Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports

King Gyanendra’s Secretariat at the royal palace today issued a statement that said:

“The attention of the Secretariat has been drawn to the malicious reports appearing in sections of the national and international media in recent days against the royal palace. This Secretariat strongly refutes these reports as totally fabricated and unfounded.”

The background: Some Nepali and Indian media are reporting that king Gyanendra is considering going into exile in India. There are some discussions going on about that in some media. The Indian foreign minister yesterday said that no requests to the Indian government were made from the king about possible exile. Maoist leaders have given a four-week ultimatum to the king to move out of the Narayanhitti palace. The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly is expected to take place within a month.

Our view: There is no question that king Gyanendra can stay in the Narayanhitti palace after the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly executes the provision of the interim constitution making Nepal a republican state. Gyanendra should go back to his private Nirmal Niwas in Maharajgunj that is reportedly undergoing renovation. If he wants to stay in Nepal, he shouldn’t be denied of that right because after the abolition of monarchy in Nepal, king Gyanendra will be just Gyanendra, a citizen of Nepal whose rights, just like our, will be defended by the interim constitution.

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54 thoughts on “Royal Nepal Palace Refutes "Malicious" Reports

  1. Gyanendra as a citizen of Nepal has every right to live in Nepal, and even involve in the politics.

    I do not like Gyanendra, I do not like this terrorist Puspa Kamal Dahal either. And I hate them both for exactly same raeson, politics of intimidation.

    Mark my words Dinesh Wagle, in 10 years time, we will be talking about hanging of Dahal and Bhattarai.

    I am not scared to reveal my identity, I hope many will come out to fight this fight to preserve human dignity.

    People, dont give up, Puspa Kamal Dhal is in his peak now, but his days are numbered.

    We do not want to replace a dictator with another. Dahal will be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.

    Brave Nepalese, stand up for what is right! King must go, but Puspa Kamal Dahal and the gang must not be allowed to replace the monarchy. It seems that YCL is no different than Mandale, you only need courage to say it. Let it begin from me, People rise up. we are brave Nepalese. We should not give up!

  2. I am not advocating Monarchy, I think, we should abolish monarch without delay, but that should not be replaced with dictatoship of Puspa Kamal Dahal.

    He should be held accountable for death of 13,000 people.

    You have a choice, to sit down like chickens or to stand up like brave Nepalese againts intimidation.

    Real bravery is on the fight that you fight for your own people. We are proud of folkland war, what about we fight war against this mad man , our own fight, for our own people?

    There is no difference between Gyanendra Shah and Puspa Kamal Dahal. They both must go!

  3. “Kamila ko marne belama pwakh auchha.”

    Dear King and Royal Secretariat, please carry on with making some announcements each day because u r short of time now. After a few weeks, ur gonna be deprived of that right. The only right u get after a few weeks is like we commoners i.e. thru this blog.

  4. The constiuent assembly election were held under threat and terror and its result does not reflect the people’s true opinion.

    Only a fearless referendum’s verdict for removal of monarchy will be accepted by the people. Anything else is just a bogus exercise to usurp peoples’ right to vote.

    Before that I want a clear rationale given to all of us why Nepali people want to remove the King? What is benefit vs the cost/risk of national disintegration.

  5. Put your crap of ‘national disintegration’ in your pocket sarki. Gyane and his forefathers ruled over us in the name of ‘national integration’ and kept on plundering us. Do you think Nepal’s nationality and integration is that much fragile that a killer’s removal from the throne and abolition of one feudal institution will undermine it?

    Tell me, why do you want to keep Gyane there? If he can save Nepal from disintegration if he is to be allowed inside Narayanhitti, why can’t he do the same from Nirmal Niwas? No one is talking about killing him or sending him out of Nepal. So?

  6. Hey Pokharel from Germany, put your crap aside, shut up and go on cleaning some more dishes, so that you can earn some more euros.
    It’s so damn easy to say hang all of ’em from a corner or Europe. Nepalese people, including me, have given the verdict and the verdict is we want the Maoists to lead us to the prosperity they’ve been promising us. Now it’s upto them to take on the responsibility. And while they’re trying to do at least something, it’s the people like you who try to nullify the actions saying the rulers should be hung, even before they start to do something.
    And one more thing, don’t you dare to give orders to the Nepalese from there. I think you weren’t here while people were in the streets for Jana andolan -2, or you were hiding in your cubicle.

