Results Are As Historic As Elections In Nepal

Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

This has been a historical election in every sense. Honestly even the Maoists hadn’t thought that they would show such a robust performance throughout the country and win swiftly and convincingly like the way they are doing in various constituencies. Prachanda’s victory in Kathmandu-10 is one of the most spectacular shows as of now and will probably remain as one by the end of the counting all over the country. Look at the numbers: Prachanda’s 20499 Vs 11103 (NC) and 6216 (UML).

This is not just about Prachanda winning. Look ma, who have LOST:

Madhav Kumar Nepal, General Secretary of UML
Shusil Koirala, acting president of NC
Bam Dev Gautam, senior leader of UML
Khum Bhadur Khadka, senior leader (and corruption-in-charge) of the NC

Plus, look at who HAS won from NC:

Narahari Acharya, a leader with clean image who is considered the proponent of republicanism in Nepali Congress

Those with clean image (or relatively clean) or new faces have won. The only candidate in Kathmandu who should have own but couldn’t is UML’s Yogesh Bhattarai who is young and with clean image.

Oldies Must Go: Madhav Nepal, UML General Secretary, has decided to quit which is good. NC’s acting president Sushil Koirala must follow the suit. [Update: Sushil has reportedly announced his resignation.] The entire central committees of these parties must resign give way to new and young leadership. The parties can’t be hostage of these old and incompetent leaders. Come on, how long they plan to hold their respective posts? Life long? Where is democracy them oldies? Sushil has been maneuvering the Congress politics for the past several years as general secretary and vice president and acting president. Girija Prasad Koirala should resign from the presidency of Congress though he should be commended for holding the CA elections successfully as the Prime Minister. Of course, it seems he should handover the premiership (and also the Head Of State post) to Prachanda as soon as the Constituent Assembly convenes.

I want to recall how intensely we used to have debates about election in our office canteen. Many of the reporters were saying that Maoists would get at most 30 seats. If you said they should get around 50, chances would be that you would be deprived of your tea!

“Well, I come from the middle class and I admit that I failed to understand Maoists’ penetration into the lower- and middle class,” said a senior reporter who supported Nepali Congress.

Today I remember that day (about a month ago) when Prachanda had started to blast the UML leadership for showing indifference to his call of alliance between his party and the UML. He was actually in such a mood that it was hard to conclude he would get such a landslide victory today in Kathmandu-10. UML had snubbed Prachanda’s proposal of alliance by saying that they would win all 15 constituencies of Kathmandu and they were willing to start the talks from the 16th!

Today, while celebrating the victory of their chairman, Maoist activists shouted this slogan: Emale ko Ghamanda, Rastrapati Prachanda! [Arrogance of UML, President Prachanda]. They also shouted: Kathmandu Valley, Emale Khali [Kathmandu Valley, UML washed away.]

Prachanda was clever enough to deliver a speech intended to assure national and international forces as soon as he was declared winner of Kathmandu-10.

Have a look at what he had to say:

“We will work together with not only the seven parties but also the new parties that will be established through this election and the old parties in existence in the forthcoming constitution making process.

“All eyes are upon us. This is a positive challenge for us. I want to clarify that the path of cooperation that we adopted since 12-point agreement will continue.

“For the international community and especially our neighbors India and China, I want to say that our party wants good relations with all of them and is willing to work together on development cooperation and peace process.

“Our commitment on multi party democracy has been expressed through this election as well.

“I have taken this victory as the people’s mandate to us to consolidate lasting peace. We will remain honest to that mandate.”






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  1. Sushant Avatar

    There are a few points to be noted:

    1. There is a tremendous potential for Nepal to acend up the steps of prosperity. This is not because Maoists have been voted into leadership, but because this is an indication of clear choice, leaving little room for bickering among competing parties.

    2. At the same time, democracy is at its greatest peril from the first day of the New Nepali Year 2065. Maoists have never shied from expressing their clear disgust for democratic polity, and it’s important to note that all their professed commitment to multi-party system or human rights is only one among the many shifting priorities in what they call ‘political line’, ‘strategic move’ or ‘tactic’ on the road towards ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’.

    3. With the Maoists, Nepal also has the clear possibility of reverting back in history. There is no convincing explanation yet from Maoists why they will not replicate all those experiments undertaken in Russia and Cuba.

