Nepal is Glued to Radios as Results of Maoist Victory Surprise Many (And Stun Some)

All photos by Wagle
Click here for the story that I wrote in Kantipur

Nepal Counts Votes

Forget about pre-recorded stuffs, results are coming in live. Equipped with mobile phones, noodles in their bags and amazing level of energy and enthusiasm young reporters of dozens of radio stations across the country are continuously providing the latest figures of vote counting to Nepali people. Not only FM radios but for the first time in the history of Nepali elections at least four TV channels are providing continuous (and mostly live) updates. Inexperience reporters who are doing all this for the first time in their career are trying their best. Kiran Adhikari, a reporter with a FM station in Kathmandu, updates his listeners with the latest figures from the vote counting station in the City Hall.

Nepal Counts Votes

A man was present with the Sun and Moon in front of the Rastriya Sabha Griha where votes of 1-4 constituencies of Kathmandu are being counted. “Everyone has forgotten the national flag,” he said. “I want to remind them about this.” Earlier in the morning he had participated in the victory rally of Nepali Congress candidate Prakash Man Singh.

Nepal Counts Votes

Nepal Counts Votes

A man talks to his friend and gets updated from the far west Nepal from where he hails. He was also getting updates via FM radio that he was carrying. He said that though he was happy with the outcome in Kathmandu he was disappointed by the overall results so far. He didn’t mention the name of the party he was supporting but I guessed he was a Kangressi.

A Nepali Congress supporter waves his party’s flag as results indicated victory for some of his party’s candidate in Kathmandu.

Supporters of CPN Maoist were glued to the radio sets. This person said that FM radios were very much helpful to get updates on the latest results. He was listening to the 3 PM news bulletin from Kantipur FM when this photo was taken. “I don’t like Kantipur FM,” he said. “Kantipur (newspaper) was biased against Maoist and wrote wrong information.” Though there were plenty of choices among the FM stations, the man said, he still preferred Kantipur FM.

Nepal Counts Votes

Nepal Counts Votes

A camerawoman from a TV station.

Nepal Counts Votes

A man tunes in to a FM station on his mobile phone.







21 responses to “Nepal is Glued to Radios as Results of Maoist Victory Surprise Many (And Stun Some)”

  1. nepali Avatar

    nepal has accepted ycl style governance.

  2. Vashir Avatar

    hahahahahahaah… so much for the “democracy” everyone was trumpeting about.

    i certainly hope this blog won’t be closed off if the maoists win in the elections.

  3. nepali Avatar

    there are some of the good things happened in this election: girija gang, madav nepal gang, gynandra gang are about to be eradicated,

    in 18mths maoist will be exposed or nepal will be ruled like north korea, cuba———– many of us may know that communist always kill their one.

    lets see if maoist will kill nepalese who do not support them or kill ycl to impress people like hitlar killed his own supporter

  4. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    Nepali Congress needs to revamp its candidates nomination process , they need to set up US Style primary system within the party to choose the candidates, get rid of the most corrupt party leaders, and the laeders over 60. This is the only way NC can regain its popularity.

    Maoists victory reminds of Hamas’ victory. If we let bunch of thugs run the country, mark my words, we will fail again.

    Conscious youth leaders of UML and NC should come up together and open a new party as an alternative to NC and UML to challenge the Maoists. NC is outdated, UML is incompetent. We need a new party to make sure Maoists do not hijack our country and the democracy . After all, these people are hardcore communists who have no respect for human dignity and rule of law.

    Process itself is not flawed. We failed. People failed!

  5. sanjee Avatar

    Its nice to see that peoples are happy with the election and hope result will also bring smile to all Nepali faces… time has come to be re-united for the social and economic development of the country, which will bring real SMILE on all of our faces .