    And lastly, I’m not hiding my identity either.

  7. Without “Gayne’s” forefathers’ efforts into protecting this country, you would have been singing “Jana gana mana” and calling “mera bharat mahan” with hand in your chest long long time ago

    Mark my word: Nepal will become a defacto Indian state in 20 years time, I have no doubt about it. Maoists and other party leaders’ quiet agreement in awarding 4 million Indians the Nepalese citizenship in lieu of Indian support for their agitation only a first step towards that.

  8. This statement from the Secretariat is one good example that the king has no desire to leave the palace anytime soon. Now the question is how the Maoists take him out of the palace. No wonder they have been talking about ‘graceful exit’, but that statement alone can’t force him out of there. Strategy?

  9. Mr. sarki ko choro, firstly stop using the name ‘sarki’. By using it, you are making fun of the entire ‘sarki’ caste. Why can’t you use your real name or caste??
    And secondly, It’s great to see so many prophets in our country. One ‘Pokharel’ from Germany says “Mark my words Dinesh Wagle, in 10 years time, we will be talking about hanging of Dahal and Bhattarai.” and another ‘sarki’ says “Mark my word: Nepal will become a defacto Indian state in 20 years time, I have no doubt about it.”.
    Hey where were you guys yaar, when Nepal was in dire conditions. At least we could’ve heard your ‘golden forebodings’ and known what was about to happen in our country. I’m thinking maybe we could’ve saved the lives of thousands of people with the help of people like you. :).

    By the way, who’s saying the ‘Gyane’s Forefathers’ didn’t do good for this country?? We’re just saying it’s time for the monarchy to end.

  10. How about singing “jana gana mana” and saying ‘mera bharat mahan” in 20 years time? You not refuting that one, I must be right on that one too.

  11. Rajndra Pokharel, Germany

    sarki ko choro

    these guys are gone made go on cleaning some more dishes,better for you idots

  12. Hey guys, it’s good to see the discussion going on. But I’d like to make some requests here. Please put you points clearly in understandable language. There’re so many vague comments in this thread only.
    And hey there moderators, are you really moderating comments? Then why are such comments which don’t even give a meaning published??

  13. Well, the time is ripe now for the king to leave Narayanhiti. We should accept from the fact that RPP-N has gathered some 1 lakh votes in PR election that there are few among us who desperately want the king.

    But, you know, the clear mandates have gone to the leftist this time which is more than 60 percent of the total casted vote that is the indication that the debate need not prolong any more . We can expect to get rid of the king within the first week of Jestha.

    It’s only then we can think about the broader aspects of wannabe New Nepal.

  14. When opinion are sought in absolute fearless environment here is what we get (Courtesy: Nepali Times):

    What is your opinion on monarchy?

    45.2% Continue with Gyanendra
    10.8% Pass it on to grandchild
    36.3% Not worth the trouble to keep
    7.7% Won’t make a difference

    Nepal is not anybody’s Private Limited company to run the way they want.

    Silent majority wants the King. The only way to decide the fate of Monarchy is through a fear and threatless referendum. Anything else will invites years of bloody unstability. Better start practising “Jana gana mana”, will you?

  15. Dude Sarki ko choro,

    Can you give me the exact reason why u need the f* king after
    1. He has sucked our economy for so many years.
    2. The present king got the position by killing his brother’s family.
    3. Gyanendra is an international smuggler who enjoys selling sculptures from our country.
    4. Paras enjoys killing people , numerous examples like Prabin Gurung.
    5. There are evidences of the royal family dealing amorously and illicitly to the outside world.
    6. They enjoy allowance that can feed millions of hungry nepalese.
    7. He can’t be Bishnu’s avatar after all his unhumane behaviours.

    Now would you mind to shut up or be honest and speak out that u have been fed some paisas by the f* royalist to speak in this thread. You f* bast***

  16. I regret my language. I am so sorry about that. In fact, I can’t see reasons why someone praises a king so much and it simply got my temper high..

