Election News: Alcohol Banned in Kathmandu

Alcohol banned in public places in capital during election period Kathmandu District Administration Thursday banned the use and sale of alcohol in public places from April 7 to April 13 in light of the April 10 polls, reports eKantipur.. The administration made it clear that the public places include hotels, restaurants and shops as well. It has also prohibited anyone from carrying weapons including khukuris, vaalas and lathis and has forbidden any activities that may spread fear among the people during the election period. The district administration has warned that it will punish those who defy these laws.

EC instructs officers to sack officials not at their posts: The Election Commission (EC) Thursday instructed the Election Officers to sack and penalise those officials who are not at their designated posts for the Constituent Assembly elections as instructed by the EC. The EC informed that around 234,000 civil servants and teachers will be mobilized during the polls. The EC spokesperson Laxman Bhattari said that the EC has issued instructions to immediately sack and penalise those officials who are not ready to travel to their allocated places to oversee the polls. He also informed that Rs. 1.5 million in insurance has been allocated for the officials mobilized for the April 10 polls by the EC.

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4. NWPP, Maoist blame each other for attacking their cadres

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  1. without booz nepal can be a country like normal.
    Anyone drunk will beat their wives it happens even in Spain.
    What is wrong with chia? Even herbal chia.

  2. In any good democracy alcohol is prohibited look at the russian mafia because of WODKA, look at italian mafia, also arms industry and games.
    Germany too much beer produced nazis.
    We had a socialist project in Amsterdam where poor kids were raised to go to school and there was no alcohol our most famous football player Johan Cruyff is from betondorp also former director of THE best newspaper also two main writers.
    Alcohol destroys brain cells. Thinking is okay. Think.

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