One World, One Dream: Salute to the Olympic Spirit!

The Summer Games have begun in Beijing today in a spectacular fashion. This is one of those rare moments when the majority of the will be watching the same thing-on their TV sets- at the same time with, perhaps, the same emotions. The world is taking part in this grand ceremony of sportsmanship and celebration of humanity. Small or big, powerful or feeble, rich or poor, almost all people of the world are represented in the Games and everyone is so proud of that. It was one of those proud moments when I saw on TV the Nepali contingent marching inside the Birds Nest. Deepak Bista, the bearer of our flag, proudly led the Team Nepal on the world stage. That was quite a sight. One of my friends who was watching the opening ceremony in the Himalayan Java Coffee House in Thamel along with me screamed as he saw Deepak, our Taekwondo star, and the Team marching because he was so excited about the whole thing. Yes the medal tally will begin from tomorrow and ultimately the success of the participating country will be judged on the number of medals collected by their players but Olympics are not just able medals. President Hu Jintao of China is so right when he says this (at a luncheon with visiting heads of state earlier Friday): “The historic moment we have long awaited is arriving. The world has never needed mutual understanding, mutual toleration and mutual cooperation as much as it does today.”by DW






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  1. mailadai Avatar

    get back to Nepal huh? well until we literally do that (for most of us abroad) let’s face it, ‘debating’ in UWB hasn’t changed a thing in the country or has it? so, what’s the fuss?

  2. hope Avatar

    It won’t change any other place too, for that matter. Atleast you will sound bit more knowledgable on it rather than having real outsiders perspective.

  3. rich Avatar

    mailadai, get a grip and go back to nepal where you belong. After all you are in USA, living in foreign land as a second class citizen.

    If debating isn’t helping you, then why bother involving in it. Why show your frustrations to others just because you are completely obssesed and frustrated?

  4. mailadai Avatar

    and where are you two? oh that’s right not in Nepal.

  5. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    you sound pretty surprise? yes,chinese (not all) some part of china eats dogs. In restaurants in china, they openly sell different types of dogs and they got different price for its meat. Chinese not only eat dog’s meat but they eat everything except human (once it was on documentary, some also eat illegally human’s meat too)

    as we all know, the most commonly serve is snake meat in Hong Kong. for your information if you are guest of chinese family they will serve you with “horse penis’ as their best speciality.

  6. S Avatar

    whatever’s the case must say amidst this hot opinion-war (majority ofcourse seems a complete waste) managed to find a humor behind malai dai”s choices of words…’Bush is spanking some hoe’ in the volleyball …..’.. very ghettoish! haha…and couldn’t agree with you more for sure!

  7. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    I agree with ‘rich’. why don;t you close your eyes and plug your ears so that you don’t see and hear anything about Olympics. What do you know about Olympics ? you are talking, as if you know how Olympics should be like???

    you can only smell shit coz you are completely obsessed with Chinese and its success. No wonder why ….as you are living in US.

  8. mailadai Avatar

    hope, “It won’t change any other place too, for that matter…” very, “if debating isn’t helping you, then why bother involving in it…” u say that with such harsh tone, relax buddy…we r all here 2 just ‘discuss’…at least admit it.

    haha…S, well at least somebody got the ‘ghettoish’ thyang..haha.

    Every now and then I like to see the political developments (mostly crappy, rite?) through the eyes of critical reporters like Steven Colbert or John Stewart….It’s a healthy reminder that sometimes these ignorance and stupidity are laughable (with limits) matters..the best part? it’s universal…at least our muscles get a little exercise….:-)

  9. Uday Lama Avatar
    Uday Lama

    I wonder how many were the true competitors and how many were the wolves in the composition of the Nepalese athletic delegates.


  10. parth guragain Avatar
    parth guragain

    what i want to say that definately olympics have tried to bridge gap between different countries but iwhat i think that olympics have further expose the gap between different countries.firstly politics was tried to played in tibet with each passing day we are seeing different controvicies attached with plympics.a prominent coach trying to critisize china about their coaching methods.then the controvicies regarding fakes in opening ceremony.what i think that certain section of western media is trying hard to descredit this olympics.besides this the psyche of compitition of west and china seems to be exposed in this olympics.after this olympics will finish there will be emerging senirio in world of sports and it will be a great moral booster for china in sports decade of sports will be dominated by china.with countries taking sports as a tool of pride sportmenship is definately waning from due to all these factors olypics spirt of one world one dream doesn’t exist in modern olympics.

  11. maila dai Avatar
    maila dai

    “Olympics spirit of one world one dream doesn’t exist in modern Olympics.” Parth, I’m glad somebody gets the idea…does anybody know that China had less visitors over the Olympics than they had last year? terrible? worse- pathetic! so much fr the opening ceremony..besides that,….
    screw u all who think Olympics is a great place for the one world one dream BS…u know they are all playing games(well, the are!)…while we are wooed by the athletes (with all due respect to them)..this is sickening world ppl…Olympics is/has been a big cover up to make the ppl feel globally that the world is peaceful. wake up!

