While Congratulating Nepal for Historic Elections, United States is Silent About Maoist Victory

The following is the Press Statement issued by Sean McCormack, Spokesman of the US Department of State in Washington, DC on April 14, 2008

Nepal Elections: We congratulate the people of Nepal on their historic Constituent Assembly election on April 10. Although there was considerable violence and intimidation during the pre-election period, and some instances of voting irregularities on election day, Nepali voters were able to cast their ballots peacefully in most districts. Over the next days and weeks, as complete results of these polls become known, the United States urges patience and nonviolent observance of the democratic process. We look forward to the formation of an assembly that reflects the will of the Nepali people, ready to begin the important work of framing a constitution that addresses their needs.

For the record: Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), who appears to win majority in the CA, is still in USA’s list of foreign terrorist organizations






8 responses to “While Congratulating Nepal for Historic Elections, United States is Silent About Maoist Victory”

  1. haha Avatar

    As long as there are Jimmy Carters the US will have to deal with more and more govts lead by terrorists.

  2. krishna Avatar

    The U.S. goverment likens the maoist murderers to Hamas. And they are no different than hamas. That is why the U.S. government will never remove terroist tag imposed on the unruly maoists, unless they renounce violence. Actually, they won this CA election by terrorizing people. If they can attack an incumbant minister like mahat, just imagine what they might have done to ordinary people. But I am pretty sure their popularity will evaporate by the next parliamentary election and suffer a huge defeat.

  3. parivartan Avatar

    Please follow these links to verify for yourself if CPN_M is still in US Terrorrist list:

    from Apr 30 2007: http://www.america.gov/st/washfile-english/2007/April/20070425112939idybeekcm0.9128382.html

    from Apr 10 2008: http://www.america.gov/st/texttrans-english/2008/April/20080410111249xjsnommis0.111355.html

    Tell me if I am missing something

  4. the burningman Avatar

    The government of the United States has little to do with the people of the United States. This isn’t a Hollywood movie or CNN.

    This citizen of America sends a Lal Salaam right from the heart!

  5. Neil Horning Avatar

    parivartan, thanks for posting that. It looks very much like they have been quietly taken off the list.

  6. nobukazu Avatar

    Do the voters in Nepal care whether the party they are going to vote for is in some country’s terrorist list? I don’t think anybody would give a rat’s ass about the list.

  7. really Avatar

    maoist should be removed from the us list, ofcourse they can be placed back on it if the ycl keep to their old ways. i believe if the maoists care about the list which they seem to, striking them off it is a better check then keeping them on – implying you will go back on freshly if you do not tell your cadres to behave.

  8. ardnerihk Avatar

    Even Ravan had his kingdom and his people who I presume were happy then.So can the people of Nepal live peacefully and flourish up,provided the ruler dont pick up Sita again.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed and only think and work for the properity of the country and the people living in there.

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