Hopeless Hope for New Nepal

By Krishna Giri

Post Constituent Assembly election Nepal has witnessed a series of political dramas that only few people get to see in their lifetime. Some of these dramas are provocative, some are reprehensible, some are revolting and some are unpatriotic. The beauty is they all are happening in the name of democracy. I am fascinated by this term ‘Democracy’. ‘Prajatantra’, ‘Loktantra’, ‘Ganatantra’ etc etc. If we just go back to 60 years, we can find the following models of democracy in Nepal:

1. Shree 3 Rana’s Democracy (until 2007)
2. Shree 5 Tribhuwan’s Democracy (2007-15)
3. Nepali Congress’s Democracy (2015-17)
4. Shree 5 Mahendra’s Democracy (2017-36- in my view)
5. Shree 5 Birendra’s Democracy (2036-46)
6. NC/UML’s Democracy (2046-57)
7. Shree 5 Gynendra’s Democracy (2058-62)
8. SPAM’s New Domocracy, New Nepal & Loktantra (2063 onwards)

Not a bad record to exercise democracy. In my understanding we have always wanted more and more but never really realised what precisely we wanted. We have always tried to import democracy as a commodity but always failed to scrutinize the fact that democracy is not some form of a commodity. We have always eyed for the American or Western Europeans style of democracy but always failed to realise our own position in global perspective. It is like a private soldier aiming for Filed Marshall position within 5 years. It is not a bad thing to aim for the title or position, but the process is the key.

A soldier has to go through the processes to get into the high ranks. We have heard of many cases like Idi Amin who have managed to break those processes but we do not call them democratic events in civilised terms. However, consistent winners are those people who have followed the processes and challenges and proved themselves victorious. Similarly, American and European democracy is functioning in today’s world after following many processes. We must not forget that they too got involved in civil war, occupation, expansion, revolutions etc etc. Anyways, they have travelled a long durable enclosure to get here. We have to consider their education, employment, economy, culture, height of civilisation, health care, mortality rate, natural resources, military power, neighbourhood (very important) etc etc.

Democracy is not some concentrated ready made mixture. It takes time to flourish and it needs serious care and love. We have either expected western democracy to be mixed up in our society like a ready made mixture or we wanted a mature and flourished democracy that can guide us towards prosperity rather than us guiding the democracy for our prosperity and wellbeing. We have repeatedly insulted democracy and we have proven history of that. All the major parties and their leaders have failed to refrain from individual and party interests. They are always engaged in short term goals and interests rather than working towards the future of the country and the people.

Not just the leaders but we also have amazing people. People describe their association towards some party by blood or some relation rather than their own judgements. Further more; almost everybody is associated with some political elements. This is not expected in democracy. Does this happen in USA and Western Europe? Sovereign people exercise their sovereignty by gratifying or punishing political party rather than joining a party. We need political cadres to function democracy but if every body is a political cadre, then democracy can not function because there is no one left to judge the parties. The very basic rights of democracy will be apprehended if too many people joined political parties.

For example, the CA has failed to appoint a Prime Minister; the executive head of Government, for more than 3 months and the nation is so calm as if nothing has happened. But the way people have reacted when a pro Maoist business man was killed; pretty illusory. This is one simple example of how people are so used to or so motivated to rally behind political cause. Why the cities and streets are so calm even after these repeated horrific political dramas? Where are the people to give pressure to the leaders to do their jobs? When will the time come when the leaders will fear from people rather than other way around? When will we stop ourselves to treat politicians like warlords? Democracy and civilisation can neither be bought nor be imported. They have to develop within us and that is not going to happen overnight. We have to fight for a cause. We have to fight for objective things. We have to fight for gettable things. We should stop fighting for speculation and subjective things.

Let’s look at democracy in our neighbourhood and beyond. We are sandwiched between largest Democracy and largest People’s Republic. Can we ignore one of them? No. If we move to East-South; we have Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. If we look at North, we have Mongolia, Russia and Korean brothers and in South we have Sri Lanka and Maldives. If we go towards West and West-North, we have Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Do we find any substantial democracy in the whole region? My answer is ‘No’. Every country listed above has tried to define its own form of democracy. China argues for its democracy, so does Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan and Syria. We should do very sincere home work to identify the type of democracy we want and we need. Rather than importing democracy, we need to compose our own democracy. We can identify the goods of all democracy and analyse whether they can fit in our society or not.

