Poll Violence: Dang and Surkhet Incidents

SEVEN KILLED, 22 INJURED IN DANG CLASH: Seven persons were killed and 22 injured in firing during a clash between Nepali Congress and Maoist cadres at Lamahi under Constituency No 1. Maoists said the firing was opened by NC cadres and all the killed persons were Maoist activists. Among the killed, four died on the spot while one died en route to Bhairahawa for treatment. The killed have been identified as Purnaman Sen of Rajapur-9, Labaru Chaudhary of Chaulahi-2, Shital Chaudhary of Sailihar-5, Min Pun of Bela-3 and Jeevlal Chaudhary of Chaulahi-2. Local administration has clamped an indefinite curfew so as to prevent the situation from worsening further. SSP Dipak Kumar Thapa said investigation into the incident was ongoing. The feud between NC and Maoist cadres ensued after Maoists seized over 50 NC activists and handed over to the police, saying that the 50 persons did not belong to the constituency. Maoists said NC cadres opened fire to free them even though agreement had been reached to keep them in custody throughout the polls.

UML CANDIDATE SHOT DEAD IN SURKHET: CPN-UML candidate for CA polls from Surkhet-1 Rishi Prasad Sharma was shot dead by an unidentified gang while he was coming to Chhinchu from Maitawada of the district last evening. The gang intercepted Sharma’s vehicle on the way and opened fire on him. He died en route to Birendranagar for treatment. After Sharma’s death, UML activists vandalized three ambulances of Surkhet hospital and two other vehicles in Birendranagar and one bus in Chhinchu. After the death, local administration has imposed an indefinite curfew in Birendranagar and Chhinchu area since 10 pm last night.






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  1. Paribartan Avatar

    These events are meaningful in the eve of CA polls. I think the image of NC has plummeted by these events. NC loses moral grounds for criticizing Maoists if they are seen to harbour such ‘criminals’ in their bosom.
    I am not a supporter of any rightist force. Even though I respect NC for its support of democracy. But even many NC ‘karyakartas’ are fed up of its ‘natabad’ and ‘kripabad’ which was seen even when selecting the candidates. What leaves me in dismay is why the **** can’t they kick the steriotypes like Khumbahadur, Chiranjibi, Gobinda Bdr. from the candidacy. ( I know they can never kick them frm the party).
    UML is being sober(comparitively) in the election campaign. It has become a centrist force without much of a strong stance in any particular subject.
    Maoists made a blunder to form the YCL. It has lost the holding in the grass level. Was it not for the YCL and the ethnic Federalism I would support them.
    Who the **** carries the real agenda for Nepalese ppl?? All are singing their own tunes,,Election has become like a mafia war of Sicily and they agree in the seats just like them.
    I wanna say **** off to Kantipur media for being biased.

  2. Bhayankar Avatar

    “an’t they kick the steriotypes like Khumbahadur, Chiranjibi, Gobinda Bdr. from the candidacy.” One could say that same with the list of Maoists (terrorist). Nobody is a saint here. Let everyone have a chance. People will decide.

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