  12. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    Beijing Olympics is certainly ‘One World One Dream’.

    The World is one due to Globalization.

    The ‘One Dream’ is to attain the full potential as a human being, in perfection, in peaceful coexistence, in harmony, in learning different cultures and respecting them, in trying to understand different languages, in sharing sorrow, happiness and goals.

    In this respect Beijing Olympics and other Olympics are certainly ‘One World One Dream’. Any doubt?

  13. TP Avatar

    Major Sherpa

    Olympic in China is no way one world one dream…. How can a country like China host events like olympic.. where no humang rights exists.. Dont you know its intrevention in the international Media.. before olympic…. the make over of the opening ceremony of the olympic blind folding the world…… A country that kills innocent people and do you really know the reality how the cheap chinese clothes you buy in the market are manufactured??? ther are the free labour of the political presioners who survive in the presion with a cup of black tea and a slice of bread a day…….. do you still think Olympic in China is one world one dream………..

  14. TP Avatar


    Its pity that you dont know HH the Dalai Lama…. Looks like you have know everything and at the same time know nothing…. what do you know about tibet and its history…. What do you know about Dalai Lama and the refugees here in Nepal… Baby, think twice before you write something harsh…..

  15. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    The title Dalai was given by a Monngol Ruler, to the 3rd Gelukpa sect leader of Tibet. There are other sects of Buddhism in Tibet such as Kagyukpa, Ngingmapa and Sakyapa. Dalai Lama is head of only one the sect.

    Before Dalai Lamas, Kings of Tibet such as Tsong Cheng Gompo were the rulers. During Tang dynasty of China, Tibet, Xinjiang and much more area was under the rule of China. Dalai Lamas came to power by vanquishing other sects of Buddhism and treachery and using arms (can you imagine a Buddhist Monk, using guns and sword to rule Tibet? During Rana Rule, Nepal attacked Tibet and Tibet was about to be defeated, but Chinese armies drove Nepalese army, this shows the Tibet was under Chinese Autonomous Rule. And now Tibet claiming separation is absurd.

    This is the thing of past and a lot of water was flown through Bagmati as well as Brahmaputra. Tibet is UN recognized inseparable part of China.

    Tibetans should demand their cultural freedom under the legal framework of China itself. Everybody knows China has its own pace and style of human rights, which may differ from the the so called western style of human rights. Even the western style of human rights is outdated, with examples in violation of human rights in Iraq, guantanamo bay, Afghanistan, vietnam, to name a few.

    We have to know the reality is China is changing rapidly, in market economy, property rights, press freedom etc. The situation unimaginable 2 years back is reality, people are gradually enjoying many freedoms, but at China’s own pace and choosing.

    How can China organize Olympics? It has already organized successfully and with unprecedented magnificence. Come on, wake up, face the reality. China has shown the world what It is capable of doing. China is going to overtake US in economy before 2040.

    People thought Chinese communists kill old people? The fact is China is one of the countries which has highest rate of old people, and they are enjoying life, with the state provided social security system.

    Chinese people are one of the most laborious people of the world. And of course the labor is cheap, and the economy of scale is great, hence the ‘China Price” is less than the cost of production in US. Its not because of free prisoner labors as you imagine and make propaganda out of it.

    China has around 60 ethnic groups including Tibetans, and other ethnic groups are enjoying their life being part of China. Yunnan province alone has around 25 different ethnic communities such as miao, tai etc and there is no problem.

    Tibetans should go along as these ethnic people who are enjoying autonomic prefectures, townships and they participate in the Government of China.

    Get off from your Communist hangover of China, the Modern China is different and much more free than you have imagined?

  16. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    His Highness Dalai Lama’s only request to Chinese government was ‘to give cultural and religious freedom’, as far as I know. He never asked separate Tibet. If China can provide cultural and religious freedom to its 25 + ethnic people, why can’t it give to Tibetans. But the story is different, because underneath the carpet, Tibetans under the outer influence are demanding Separate Tibet, the problem and reality is there. But even Dalai Lama did not mention ‘Separate Tibet’.

  17. hope Avatar

    It’s amazing that people are claiming China has no human rights when their own countrymates are loosing even the right to live.

    I have no vengence toward Dalai but the Tibetan refugees in Nepal should be kicked out. They treat Nepalese as refugees in our own land. Hope after olympics China would pressurize Nepal to act more stringently if events like protesting and forceful tresspassing by these tibetan refugees thugs in Chinese Embassy continues, wish we can deport them back to China!!

  18. cha Avatar


    You should know your HH Mr Lama first. I know one thing about Mr lama is, right now he visited France and had taken lovely picture with French first lady. it’s a pitty that your HH don;t care about you people.


