Five Day Holiday For Election!

If everything goes as planned, with the Constituent Assembly polls Nepal will see the longest public holiday in the year. The government Wednesday announced a five-day public holiday for the Constituent Assembly polls scheduled for April 10. A cabinet meeting held today at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar agreed to announce a public holiday from April 7 to April 10 to facilitate the people’s participation in the CA polls. The government has already announced a two week long vacation for schools starting from Wednesday. Meanwhile violation of election code of conduct and inter-party clashes continue (read here) in several districts.






6 responses to “Five Day Holiday For Election!”

  1. SUDIP JEE Avatar

    Wow five day public holiday ! The election became great festival. Have the nice time to all Nepali brothers and sisters. Best of luck all candidates.

  2. Samrat, Lele Avatar
    Samrat, Lele

    Thsis is the very good news for all. thanks to the gov of nepal and all everybody . i kindly request all of the nepalese throgh this blog to be participate int he constituent assembly election for the bettermet of the vountyry. it’s up to whom to vote but remember twice and thrice for the good representative. i recommned all of you is that the good party will be the maoists

  3. coke Avatar

    Altogether 10 days….

  4. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Well actually 5 day holiday is too much… since the economy of our country in not even in a stable condition. and think about the loss the country actually will have to bear in this holidays. how can the country put this kind of holidays?

  5. Shreemani Avatar

    This is just great. Since me or other as ppl working long for this kind of long holidays. As, Sudeep jee also stated election has become a type of festival for all of us. Happy election time.

  6. aaceaze Avatar

    i feel..that 5 days holiday is too’ll go just like tat…we’re used to the 2-3 days bandh every week anyways!!

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