  6. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Addiction of power and money is the worst kind of addiction. Be it Girija or Makune or any other so called leaders of Nepal, whoever has once tasted the power in this country has been badly infected by this addiction and never been able to give it up. Same is going to happen to Maoist also. And one day, they will destroy themselves fighting over the power. The only thing is that common citizens will have to become “bali ko bakhro” once again and once again they will be cheated and mistreated.

  7. introvert Avatar

    to anti maoists bloggers,

    just look with new ‘lense’ guys. change ur old lense to see the fact. dont vomit even fact is clear.

    u will be freed from being slave ONLY if u realise u r slave, if u dont ur choice.

  8. Cafedenepal Avatar

    Wow guys,
    check out the following link for latest on CA polls,

  9. yeah right!!!! Avatar
    yeah right!!!!

    Like people like goverment, it took so many lives for the, (I dont wnat to say MAOISTS, but,) CHANGE to come about, its this “Warmth of Urine” out of old ways of doing things, not wanting change too much, being comfortable from what is there that it took Octagorien, corrupt politicians who did not think once about the poor people, who supported and made MAOISTS the winners, but were just happy getting their pocket and Bora Stufed while still getting the Kings Blessing.

    Now its as clean a slate as Nepal can get, so much that if you are the loosing parties, go ahead and make it strong, if people hear your voice, they will elect you, just keep your fingers crossed that MAOISTS will not make this country a great place, so that you will have to wait as long as the poor people of Nepal had to wait this long.

  10. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer


    I’m looking with the new lenses, and I am seeing the fact. The only problem is that I don’t like what I am seeing and I am hoping someone to tell me that I got the wrong lenses. Alash! the reality seems to be something different though. And about the slave thing, I am a fully aware free spirit, so no one can slave me. One can slave a body, not a spirit.

    Well, Congratulations on your victory (I am glad not to be part of it). May your new leaders make your dreams come true and develop this country. May the Maoist leaders keep the promises they made to their supporters and the ctitizens of Nepal. Thats my wish for you for this New Year!!! May there be peace in Nepal!!!

  11. Srijan Avatar

    This is collective madness. But what can I say, the public has spoken and they want the Maoists to rule Nepal. So congrats to them. But I hope the Maoists realize to what extent they have divided the nation. Now there are only two types of people in Nepal; one that hates them and the other that has voted them in. I hope they do well, the maoists, and I hope they dont disregard half the nation that has voted against them.

    And by the way, regarding the two largest parties, former I need to add, Nepali congress will definitely make a comeback, once when young leaders like Gagan Thapa take over, but as far as UML is concerned, I’m afraid this is were the road ends. I can already see UML cadres deserting the party in hordes for Prachands’s party led by none other than Bamdev Gautam. So good bye MK Nepal and UML, you guys were never good enough or responsible enough for this nation

  12. introvert Avatar

    freedom writters,

    i m not surprised wen ppl say the result is unexpected. belive or not .though i have never involved with political party and never intended to be…….. i have sepent more than a year in maoists influenced area in nepal. that time i got chance to know them closely. i can tell u i was the one to argue with one of maoist cardre in the area but others were really positive towards us and society. wot i found from their vehaviours,

    they are studious- may be for some ppl not digestive…… the fact is they are not simply cardres like in other political leaders.

    they run under system- they have improved clear chain of command to achieve their objective……. they are now due to that.

    they behave people in society as their own family- may be u have heard they killed ppl, yes definately, nepal got 4000 villages, in those villages some ppl were exploiting majority of poor ppl. think if they continue to exploit and give turture in their lives

    they influence ppl where they go- due to their studious nature they could ppl in the area where they been.

    and finally,

    leadership is simply perfect and dynamic. think , is that easy to safe land to peaceful movement who are used to for weapon? prachanda is simply dynamic leader and he controls his wings in proper way.
    he got some weakness but he can change it as he has shown in the past. ‘MANE’ disappeared from his speaking way.

