YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.

Eye on Maoist: Even as the Maoist leadership that is set to lead the government and is struggling hard to convince the international community that they will accept multi-party competitive politics and is pledging to fully respect others’ rights; Maoist cadres on the ground continue with their old practices of bullying, intimidating and threatening those belonging to rival parties. Eye on Maoist is UWB’s new category in which we will keep track of all such activities of the Maoists because we believe that NOW they must change.

Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League (YCL) on Wednesday (16 April) barred Nepali Congress (NC) candidate under the proportional representation system Gagan Thapa and his team as they were traveling on a vehicle from going to Madanpur in Nuwakot district, where re-poll is scheduled for Thursday. Thapa and his team were forced to return to Kathmandu after being stopped at Kakani at about 8 pm.

Some 50 YCL cadres had put up obstructions in the form of logs at five various points including in Kakani, Ranipouwa, Paitishkilo and Trishuli along the road leading to Madanpur polling station and selectively allowed vehicles ferrying their our cadres to pass through starting 5 pm.

Talking to the Post, Thapa said he requested the YCL cadres to allow him to go as he was a NC candidate under the proportional electoral system. “I even argued that I had the right to go to Madanpur as an ordinary citizen,” he said, adding, “But they did not give in.”

Thapa complained that a local police did respond to the incident and a team reached there but they were helpless in front of the Maoist cadres. “This clearly shows how the situation of voters is in the place, where the re-poll is taking place,” he said.







2 responses to “YCL Continues Bullying Even as Maoist is Set to Lead the Govt.”

  1. aman Avatar

    Aba Guhun lai chalaunu vanda mato le purnu nai besh. I mean Latko manchhe baat le mandiana. I mean NC should develop its own Gunda group like YCL. Bitter. But It is reality. Satya tito hunchha.

  2. Hopelessly Optimistic Avatar
    Hopelessly Optimistic

    Well…those who see YCL atrocities should also see what Khum Bdr. Khadka (NC) and Purna Bdr. Khadka (NC) did in Dang and Surkhet!!! Afterall, how can you forget that more than a dozen Maoist cadres of died during the election period!

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