Nepal Fails to Elect First President But There is a Veep

Both candidates-Dr. Ram Baran Yadad and Ram Raja Prasd Singh- failed to get enough votes (simple majority) for today’s presidential polls while Paramanda Jha, a candidate filed by Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, fourth largest party in the CA, got elected as the Vice President. Yadav got 294- four votes short of the simple majority while Singh got 284. Jha got 305 (not officially verified). Of the total 594 voters registered, 578 CA members cast their ballots while 16 CA members stayed away from the voting centre. CPN UML had supported NC candidate Dr. Yadav while pulling back, unofficially, the candidacy of their man Ramprit Paswan.

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54 thoughts on “Nepal Fails to Elect First President But There is a Veep

  1. All these political leaders, including Prachanda are being fooled by the Indian ambassador sood. Indian has become successful in their chess game in nepali politics. This is how these indians are trying to sikkimize Nepal. This happens when country is plagued by unpatriotic leader like Rajendra mahato, Mahantha Thakur, upendra yadav, Bijaya Gachhadar,JP gupta and others.

  2. At last Paramanand Jha got enough vote from anywhere, what kind of stupid step from Maoist. Moist just thought that if they will bring the RRP Singh they can convince Madheshi party very easily.
    Maoist just try to stand on their point and just want that every one accept their view. This is not JUNGLE POLITICS, to survive with people is really difficult.

  3. Madhesi in the Himalayas?? Sounds funny and ridiculous. There will be blood. As a hill people who have lived high and tall from time immemorable, I am can’t imagined myself under Madeshi ruler who serves the interest of india than what we are proud of being Nepali.

    What a shame

  4. fishy,

    as it has all been done with alliances how does a vp get elected and not the pres? I mean one would think the same people who voted for the vp voted for the pres as well.

  5. Since Vedananda Jha became Home Minister for 5 years during King Mahendra’s rule I have not seen any Madhesis in the powerful position. This is a great news for me. Regardless which party they represent Madhesis in President and Vice-President role is good for Nepal.

  6. the Gurkha,
    Shame on you to speak proudly racist remarks !
    I feel ashamed of Nepal because of people of your outdated and inhuman thinking of last century.

    You make me puke.

    Immediately your type has to be quarantined as a virus potential for epidemic harm to Nepal as a nation.

    Your type is the most un-Nepali and your citizenship must be revoked until mentally treated and taught what equality and respect for others mean .

    If your viral infected mind is too severe to treat, we may have to deport you to those countries that you and your forefathers have been historically serving: India, Malaysia, Brunei, England, and now Middle Eastern countries. Your destiny will remain fixed in India as a doorman , Bahadur, or Gurkha in foreign military posts, loyal to the respective countries that you serve for money.

  7. Gurkha,
    Shame on you for your comment. People like you are the root cause of our social problems. I am so called ‘pahade’ and feel very proud to the fact that first time in history there will be president and vice president from madhesh which otherwise has been marginilized for a long time from mainstream. I can see an inclusive, stronger and better Nepal in the coming days.

  8. a democrat:

    Why do you call yourself so called pahade. Do you know the meaning of so called? That means you are not a real pahade. “Ankhir phuskiyona dhoti jhoot bolda kheri !!” Buddhi vraasta bhayeko madhesi. What is wrong to call yourself a madhesi? Keep your citizenship certificate safely. Some day we will verify whether you are a true nepali or some one crossed the southern border to get the citizenship.

  9. Gremon, a democrat.

    Your depleting intellect is equally shamefull as of “the Gurkha’s”. Don’t condone what he wrote but do you think yours are not ignoble, racist and vulgar? It seems as if you guys lack rudiments of netiquette, that users are free to choose a name of individuals’ wish just as you’ve done therefore gives you no right to demonize any particular group of people or society on your assumptions…

  10. What I wanted to see happening in this election were:
    (1) some sort of system requiring each candidate to present his/her contributions to the development Nepal, vision and proof of 100% loyalty to Nepal in front of media.
    (2) Allow time for comments and interogation from ordinary people and media
    (3) Neutral figure
    (4) Make selection

  11. Now new PM shuold be from rai,limbu,magar gurung or deprived caste. It will really unite the Nepal….good going NC, UML and maoist….

  12. Regional and ethnic politics apart, a bomber should not be elected as Nepal’s first president. That would be sheer shame as he neither got the people’s vote nor aspirations. Moreover, the former terrorist is too old to continue any duty.

    Signs are encouraging at least, hope that would continue…..

  13. Yo desh sati ra bharat dubai le sarapeko desh ho.

    Actually, a jana jati should have been the president and a madeshi VP.

