Nepal Fails to Elect First President But There is a Veep

Both candidates-Dr. Ram Baran Yadad and Ram Raja Prasd Singh- failed to get enough votes (simple majority) for today’s presidential polls while Paramanda Jha, a candidate filed by Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, fourth largest party in the CA, got elected as the Vice President. Yadav got 294- four votes short of the simple majority while Singh got 284. Jha got 305 (not officially verified). Of the total 594 voters registered, 578 CA members cast their ballots while 16 CA members stayed away from the voting centre. CPN UML had supported NC candidate Dr. Yadav while pulling back, unofficially, the candidacy of their man Ramprit Paswan.

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54 thoughts on “Nepal Fails to Elect First President But There is a Veep

  1. I am just curious on what basis, Madheshi Forum bring Parmanand Jha as the member of Vice President???? what is the reason behind that?

  2. Mr Jha,

    I dont know where you get your “officially” from, but I’m afraid the two Ranas were the first republicans and they were very mich a part of the Gorkha Dal (if you need party endorsement as well) – a very formidable party. Infact Dr. Baburam Bhattari himself has said he took inspiration from the writings of Bharat Shamshere re republicanism. Maybe your too young to know all these things.

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