One World, One Dream: Salute to the Olympic Spirit!

The Summer Games have begun in Beijing today in a spectacular fashion. This is one of those rare moments when the majority of the will be watching the same thing-on their TV sets- at the same time with, perhaps, the same emotions. The world is taking part in this grand ceremony of sportsmanship and celebration of humanity. Small or big, powerful or feeble, rich or poor, almost all people of the world are represented in the Games and everyone is so proud of that. It was one of those proud moments when I saw on TV the Nepali contingent marching inside the Birds Nest. Deepak Bista, the bearer of our flag, proudly led the Team Nepal on the world stage. That was quite a sight. One of my friends who was watching the opening ceremony in the Himalayan Java Coffee House in Thamel along with me screamed as he saw Deepak, our Taekwondo star, and the Team marching because he was so excited about the whole thing. Yes the medal tally will begin from tomorrow and ultimately the success of the participating country will be judged on the number of medals collected by their players but Olympics are not just able medals. President Hu Jintao of China is so right when he says this (at a luncheon with visiting heads of state earlier Friday): “The historic moment we have long awaited is arriving. The world has never needed mutual understanding, mutual toleration and mutual cooperation as much as it does today.”by DW






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  1. maila dai Avatar
    maila dai

    Good luck team Nepal…Bring home the first medal!

    About Hu Jintao’s comment, not so sure if this is right platform(yes, it’s big!) to speak in an optimistic tone for things that haven’t exactly worked out where/when it should have not to mention the lack of transparency with the Chinese. Anyways, those things can wait….In it’s true sense, Olympics is and should be about athletes and sportsmanship. So, let the games begin…

  2. uddhav Avatar

    If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?
    So Let us hope one Response to (one World ,one Dream ) come true in Future. Good luck for all the teams.

  3. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    I have just finished watching recorded Beijing’s Opening ceremony for the Olympic. I am glad i recorded it. it was extraordinarily great!

    After months of protests and years of waiting, finally, China has made it. China has presented a dramatic display of fireworks, music and dancing to mark the opening of its Beijing Olympics.

    First US president ever to attend Olympic in history other presidents including French and former Russian president. Even Sonia Gandhi was there, waving hands to the indian delegation. What about Nepal? I didn’t noticed any official? But it was exhilarating to see nepalese group. I like the combination of orange and white and Black topi.

    Well done!

  4. maila dai Avatar
    maila dai

    well for Nepal, our wonderful new president had his itinerary revised (yikes!) and trip canceled after GPK advised him to do so I think…oh well, I’m sure our govt will enjoy the lobely view of fireworks over the mountains!

  5. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Hey, even china has 55 tribes? That means Nepal has only 36? that’s way behind, isn’t it?

    I think, we should be able to tackle our current home problem. How about learn from china? How about asking some advice from china?

    I was so impressed by the dresses (from different tribes) those little girls wore.

  6. Frem Rama Avatar
    Frem Rama


  7. United Voices Avatar

    We salute the Olympic Spirit!

    But we also have to remember the ones who went to the Olympics representing Nepal. Where they the real officials? the real coaches or the management?

    @ UWB: You have to bring this issue out too.

  8. maila dai Avatar
    maila dai

    FREE TIBET..and Free those neighborhoods with walls standing in front of them as a big cover up.

  9. arun Avatar

    ram baran yadav, same on u, u mindless. GPK ko kukur. whatever he say, just he keep on doin that! whats the use of being the presidend if u cant make some simple decision ( to attain the opening ceromony of olympic) by yrself and still u have to wait for GPK. many countries president have attained but u still awaiting for GPK.
    everyday this ram baran yadav keep on waiting for GPK , even to go to toilet.

  10. arun Avatar

    in olympic less no of player any more khanchhae, ghumante were there just for visit.
    why u bastard waste the country money. this is too much, in nepal high post people relatives are give chance to visit any place although they have nothing to do there. also in SAARC , there were more no of people participating . which was useless n just the waste of country money.

  11. arun Avatar

    only the participating players n one e xtra is enough for representing our country. i have seen there only one person carrying his national flag

  12. ktm Avatar

    shocks corrupt selected players,,,,Natabad…Aaphantabad…helll

  13. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Free Darjeeling!!!!!! Free Iraq !!!!! Free Kashmir !!!!!!

