangerous for the future relationship with neighbouring and other country.Its a must to Nepal to have relief from current visionless and power-hunger leadership to save this great Himalayan nation and acertained its brighter future.Jay Nepal !

  4. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar

    No politicized, it is a question of the Indian intervention. From the very beginning, Indian Congress I Govt. and RAW is going to destroy the Nepalese prestige and identity. The Passport is not only the case, there are so many cases between Nepal and India that the Indian side never wants to solve.

    Now, not only diplomat Rakesh Sood is going to jeer to the Nepalese prestige… the former diplomats also were interested to destroy the unity & nationality of Nepal. The Delhi 12 point agreement 2005 has been the major cause of creating the crisis and disintegration. Now, Nepalese Maoists, RIM and COMPOSA have joined hands for one-party anarchist-Communist rule to distroy Nepalese & Indian sovereignty.

    That is not the joke for Nepal and India. The Indian leaders could not understand the grand-design of the Maoists. The Maoists are going to establish anarchism in Nepal. Maoists used to claim to be nationalist. But they are completely exposed by their confused and non-political activities. All of this was started by the Delhi 12 point agreement in 2005.The so-called People’s movement II which was guided by India, had two vital agendas – Republic and Secular state. Without analyzing the assumption, the some Indian leaders supported the Nepalese Maoist’s hypocrisy. I am sorry to write that it was a great blunder by Indian diplomats – Shyam Saran, Sive Shankar Mukharejee and other officials (and now Rakesh Sood ) who not only blundered in their assessment of the Maoists but also did much harm to Indian’s interests in Nepal. We hate such culprit diplomats. Now such diplomats and Indian politician have become the cause of terrorism in Nepal and India. We should understand the proverb in politics -‘Crows are never the white for washing.’

    Then, why not the Maoists’ acts were aimed at creating anarchy in the country and disturbing peace ? It is my request, Indian Govt. should punish such monster-diploments. Passport is not only the issue, now.

    Nepal has been facing a series of problems due to the mistake of abolishing the royal institution. History says and everybody knows the monarchy is a symbol of Nepalese unity and democracy. Why Indian Govt. leaders and RAW became active to do so?

    An irresponsible leadership in the government, the corrupt mentality of political leaders as well as the bureaucrats, all are responsible for the plight of Nepal. The government or the so-called big parties are neither responsible nor sincere in solving these problems. The so-called founders of the Republic Nepal made us ashamed before the world.

    The power mongers, opportunists, corrupt, ethics-less, kidnappers and killers are now the advocates of the so-called new Nepal-Federal Republic Nepal. The democratic powers like USA, European Union, UNO and others are not sounding against the undemocratic attitude in Nepal.

    So, the only way to stop more bloodshed and to save democracy is by re-establishing constitutional monarchy and strengthening parliamentary democracy.

    That is all.

    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  5. Silentrocker Avatar

    @Dirgha Raj Prasai

    We got your monarchy agenda but why would one use such vague, yet loaded, terms anyway.

    What is your talking point here : “who not only blundered in their assessment of the Maoists but also did much harm to Indian’s interests in Nepal.” ?

    Or, do I make an assumption that your monarchy hues and Maoist bashing goes side by side with protecting Indian interests in Nepal?

    Another point that got me to my nerves :

    “Nepalese Maoists, RIM and COMPOSA have joined hands for one-party anarchist-Communist rule to distroy Nepalese & Indian sovereignty.”

    Oh god, what has become of words in these times of crisis? Do you even know the implications of those words? Again, you are here to worry about Indian sovereignty while Nepal is having an existential crisis because of India. Are you not bold enough to assert your point without piggybacking the support of Indian establishment?

    While we may not be the fans of Maoists, it is altogether a matter of intellectual bankruptcy not to give them due credits for some positive changes in Nepal. Moreover, they are also responsible for the level of anarchy. This can be a matter of another ideological discussion.

    As to India, as you sow, so shall you reap !

    Peace !

  6. Clarity Avatar

    When a political party openly seek assiatnce from India and get a doctored 12 points agenda that suits their narrow goals- India shall demand certain leverage- MRP was one.

    When nation is made aimless then things are bound to come that question your basic existence but blame not India but the so-called-leaders who have compromised the very soul of nationhood.