    Why don’t you protest in so-called Human right country and Freedom speech country after all, Nepal is running by maoist.
    You get more sympathy if you pretest in Britain, France, USA and Germany etc. what a shame! all the British Media and Politician went to china and celebrated closing ceremony!!!!!

    I wonder, why nobody is talking about “Free Tibet” now?

    Hope & Joti

    you are absolutely right, there are so many Tibetians living in our land at the very heart of Kathmandu, went Britain and USA using our Nepalese passport.
    many Tibetians women married to English, Scottish and American has opened charity school in Kathmandu. Many mens was brought by this charity school paying these Tibetians women and their men have become untouchable.

  19. cha Avatar

    I don’t trust these so-called Lama and Sherpa. According to BBC documentary Tensing Sherpa claimed to be Tibetians not Nepali. And once BBC said, “Tensing Sherpa immigrated in India as Tibetian Refugee”

    These lama and sherpa are using nepal.

  20. TP Avatar

    “Modern china is different”
    So well said…. They don’t care what’s happening around the world…. They are aiming to rule the universe…. its Tibet today and its jaws are open for it’s neighboring countries….

    “How can China organize Olympics? It has already organized successfully and with unprecedented magnificence. Come on, wake up, face the reality. China has shown the world what It is capable of doing.”
    Yes, definitely.,…we saw China’s capabilities in organising Olympics in a so called magnificent and unprecedented way… Journalists were treated like dog…Under vigilance all the time….People were programmed as to how to talk to a foreigner… Pamphlets were also distributed to an individual as to how to get dressed (girls)…. Massacre in Tibet.. Hundreds were imprisoned in the torturous cells….. Opening ceremony was just too great… fear of lack of international participation people were forced to attain the event just to blindfold the world and fool us. We actually got fooled and we are grateful with them that they choose us to be their bakra….
    “You should know your HH Mr Lama first. I know one thing about Mr lama is, right now he visited France and had taken lovely picture with French first lady. it’s a pitty that your HH don;t care about you people.”
    Firstly, he is no one’s personal property to claim “mine” and secondly, if he is taking pictures with first lady and if I am not wrong there was second lady too with whom he was photographed hehehe…… Let me tell you…he cares about world peace, humanity and religious freedom…

  21. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    TP, Do you think Chinese people dont know about the world? You are wrong. There is a Chinese TV Channel which shows Indian TV serials (also XZ (Tibet) TV shows them).

    Huge titles of the international books are translated into Chinese edition. In cities there are huge buildings, whole of it is a book stores (such as Xidan and Wangfujing in Beijing). Many international book titles are have Chinese edition first, than its English edition. The book reading is a new craze in China. I am talking about whole of China, because going to Tibet will not give you any idea about what the mainland China is about. One should go to Mainland China to see with ones own eyes, what Modern China is.

    Chinese people are eager to embrace world culture, in cities they love to marry in western style (bridegroom in suits, and bride in white dress) and at the same time have marriage ceremony in Traditional Chinese style (brides in red clothes, like in Nepal). Chinese girls and children like wearing Tika on the forehead (Buddhist and Hindu influence).

    Many spiritual books are now being translated into Chinese, and the young chinese are becoming more and more spiritual, because Chinese city life is becoming individualistic and they are attracted to religion, philosophy and spirituality, to fill the void. Look the attitude of Chinese youth as shown in opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics. Do we still think China is Mao’s China? Think again!

    Tibet was only a hinterland of China, but now Chinese government has realized its importance. Tibet is being promoted as the best touristic destination, and there are huge geothermal electricity plants and mineral industries being established in Tibet. If you give some time the living standard of Tibetans will increase exponentially. If Tibet consider themselves an inseparable part of China, it has huge chance to grow economically. Its only matter of attitude!

    1. Kameryn Avatar

      What liberating kwnlodege. Give me liberty or give me death.

  22. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    How many times China has engaged in war with its neighbor country in modern history? only twice, with Vietnam and India

    How many times India has engaged in war with its neighbor country? Many times, with Pakistan, Bangladesh, ate Sikkim, with China, In Sri Lanka so many times.

    How many times US has engaged in war? world war II, vietnam, korea war, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the list is endless.

    This shows Chinese foreign policy is basically peaceful development, and wants stability and development of neighboring countries (China has 14 neighboring countries, and it has no disputes with them).

    India is following Nehru doctrine, which is to destablise and hinder development of neighboring countries. Once I K Gujral proposed Gujral doctrine (of peaceful coexistence), but now again India seems to be using Nehru doctrine.

    The foreign relation of India with China is based on Panchsheel. The base of Nepal China relationship is also Panchsheel. But Nepal India relation is not based on Panchsheel. And when Prachand says Nepal India relationship should be based on Panchsheel, India has a headache. I can’t understand the logic, can anyone?

  23. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    The formula of the above logic is:

    If I = C, and N = C, Then logic is I = N

    Where, I is India, C is China, N is Nepal, and = is relation based on Panchasheel.

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