    One China!!!!! One China!!!!!

    One World!!!!!

  14. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    this blog has become so biased. what’s wrong with free Darjeeling, Iraq and Kashmir? people have said “Free tibet”? what’s wrong with “One China & One world”?

  15. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    Ok! so you want me to write “free tibet” as well?

  16. mailadai Avatar

    I’m sure UWB knows that your fingers hurt after contributing so much to this blog. My opinion, Joti, with yr ‘extensive knowledge’ might as well go for it. You never know, people might still read it!

  17. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Maila dai

    if you are jealous, why don’t you have it. gift from me! (coz u r acting like a maila bhai)

    well, i am not sure about other but i am sure about you. you read mine, don’t you?

  18. mailadai Avatar

    yup..I’m jealous of idiots…strange i know.
    alrite then, u have one reader ;-). it’s a start.

  19. boycotmedia Avatar

    Olympics or Georgia I cannot decide which is more reason to save elctricity… Sad enough one can see how the economy of China is going down already how many years of anti americanism until dollar sank?
    I am not flying Cathay Pacific over Hong Kong I would fear terrorism, I did not fly british planes since the gulf wars and their idiot Tony Blair joined the human rights puppet george bush.
    just stand on your head no need fascist international circus. By the way one american tourist was killed I cannot recieve CNN properly but they are more into wall street than people.
    less games more study. So who represents Nepal hisila yami ?

  20. maoist representation Avatar

    Koirala send again he has nothing to do

  21. freetibetanprotesters Avatar

    Nepal did not have to emprison protesters. Protest is a legal democratic right. Therefore Nepal is not a democracy or a young democracy?
    I have a nice book printed in China on how buddhists wan from taoist by repeating a stupid thing they could not have known. I am sure all chinese hate their own government. One cannot expect the tired nepalese to go shouting free tibet as well, or mind not their own business but yes it is EMBARRASSING. India kills and shoots dalits and maosts but has a sikh president and political know how. What would real diplomacy do? What China does? Hide problems? Tibetans are not terrorists, they are just claiming a moral territory like many of your lovely ethnics. Maybe the tibetans should convert to hinduism or maoism but in a democracy they are entitled to the right of demonstration. Worse it is a civil duty of citizens in democracies.
    The american ambassies are always like bastions. No big deal. China at worst is competing with Wall Street and buddhists are just helping both and the piece of the cake?
    Heroism in nepalese prison for a day? That would be a nice documentary. I want to see a movie on those famous nepalese prisons where we all wished to have sent so many and how come tibetans get to see it inside and not me? call for jimmy carter

  22. HairOamtasat.tasat Avatar

    India and democracy and India and human rights…both seems joke to me.

    Human rights in Kashmir, human rights in Gorkhaland and equal rights to Gurkhas in Indian army and equal rights to Nepali in politics and beraucracy…

    There are two catogories of people in India also. One is prime of certain states and second category falls under the states like Nagaland, Sikkim, Gorkhaland (proposed) etc…Those who fall under second category are like second class citizen, it is very difficult for them to reach in high class politics, beuraucracy and security forces…

  23. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    what a chance it was. choosing a right time for attack by Russia, while the world’s eye is on Olympic. Russia still runs under former president and present prime minister V. Putin.

    Georgia was behaving badly and underestimated Russia after getting support and hand from USA and EU. But USA and EU can’t stop Russia and look, the state of Georgia now! It was reported that Russia is going to destroy the Gas pipe to Europe. So,here we go again, there will be gas crises around the world.

    I have no doubt that china will do the same thing to Muslim chinese and Tibetian, what the Russia been doing to Georgia now, if they didn’t stop paying with China.

    Chinese people look more tougher that the chinese government itself, after watching yesterday’s incident in Tenement square, youngsters were unbelievable. They were shouting at foreigners “Get out of China” and the police were protecting foreigners.

    To sum up, its not only china hides its problems or India kills dalits but All the worlds are same. They are all selfish. Even Dalai lama turned out to be a selfish. is it true? Even he supports China and Olympic now. Poor ordinary Tibetians who gave their life for the man, betrayed them at last.

