Maoists Celebrate Victory: Jhakku Le Hanyo Chakku!

All photos by Wagle

While one comrade’s Madal loudly sings, the other comrade’s guitar happily watches: A Maoist supporter plays guitar while the other waves his guitar on the air as some of their comrades sing songs making fun of CPN UML and its general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal who was defeated by CPN Maoit’s Jhakku Subedi. They sang the song as soon as Jhakku was announced the winner by the Election Commission.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Again the singing comrades with their guitar.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Madal the traditional Nepali drum.

A woman stands from the crowd gathered in front of the City Hall where results of Kathmandu-2 were announced. Jhakku Subedi of Maoist gave a stunning blow to Madhav Kumar Nepal, the General Secretary of the UML, by defeating the seasoned politician. MK Nepal has announced his resignation. “Jhakku le Hanyo Chakku!” was the sentence of the day. [Jhakku stabbed on the chest of Madhav Nepal and UML!] Jhakku hails from Rolpa.

Women who supported the Maoist were seen in the crowd that gathered in front of the City Hall.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

And he got time (and space) to smoke in the crowd in front of the City Hall.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Hammered and Sickled right on the forehead: A Maoist supporter in the crowd with his party’s election symbol printed on his forehead.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Ouch, comrades pushing their comrades to shake hands of their comrade! Supporters of Maoist party wanted to greet victorious Jhakku Subedi who stunned UML’s MK Nepal.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

All hands rise for comrade Jhakku who, as they jokes, got votes “bhakku” to stun MK Nepal.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Oh…there is comrade who got “bhakku” votes that worked as “chakku” for the chest of CPN UML.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Meanwhile some people are too busy to give their precious attention to the election counting. As seen in Anamnagar while we were left behind the victory rally of Jhakku that headed towards New Baneshwor International Convention Center (BICC) where Prachanda was declared victorious.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Hail the comrade! A staunch supporter of the Maoist party who covered his face by the stickers of the election symbol of the Maoist party.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Flags of Nepali Congress (left) and Maoist (that depicted the election symbol) at the west gate of BICC. Supporters of both parties were expecting victories of their respective party’s candidates at that point in time.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

All over his cheeks, as if his party has kissed him! On the background are seen NC flags at the BICC gate.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Supporters of Nepali Congress waited at the gate of BICC.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Supporters of Maoist, about a meter away from the supporter women of NC, waited at the gate of BICC.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

That’s it, the election symbol. Hammer and sickle inside the circle.

Nepal is surprised by the election results

Maoist beauties! They stood in two opposite lines to form an ally so as to welcome their chairman comrade in the BICC.






24 responses to “Maoists Celebrate Victory: Jhakku Le Hanyo Chakku!”

  1. Bheda Nepali Avatar
    Bheda Nepali

    Bheda nepali : Be prepared to be slaghtered ONE BY ONE IN THE UPCOMING jungle Raaj! It will be done very proficiently !

  2. Unluckyoblix Avatar

    well. Hopefully the maoists will simply turn and say Mr. Bheda Nepali your wish is my command and do you in. What an ass.

  3. P.B.Chhetri Avatar

    The fonder of new Nepal is sining from the pick of the Mount Everest now this time Nepalese people have chosen him (Prachanda)

  4. Harke Avatar

    People have just given him a chance. They have not chosen him.

  5. Maoist Jindabad Avatar
    Maoist Jindabad

    Anti Maoist you are an asshole. you have no out of country and blaming maoist. if you were in nepal you are the first who would support maoist

  6. Masayo Avatar

    Well..the deal has been done.
    Yet the people of Nepal don’t realize the impact it can have on their lives….(what’s more,mmm..)

    Though no one can say exactly what and how this country shape the course.

    Brace Nepalis!

    Don’t let a good things go bad!

  7. nobukazu Avatar

    The Maoist Party today is Maoist only in name and the leaders know that very well unlike their followers. If Pushpa Kamal Dahal will be given the benefit of the doubt, he knows he will not be able to implement the real Maoist Agenda. That means trouble in the long run for him and his party.

    Nepali people do not have faith in their politicians. If the Maoists do get to govern, it’s no easy task. But they deserve an opportunity, if they win and want to bring changes for the better.

    And if they are able to give the country basic education, bring about fairness and equal opportunity to all Nepali people, as they have promised, they will go down in the history books as a positive change in Nepal. If the actions are otherwise, Pushpa will have to hide from the very people who have given their blood and everything for all that was promised.