  13. introvert Avatar

    second para should be political parties not political leaders. thanks

  14. Maoist Jindabad Avatar
    Maoist Jindabad

    introvert, on April 12th, 2008 at 6:26 pm Said:
    to anti maoists bloggers,

    just look with new ‘lense’ guys. change ur old lense to see the fact. dont vomit even fact is clear.

    u will be freed from being slave ONLY if u realise u r slave, if u dont ur choice. WROTE:



  15. aakash Avatar

    i know who are anti maiost gonna killed.that’s why maiost are getting more votes.if u don;t vote to maiost these killer will kill nepalese people.we don;t want to be our country like north korea or cuba.we have tofight these basterd.

  16. Minotaur Avatar

    maoist are killers..yea.. the same people who supported the killers in jana andolan 2.. if maoist hadn’t been a part of that andolan it would have been a gutless endeavour like many other nara julus before that time against monarchy! and the people have spoken.. no matter what… maoists are winning.. admit it… you may say.. they did jheli and everything but.. you can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time… how do you think they won in lalitpur and Kathmandu… nakabandi and all used to hamper the valley so much during people’s war! so kasari ta… its people’s mandate… enough of the filthy old politicians… its time for change.. and it has come!

  17. Unluckyoblix Avatar

    What the hell are you people thinking? Imagine you are a maoist leader and people have given the virdict like they have on this very day. What is going through your mind? Oh my god.. What a big responsibility. People have trusted the maoists and do you think the maoists leaders are a bunch of idots to go on a killing spree and ruin their own future. They are also NEPALESE as each and everyone of us here are. How can you say that they dont have the same aspirations for our country like you and I do. I can say the aspirations of UML and NC are not what you and I would want coz both of us have seen them drive the country. If anyone is to be blamed for the red wave sweeping the nations it is the UMLs and the NCs and their arrognace. Give peace a chance. Dont blabber around in the comforts of your room. If the maoists were insensitive killers you or I or both of us would be dead today.

  18. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    When maoist began their operation in Nepal with a mission to remove this disparity between poor and rich people in Nepal, I was one of those who believed in them and supported them. That’s a history now. Since then, they’ve killed too many people in the name of people’s revolution (and the saddest part is it included innocent citizens and young childrens too). After hearing about their killings everyday, I changed my mind about them. Then again, there is a long history of what maoists have done in other countries. Thats why it will take a long time and tons of good deeds from maoist’s side to change my view towards them.

    Maoism is not just about a political party, its about Mao’s philosophies, his ideologies and I don’t believe in those ideologies. I am slowly believing now that maoist can be good leaders. And thats troubling me even more. Cuase if there is a good leadership and bad vision then thats the worst case scenario. Then it will be even more difficult to save the country.

    There is one thing though, since they are already winning this election, I sincerely hope that they do some good to the country and change my view. Cause that will be for the betterment of the country. Thats why I was congratulting you earlier. As for me, I am in a neutral phase right now and I won’t support them until they change my perspective and prove me wrong.

    To the supporter of maoist, who thinks that all the others should be killed. Well, if you think that you are worthy enough of taking one’s life and if you have a good reason to back up your deeds, then take it. If you believe that by killing all those who do not support, you will gain the power then try that. Just FYI though, it has been tried earlier in history of other countries, and proven wrong.

  19. dewaz Avatar

    I was feed up of the Royalist .. that used to blog in this site .. I remember one saying not a single vote will go to the Maoist .. I am back my head held high .. By now one must have realized .. wat actually Nepaliese are looking . for .. That’s Change .. a huge .. change .. The fall of Rato Machindra Nath .. have sure .. signified . that Republic is for sure ..

  20. haha Avatar

    if you people really believe that this maoist engineered election was all the peoples choice you really need to wake up and smell the coffee. frankly it’s fine the maoists won, but it is really disturbing to see the people of this country being duped again and again and we taking it like bheda, bhakra and chyangra. There was nothing straigforward with the whole process.

  21. haha Avatar

    by the way it’s the seto machindranath, and the fall of it actually signifies bad things for the nation.

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