    4. The democratic forces NC and UML should try to come together in the days ahead as a credible alternative force. This may mean forging a political alliance or even unity in the long run, with the UML probably having to shed its dogmas. Young leaders will have to come up, preferably from the professions instead of from politics as a career, with pragmatic political programmes and reliable credentials.

    5. It is quite probable that Maoists will treat the press no better than Mao did, or for that matter, than King Gyanendra did. Ditto with political freedoms and individual liberties. The civil society and democratic parties should refrain from acquesing to the Maoist dictats, and ensure that the progress made so far in the political landscape does not dissipate.

    6. King Gyanendra allowed us to protest in the streets even if he grew dictatorial. Maoists will conceivably never be as magnanimous. And whatever elections they may hold will probably never let other than themselves to be elected. We really got to be on our guards.

    7. Poverty and disease are veritable breeding grounds for those who sell dreams. Real progress however is a long drawn process, and it may as well take decades for us to experience any tangible move to affluence. In the meantime, though, some of us may be more equal than others.

    8. May we have the guts to faced the unfaced. Good luck.

  2. Paribartan Avatar

    I am feeling like a flying bird with bicoloured wings. One side feels real change is undergoing. Equally, I am perplexed. I share with you the happiness is seeing the corrupts being swept. Along with it, the old thoughts, old people ruling the political parties excites me. I, along with most of the bloggers here are ‘elites’ from Kathmandu.(self-proclaimed) I am not a follower of Maoist. I just feel that progressive forces should be given a chance in country like ours. NC is now a rightist force here, which was the place of RPP and other Royals before. I believe hamro jasto pichadiyeko desh, jaha kati ku-riti haru chan tinlai ukhelera falna leftist force upayukta hunchan. I am fed up with the system of injustice prevelent here. Many crimes go unpunished just because they are the relatives of ‘someone’. Also, the judicial system is too slow and most of the time criminals go unpunished. Many people posting here are hostile towards Maoists. Maoists are not just the followers of Mao and a communist party, they are outcome of the depravation of poor and marginalized community. We must respect that force. Also, as they are elected candidates, we have no right to blame them. Everyone must change. All make mistakes. The thing is that one should not make mistake for 15 years and still remain unchanged. Like the parties who do not let the youth lead them. So let us give a chance for Maoists. They should give up YCL, dissolve it, and give away the slogan of Ethnic federal states. No party can rule nepal if they cannot cope with the pressure of the world, the dominant economic theories. I hope there are ppl who understand these things in MAoists too and pave a way towards positive change. If they do not change positively, tide of time will surely sweep them away.

  3. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    Nepali Congress must have seen this coming when they decided to let most corrupt leaders like Khum Bahadur, Joshi, Wagle etc run in the election. Dinesh wagle has correctly pointed out that people like Narahari Aacharya were the ones who could win the election for Congress. Girija must step down, and pave the way for leaders like Aacharya to lead the party. Deuba shuould step aside too. Poudel shuold step aside too. Let Narahari Aacharya lead the party!

    Congress can make a come back, but they can do so if and only if they can get rid of the corrupt and old leadership. Congress needs a leader with a vision and charisma!

  4. commoner Avatar

    Girija Pataki should resign as party president too. Girija pataki is mainly responsible for the defeat of NC because of his nepotism and favouritism. Does his daughter Sujata , an international Bhalu deserves to be a MINISTER? That is why people are sick and tired of NC because of pataki Girija.

  5. ktm Avatar


    I hate to say this, but fact is fact. NC and UML are not democratic parties.They pretend to be. If they were democratic, things would have been different in Nepal.

    Maan ma j lagyo tei navanau na mitra haru…

  6. Srijan Avatar

    Yeah I agree. Girija should resign.
    The main mistake NC made was that in choosing its candidates. Sujata Koirala of all people!! And Gagan Thapa in proportional seat! I would have loved to see him contest against Prachanda in Ktm-10
    The party was so certain that Ishwar Pokharel would win Kathmanu-5, they made Narahari Acharya contest there. He’s a real hero, Mr. Acharya. He’s the sort of leader NC needs now. Deuba and others should step aside

  7. Harke Avatar

    Some wishes never come true.

  8. Sangesh Avatar

    Yes, the CPN Maoists are making new grounds by wining by quite a good margin as well. This is definately a time of celebration and jubilation for them, but the road ahead is still difficult. The people have voted for them so that they make a new history in Nepal and not let us down like what has happened before.