    As a Nepali with no party affiliation but with much love for Nepal, I hope for a positive change regardless of who comes into power.

  8. Harikrishna Avatar

    Maoists have won 44 seats up to now.
    Thanks to:

  9. miscommunication Avatar

    who knows what maoism is?

  10. foreign heroe Avatar
    foreign heroe

    Here I saw one stupid man who used his wifes money he ran for election and now is a maoist in Denmark.
    crazy minorities. But in majority?
    Prepare your visa. good elections anyway.

  11. rakesh Avatar

    beuties are good !!

  12. Sushi Lama Avatar
    Sushi Lama

    Well, the country is in the hands of radicals now…I guess this is what happens when such a long period of corrupt government exists with little to none opportunities for the poor…please however remember that these very people (Maoists) very recently were responsable for killing thousands of innocents in open bombs and terrorist acts deliberately. even if the top level leaders want to change nepal for the better, a lot of the lower level are still thugs (demonstrated by their intimidation and power in villages). I do hope for the better though but everyone should be scared and aware of what can happen…

  13. bikram gharti Avatar
    bikram gharti

    Well, Nepalese are fade up with the UML, Congress and King’s dictetorship so this time Nepalese people has just given a chance to Maoists. If Maoists can not work as per peoples asperations and expectations then they will be seen same like King, UML and NC as we see them today. So, Maoists you must have to be committed towards the betterment of Nepalese people, don’t expect that you would rule the country like a radical or traditional communism, you must rater be pragmatric.

  14. shailendra Avatar


  15. SANTOSH Avatar


  16. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Why are you so worried about what United States of America thinks or does? Don’t worry man, if US does not remove this tag, then your leader (Prachanda) will find out a way to deal with it. Or, don’t you have trust in your leader? If you don’t even have that much trust then why did you voted him?

  17. Madhav Regmy Avatar
    Madhav Regmy

    Well Jhakku. Congrats for ur win. But you’ve beaten a wrong man i donno how. Now u gotto fill the gap otherwise get da hell outta here…………….

  18. sidewater Avatar

    Prachanda ra Baburam ko “servant” bhayera chai kam nagarnu ni Jhakku mora….afno independent stance banauna saknu parcha…tyo muji bhattarai ra dahal ko kukur chai nahunu

  19. Deshpremi Avatar

    Sidewriter chahi kasko kukur hola? Makune ko? Girija, Sujata ko? Oli ko? Kamal thapa ko? Surya bahadur ko? Khume ko? Sher bahadur ko? Jhale ko? Marichman ko? Tulsi Giri ko? Gyanendra ko? E madhye pachhillo kasaiko kukur le nai yesari aslil kura lekhna sakchha. Ki kaso?

  20. SNAKE-VIPER Avatar

    Jhakku, timi le makune lai bhakku chakku hanera haamilai chhakku paryau..BUT YOU ARE BEING WATCHED…..I sincerely hope that you and your party will live upto the peoples’ expectations else u will face similar defeat in the upcoming elcetions…SABLAI CHETANA BHAYA…..

  21. jpt Avatar

    jhakku was given his first posting by MKN, when he was UML – typical. kick the guy who brings you up.

  22. Himaliputri Avatar

    Bhakku vote ta payo.Bhakku bolne kaam chai nagarnu.Talking..talking..talking.I’m sick and tired of it.Actions speak better than words.Show it and do it..!That’s all I have to say.If you think you’re better than the others,prove it! (violence of any form is strictly prohibited)

  23. surya Avatar

    sojho janata tin chhak paryo
    kehi garne le kharani ghasyo
    janata banduk ko nal ma basyo
    vote hasiya hstodama khasyo
    des pheri dusta haru ko hat ma phasyo
    yasari naya barsa 2065 ko suruwat bhayo
    happy new year

  24. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    why public are so puzzled by ca results? it seems that people were living in heaven before under gyane’s rule and girija’s 10 years of democracy. suddenly why are they so concerned about the issues which was never been asked or talked?

    will you be quite if maoist were in tie and suits? nepali people wants change comes just like that. they never seen what went in the world before and what westerners had to go through…when you see westerners life they imagine theirs to be the same… well it won’t happen unless me fight. nobody will drop you fortune.

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