    Beware: Indians are taking over. We are going to be a minority in our own land. Nepal will be like Fiji.

    Jai Nepal

  14. The presidency elections will be held on this coming Monday. But we would like to see more organized polls. Because, the polls had been held outside the ICC. ICC is big and spacious enough to occupy all the CA members. CA members were all drenched in the pouring rain to vote for the presidency election.

    Congrats to Paramananda Jha on becoming the first new vice president of Nepal.

  15. Maoism being destruction they cannot rule per se. They know that so therefore all idiots that followed maobadi for good bad evil and very personal reasons of not having a proper job, are finally revealed.
    Maybe this explains the success of madhesis? They stepped aside and god are we pleased we do not have pol pot.
    Just for the record I have a shortlist of people that gave lipservice to made in china.
    but happy we maybe rid of it.

  16. There is chances either Upendra Yadav or Gachhedar is going to be the next Prime Minister of Nepal.

  17. maoist tried divide and rule policy, but, it back fired just like to gynandra.

    they betrayed uml at the last minute may be thinking other parties would not have enough time to come together.

    may be next time they will follow kidnapping tactice.

  18. what ever is happening at this time, the govt. should be only of maoist amd may be with those elements who do politics in the name of cast……all of them should be exposed and burried in the same hole.

  19. l like the way parties coming together to tackle, to stop maoist to takeover, coup nepal, govt…..looks like netas have some amount of brain after all.

  20. What happened if maoist offer to provide Upendra Yada or Gacchedar next PM of Nepal…it seems all three crooks are not going to next PM or president of Nepal…

  21. Yo sabai kukur Moobadi harule garda bhayeko ho. Jaatiye ra bhasik raajniti ko suruwat garne tiniharu nai ho. tiniharule RAW ko agent sanga raati barta garera UML lai dhoka diyera Madise haru sanga samjhauta gareko le nai yesto bhayeko ho. Je vaye pani Madise haru bhanda UML lai nai raatra pati banauna dinuparthyo. pheri madise haru lai power ko raaja banayekole jasari yiniharule UML lai dhoka diye, tesari nai madise le yiniharlai……. Maobadi lai thikka pare pani yo Desh ko lagi chahi yekdam naramro ho. Raati RAW ko agent lai bhetera UML lai dhoka diyebata Maobadi pani Dhoti ko DALAL rahecha bhanne pramadin bhayo………Jaagau rastrabadi haru… Jaya Greater Nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa

  22. It’s really shocking and brainless leaders are still there remain and power sharing as same as bofore they did…..Nepal will never change and still not yet born a profound leaders in nepal….

    Hope that Nepal will change in 22nd century, this time say NO

  23. Mukesh, you must be very happy that your man got the VP position. But why your barking at Maoist ? you and your leaders mustn’t forget that this wouldn’t be possible if there was no maoist movement in the first place. All the credits must go to Maoist who made this possible. Don’t try to fool us – your leaders are opportunist because they came together (congress, UML and MJF) to win over Maoist. I think this is not fair for maoist , i think there is definitely a secret bias going on in CA.

    It is a shame for Maoist, who did all the hard work and now despite of their their hard work, other people are indulging the credits which Maoist supposed to have.

    All the same old guys – when we gonna see a new nepal? I thought, Maoist will lead the country and some who we can see the changes because i truly believe that they are the real people who experienced the hard lives of Nepalese People. But how can we be sure that “an educated a former Judge” will the pains of poor people who gave their blood for country? How can we be sure that a former Judge or Dr. will be the solution of our present demand?

    What experiences qualify then to be a president or vp? I think, only doing election in CA is not enough. I should have been conducted a nationwide referendum because its our first time and its very important.

  24. I am not against Madhesi or Pahadi because don’t belong to both of your community. What concerns me most is that ‘ the Maoist not getting a justice again” Nepal is worst because of highly qualified people such Judge , doctors, professors and engineers etc etc ran the country and now the same people ? still Nepalese mentality have not changed. and i am so sad about it. I am sure we will see the same kind of a slow motion because our President and VP are too old to bring change.

  25. Would’nt it have been wonderful if Nepal would have put a women at one of the top positions of it’s first fully democratic government. That would really have ment something for women in the country, whose situation is appauling. But of course, it would have been naive to expect such foresight.

  26. what plans our VP and president have? Have they thought about development of Western Nepal? How they deal with our “naango Pahad” where there is not plant / trees and many other “hills” which should be destroyed and for that we need scientist, engineer and management ….can Mukesh tell me how your leader solve this problem or what initiation will they take to innovate nepal?