In good old days, people used to call it ‘research’. We should work to make Nepal just a Nepal, not New Nepal or Europe. We would always remain Nepal and Nepali and let’s be proud of that. I remember Osho describing life as ‘full of hopes and misery’. Let our lives not be gone in just hopeless hopes with intense miseries.

Krishna Giri is based in Canberra, Australia.

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52 thoughts on “Hopeless Hope for New Nepal

  1. What a load of crap! this guy basically spent so much trying to say absolutely nothing. He makes no sense and has no idea about modern politics. He just keeps rambling on and on and on…. Keep out articles like these!

  2. Hey Giri,
    gud job man….there are not many people left who respect your freedom of speech and opinion…but people should not give up… all of us should not stop telling the truth…our country is in absolute mess and we must rescue her….all the dalals will try to supress voices like yours which only and only represents the truth… but dont worry..there are millions people who are ready to accept the truth….only bottom line is you should not shift the path of truth..unlike our most leaders..and ultimately you would be praised onl day….its a hard work my support for kinds like you

  3. Hey hey Krishna is back..
    i cant wait for your work brother

    try to write more

    god bless you

  4. I fully agree with Mr. Giri that we have very few Nepalese to comment on what is going on. In the name of democracy every single person is in politics without thinking about future of the country. The term “criticism is best education” which I feel needs to be considered here. If one does something let there be criticism about what is good and bad about it. That way may be we Napalese can establish something. Let us not think on short term, let us think for at least another 100 years. On what will be the result of toady’s action. Let us have wider long term vision.

    Let us think jointly what will pay off better in long run. How can we build infrustructure which lasts for our future generations. Let us identify who is selfish and who is doing everything possible for the nation. Let us ignor to those selfish politicians and support to the ones who are committed for the country.

    I believe there are almost 45% of Nepalese living out of Nepal. Simply Nepal does not offer atmosphere to live in there. Let us make Nepal to offer right atmosphere. So we can live in harmony and strengthen power of our mother land. We can muster our energy by uniting.

    Let us pressurize to our representatives in CA for better constitution. Let us discuss on issues which may be extremely vital for our lives in future. Let us comment on different issues without hurting anyone. Let us learn to walk before we try to run!

  5. Good job Giri — first nepalese need to distinguish that we pay politician to serve us we give them chance to build our nation not other way round
    so we got to unite and eradicate all this corrupt politicians
    coz thery are responsible for their action which so far is just a mess and a disaster

  6. Since you quote Osho, it reminded me of a book by him titled, “Enlightenment, The Only Revolution”. Nothing is farther from the truth. Stripping the spiritual context out of it, you can very well ascertain that people who are educated see the light, and can bring about the change.

    In the list of countries you have mentioned, you forgot Malaysia. The one and the only reason why they are where they are today is education, and there is nothing to it!

    I know the crux of your article to an extent is individual liberty, which in Nepal at the moment is very questionable. I look at liberty as an inalienable right of an individual to live the life in whatever way s/he chooses without any fear. Life in Nepal is hard, and we live in fear.

    Isn’t it interesting that the countries you have mentioned, like to profess themselves as “democratic” and yet when it comes to liberty, in these states, powers lie in the hands of central government. In the name of liberty they purport populist ideologies.

  7. Gosh couldn’t agree more with what B had to say.
    Seriously..haven’t we already had enough of people like you just ranting all way. Talk about political analysis and we have tons of those thrown our way. clearly all that I am readying is the same thing said and done over and over again.

    You have very conveniently managed to romanticize the american or some other foreign politics. Like ooo..they too went through the civil war…they had their own downhills and blah blah blah…and Look people !- how they have managed to survive amidst all that! Very well written must say…but too bad I am not impressed.

