A Day After Voting, Nepal Starts Counting

Maoists Ahead, Blow for NC and UML

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

Early indications coming out from the vote counting stations from around the country (26 districts where votes are being counted) suggest that Maoists are doing very well in the elections of the Constituent Assembly. At the time of this writing (11 PM), they are leading in more than 30 places across the country. This suggests that people have voted for change. They want something new. They are sick and tired of old faces and old habits of Nepali politics. Results are still premature to reach any conclusion but CPN UML, it seems, will emerge as the biggest loser, closely followed by Nepali Congress. Why?

The UML were overconfident. They were arrogant and that arrogance has been shattered like the fall of the house of cards. They were so confident that they were unwilling to leave a single seat for the Maoists in Kathmandu valley claiming that they would win all 15 seats from the valley. They lost in Kathmandu-1 that went to NC’s Prakash Man Singh this morning. One of the toughest opponents of UML-Maoist alliance which didn’t take place, Pradeep Nepal, lost to Singh. UML general secretary is trailing behind a Maoist candidate in Kathmandu-2 (where I voted). This trend stretches up to Jhapa where KP Oli, another staunch opponent Maoist, is behind a Maoist candidate.

I am super happy to see that NC acting President Sushil Koirala, a leader who never stopped doing kothe or dark room politics, is in the position to loose his deposit, not just candidacy, in Nepalgunj. Sujata Koirala, one of the most corrupt persons in Nepali politics who also happens to be the daughter of PM Girija Prasad Koirala, is lagging behind a Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum candidate. Another corrupt NC candidate Khum Bahadur Khadka is trailing behind a Maoist candidate in Dang. These corrupts must be defeated

Why the bad show for NC and UML?

They ignored the aspiration of Nepali people that is for change. They ignored youth. Majority of candidates filed by these parties are oldies who have been tried and failed in the tests.
These parties also couldn’t deliver as per the expectations of Nepali people when they got chance to so. Maoists are not tested and people want to see them perform.NC and UML also failed to gauge the silent change that was going on in the Nepali society.

I have been talking to quite a few youth who voted in yesterday’s polls. They were not much interested in politics but voted to Maoists either in the proportional or the direct (FPTP) election. These youth who were born and raised in Kathmandu and are relatively well off (compared to millions of rural youths of their age) said that they really wanted to give a chance to the Maoists as they were tired to regular politicians. The blatant ignorance of youth voice by NC and UML played crucial role to make young generation angry towards these parties.






19 responses to “A Day After Voting, Nepal Starts Counting”

  1. T Kandel Avatar

    Your analysis is quite right Dinesh jee. Nepal People are desperate for Change. Change and Peace !

  2. Ramesh Avatar

    Yes yes the people voted for change. If by change you mean a communist dictatorship, then yes they voted for change. You stupid shithead. The people voted for the Maoists because they were concerned the if the Maoists were not appeased, they would go back on the war path. Wake up…their leaders are the ones who have denied the magnitude of the crime of the Khmer Rouge. What kind of change do you think that they will provide. Collective farms, mass killings, a new North Korea? My heart shudders as I think about my country’s future,

    Yes I’m glad that the likes of Khum Bahadur and Sujata are losing, but they are losing to the Maoists. I was hoping, and still am hoping that the remaining parts of the country, especially the Eastern Region, where few results have been announced give their victory to the NC, which has always opposed the Maoists. If not the NC, then the UML, which might possibly form an alliance with the Maoists, but probably won’t,. If not the UML, the Madeshi groups, who while consider themselves Indian first and foremost, are still a better alternative to the Maoists. If not the Madeshi groups, then the royalists, who are still better than Maoism.

    I hope I’m wrong. I hope those uninterested youths don’t end up on collective farms run by the very people they support. At best I’m expecting the Maoists to act as Gyanendra did when he ruled Nepal. At worst…

  3. ktm Avatar

    I fully agree with you. I have nothing more to say. Lets hope so. Lets hope that failed “leaders”, corroup “leaders” would get replaced by “potentially” good politicians for Nepal.

  4. kishor Avatar

    Same here. Very happy to see those corrupts get defeated. However only worry is maoist should not act violently in the coming days.

  5. wait a minute Avatar
    wait a minute

    very premature and non-academic analysis by dinesh wagle. as much as i do not like the leadership of NC and UML, Maoists do not deserve the accolades in coming out as the largest party, if they actually do.

    Nepali press is too quick to react, too imprudent in its instantaneous and unconditional hailing of days like this. We saw the hope shattered after April and I do not see much optimism in either Maoists winning or forming a coalition.

    Be careful what you wish for. Yes I am referring to the Maoist victory! I think Mr Wagle as much as anyone knows how rhetoric alone does not make a country better. And if there is one thing that defines Prachanda it is changing rhetoric. I was listening to him on NY Times interview where he is now saying that he is willing to accept profit-based capitalism.


    Can you guys be patient and deep digger and not just the surfaces, please? We political students and neutral curious citizens beg of you guys!

  6. introvert Avatar

    and blow to ur blog viewers too, twake viewers i mean.

  7. Harke Avatar

    This is a blow to me as well.