  9. baje Avatar

    I’m elated that Chiranjibi Wagle took a beating.

    The Maoists won fair and square. As for democracy in Nepal, let the “useful idiots” wait another 20 years. The new constitution will be made in the image of Maoist philosophy and the NC is DEFINITELY on the Maoists’ next chopping block.

    Jai Nepal! Lal Salaam.

  10. Neil Horning Avatar

    Well, I kept telling everyone here they had more support than anyone gave them credit for. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure I believed it myself recently.

    I actually hope for all your sakes that they aren’t overly effective in the next few years. Part of the reason China ran into problems is that Mao did so well in the first five years that people began to worship him. After that anything he said would be implemented without question, even if it was very silly.

    Now that these guys are in power, make sure to keep them on their toes.

  11. haha Avatar

    if by support u mean the intimidation of voters and candidates, your right on. only jimmy carter and u believe this election was fine.

    Although neil, the maoists did not count on one thing – they could intimidate the votes out of the poor but middle class and even rich urban people also voted for them – this they did not expect. So in effect they have a big majority, something they were not prepared for. We’ll see what unfolds…

    keeeping maoists on their toes is for utopians like you and carter. they’ve engineered a brilliant victory.

    — i also hear 7 mbassasors are getting the sack because of this maoist victory (the american is not one of them). what a bunch of mrorons. Carter the lead of the pack – how he sees a good election???? tell me can a presidential candidate in the us tell the voters vote for me or else…?
    does democratic standards defer for carter at home and abraod?

    Anyways the maosts have out maneuvered everyone. Brilliant. especially people like you. – very useful idiots indeed.

  12. nobukazu Avatar

    Does this leader of the Maoist Party really believe that he will have the popular vote? The people who have voted for the Maoists voted for them because of these 2 reasons: 1) they voted for Maoists because of intimidation, or 2) they really want to give someone new a chance.

    If the Maoists win they have to bring stability throughout the country. They have asked for a big task and they might be tested soon. If they can fulfill the wishes of the people who might put them in power, it’s good for democracy. If not, those very people who might put “Prachanda” in power should not hesitate to be the Fierce Ones.

  13. haha Avatar


    whatever you say, Deuba is winning in both his constituencies.

  14. Neil Horning Avatar


    It’s pretty hard to claim that now that all of the international institutions of rushed to legitimize the elections. Granted, it was obviously because they all thought the Maoists were going to lose. But it’s still going to be hard for anybody to suddenly dispute the results.

    However, If the Maoists no whats good for them they will be very gracious with the minority parties and respect their legitimate concerns within the assembly.

  15. Neil Horning Avatar

    Sorry, that should say “know” up there. I’m a little distracted at the moment.

  16. Birkhe Avatar

    Dear Freind,
    DO not cross the respect bar to the Girija. He is a man of the year in Nepal. If there was no Girija then you never can see this historic stage indeed. Yes Sujata is CHHED AAIMAI ho. Jasle COngress ko image + Girija ko Image khai.
    Abyway. Lets hope for lasting peace and prosperity of Nepal from Maoist. If they do like NC & UML then they will also be punished with in 10 years.

  17. Peace Avatar

    Nepalese have put their worn out faiths on the Maoist. If they fail to stand up to the masses expectation and hope for a Nepal that we have yet to see, they shall not be spared. Too much has gotten into stake. Nepalese will not tolerate another betrayal.

  18. braindrain Avatar

    From computer victory is good.
    Keep hoping anyone understands what this means.
    Keep censuring me let´sjust onc see it for what it is the end of violence not more not less.
    Nobody needs maoism, what is maoism. goodmorning.

  19. jackie newar Avatar
    jackie newar

    whatever success maoists have achieved is the will of the majority people.People who even do not know what is maoism have voted for maoists .People who are educated and who know the pros and cons of maoism have also voted for maoists.The two very obvious reasons are frustations created by the congress UML oldies who have even forgotten to walk the trail of their village, the overwheing desire of the people to see change.I also the regard the maoist victory not as the victory but the ordeal put on them by the people to see if they have really got into the pecaeful and democratic track. Maoists will be greatly mistaken if they take this election result as the victory of Maoists.This is an ordeal. Maoists should now understand that ballots are more powerful than bullet and the same ballots can take them to the position of Gyanendra in the next election