  7. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar

    Dear commenters !
    I support your your comment. But, reality is that if monarchy abolish from Nepal, certainlly, all the religious- cultural-tradition of Nepal & India gradually will finish. The communist rule is dangerious that the East India Co. who desrtroyed all the identities of India who established AD, English Language and Crichianalism. So, we, all Nepalese & Indian People should be carefull to save our prestige, democracy and sovereigntity.
    Please, read, once, the opinion of Indian leader of BJP also. On the discussion about republic and secularism in Nepal, senior leader of B.J.P Lalkrishna Advani had said: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy’. You see, I am not the supporter of BJP. But, BJP is showing the facts of Nepal and Indian future.
    History says and everybody knows the monarchy is a symbol of Nepalese unity and nationality. In between the two big neighbors- China and India, the monarchy has been playing a balanced role. So, Nepalese monarchy is the most convincing identity of Nepal’s independence and democracy. King Gyanendra is also a nationalist who can stand with cause and effect on national scenarios. In the absence of monarchy, the one party Communist rule will establish in Nepal where India also can’t save the democratic identity. Because, Nepal and India have the same culture and traditions.
    Dear commenters ! you know, the 2005 uprising has derailed into a negative path. The culprit power hunger party leaders of Nepali Nepali Congress, UML including Maoist were concentrated on abolishing the royal institution and Hindu Kingdom under the some Indian leaders and diploments and RAW also was involved for their notorious interest. But,what has the nation gained by abolishing the monarchy? And what got India- except anarchism & anti-Indian feeling in India ?
    Excuse me, Cordial people to people level relations between Nepal and India has existed since ancient times. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions. But sadly some Indian leaders and RAW have been striving to destabilize Nepal. Through its intelligence agency ‘RAW’, has been found continuously involved in destabilizing our national identities – royal institution, Hindu Kingdom and national language, which were developed along with the ideology of national unity, security and national identity. If Nepal will selular state and republic, not only Nepal, but, India also can’t secure, that is my commentment.
    Please, reply me as a good wellwisher of your country and Nepal.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Former member of Parliament, Nepal.
    Political and Cultural nalyst.

    1. silentrocker Avatar

      when are you going to grow up Dirgha ji?

  8. w Avatar

    Duh! Really?

    What is’nt politicised in this god forsaken place?

  9. lalsalaamm Avatar

    It’s a shame but India should understand that they interfered in the sovereignity of this nation by feeding and grooming the maoists and remooved our constitutional monarchy – the foundation of Nepal. It is an act of war really. Country’s would go to war for less. Maoist leaders are nothing but foreign ai9ded and baited vermin the reason for the end of Nepal’s sovereignity – infact maybe the end period.

  10. Clarity Avatar

    Is it not everything politicized in Nepal- and who initiated this? Nepal is country that lost the bearing of being one nation- now it is a nation that has all the character of coming apart at the seam. Who gets the maximum benefit from this? Place your guess.

    Can you trust the politicians? their inaptitude is leading this heaven on earth to a path of self destruct, where is the future for our children? where is the way to make our livelihood? No water or light, basic food prices have gone sky high- what the hell is happening. Does anybody care?

    Well, I guess not.

  11. sujan neupane Avatar
    sujan neupane

    the debate of security concern of nepal regarding machine readable passport is worthless. The most common citizen should know that if India wants, it can copy all the security related documents from Ministry of Defence as it seems that the government officials can be bought even with a meager amount of money. So the debate made by some leaders on the chance of leakage of information to India if passports are to be printed there has no points to discuss. The only thing is the leaders just want the issue to make the road and parliament hot to prove there presence. one should not forget the reality that only with cooperation with India, Nepalese sovereignity can be maintained. No leaders can save our sovereignity by challenging the India.

  12. Silentrocker Avatar

    @sujan neupane,

    “the debate of security concern of nepal regarding machine readable passport is worthless”

    This is as lame as the argument that its worthless to have Nepalese army, India can bulldoze us any time it wants. Bullshit !!

    Sure, India can go ahead and steal our information but why welcome that move by facilitating that with our passport printing? We infact need to obstruct their ill-will.

    Good will? Yes, we can welcome that.

    I am not sure which generation you belong to. But my generation is strong, confident and able. You deny and confront any attempt to brainwash us by the propaganda that only with cooperation with India, Nepalese sovereignty can be maintained.

    Nepal’s sovereignty has always been under constant attack by India. Thats a fact. Thanks to the British, India has always adopted a colonial mindset against its neighbours.

    While it is nonsense to confront India in every issues, it is very necessary to fight against Indian highhandedness and interference when it happens.

    We will challenge India when it comes to our dignity. That is how we save our sovereignty.

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