Proof: India Asked for Passport Contract from Nepal

indian ambassador letter to nepali foreign minister 1
first page of the indian letter to nepali foreign minister

It has been revealed that Indian government wanted machine readable passport printing contract from Nepal. A confidential letter (above, page 1 and below, page 2) written by the Indian ambassador in Kathmandu to the Nepali foreign minister was disclosed today which clearly indicates it was the Indian government that had sought to get the contract for printing nearly 4 million Nepali passports. It was not clear who leaked the letter to the Maoists- the Indian Embassy or the Nepali Foreign Ministry.

Written by India’s ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood to Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala, the letter, sent in December, pointed out that “India and Nepal share an open border regime under which Nepali citizens do not require a visa to travel to India and vice-a-versa. In recent times, the open border has also been a source of certain security concerns which have been shared with the Nepali leaders at the highest level.”

After detailing a proposal to print and supply the passports by its state-owned Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited, the envoy said in the letter, “This (India´s) offer will not only address some of the security concerns that have been mentioned but, I am certain, will prove to be economical for the government of Nepal.”

The foreign minister on Monday sought to downplay allegations that she had struck a “secret deal” with India, denying having received the letter.

indian ambassador letter to nepali foreign minister 2
second page of the letter by indian ambassador to foreign minister






11 responses to “Proof: India Asked for Passport Contract from Nepal”

  1. Pant,Dibakar,MN Avatar

    All patriotic people need to be united in order to ousting all these bunches of power-hunger and anti-national politicians who are defaming and weakening great Himalayan nation.
    Wishing all Nepalis a very happy and prosperous New Year,2067 B.S.
    Jay Nepal !

  2. zymom Avatar

    How does the contract answer the security concerns? India gets access to nepali passport database? So everytime someone gets a passport made it goes to India to be printed? If they will be only printing blank pages as the current ones are done how will it answer the secuity concern?

  3. Avatar

    That is exactly what we have been discussing here.

    Seems like all passports were to be sent to India individually to be printed which of course would have been a pure disaster

  4. silentrocker Avatar

    Here are the simple points to be understood from the leaked document:

    1. It was India which had a deliberate intention to seek printing of Nepali passport and not vice versa.

    2. PM MK Nepal and FM Sujata should be thoroughly investigated for misleading and lying to the parliamentary committee.

    3. It is not true that the details of Nepali nationals seeking passports will be logged in India. The passports was supposed to be brought to Nepal once passports were printed in India, only to be brought to Nepal for entering data.

    4. BUT it is another point that those passports will have the primary key data for each unit. India would have the record of all these issue units. On the basis of these keys and a reasonable intelligence, the Indian establishment would have easily gained access to our nationals data once they are logged in Nepal. The government and PM’s advisors are hiding this fact.

    5. Action should be taken against the Indian Embassy for breaching diplomatic norms.

    Peace !

    1. Bani Avatar

      It’s true that India would have printed individual passports with data filled in them meaning that data of every Nepali traveling abroad would have remained with Indians.

      The Indians would have used our data to further their espionage interests in Nepal and South Asia. It was a dangerous game that India was playing with us.

  5. Hari Avatar

    This is why we hate Indians. These people are always looking for time to exploit the situation and impose their vested interests in Nepal. Of course, we should not give this contract to print our passport to China too. They both are out immediate neighbors and they have their own vested interests. And this issue is a very serious one..with national security at stake. The government of Nepal should print our passports in a country that is far away from Nepal, strategically unimportant to us and trustworthy. I feel so terrible seeing the Indian fucking role in this and bitch like Sujata who is our foreign minister. Fuck our fate.

  6. Clarity Avatar

    Any dumb would understand the ramification of printing passport overseas. But the clamor is mis-leading. India assisted Nepal by drafting 12 point agreement, leaders all fly to get blessing and constructive suggestion from their masters, and even the bandh and strike are all approved vices. So why the cry.

    Nepal has no power like even a small state of India to say no to Central or even Sood because it has all been compromised by the leader who never fail to say for the people. Enough said, I think

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  8. barsha Avatar

    passport matter is only example of indian bllody game .indian is a bad eighbour in south asia not only nepal.start save the nation movement as indepandent nepal.

  9. good Avatar

    Every time too late momentum next saturday we the people do not discuss.

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