    Oh…I forget one think Mukesh, perhaps your (P, VP others) leaders have not seen these places,….have they?

  27. #
    Ref: “Your depleting intellect is equally shamefull as of “the Gurkha’s”. Don’t condone what he wrote but do you think yours are not ignoble, racist and vulgar? It seems as if you guys lack rudiments of netiquette, that users are free to choose a name of individuals’ wish just as you’ve done therefore gives you no right to demonize any particular group of people or society on your assumptions…”

    (1) What about yours?
    (2) Explain to me how I am an “ignoble, racist, and vulgar.” For your info, I could be categorized into the hypothetical group called “Gurkha” or “hill people.” I speak from inside, thus free from the racial imputation.
    (3) And why cannot I condemn Madheshi-bashing in whatever strong terms I choose?
    (4) What would you do with the viral minds who come swinging with patriotic card under the pretext of representing Gurkha / Himali? Give me an alternative to education and incarceration in the case of failure of that attempt.
    (5) Where did you get the authority from to impose etiquette of communication on the net?
    (6) Are you not a Freudian perpetrator of displacement when you called me “ignoble”?
    Does the “netiquette” apply to you when you describe me in those terms or are you above your own law?
    Or, are you simply too Russellean onto-theologist who thinks the world revolves around him and has the privilege of “excluded middle” without realizing the unintended production of a paradox?

    These things may sound too incomprehensible for an under educated mind, but you can do it. Show me your not-depleted mind. My gloves are off.

  28. Jyoti,
    Actually the VP of Nepal is bastard and he should not be the VP of Nepal, actually he should be in the Jail.
    He is the black spot of Madhesh and madheshi , he just think of money, power and fame like other politician.
    He is the same person who had ordered the release of Dil Bahadur Gurung who was in prison for smuggling 669 kilograms of hashish on bail on Friday, November 25, 2005

    What can he think about Madhesh, we true madheshi need to kill such kind of bastard.

  29. Who is our VP??????????

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    JC recommends action against Justice Jha
    Kathmandu , Nov 25 – A Judicial Council (JC) committee of Supreme Court justices has recommended action against Justice Parmananda Jha, who ordered the release of a drug smuggler who was serving a jail term.

    A member of the committee on condition of anonymity said that the JC has been studying the recommendation, and the report submitted by the committee.

    “Discussion is underway on what sort of action can be taken against the concerned justice,” he said.

    A single bench of Jha, on July 23 this year, had ordered the release of Dil Bahadur Gurung who was in prison for smuggling 669 kilograms of hashish on bail.

    Following the SC order, Gurung, who has been in detention for six months in Dillibazaar prison, is in the process of being released.

    Gurung was charged with smuggling the hashish to Canada.

    The district and appellate courts had found him guilty on the basis of existing evidences.

    Gurung then moved the Supreme Court against the district and appellate courts’ verdict. The then Chief Justice Hari Prasad Sharma had nominated Jha’s single bench for the case.

    Jha had issued the order to release Gurung on Rs 900,000 bail within one and half hour of hearing.

    The order raised serious controversy in the judiciary, following which Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel studied the concerned file himself.

    A few weeks later, he also formed a committee of justices Anup Raj Sharma, Ram Prasad Shrestha and Khil Raj Regmi to study the file and present a report to the JC.

    The members informed that the committee came up with the recommendations after about three-months of study.

    “The report has stated that the order was questionable as there were sufficient evidences to keep Gurung in detention,” the member said. “Law and evidences have not been rightly evaluated. Therefore, action against the guilty justice is recommended,” he claimed to have stated in the report.

    He also claimed that the report has concluded that the concerned justice can’t stay in the position he is occupying.

    Justice Jha, however said he had passed the order as per the law. “I don’t know what the committee has recommended,” he said, adding, “I didn’t find any evidence to keep the accused in prison,” he added.

  30. Mukesh Jha,
    Who do you want to see as President and Vice President of Nepal and why?

  31. I just have one name for VP of Nepal,
    Bijay Kumar Gachchadaar,
    I can give few reasons why he can be better than present VP Parmanand Jha
    1. He is political background and related to public.
    2. He knows the leaders of Nepali congress , UML and another from very near.
    3. He has stamina i.e. Guts to say AUTONOMOUS MADHESH.
    4. In my memory he is not accused for any case.
    5.Indigenous origin of Madhesh,i.e THARU.