    I didn’t get it when you meant: Sovereign people exercise their sovereignty by gratifying or punishing political party rather than joining a party. On what basis are you making that statement?..like joinin a party is what – a sin?..its a combination of individual who believe in the same belief makes a party. But as far as overpopulating the party is concerned. I am not sure if such a rule exists at all. that there’s certain no. limitation. If you think you have the right to speak. Similarly, you should also be able to believe to their right to join the party as well.
    But I see what you’re trying to point out. However when you came to teh point of you asking ‘who’s really going to Judge the party:… isn’t media a part of that judging panel (which is just a piece of crap in Nepal anyway). Regardless of how many members are in the party- has it seriously emptied the so called thinking or general public – neutral to the parties?..at least I don’t see it happening right now. If there is a vast statistical difference I would love to know.

    It seemed like you were trying to underestimate the people when you said- people are just sitting there doing nothing simply witnessing the fiasco taking place. I mean come on seriously where the hell have you been living!!!..ofcourse the land down under… so please quit judging people living under the comfort zone of some other govt’ provided facilities.

    You think people just take it to the street because they feel like it..just because they don’t have anything better to do. Doesn’t it even get to your head. That people take it to hte street cause few agitators get paid to do that…and how hard could it be to influence unemployed poor bunch to take it along with them. So please my friend, the context here is waaay different than what you have created in your mind.

    As for the rest you are just preaching the cliche..repeating the theory over and over again…we have to do this to sustain hte democracy … do that to strength the quality. Dude seriously!- quit preaching!

  8. Mr. S, you indeed have raised some good points. As pertains to preaching, its a blog, arguably the only place where people can be most loquacious!

  9. Please refer to me as Miss. Plus, yes you indeed put forth a good point- its a blog after all. oh how easily tend to forget the fact. and I absolutely respect yours as well as everyone else’s opinion. Must admit…got carried away…what can I say I have become just another Nepali ranting myself the whole time…just another hypocrite. But I seriously do hope that I get to read more than just a regular complain. I honestly found this blog as you know one those ‘Bhaashans’ of netas repeating the same old ghisya pitya lines- ‘we need development in our country’..’we need to do this”…’we need to do that’…and what nots…. so yes..please go on posting..but as reader guess I do have the right to demand for more challenging write-ups as well. Which I wish could state mroe than the obvious. Is that too much to ask ? =)

  10. Morning shows a day,the whole scenes-scenarios,activities and approachment which have been seen so far specificly the period after the election of CA.,could only clear the fact that the aspiration of Nepalis together with the best wishes of International community,would not be materialised in a true and viable way.Since the main key to address the ongoing crisis is not in the hand of internal political forces of the tiny but beautuful Himalayan independent nation,Nepal,The latest illustration of last hours meeting of Indian envoy Mr.Sood,a most controversial diplomat at this stake, with chief of Maoist party prior to reached agreement between bargaining parties before forging an alliance to form govt ,would be pretty enough to the bare fact.The double standard role which have been using by external force and for what Nepalis are always bound to be suspicious about the role of the same force,is found to be responsible for making and breaking Nepal and its unity as well as stability.That is why,untill and unless whole efforts and actions are not sole product of Nepali origin,the chances of having materialise the aspiration of Nepalis is very slim.

  11. I have never an article so vague not only in wording but also in opinion. The article sounds like a fifth grader talking about American foreign policy. The guy wants to sound like someone who is not. He is little informed little man pretending to be a professor of democracy.
    The way he instered Osho on his last sentence of this essay was just not neccesary. You can like Osho, and you can be interested politics, but you can do that without trying to find a link.

    What is the argument here? Democracy has different meaning in different culture? What is the point?

    Let me quote him

    ´´It is like a private soldier aiming for Filed Marshall position within 5 years. It is not a bad thing to aim for the title or position, but the process is the key.´´

    This guy has some knowledge about military, and he is desperatey trying show that he knows a little bit about military. But the comparision he has tried to make is vague and illogical. I did not understand what is that he is trying to say.

    This guy sounds like one who loves talking politics whne he drinking with his friends, this man is full of gossip, and seriously lacks the substance.

    If I were this guys teacher, he would get F for this article!

  12. I am sorry Rajendra ji I do not understand what you mean when you state, “The way he instered Osho on his last sentence of this essay was just not neccesary. You can like Osho, and you can be interested politics, but you can do that without trying to find a link.”