  17. dont worry there are many like you whose hatred for one man has vented up the argument to destroy an institution. its like you hate one person in a family and destroy everyone else. this is normal it is what they call the bandwagon and going with the flow, – ofcourse all to be regretted by us all later.

  18. and you are absolutely correct that gyanendra and son do not even deserve to head an institution that founded this nation. but then why destroy the institution – tomorrow when we are asked who are our founding fathers we will say who? GPK, Prachanda and Makune?

  19. Well antimonarch u don’t need be sorry. I have the same views towards the f*king sarki ko choro.

  20. History is always written by the winners. Don’t you worry when someone asks you who founded this nation because the answer is

    1.Before Janaandolan 2 , it was the Shah kings.
    2. Now it’s the brave Nepali people who founded Nepal by sending off the parasites called Shah kings from their country.

    Do I see you nod?

  21. Hmmm.. I am seriously offended by the words of sarki ko choro. Maybe it’s the money outta the royalists speaking. Sarki ko choro better realize that u gonna have more antimonarchs than more sarki ko choras.

    And I advice you fake sarki ko chora to consult with other sarki ko choras to find out that how outnumbered u r.

    All the best.

  22. The problem of Nepal is whether King remain inside Narayanhiti or not, King was never a problem to Nepal. The problem was with our constituency we made in favor of King. King would not have been come to the power if the constitution did not define him that way. Moreover, King, did nothing wrong but tried to take the country to new scenario. The problem aroused only when he cut off the good relation of country with Nepal,esp in case of hydroelectricity strenth of Nepal and tried to bond relation with china which is never acceptable to India. Thus, whoever comes to power, main focus should be given to make the country from Indian politics over Nepal.

  23. The problem of Nepal is not whether King remain inside Narayanhiti or not, King was never a problem to Nepal

  24. haha. seriously antimonarch haha – now tell us who founded this nation before janandolan 1 and then 2 and then 3 and then 4 etc etc etc So who founded Nepal? How many nods are you doing now?

  25. even your name says it all – antimonarch – i hope your existence does not depend on it – because there wont be any monarch to be anti about – maybe you can go to england to exist.

  26. This is typical of Nepali habit – using fowl words to make a point in an argument, as if they own these words and they are the only who can use it anonymously. Rest of us can’t spell those word, or perhaps we think fucking is a Chinese city.

    Anyway, just one point – before the King took over Nepal was almost a failed state – the comparative peace we are enjoying now is due to King’s take over which brought the the Maoist into the negotiating table with the parties and come to the political main stream. It’s all Indian plot to take revenge with the King for bringing China into SAARK forum in Dhaka.

    If you want to argue with that then try making your point without too much froth and bubble in your mouth!

    Then again, what would I know, I am just a sarki.

  27. First of all to sarki ko choro:
    1. Please explain to me why we need the king any more?
    Are the reasons presented by Antimonarch not enough to enlighten u.

    2. Do u honestly feel that u represent us who participated in jana-andolan 2 seeking 4 change.

    3. Can u prove that king was competitive taking power into his hands. I can still remember how victimized we were after he had taken public liberty, press freedom into his hands. Even a public vehicle like tempo was scanned by police or army multiple times within few hundred metres.

    4. If king was really competetive, why did the jana-andolan occur?

    5. Now ur point of argument is that india wants to take revenge upon king for introducing china to saarc. Well, next time you might even say america and india have nurtured maoists so as to minimize the effect of china into saarc. Now, which of the above statement u want me to believe u.

    This one for haha.

    Well, I assume the name antimonarch sounds rebellious. But, it is rebellious for a cause. The lapse of the unrequired king should be the only way to cool down millions of such rebels. I believe that we now have antimonarchs at every nooks and corners of nepal.

    Also that antimonarch is our national entity. After the disappearance of monarchy from our soil, doesn’t need to go anywhere like England. It’s gonna remain here to raise voice against every political blunders.

    This one for antimonarch:
    If I got anything wrong please correct me la.

