Suspended King and Former Autocrat Gyanendra Urges Us To Vote!

In yet another instance of demonstrating hypocrisy, suspended king Gyanendra who is NOT registered to vote has urged all people of Nepal to VOTE in the election of Constituent Assembly polls tomorrow. Issuing a press statement today through is palace secretariat, Gyanendra who staged a coup d’état, imposed an emergency and suspended the freedom of expression and imposed autocracy in February 2005 urged US to exercise OUR democratic franchise in a free and fair environment maintaining harmony and unity in the crucial polls. Instead of getting out of the Narayanhitti Palace, stopping to feed himself from the hard earned money of Nepali people, Gyanendra who assumed the throne under doubtful circumstances, issues a press statement in which he says:

“Beloved countrymen, it has been our only wish that the country progresses and prospers according to the sovereign decision of the people through the democratic process and that the nation’s existence, independence and integrity come under threat in no situation.

“We request all Nepalese citizens who are eligible to vote to exercise their democratic right in the April 10 Constituent Assembly elections in a free, fair and fear-free environment, maintaining the mutual harmony and unity.”

Updated on April 13:

In his customary New Year’s Day message King Gyanendra today (Baishak 1, 2056) said: “The enthusiastic participation of the Nepalese people in the Constituent Assembly elections, through which they have emphatically reiterated their firm resolve not to compromise the nation’s existence, independence and integrity under any circumstance, is a source of satisfaction for us. Along with peace and democracy, may the New Year inspire us all to uphold our legendary wisdom in ensuring that our national pride, its distinctive values and identity remain uppermost. On the occasion of the advent of the New Year 2065, we extend best wishes for peace, good health and prosperity of all Nepalese, living in the country and abroad.”






12 responses to “Suspended King and Former Autocrat Gyanendra Urges Us To Vote!”

  1. Gaurab Avatar

    Don’t make an issue of nowt. He’s in his rights to say that.

  2. Deepak Avatar

    He may be within his ‘rights’ to say it but that still makes him a hypocrite

  3. Neutral Observer Avatar
    Neutral Observer

    From a neutral perspective all Nepali leaders, from the left, the right and the center are all hypocrites. It is Mr. Wagle’s prejudice that speaks more than Gyanendra’s message does. As far as the neutral Nepalis are concerned, messages from the king, the PM, UNMIN, Jimmy Carter etc. are all lip service.

    Intolerance is the apple of discord in Nepal and that is the sole reason for the continued suffering of all Nepalese.

  4. kanchha Avatar

    for all those lucky bastards who are licking the boots of other nations, visit
    you will be pleased.

  5. scoop Avatar

    the only hypocrites are the spam. the king has shown great patientce. no one can deny that.

  6. scoop Avatar

    look at them fighing like dogs – and we call it a democratic election for CA- what a farce.

  7. Bhayankar Avatar

    It would be unfair to accuse only the king of “feeding himself out of hard earned income of Nepali people”. All the politicians are doing that including the great visionary Maoist leaders. With an increase in the number of constituencies even more money is going to go into pampering our great politicians. Please don’t accuse the king unfairly. I fully agree with a previous post that says that he has shown uncommon patience. I cannot imagine any of the politicians to have behaved in such manner.

  8. Cat* Avatar

    Yeah, seriously. Give him a break. We all agree he made several grave mistakes in the past but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s shown tremendous amounts of patience in the last two years and has not taken any steps to delegitimise the democratic process. In fact he has been criticised by politicians, currently running for the assembly, as not having been active enough to save the monarchy. So, we need to stop playing the blame game all the time, trying to pin everything on him and learn to take some responsibility. Once the monarchy goes, IF the monarchy goes, the politicians will have no one to blame anymore and then we’ll see how much better they are at dealing with the situation. It is in all our best interests to take some responsibility and give the King a break. If he hadn’t said anything, people would have criticised him. And even for saying something encouraging, he is being criticised. It’s a very nasty no win situation for him- and that’s not fair!

  9. yeah right!!!! Avatar
    yeah right!!!!

    he sounds like this guy in 3rd grade, who used to be the dada of the class, but got beat up really bad one day, and the next day he came to school with pocket full of candies to entice and buy friendship from other kids thinking he could shroud what shame he may have garnered from the beating….sound familier guys??? You feel bad for him dont you, kind of like youve been there done that???? hahaha. pussies.

  10. Simple nepali Avatar
    Simple nepali

    I fully agree with the former post that for the neutral Nepalis all of these messages are all lip service. It does not make any positive difference, it does not have any positive intent for the people. the best way to respond to them is to not be bothered too much, not at all in fact. It’s time to hold our seat tight, now as the king and his old regime, however bad, is like a setting sun, and the days of darkness, the root of which is unnecssary doubt and intolerance, looks eminent unless there is a miracle of some kind…

  11. scoop Avatar

    if the spam keep their word, and since they have not allowed any campaining to retain monarchy so no chance for anyone else to win the votes (a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea) – it means we are a republic, then we will see who will blame whome in this new India ( sorry Nepal), or is it thimbuwan, limbuwan, newar, madhes etc etc, many nations. 10 years down the line i wonder who wil be having the last laugh or cry rather.

  12. wow Avatar

    SPAMaoist are now thinking how the hell do we retain our punching bag. Without it we are exposed a well.. The game is over or another one has just begun.

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