    Looks like you have some big personal difference with Osho or may be you are stereotyping Osho and his philosophy!

    The fact that you read this article, quoted this article (twice), and then stated/misstated, “never read an ariticle” says something about you. I am not going to judge you or try to draw your character, but one thing I must tell you Rajendra ji, someone told me long time ago, “If you judge, investigate”. You did judge, but never investigated. May be you will post something of a rebutted article!

  13. AKR

    Please refer to me as Miss. you indeed put forth the correct point. Ofcourse..after all its a Blog. Sure got carried away there, what can I say I have become just another Nepali who’s frustrated, looking for answers without getting any ofcourse. Guess, I am just another hyprocite. I respect this person’s opinion as much as yours or any others.
    Still having said that- Doesn’t this article seem to state something way too obvious to you??
    You probably have already forgotten to keep track of the no. times you have read such pieces. Give me some logic- Don’t just state what we’ve been seeing for 100s of years. don’t state the obvious- we are very well aware of it already. So if the writer has the right to write. As a reader don’t I have a right to demand
    for more well-informed write-ups.
    is it too much to ask ? =)

  14. Gentlemen,
    After going thro few comments, some of you have tried to advocate democracy and some of you have tried to claim as a scholar. If you guys don’t even respect people’s opinion in a blog site and still pretend to be genius. how pathetic is that. Giri has raised few good issues and some contents are out of date. I will make my own judgement. don’t throw your craps on others work. if you want to say something, why don’t you write your own. respect peoples freedom if you are trying learn democracy

  15. guys,
    respecting your views, i rate 7/10 for this article. It is better than other craps. at least i can see the writer is not motivated by some political party

  16. FYI

    A private soldier is the lowest rank officer and field Marshall is the highest rank officer

  17. @S: Miss, there are lot of things in life that are obvious, if you look at it. Right to live without fear, right to do whatever one pleases within the boundary of law, right to have good education, right to practice whatever faith we believe in, etc etc etc…and indeed right to demand a substantive article from an author.

    Basically, what is happening here: we have all these ideas, and political discourse in Nepal is becoming and has been a mere epiphenomenon of ideologies, ideologies on ideologies!!! And thus the frustration like yourself and mine against our leadership’s lack of courage to take on issues head on!

  18. I think Mr rajendra
    You are outdated you have the same mentality as a fifth grader its not a writer wording ..If you dont’ get your opinion and your thought its rubbish to you cause you think your views your opinion are always right as our corrupt politician thinks you must have some ties with this politicians .. we’ve seen democracy are run differently in different country and it should suits the condition of the country culture geography and many other factors .. and we can’t just push things and copy everything ..we need to push for democracy that works according to the country ..democray that is vital for the development of country and its citizen.
    that’s what it means if you read carefully then you will understand ..and i like what naya nepal ?? yeah its a nepal n it will be nepal ..why change the name but not the action, not the condition and people like you fall for that .
    From your comments Rajendra i think you are just another looser who hates people views and ideas..if you so concern come up with your view and articles but you will get clean comments respecting your opinion.I wonder why our country going down ward backward its definiety of the people like you..who know nothing and pretend to know everything
    all you need to do is grow up..the writer had put his very unbiased opinion based on the current situtation that causing turmoil in our country ..read understand find the facts and write ..if you cant’ just stay back and respect people opinion ..

  19. Rajendra
    Thanks god Rajendra Germany you are not a teacher ..i hate to have a teacher like you..who doesnt’ even understand the process word…if you are a soldiers you go through the steps process to be a major …you can’t just jump
    All i have to say is IF YOU WHERE A TEACHER you will be just a looser teacher ..who knows nothing ..who thinks he knows everything ..you will be known as dumb teacher..Please for the sake of us dont’ even try to be a teacher ..coz we want to learn not corrupt

  20. Seems like some kind of technical malfunction. I thought I had posted earlier in response to S, but looks like it got lost in the ether.

    In response to S: Miss, you have an absolute right to demand for well informed article. At the face value, since we are talking about “right”, we, as a citizen of a nation, have the right to good education, right to live our lives the way we like in within the bound of law, have the right to follow any faith, etc, etc, etc. Aren’t they all “obvious”?