  28. i am indeed so happy to see all u people taking keen interest in the politics of the country and i personally believe that the future of our country is not dark coz it has many childs who thinks about it’s betterment,

    rahyo kura monarchy should be in or not…i am in the favour of antimonarch and strongly disagree with haha and sarki ko choro…………….

    i find it very hard to understand why some of we nepalese people keep on embracing the monarchy just becoz we fear of our own capability…why don’t they just analyse the statistics of the developed countries which have monarchy or republic…the best solution to the problem in nepal is the creation of accountability in the power and representation of people’s verdict….i believe that the system should me mended right from the beginning and for this the first primary thing is to show door to the feudal institution i.e monarchy… man should be in power but it should be through the democratic process which doesn’t comply in the system of monarchy…………………………….

    indeed it is the right time for all the people to think at once….all should understand that presidency system allows the son of soil to rule his motherland in the competitive ground which is i think the demand of time………………………
    no monarchy let us wrap up the sentiments and disbelief in self and our people

    nepalese are capable of ruling nepal and making it a prosperous country and we can enlighten ourself for unity and soveriegnity and we don’t need any family feudal representation that leaves the chance of abduction of basic human rights …………….]

    so cheer up
    let’s make a new nepal
    nepal with enthusiastic nepalese intellectuals in power

    and throw monarchy out of the door of nepal…………………………

    jay nepal and nepalese..

  29. when statistics have been analysed – countries with monarchies are better off.

  30. Recently turned republic countries:

    Afghanistan – hell on earth ..
    Iran –

    Countries with Monarch:

    Thailand – 8% GDP growth

    .. need I say more ..

  31. Let Me add more….to sarki ko chhoro


    …The four latest republics(Cambodia returned back to monarchy)
    Which what DO WE Want To become???
    The Choice is “JANATAKO”

  32. sarki ko choro, on April 23rd, 2008 at 8:30 pm Said:

    Countries with Monarch:

    Thailand – 8% GDP growth

    Dude, Sarki ko Choro,Nepal has always been a kingdom with a king. So why din’t always attain 8% GDP or became the most prosperous nation in the world?

  33. Well, this might be the way royalists like sarki ko choro try to bring forth false propaganda to the save the ailing institution,

  34. Hey guys, the debate about the monarchy would’ve been better if this was at most 2006 and not 2008. Now there’s no point debating in the existence of the monarchy. It was finalized a long ago that we no more need monarchy of any kind and no matter how many examples you collect of the failed republican states, we won’t be sticking with the already stinking monarch.
    So as I said, now stop debating about whether monarchy should be abolished or not. Instead start debating in what direction should our republican country head and how.
    That would be a fruitful debate.

  35. Wow, i like it.

    Whether u want it or not, it’s pragmatic to agree wid Mr. Karki. Poor Sarki ko choro, i see u losing ur points.

  36. france
    united states of america
    and how much countries should i name you which is developed or developing in fast pace

    to sarki ko choro……

  37. I feel sorry for people who are defending their logics by giving names of the countries with and without Monarchy. Does that prove anything?? You can find number of extremely impoverish countries with either form of the system and same goes with the richest countries.

    The fact of the matter is : which system better suits the particular country and it’s people, which system gives more to the country , which system satisfies the need and aspirations of the people would be sustained. As that was the case in countries mentioned above. So, I feel Monarchy in Nepal failed to sustain itself due to the very practical law of sustainability. You will be thrown out if you are not competent enough,competitive enough,consistent enough,careful enough,charismatic enough and yes ,courageous enough !!

    The rule will be applied to everybody ; be it Democratic forces,be it Communists or be it Monarchists!!

  38. Dear all,

    I am in view of not keeping the monarchy. Its not because I like them or not do I favour dahal. Its because lots of our money is going to king and all his relatives. In such a poor country, It is almost impossible to support the livelihood of the king and all his fellow relatives.

    Just think if we can save those money and put in the development, then at least we might have some position in the world.

    Next thing is maoist is forming new goernment , and they want to throw the king. I don’t know what all the politcs is all about.

    But at this moment let’s hope that they will do better for the country.

    And just remember how much corrupted were all the politician of our country. I heard that people of finland give 1 euros per year for nepal and there are 5,307,578 and it comes out to be 46 core. But where does that money go. Its all the political leader that shoul have serious aim of doing something for the country not for oneself.

    So, In conclusion I think King is not the problem its the leader who are creating the problems. So, Lets hope maoist will stick to their point in regard to developing the country.

    Sorry for long comments but its still useful.

