Policies and Programmes of a Maoist Led Govt

It’s a nice essay but nothing substantial, said chief opposition party NC’s leader Sher Bahadur deuba about the government’s program and policies document.

With an aim to take the peace process to a logical end, the Maoist-led government today publicized its policies and programmes. Brining out new constitution on time (within two years) is hight on the list of commitments. President Ram Baran Yadav read out the policies and programmes for the fiscal year 2065/66 at the Constituent Assembly (CA). The 84-point document promises to write the statute in coordination with all political parties within the specified time. “The government’s principal responsibility is to assist in taking the peace process to a logical end, turning the socio-economic transformation towards a progressive direction and writing the federal democratic constitution, as per the people’s aspirations, within specified time,” said the document.

The government has also put forwarded an ambitious target of increasing the economic growth rate formulating a ‘transitional economic policy’, along with the constitution-drafting process. To reach the goal, the document said, the government would stress on judicious distribution system, public-private partnership and infrastructure development. The government programmes include running peace campaign across the nation to maintain political stability for the economic transformation. For this, the coordination among the parties will be further expanded to lessen reduce differences among the parties in local level. “As per the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and another commission for the search of the disappeared and publicising their whereabouts will be formed soon.”

Regarding the foreign policy, the government will emphasise on the ties with neighbouring countries—India and China, and with other countries, the economic diplomacy will be the focal point.

The government will arrange a distribution system for easy and smooth supply of daily essential commodities. Similarly, the programmes emphasise on the institutional development of the federal democratic republic, inviting the armed groups active in the Terai for talks, implementation of the agreements made by the government with various groups in the past and sorting out the issue of PLA integration and rehabilitation within six months.

The salaries of the government employees will be increased.






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  1. sunil Avatar

    the status quo congress job is only commenting and barcoded the right things.neither they do nor they made it did.they were the one who oppose the right things and makes the country circulating or rotating in the elliptical path.but hope maoist led government will do something.their plans and policies reflects the aspiration of the people.

  2. Janajati Avatar


    You are right. What did NC did since 65 years of their history is clear to all. So expecting anything with NC will be expecting something leftover with hyena by another animals. The alternate to maoist might be another forces (can be ethnic parties) not NC or UML.

  3. United Voices Avatar

    There is nothing to be surprised about or to criticize about these programs. The point here is how many of these will be actually implemented. How much will they change in the behavior and let people live how they want to and legally. will the maoists themselves be under the constitutional law as well or else wise? only time will tell. for the time being its just wait and see.

  4. Dhruba adhikari (meronepalma.com) Avatar

    Read the review of the policies and programmes of the government at meronepalma.com

    The article is here

  5. Good Avatar

    The voodoo economic strategies and plan cannot jump the economy like a frog. The frog also need rain to come out and jump in the field.

  6. Good Avatar

    Atleast we are relief from Girija kind of economic strategies and plans like surrendering every resources to others for the benefit of power. Now it has yet to be seen Prachanda’s economic strategies, plan, implementation and feedback to very poor people.

  7. darbur factory Avatar

    See and believe…unions are good, yet in this time of economic disaster is it a good idea to chase Darbur factory? Attracting businesses would be good policies so much we love china but made in China, made in Taiwan did not come like this. Fight slavery by other means, such as constitution, compulsory education. Make official minimum wages. Government. People have to eat at short notice but on the long run Nepal is best served by mixed economy. Then close down surya factory also indian, smoking is not good.

  8. Janajati Avatar

    What are the programes and policies to involve janajati in civil services ?? nothing…..where are inclusive programmes….

  9. good Avatar

    inclusive for people of all walks of life. Social service programs are all, take care of the elderly, make neigbourhoods happier. Between asking asking and demanding people can just paint the school with the children.
    You do not need the trekking population for that.
    Sometimes all creativity goes up in survival. Now Nepal has the best government ever the former opposition. And all the good people that lost elections can teach how is it.

  10. Janajati Avatar

    What about the federal government and its set up?? which has not been even started to think in CA….

  11. good Avatar

    How much taxes people pay on properties? I mean cars houses evertyhing?

  12. Janajati Avatar

    Customs and vat are not low in Nepal compare to other countries. Regarding properties and its return specially in real state is very low. Those who invest in properties like land and house are only on the basis living or wait to increase. But their returns on rent is very low compare to present bank interest rate. Once the govt. increase the tax on land or house, the rates will drastically go down.

  13. good Avatar

    taxes on bicycles expensive parkings there are many ways to keep people peaceful and quiet.

  14. sunil Avatar

    charasmatic leader comrade prachanda commited to the logical end of peace process but now lets see the leg pulling tendency of nepali congress. many intellectual like prof krishna khanal is started to resign from the party because of their same idiosynchratic behaviour and same old rules and regulations and also not updated timely with only old generes.maoist have formulate the decade long policies which himself lead by ideolouge baburam bhattarai. this is the true part of the nepali politics. at least once we get the new faces from maoist.without burning the child it is vain to analysis whether it was of white or dark colour.neednot have to be penetrated by xray before lets the child to be burn ,lets the action to be made.if they make 10000 MWA electricity wow double digit growth and none of the nepalis have to be go abroad for dish washing and all.let support the maoist government.constructive suggestion will be welcomed by them. there we seems the scientific heroes.proud to be say in the ever history of nepal in the himalayan kingdom of agricultural land we got the first prime minister under graduate in agricultural science and we got top notch ideolouge who never second in his life Dr.Baburam real architect of NEW NEPAL.

  15. Lilu Avatar

    We all know that most of the promises that the previous governments have put front to the people have never materialised. But the Maoists have never been tried so why not give them a chance and try them for once. Rather than just criticizing the Maoists right away and blaming them to have the programmes too ambitious and unachievable, why not be positive and offer them a helping hand. I wish the political parties of Nepal understand and realise that the programmes, however good, will never realise without the help of the opposition parties. NC and UML faced the same problem when they were in power and now NC wants to create the same problem for the Maoists as well. Its a shame that rather than commenting on the positive lines NC critisized the new government’s programmes right away.

  16. Basnyat Avatar

    We as a blogger should make noise and help the new leaders really achieve what they promised not forgetting that they have stepped on 13000 Nepali ppl’s blood to be where they are today.

  17. Hari Paudel Avatar

    What needs to be done now or what would I do if I were prime minister of Nepal?

    Appeal to people, and all forces to contribute for Nepal’s better future, and take help from everyone
    Learn from the past, but lead for the future
    Reject all forms of violence
    Coordinate among political parties for the development of the country
    Do best for the stability and security
    Increase production , no philosophy neither can feed nor can shelter the people. Redistributing the poverty does not prosper a country
    Continue the democratic process; even if it is not good with your own standard, but no other proven better system is out there, please have no more trial on our fate
    Follow the democratic way to protest so that the country is not fallen behind
    Aware people for no more ‘Nepal Banda’, ‘Chakka Jam’, and “Destruction of Property”. Our production is so low, we cannot loose even a single day. (‘Nepal Banda’ is a form of strike practiced very commonly in Nepal banning all the private public activities all over the country. ‘Chakka Jam’ is another form of strike, it means banning driving at all)
    Find the solution of the problem; at least please do not create an artificial issue that flames the conflict, and we loose our life

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