    But I do see your point of view and the subsequent frustration, which again indeed is “obvious”. Here is why: Political discourse in Nepal has become and was a mere epiphenomenon of ideologies, ideologies on ideologies. And like you, me and many others, we are frustrated because our leaders have not shown courage to take on “obvious” issues head on!

  21. Its not technical malfunction, its my browser! My sincere apologies in inundating my thoughts!

  22. It is easy to talk but who is going to perform

    i think theory is enough, we need implementations..who is going to do that…i dont want to say too much until we find out the strength of new PM and his maoist thugs

  23. (hmm..when I said refer to me as Miss..i didn’t exactly mean – refer to me as ‘miss’..haha..how obvious is that again! (laughing at myself)..well basically I just meant that I am a woman..sure trying hard to pull that sexist card here…..and I so very well know its not gonna work out hehe…please adding the whole thing .just in zest-)

    AKR I absolutely relished your ‘obvious’ resongings. And I knew this is exactly what you would be delving into (wou..talk about instincts and sure I seem to have some!) ..As I was typing it- I knew ‘well-informed’ was not the right word, sounds ambigous in this context. In fact its a wrong choice of word. Think I’m still searching for the right one.

    so the bottomline – I could seriously go on forever, or may be just provide a link to my blog. But to put things simple- all that I meant was- (This is only and mind you only from my perspective) I need something new, give me a development related stories, give me something about- how to get out of this situation (more than just a philosophical aspect) – not that I haven’t been readying any . or Don’t know the happenings of my own country.

    But Honestly – I thought this article was such a beaten to death kinda piece- that I just could not help but leave a comment at the end.

    I have full respect for his opinion, I agree I am frustrated…so is every other Nepali (how ‘obvious’ again!!). So come on – lets not blow the obviousness totally out of proportion. If its just a matter of perception- this could stretch forever.

    and you know what- I don’t know if you are a born philosopher. If there’s anything good that has happened to this country despite all this chaos. It would certainly be – giving Nepal tons and tons of prospect philosophers….you might as well weave layers and layers of words and sentences.,,and help
    enlighten the world regarding the consequences of bad politics or rather bad politicians in a poor country……please take it as a compliment. No offence intended at all. Cause I do enjoy philosophy myself!

  24. Prachandra will be boss and Peace is installed for seven eons.
    have a nice day
    if anyone goes against my good opinion you will see your pressure coocker explode on rooftop
    just try be democratic without hurting animals women and even men.

  25. how could there be hope when maoist are looting 50crore to feed their dogs………………………………. they used brainless khatas to kill to come into power and now nepal has to feed those elements……………. today they are looting 50crore which came on the surface …………… donot know how much they are looting inside………………….. and how many they will be looting after leading nepal………………………….. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…………………….. it looks like maoist, prachanda wants to come into govt. anyhow is to loot nepal, to feed their dogs…………………… somebody stop them………………. we need to get organized and resopnse.

  26. looting is worldwide. manage a country too. Prachandra is a reasonable alternative to worse croocks and knowing that maoists in opposition are much worse than in government you feed your own dog or he does

  27. @S: Philosopher, wow that’s something totally new! I remember couple of years back, I got a different sort of tag, “pseudo-intelligentsia”, as appropriate to a frog in a well!!

  28. AKR

    As far as this so called pseudo-intellectuals are concerned. I think we all are. COme to think of it- thats where you fit in more appropriately. I was certainly elevating your status beyond your vision.. haha..my bad!

  29. I got this in email today, a quote from Charles Darwin, and it could not have arrived at any opportune time:

    “False facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they often endure long; but false views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, for everyone takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness; and when this is done, one path towards error is closed and the road to truth is often at the same time opened.”

    So indeed, we established something, then I hope someone is going to open that door to me, “elevate” me and let me see “beyond my vision”!

  30. @S: I wrote a note in response, but something is definitely wrong with UWB, and at this point, I forgot what I wrote. But one thing for sure, I am definitely interested in reading your blog, which I think you said you have, may be that will help cure my “vision”!