  20. Hopelessly Optimistic Avatar
    Hopelessly Optimistic

    The Maoist’s win should be welcomed bcoz:

    1. It helps in expediating the peace process, PLA and NA integration being one of the key issues.
    2. Nepal is entering into a new system of governanance, so the change desired the nepalses people can be experienced if the leaders along with the system is changed.
    3. Since Constitutional Assembly, Federal system of Governance and state restructuring are the Maosit’s agenda, they can materialise these agenda the Best.
    4. Maoist has good presence at all levels of the society, so it ensures in ending insecurity and boosting the confidence of the people.
    5. It is a loud and clear message to all the political parties and their leaders that the people are no more in a mood to endorse their irresponsible acts and impunity.

  21. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Jackie – i thought nepalis are elite educated people. looking at blogs and their views where can it be gone wrong? so people who even don’t know maoism and its pros and cons voted maoist ? did you personally take interview with them? or it is another propaganda against maoist? have you any idea how many maoist who came to kathmandu losts their lives? can you ask Gyanendra where he threw these bodies. if you need evidence i will provide evidence for this which was broadcasted by British Media. are you aware of this? where were you at that time when this happened?

    Are you saying that you were better off before under Gyne tyranny? i am tired of hearing against maoist – maoist this and that. why anyone’s brain can’t sense that bloody maoist are nepali people who happens to be desperately poor and hungry.

    Are you trying to say that maoist comes from a different planet? or what? How well you know nepal and nepali?

    Perhaps you like nepali women talking about feminism and women and man talking about human rights,….don’t you? forgetting real things. I can understand why…coz they are to shy on what westerner will react on their comment. and that exactly happened now with maoist. all the nepali are shocked by the CA results!

  22. sagar k.c Avatar
    sagar k.c

    Maoist became largest party because of their good political line. They really raised the public demand

  23. jackie newar Avatar
    jackie newar

    Hello joti
    I do not need to lead any propaganda against Maoist. This country requires change.I would be really glad if Maoists take the peaceful democratic path by coming into the stream line of multiparty system. I rather suggest Maoists to show a new modality of communism to the world that believed Maoism has ended.
    Regarding your comment I cant believe you r from Scotland.Let me make some thing clear to U. None of the Maoists have died in 19 days revolution in Kathmandu No need to ask Gyanendra nor British Media Rather I can show the world the atrocities committed by Maoists to the innocent rural people Maoists even did not spare the family of retired soldiers Do you know how many people including women and children have been forcefully displaced by Maoists
    Despite all the Maoist atrocities people have voted for Maoists because people were already sick of the so called traditional parties whose leaders comprised of branded corrupts , blacklisted borrowers, irresponsible to voters. So this is an ordeal to Maoists not popular victory
    Regarding yr question how well I know Nepal and Nepali . I know Nepal not less than any Maoist Leader. I have traveled 55 districts within Nepal , and I have traveled across 16 countries. I do not come from a rich family but I also do not believe that Nepalese are desperately hungry as u said, moreover there is no direct relationship between hunger and Maoism. Some Maoist candidates have won at the heart of the rich capital and many Maoists have lost to the regional candidates in terai areas comprising of very poor people. Now one can guess what has happened
    Mr Joti if U R from Scotland and if you admit that people who are hungry and helpless have right to become Maoists why UK massacred and eliminated thousands of communist from Malaysia and Indonesia. Why USA was stupidly involved in meaningless Vietnam war. Why UK blind foldedly supports the crazy whims of United States including Iraq war

  24. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Jackie – I appreciate your comments on this issue and your concerns on it. But that didn’t surprised me. your concerns are similar to many other nepali people who fears the change, because its a new thing in nepal. Nepalese are sophisticates people who never had to and never learn to live hard life, like other countries have 50 years ago. that;s why its crystal clear why nepali fear change. They fear if king is gone because they think king is a ‘God’ just like ordinary Tibetans followed Dali Lama regarding him a “God” now who is suffering? Dalai lama or ordinary Tibetans? I don’t think Holiwood lama has to lose anything instead he is earning fame, money and indulging business class travel. for me ordinary tibetan are a mere looser! Nepalese fear when monarchy will be abolished, they fear when Prachanda talks about changing nepal with in 10 year.

    they fear even for small affairs like when Kami and damai marry their sisters or daughters, they talk about their dignity in the society but they don’t fear – if our sophisticated sisters get married to 45 up to 50 years old westerners! they think their dignity has been raised in the society. but they don;t know how they have to live and how they get treated in western world.

    you know reality is better! lets talk about America, many american are uncomfortable with Barak Obama because he is black. They fear the change which barak obama is going to bring in America. So its not about nepal or america its about our perception and it matter how we perceive things. I don’t believe in violence but this doesn’t make me to support Girija/Congress or to sympathize Gyane just because Maoist being violent recently.