  39. Let’s end this chapter now.

    Monarchy ain’t the option for Nepal anymore. Rather let’s discuss what form of Republican setup is suitable for us now.

  40. To all – it’s not a “fait accompli” so don’t be so cocky! You don’t know everything.

    to yellow: During the time Thailand was having 8% growth, the economic responsibilities were with the parties (post 1990).

    Monarchy in Nepal is a symbol of unity and people want to keep it (see Nepal Times survey above – I am not making it up). This is exactly why parties (SPAM) are chickened out about holding a free and fair referendum to ask directly to the Nepali people about whether or not they want to keep the Monarchy.

    Some are so gullible that their rights are over-ridden by the parties and they don’t even realize that, let alone doing something abut it.

  41. Someone get this sarki ko choro out…

    Hez so uselessly adamant. Let him open a new blog site for royalists. Then he can rely upon his likes to fill up the forum

  42. who is gyanendra and paras… paras a drunker.. drives carelessly… doesn`t care poor fellas…
    gyanendra always tried to be in the power … by hook or crook…. so let these ugly faces out of the palace … and let nepalese people rule the nepal…

  43. The Monarchy is now history or close to one. After all the problems that the people have gone through, the monarchy cannot be retained. That is final.

    But now we must ensure that democracy prevails and that the Maoists do not attempt to make the people fools by re-subjugating them.


  44. All these people are crap. hang them put them in central zoo and support His Excellency Greatneta as
    the first President of Nepal. Atleast he will do better work to improve the living standard of the people of nepal with the support of every sectors of the community.


  45. People, don’t get overexcited and act like short-sighted buffons that enjoy breaking the traditional hierarchy…
    Listen, after 15 or 20 years, when the country is a republic like you say… If condition does not improve will you pride yourselves? IS there any guarantee Nepal as a republic will do better? Of the two evils, one must choose the known one… we know this evil…YOU will be the ones who shout RAJA AAU DESH BACHHAU.

    The king had everything he wanted before taking power…money, influence, power fame and pretty much anything he wanted.. WHY DID HE TAKE POWER INTO HIS HANDS??? BECAUSE HE CARED…BECAUSE HE BELIEVED HE COULD SAVE HIS COUNTRY.

    Think about this over and over again… sabai kura bhaye pani kina raja le power leko hola??? WE must all agree that the KIng is a great nationalist..probably greater than all of us..because he believes it is his duty towards his ancestors who made it to protect the nation…

    Are Sarki Ko Chhoro and I the only people who think monarchy is to be kept? If it is so, I really see no future for this country and won’t be sorry to go abroad and settle there like my parents want me to but which I don’t want to. I have my people here, my temples, my gods, my momo thelas, people know me here…Without monarchy, things will begin degenerating and the good part of this nation as we know it will be over

    SARKI KO CHHORO, if U R in Nepal, I would advice U to take leave from serving the nation for some time IF THEY PLAN TO AVENGE UPON TYRANNY BY DESTROYING CIVILIZATION, you will not be left unharmed… By the looks of it, IP addresses could be tracked and the users be prosecuted…

    If the blogger antimonarch knows how prince Paras really is he’ll be sorry, but of course people like to go with the crowd and criticize the loosing party… Believe me, he was not, and still is not, as the media portrays him… If you have understood what I mean, you’ll probably guess where I’m from or who I am…

  46. Runil Wazlip

    my comment on your comments are awaiting moderation- this is stupid we can’t even express our views?

    you are telling other commentariats to tolerate and you being outrageous? that’s not fair.

    But i would say to you this – “YOU ARE Barking a Wrong Tree mate”

    People like you have no place in nepal. why don;t you follow the path your parents did. We won’t stop you- the door is always open for you

  47. “People like you have no place in nepal ”

    “Nepal” with a capital N for our motherland. Be careful for the future and pay attention.

  48. Runil, I think you are underestimating the benifits of “power”. Even if you have everything; name, fame, money, but if you don’t have power and someone very close to you has it, then it makes a very big difference in your life. Common citizens don’t understand this, they don’t understand what it feels like to make everyone surrounding you to obey, to make them do what you want them to do. I understaand there are limitations and disciplines to follow, even with these, ita a very big thing to be in the “power”. Why do you think there have been numerous wars in the history to get into the “power”?

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