    Tibetians should open their eyes and accept the fact that nobody will help you when you realy needed, not even USA, Britain or Europe who pump you to protest against China. China can attack (now already started shooting its muslim chinese) you just like that and the world will be watching you.

    I am so surprised that so many Tibetian refugees living in the heart of Kathmandu? they should be kicked out of our land. why USA or Britain, Garmany or French bother about these refugees? I thought they love Tibetians? so why these Tibetian have to live as refugees in India and Nepal?

  24. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Why not free madhesh??? if free tibet is not poison for you then why do you think that free madhesh is big trouble???

  25. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    why is your moderation process takes 12 hours to complete?

  26. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Mukesh Jha

    Tibet never was a separate state if you see the history, Tibet always been part of China. But this is nothing to do with me!

    M Jha, Just because Indians, happen to be “madheshe” lives in Madhesh does mean, a part of Nepal should be devided in to two pieces.

    But, if madhishi, who are residing in Madhesh asks for separate madhesh, then we believe that “Madhisi” who migrated from India is asking for it and wants to take one part of our body.

    A true Nepali, never ever ask for Nepal to be divided into pieces. if anyone asks flike free madhes…..then they are not true nepali, they are our enemies.

    M Jha, how come nobody, but except from madheshi asking for free madhesh? why ? there is something, a conspiracy going on, isn’t it?

    If there was no outside (foreign) influence in Tibet, there wouldn’t have been “free Tibet” demand. Same thing can be applied to Nepal, if there was no India (Bihari / Madheshi or Tight boarder”), there wouldn’t have been “Ek madhesh” demand.

  27. maila dai Avatar
    maila dai

    to get back on topic here, can anyone share any reference to online for videos (with link and time for Nepali parade)?

    UWB? anyone?

  28. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Feel surprise to know that till now you dont know tibet is autonomous !!!!!!

  29. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    M. Jha

    I used to think that Tibet is autonomous….but it turned out to be false. Its mao who united Tibet with China after kicking out Dalai Lama.

  30. AKR Avatar

    Communists always like to play head games. They know, they can sway mass aspiration using high flying words. The very ethos of their workings in their administration is to deceive. Why would Tibet be historically a part of China and then subsequently occupied and given the tag “autonomous”. Giving tag, a blatant word game. Autonomous means separate and independent. Tibet is not!!!

    Historical perspective of whether Tibet was a part of China or not, is very ambiguous to say the least. Mao’s so called cultural revolution and subsequent acquisition of Tibet forced Dalai Lama to flee Tibet.

    At the face of it, I do not know why he fled to India, or whether it was his decision or did somebody else made that decision. One thing that I know is that you can not revolt against an occupier from abroad.

    Having said that, altruistic logic that prevails in the broader world, does not prevail in communist China, simply because it is not democracy. The old ideals of communism has given way to fascism, we know that! China is becoming rich on the foundation of capitalism, not communism, with the new found wealth, the central government, it seems, is all about Han Chinese. Some political science student will probably scratch their head thinking, how can far left come full circle to far right!?!?!?

  31. Rammohan tharu Avatar
    Rammohan tharu


    But what about our crook brahmin leaders. They only know how to use their foul play and give false assurances which is never going fulfilled. That is why our democracy always been failure since the start of 65 years…..that is why it is the right time to transfer the power to local level and local people….

  32. lhasaapso Avatar

    do chinese really eat dogs?

  33. power Avatar

    power is always bad that is why corruption, killing women, dogs and unequality races, in the true spirit of olympics sports are supposed to create unity and brother or sisterhood.
    Unfortunately now the torch will remain in Greece. Too much hassle.
    Human Rights is the new sponsor idea. Make a mess call it racism and some hot shot gives you money to dialogue something. or so. First they gave for women then they give for ecology. But who gives to chase the rat?

  34. Ali Ansari Avatar
    Ali Ansari

    How about American Human Rights? anyone talks abt them?>

    Do you know who the most dash / disrespect of Human Rights?

    world should undertand the one world one china policy ! great

  35. AKR Avatar

    I agree with Mr. Rammohan Tharu on this, “it is the right time to transfer the power to local level and local people….” Needless to say, I also agree with him that the current state of state is because of our corrupt and inept leaders. However, I am not going to lament the blame on any ethnic group because it utterly defeats the purpose of inclusiveness that we are striving for.