    We all know that this is the beginning of new era in nepal. I never saw any leader talking about building nepal but Prachanda is the only leader who talks about building nepal and he declared in his recent speech that he will conduct actions rebuilding nepal within 10 years. I am not sure how his is gonna make this happen but there is a ‘hope’ as Obarak obama says ‘hope is a good thing” and so as in movie called “Shawsank Redeemption” . You know – there is a saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way.

    Has any leader talked about rebuilding nepal until now? there are too busy making them and their family rich. Buying and keeping unnecessary land that’s not fair for ordinary people of nepal, and i urge that should be banned. Gorkhas who are living in UK permanently, they should not keep houses and land in nepal and these actions should barred.

    Hunger, discrimination, poverty and racism has every relation to Maoism. moderate nepali become extreme and joined in maoism. of course, the blame goes to Gyne and Girija who betrayed us for over 10 years. i can’t stand he is still alive and is prime minister.

    70% nepali who only afford food 2 times a day for their family. Many people in tarai, work all day and bring 2 kilo of rice, oil and vegetable to eat…does’t that tell something? sleeps with half filled stomach? Well if this means nothing and you ignore the reality of nepali living in poverty than i don’t have to clarify further to you.

    USA, Uk has done worst than any other county in the planet on the name of democracy. that’s why i like about china and its communist rule. I don’t need a democracy where there is a freedom like in Thailand…where Girls have to sell their body to survive…girls have to wait when an rich old westerner comes and marry so that they can make nice house in the village. I like democracy which china is delivering enhancing their man and women to work together. They teach every thing to love country, be strong, how to live life etc etc at their childhood. China hasn’t killed tibetan like USA and Uk has done in iraq everday killing innocent children and women. They pushed osama ben laden or muslim into extreme and now they are blaming them ?

    Maoist hasn’t killed nepali German Nazi did to Jew shooting children! problem is people don’t negotiate with Moist. they don’t understand their problem.

    to sum up, i am Miss not Mr. I will be back in nepal when time is appropriate for me. don’t get surprised you may have a habit of hearing good things about living in UK, USA or other continent, because people who comes and live here they lie, too shy to tell the truth about how they live their life in abroad. But i am not like them. I am not gonna say nepali are rich just because i can afford anything i want. When i say something about Nepal, i always tell the truth. and i am proud that i am not lying.

  25. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    why my comments is always awaiting moderation?

  26. jiban Avatar

    but can we going towards the good path?? I think if all the political parties wont go together then we never go forwards, Never Never . All Leader Pls keep in mind you should be helpful and helpful for the progress of the country. If this opertunity is missed then there is not either the country nor the poolitical parties for which you are going to fight with each other.

  27. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland


    I think, this is the beginning. we know its not gonna be easy for any leaders to bring change and establish everything within a minute. As you know world population is growing and food price is climbing high every day. this action should be taken a long ago when we had democracy in 1991 but coward Girija betrayed us and the families of people who lost their life. I couldn’t believe when Girija brought his Christian daughter to play politics in nepal? he has no shame!

    I also think that prachanda or and maoist leaders ( baburam, badal) talking about reviewing our treaty to india – Well done!

    but we shouldn’t depend on them. this is our country too. we need to involve ourselves in to politics too or at least be aware of what our leader are saying because the decision they make will have huge impact in our day to day life. So its our duty to ask them questions and tell them what we want from now on.

    Now i feel, Nepal has made its place in the eyes of world being maoist and which has increased its importance. All are watching nepal, even india is supporting maoist government. Before – they didn’t bother.

    I also hope that in Kathmandu, people who has money (sent by their family living in abroad) buying fertile land and building houses every where – where we gonna grow food? if there are houses only? that should be banned.

    At last, not least – i don’t think maoist leaders have courage to betrayed us because they have fear of grassroots maoist.

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