Election Day Violence: Where, What and How?

Voting postponed in seven polling centres: The Election Commission (EC) issuing a release today said that although voting has been going on in a peaceful manner across the country from 7 am in the morning, it was cancelled in polling centers in Janaki Secondary School and Sajhapur Secondary School at Meghauli of Chitwan district; Soharpur Primary School center in Siraha-2; Balara Secondary School center in Sarlahi-3 and Banauli VDC and Suga VDC center in Mahottari district. Polling has also been cancelled at Balkot centre in Arghakhanchi district after the Maoists reportedly tried to capture booth.

‘Maoist capture poll booths in 3 VDCs of Lalipur-1’ The Election Commission (EC) Thursday started investigating after a complaint was filed stating the CPN-Maoist cadres captured poll booths in three VDCs of Lalitpur constituency-1. The former rebels are learnt to have captured the voting centres in Kaleshwor, Gumdi and Thula Durlung. The voting process to elect the representatives in the Constituent Assembly (CA) is underway in the capital since 7 this morning.

Voter shot dead in panic-stricken Mahottari

A voter was killed when hit by a vehicle amidst tension at Pasipatauli area in Mahottari district on Thursday. The killing took place when people started running around after unidentified persons opened fire at the poll booth in Pasipatauli. Voter Praghumna Kaapad has been killed in the incident.

Maoist candidate injured in clash with MPRF in Rautahat Candidate of the CPN-Maoist Prabhu Shah was injured in a clash at Rauthat district on Thursday morning when all Nepalis are casting their ballots in the elections to the Constituent Assembly. The skirmish ensued between the activists of the Maoists and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum at Prempur Gonaai area this morning.

Leader Verbatim, Immediately after they voted:

CPN UML general secretary Madhav Nepal who is contesting elections from Kathmandu-2 and Rhautahat and voted in Koteshwor, Kathmandu today: My 93-year old father was unable to vote in the Constituent Assembly election that was announced by late King Tribhuvan in the year 1951 as it was cancelled later. But now he has cast his vote for the same election with his son and grandson and I am very happy for him and the country as a whole, Nepal said, adding that everyone including the parties and the army too should accept the mandate of the people and his party would contribute its utmost in drafting a democratic and progressive constitution….We have come to this important juncture of history after a long struggle and as we vote we are also making history. After the election and the results are out the first priority would be to decide the fate of monarchy and the kind of government that would be formed.

Maoist chairman Prachanda who is standing from Rolpa and Kathmandu-10 and vote in Chitwan (Laxmi Higher Secondary School): I feel proud to have cast the vote on his historic day. This day marks the death of feudal monarchical system. Pro-republic and progressive forces have already won this election.






6 responses to “Election Day Violence: Where, What and How?”

  1. Sangesh Avatar

    Violence is inevitable in any election and this was not an exception as well. But in this election the violence has certainly decreased given the current situation of our country. Thanks to the security measures taken before hand.

  2. gamgadhi Avatar

    new update as of now: prakash 1407, pradip 758, ramman 350

  3. spiderman Avatar

    Result will have to be accepted, main thing is understanding how to construct a legal debate without violence bistare bistare. People have spoken. Surprised?

  4. aaceaze Avatar

    Peace is here to stay!!!

  5. Roshan Avatar

    This is good in one way too, since the violence in before polls have been in more than this. But still its bad to hear people having to lose their life during poll or in normal day to day life.

  6. haha Avatar

    why so quiet Wagle?

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