    I do confess, I used “Han Chinese” as a prerogative to put my point, but that was in context of Tibet and whats happening in Western China. If you ever travel to Lhasa, you will see what I mean.

    Coming back to Nepal, in my opinion, the only way we can ever achieve anything as far as aspirations of the local people is concerned, is indeed to give local governance more power. But beside all that, like I have stated in my comments in past blog, the most important thing to aide in that goal is: Strong Judiciary, Strong Law Enforcement/Security, and Strong Education.

  36. sohbet Avatar

    thanks a lot

  37. Rammohan tharu Avatar
    Rammohan tharu

    Local people do many things if power is transfer to them.

    1. competition among different places in economy and rule of law
    2. Save their territory and their resources.
    3. try to broom themselves in every field from policy level to implementing level.
    etc. etc.

    so parties should not consider their vested interest only if they really like to see the economic and social development in Nepal.

    It is being late for Nepal because nepal is already categorised as “hunger hotspot” by UN like Ethopia, Somalia, Moazambique etc…

  38. Rammohan tharu Avatar
    Rammohan tharu

    We have to find out the solution unity through autonomy like in Bosnia. Now Iraq is also facing same consequences and American are trying to find out the solution through Bosnia concept. Different ethnic groups might raise the voices tomorrow in CA, we should be very clear about to finding out the unity through autonomy. Ethnic cleansing has not been successful any part of the world that is what not only NC, UML and maoist but also madhesi parties needs to understand clearly.

  39. Vi-c Avatar

    “unity through autonomy” ? must be kidding

  40. HairOamtasat.tasat Avatar

    cannot block…

  41. Karla Avatar

    It was a great opening ceremony. performance was outstanding. But i was quite surprise to learn that the little girl who sang a song while the different ethnic group marched in the ground, she was just using her lips. Singer was someone else. And also the broadcaste of fireworks display coming towards stadium was just video.

  42. rich Avatar

    nobody said this apart from BBC. so this still needs to be confirmed. and confirmed by Chinese Government official.

  43. AKR Avatar

    Need I say more of Chinese government: an utter disregard of a human condition!

  44. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    you Nepali AKR bas…tard, you mouth is too big and that mouth of yours need to be fu….cked! you how useless nepalese boys are? I was in nepal in 1996 and I pay my tourist guide for ….and two wages for one job. after all that won’t make different coz you are man. if you have been a woman then you would give a name to her? ???

  45. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Who is that coward? you need to come out of that shadow and use your own name! !!!

    This a second time my name has been abused by some psycho, shame on you!!

  46. AKR Avatar

    I beg to differ! My mouth is not too big. Anyone who is reading this blog can clearly attest to that!

  47. mailadai Avatar

    yes, AKR.
    can we talk more about the Olympic gold medalist Joey Cheek and how he got his Chinese Visa rejected for having taken an initiative for awareness about ‘Ethnic cleansing in Darfur’ among the Athletes in the Olympics….duh! what better platform r u gonna get to spread the word? n those darn Chinese! they just know how to build a good wall and make ppl fly over those walls…oh, and get their Oil!

    Some ppl here have very high opinion about China…sure, they’ve grown economically (it only speaks the language of numbers) but sb is always paying for it,..who cares rite…..but look at the irony…what the Olympics is supposed to be and what it’s really has been today..nth but a circus…With all due respect to the athletes, it’s another political Bullshit…Bush is spanking some hoe’ in the volleyball court when he should be slapping ’em Russian Mo Joe…Hu Jin Tao is sitting quiet while all sh*t falls down in Sudan..Ok, they all need a break but their reaction is unbelievably ignorant towards what’s happening…open yr eyes…Athletes? I have respect! but talk about Olympics becoming yr next big hippie fest for a peaceful word? I smell Bull Sh*t.

  48. hope Avatar

    Maila dai, get back to Nepal, will ya?? It’s sounds so stupid when you talk about international affairs when your home is in mess. And giving suggestions to Bush and Hu, common, give me a break!!

  49. HairOamtasat.tasat Avatar

    …Girija has now started to transfer his goods from Balwatar…he is leaving Balwatar by making this country mess….

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