  31. Lets hope for the best
    there is no doubt we being thro hell
    continuing debate and opinions are required
    i respect all views including the writer

  32. Krishna je,
    kura ramro ho tara hami lai sadak tataudai fursad chaina…
    aba kehi hola bhanda bhandai budo bhaiyo….
    aba chahi kehi hola ki…..

  33. what i see in nepal is selfbelief upon oneself.we don’t believe inus.what we try is try to import idea from othert countries.what type of democracy nepali people want should be decided by Nepali people.besides that what we should understand is that democracy is the best form of governance.it is defect in our leaders and Nepali people that democracy haven’t been successful in Nepal.what i don’t understand that we always give example of west that how much successful their democracy have been but we fail to study that how much tormoil they have gone through during the process of establishing democracy.

  34. Nepal is in a state of anarchy and chaos, after the ouster of Gyanendra.

    It seems, Nepal is looking for another Dictator like Gyanendra and past Kings and Rana Rulers. Because Nepali mindset has been conditioned heavily by age old culture to seek Dictators. How this mind can understand democracy which it has never understood, never sought. ‘Democracy’ is just a fantasy for Nepalese mind.

    The biggest obstacle to Nepalese democracy and socio-economic development is Nepal’s failed foreign policy, especially regarding its two giant neighbors.

    The person, party, or organization, which can balance the foreign policy, will open the doors for Nepal’s socio-economic development. Can he be Prachand? only time can tell.

    Can we leave Prachand, Maoist and other parties, alone to decide on our foreign policy, and development? It would be suicidal and gross negligence from our part as a responsible citizen of this beautiful country. Can we just blame the politicians and enjoy our pseudo intellectual status, and do nothing to make some change? It would be too selfish.

    Nepal is not a Nation in its true sense. Nepal was (and still is) a bunch of ethnic tribes, controlled by the King/ military. Now the tribes are still there, but what is gone is the King and the military is weakened. Federal Nepal sounds to me as a bunch of ethnic tribes, and no more.

    Can the democracy alone save Nepal? I don’t think so. First we must learn that we are a sovereign citizens, and we have rights and responsibility as the citizen. Then we elect politicians to do the job for us, being a servants of the citizens. Even the government is the servant to citizens. They are paid to serve us.

    Lets find out who is actually running the country? are they so called politicians, or a bunch of mafias, and foreign powers? Lets be clear. Then we will see how much we citizens has been manipulated. In fact, citizens is being manipulated by the so called democratic leaders, even in US or India. When can we realize this fact, and all the citizens agree on one ‘common minimum agenda/ program’. This common minimum programme (CMP) of citizen should be the basis for the CMP of political parties, and not vice versa. But the situation is not such, hence I am apprehensive that the road ahead is full of pitfalls.

    What these all suggest? It shows that we all citizens need to be reunited again with our own CMP. Lets wage another bloodless war against the manipulators. Lets use every arsenal we have to build the nation first. Then we bring our own style of democracy. and bring socio-economic development. The road ahead is full of risks, but this is the valid risk that we should take, for the change.

  35. I could not go thro all the comments but I do agree with most of the comments towards the end. good philosophical view from the writer too. time has come to think about the country and ourselves than just the parties and leaders. let us work together to make this country prosperous

  36. Some food for thought:

    1. Are we citizens sheeps who has to be led by the shephard (political leader)?

    2. Who led the 2062 revolution against Gyanendra? Are they the leaders with a small bunch of selfish party workers, fasting at Ratna Park? Or it was actually led by the Civil Society, the mass of citizens?

    3. In democracy, charismatic leaders are optional. Democracy is actually leadership of the followers. That is, in reality, the mass leads the leader. And the so called leader is only a representative of the mass (because there has to be someone who is professional to the work for the mass, because all the citizens are ingaged in one profession or another, and cannot give full time in politics).

    4. If the Professional servant (political leader) is not a professional, and dont have qualification and skills to do the job for the masses, he/she has to be fired immediately, because citizens (mass) is the actual boss .

    I hope we can see things in different perspectives and find creative solutions for the establishment of sovereign, peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

  37. Shut up Bahadur

    if you cant accpet the truth, you dont have to read good articles

    can you define ‘good’ in your dictionary

    God bless our nation

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