Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports

King Gyanendra’s Secretariat at the royal palace today issued a statement that said:

“The attention of the Secretariat has been drawn to the malicious reports appearing in sections of the national and international media in recent days against the royal palace. This Secretariat strongly refutes these reports as totally fabricated and unfounded.”

The background: Some Nepali and Indian media are reporting that king Gyanendra is considering going into exile in India. There are some discussions going on about that in some media. The Indian foreign minister yesterday said that no requests to the Indian government were made from the king about possible exile. Maoist leaders have given a four-week ultimatum to the king to move out of the Narayanhitti palace. The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly is expected to take place within a month.

Our view: There is no question that king Gyanendra can stay in the Narayanhitti palace after the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly executes the provision of the interim constitution making Nepal a republican state. Gyanendra should go back to his private Nirmal Niwas in Maharajgunj that is reportedly undergoing renovation. If he wants to stay in Nepal, he shouldn’t be denied of that right because after the abolition of monarchy in Nepal, king Gyanendra will be just Gyanendra, a citizen of Nepal whose rights, just like our, will be defended by the interim constitution.


54 responses to “Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports”

  1. Deva Avatar

    Come on guys, the monarchy is gone and gone for good. The people are the ones who decide. They have decided to get rid of it. That is final. No power in the world can now save the monarchy in Nepal.

    Lets now look forward. Let the new government work for the people.


  2. Prabin Avatar

    Wow, it’s amazing. Now there are some people saying that Paras is a good guy, Gyane is a good guy and monarchy is charismatic



  3. Sadasfsagkifdhdf Avatar

    your comments r so childing, i’m sick! Get over it!

  4. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    After the monarchy is abolished in Nepal, King Gynendra just becomes next door Mr. Gynendra. He is a common Nepali citizen like me/us but far richer than us.

    I think he stays in Nepal and invests in various projects in Nepal. That creates very many jobs to Nepalese people and this will be a yeoman service to this nation. We should pursue him to stay in Nepal as a common citizen so that we get benefited from his business knowledge.

    No doubt he is a bloody dictator, but I do not doubt his nationalistic view and India, being one of our not so friendly neighbour, we can see our common Nepali people to stay in India being humiliated everyday as it is sure that King G never shared that great relationship with India and India is looking back to hit and humiliate him. That’s should not happen as he is/will be our nepali brother after some days.

    Let hit and humiliate him (in proportion to his crimes) in our own home but let’s not allow foreigners to make fun of him/our fellow brother after some days.

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