    I am not a member of any political party but I used to strongly believe that the Maoist party will be limited to maximum 30 seats. I never imagined that the people would vote for people who murdered 13000 countrymen, but now it seems like they have done that.

    The current leaders are:-
    Maoists- 48
    NC – 16
    UML – 13
    Madeshi parties- 10

    I expect that this trend is going to continue and Maoists will have a clear majority in the CA.

    It is not clear where they will take Nepal to but If this CA gives birth to another autocrat I and We are not going to tolerate it.

  8. Maoist Jindabad Avatar
    Maoist Jindabad

    I am very glad and happy for maoist

    Nepal maoist for Nepali peoples

    other parties for thier chair

    Long life Maoist prachanda

  9. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Wow, this is a big blow for me too. Its not that I support these corrupt leaders, but I don’t believe in Maoist’s visions and their ideologies as well. I believe that Nepal needs a leader with just two things; an extraordinary vision and a solid leadership. Maoist leaders, I doubt they have these qualites (especially the vision thing). Maoism has been a failure in every part of the world and somehow I don’t believe that it is going to change anything in Nepal.

    For some reason, George Orwell’s book Animal Farm’s story is coming back again and again in my mind. Lets see what the future holds for this country.

  10. hype Avatar

    democracy and peace are good business. Something to do for people, now jobs will come like rain and maybe visa out as well. Equality is important, no one needs so many leaders, just good government and we vote again and again to kick it democracy is like that all are the same idiots, some heroes, dal bhat same to me.
    But I am overjoyed they managed to behave more or less apparently and even that I do not believe in sunsari boxes dissapeared …with votes of maoists probably? Good result anyway. Congratulations peoples.

  11. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Its blow to all believing in democracy . At the same time this is the
    verdict of the people and we have to accept it.
    Its beyond imagination Maoists doing well in Kathmandu too.
    May be people voted only for change, fed up with the same
    corrupt leaders. Unknowingly people have opted for more
    corrupt people who are misusing the money allotted to PLA,
    needless to explain extortion .

  12. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Despite the division of democratic votes among newly formed parties like MJF, TMLP in southern plains, Maoists are not doing good
    in this region. Seems they are politically more conscious than the people of Kathmandu.

  13. aaceaze Avatar

    wat the hell is goin on..how can maiost win

    this is a shock for me..maybe few ppl from villages might vote them..but how can any1 from cities vote them ..when they know wat al these maoist have done in the past..

    i thot only the relatives n party members r gonna vote for maoist .but the results are just INSANE

  14. Sandeep Avatar

    Let’s take out Prachanda and Baburam. I’m serious.

  15. Unluckyoblix Avatar

    Hey, Give the maoists a chance. How was the congress rule in nepal not a dictatorship? they ruled the country for more than 9 yrs and ruined the country not heeding anything desired by the country men. The UML are a bunch of arrogant shitheads. The only group turning good is the maoists. And those people who say Maoists killed 13000 people please get your maths right. 9000 of those 13000 were killed by the government (and so were technically maoists). Dont stay in your room and talk horseshit.

  16. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Looks like people have forgotten what Maoist did in the past and have started believing in their charming talks. I am just curious to see how long is their false image going to last this time. I still can’t believe what results are coming out of election and yet, it has to be accepted as it is peoples verdict. What an irony 😦

  17. aaceaze Avatar

    damn rite..freedom bro..nepal’s goin in the hands of some ridiculous bastards

  18. Harke Avatar

    “Nepali Janta bhaneko bheda ho”
    “Ago ko taap lai saab le tapchhan”

    And this is how every one posting in this blog have turned “Maoists”.

  19. UN NAMED Avatar

    Hy the democratic people of the world.Are you people thinking the strangthen of democrcy by the hand of those redicules communisys. They murderd the 14000 nepalese peopleand now people used to say that they won the CA in a larger party. Hy democratic world did you think that,the nepali people vote for maoists because they kill their kins? You know the UNMIN a drama in nepal,he too says that the PLA with their gun they were in election campaign.the young communist league they went to villaves and villages and ask the people either you vote for us or evacuate this village.The maoists still they have their own army.and at the same time there is national army.Now they want to intigraate to those armies.Oh ,democratic world have you ever heard that a country and two armies.and the armies belongs to a politicl redicules party could be a national pary?What you mean?The integration of booth army?A political inductrinated force could be the national army belongs to all the Nation? But In Nepal all those things could be happen,in the interest of you world bull democratic power. in america and in another country too,the Maoists are terrorist, but at the same time they are the political power in Nepal.What kind of double standered you called democrates are doing in case on Nepal.You are big brothers,but think about the VIDRAWALE,who kill Madam Ghandhi. And the OSMS-BIN _LADEN,a product of usa in perhaps 1960’s decade. And what about now america thinks on laden.the samething will be happen in course of time,that you democratic forcess going to promote the 14000Nepalese people’s murderer.
    Now a-days Nepal is a country,that is—-there is law but no rule of law,there is human rights but no right to live in ,in against of Maoists.Maoists are the promoter of human rights who kill 14000 nepalese peole and trying to justify the killings in the name of nepali people.And they are not in the court of law and they are going to preaching us about the human rights. What funny you world’s democratic power are?

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