  32. It shows that Maoists lacks not only political character (obvious)
    but also they are incapable of leading the country. All this because
    of their rigid approach not to listen anybody after being the largest
    One good thing is now we will have a strong opposition to check
    their misdeeds. Personally I think we are going to have a good
    president in Dr Ram Baran. He is a learned man and has clean

  33. Maoists head Prachanda says: New alliance will push the peace
    process toward failure. He is now talking about politics of consensus.
    He was first to break the politics of consensus and had sidelined
    NC, MPRF. Now they are crying that if they lose they may even
    not lead the govt.

  34. who is this son of bitch using my name here in this blog.
    Mukesh jha, on July 21st, 2008 at 9:12 am Said:
    I am totally confused. Please help me!!

  35. For President,
    Ram Raja Prasad Singh is far better than another whoever there.
    1. First Republic politician, when even people cant think of democracy in Nepal.
    2.Supported by Maoist, which can lead the Nepal better than NC or UML.
    3.If there is just two parties allience, less chance to fall the future government.
    4.Congress and UML will dissappear from Madhesh.
    5. Many people will not die for AUTONOMOUS madhesh, hoplfully maoist can find some middle way to solve madhesh problem.

  36. Gremon and a democrat:

    Paramananda jha is one of the most corrupt judges in the judicial service of Nepal. That is why he was demoted from the temporary judge of the supreme court to the appleate court judge for unlawfully releasing a notorious convicted drug smuggler Gurung in exchange of hefty amount of bribe.
    It is totally wrong to make one of the most corrupt people the vice president just for the sake of making some madhesi the VP. I will totally agree if tomorrow people like Dr. Ram Baran Yadav is elected president.
    There is always a fineline that separates what is wrong from what is right.
    These two folks Gremon and a democrat are so dumb that they fail to see that fineline. As a result, they are just jumping to such conclusions that have exposed their standards.
    Thus, you two need to grow up at least couple of inches in terms of your horizon. If you keep on making such irrational conclusions, people will keep on degrading you two.

  37. Im afraid Mr. Jha that endorsing a man who endorses violence no matter “the first so called republican” or not is a huge mistake and more importantly a very bad example for our future generations.Besides it may surprise you to know that the first republicans were the likes of Bharat Shamshere and Jagadish Shamshere who wanted a republic as far back as the Rana regime, but of course they themselves being Ranas people tend to forget.

  38. As for your article on the VP, well he was caught during the royal regime – so this must be his reward for going against Gyanenedra for obvious reasons and being loktantric.

  39. is dr.yadav getting support of others because of his interview in ktv?

  40. what a totally cruel way of erasing the entire result of the elections.
    Nepal fought 15 years for Nepal.
    And some good looking clever sweeps away poor peoples’blood. With smiling loosers behind the control button.
    People voted do not betray your voters.

  41. we are making a movie festival human rights tibet nepal just prepare all your documents. It is a way to start dialogue for democracy. History is still a mystery to most, the world does not know anything about Nepal and the Himalayas because it is so closed to its own inhabitants you keep betraying your own relatives.
    But this is a game we do all over the world.
    So share info, keep talking the englisj.
    namaste. God bless prachandra as much as all those nasty stupid that keep me on rooftop i want to kick in the bud.

  42. All I have to say is that NC,UML & MJF alliance is not good for nepal.I can’t see Deuba,Madhav nepal or such NC/UMl leader to be the first PM of republic nepal.
    Nepali people want to see something new now,new leadership.So maoists should get the chance to lead the new goverment and they should also follow the politics of consensus.They should give the approriate place for other parties too.
    It’s good to see the first prsident of nepal is madhesi but it doen’t solve all the problems coz it’s not only about madhesi and pahadis.All Dalit,indigenous casts and females of hill and madhes should get equal participation in goverment.
    Most importantly they should not forget their main agenda to write the constitution within 2 years.If they keep on fighting for posts like this I don’t see it possible.Otherwise nepali people will have to say the same line………………………..Jati jogi aye pani kanai chireka………..

  43. Sumon,
    Even P. Jha is less criminal than any of the Maoists who have been killing innocent people every day. You want to be fair? Do you believe in law? Where are the Maoist leaders getting free food, free residence, and free car without jobs? The answer is: From the same kind of criminal drug dealers and corrupt outfits that Jha let go. What is worse? Killing innocent people or letting go one drug dealer upon whom Maoists are parasiting?

    In my post, I was condemning the Gurkha’s remark.
    Where the effing hell did I write in support of a corrupt like Jha? Quote me, you shit-head, before making any accusation. Mofo retard, you need to be institutionalized in a loony hospital for questioning my opposition to racism. Go see a shrink before it is too late.

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