For Prachanda, Nepal With King In Palace Is A Republic

Maoist Supremo Prachanda today claimed that a new era has begun with the ‘legitimate end of the monarchy’. Referring to yesterday’s decision of the interim parliament, the Maoist Chairman added that now a new era had dawned with the end of the monarchy.

[Maoists submit names of its ministers: read here]

Third Amendment of Interim Constitution Clears Deck for Republic

The Interim Parliament yesterday passed a third amendment to the Interim Constitution, stating that Nepal would become a federal democratic republic after the Constituent Assembly poll. Parliament amended Article 159 of the constitution. The amendment reads: “Nepal will be a federal democratic republic.” The amendment also says the decision would be enforced by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.” The amendment provides for parliament, through a two-third majority, to abolish the monarchy before the CA poll if the government is convinced that the king is conspiring against the poll. The amendment also formally transfers the position of head of state to the prime minister.

The constitution promulgated on January 16, 2007 was amended for the first time in March following a month-long Madhes movement, and for a second time on June 13 after the government’s failure to hold CA polls by mid-June.

Only three members- Pashupati Shumsher Rana and Krishna Pratap Malla of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and Pari Thapa of CPN (United)- voted against the proposal. Four members, two each from Rastriya Janashakti Party and Sadbhavana Party, boycotted the voting.

Amendment draws flak

“Constituent Assembly elected through fresh a mandate of the people is the only body that can exercise the people’s sovereign power,” said Rastriya Janashakti Party Chairman Surya Bahadur Thapa. “If this crucial decision is taken by the seven parties then where does sovereignty rest on?” He also warned of severe consequences because of SPA’s authoritarian attitude. (read here more about the amendment)

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52 thoughts on “For Prachanda, Nepal With King In Palace Is A Republic

  1. Nepal will need the King to maintain a balanced Democracy…the people will reject this abolition in a referendum..hence this haste and unjustified immoral decision by this body of so called legislators…

  2. SPAM is a joke and they are turning politics into mockery– when asked about these ammendmentson Kantipur TV (Bahas), Arjun Narsing KC was hiding his shame under the guise of a smile and laughter– they couldn’t even answeer these simple questions which SPAN have the duty to be answerable to:

    1. Is Nepal a republic now or will be after the CA?
    2. Is Nepal a federal state now, if yes, then how many regions does Nepal have now?
    3. If this parliament only took the decision on republic and federal system and it is for the CA elected parliament to “implement” then is the SPAM decision “suspended” until the CA elections?
    4. Is SPAM above the law- how can they do things that are not defined by law– and how can they start making laws AFTER they make decisions?

    These groups of thugs have destroyed our country and in the process have oversold the “janata” terminology. All of them need to be severely punished.

    The biggest joke this weeek was the replacement of a Biswokarma minister with a Bhushal by the Maoists– veryr inclusive!!

  3. Present Nepal govt. is not a Nepalese elected government. Hence, it is a good decision that declaration on monarchy is left for the rightfully elected people to make. Question of Monarchy will be open agenda in the election (if it happens ever, see Therefore, an election will also be a referendum on accepting or denouncing monarchy.

    I am quite confused here, “What did actually change with new SPAM agreement”. I may be lost here, but in my understanding, Monarchy question was always left for the elected people to deal with, wasn’t it?

    Was all this maoist ghurki a political campaigning to say that they are more anti monarchy than others. And what is the issue with “simple majority” on selecting fate of monarchy. If it is not overwhelming decision (2/3 deal) then there will be too many people with non-agreement view, and therefore, it is more likely that (say 40% in case of 60-40%) we may be taking illogical decision on a very sensitive issue which will only be based on “head counted elected members”.

    Of course one good outcome of this new agreement of SPAM is that, maoist have now accepted that they cannot get 2/3 majority. I fear that they might say that election was rigged if they don’t win.

    I just can’t make any logic. I don’t want to try.

  4. Who says there can’t be a king and the country can’t be a republic?

    The origin of the word republic is from Latin Res Publica meaning “Public Matter” or “Public Property” or simply “The State”.

    Rome was a Res publica until its fall, whether it was an empire or a republic.

    Here’s a link of a monarchial republic that no longer exists as such.

    During transition, there may be a king remaining. Believe me it will be very tough to get this king get out.

    In any case, peace and prosperity is the most important thing. People will choose whoever gives them that. And to put the cherry on the top – this constitutional amendment is unconstitutional too, just like the king’s grab of power was.

    How can lawmakers who were elected in the 20th century claim themselves to be the voice of the Nepalese of the 21st century? It’s comical.

  5. Nepal cannot sustain republic. Watch it converted into another Afghanistan within 7 years time.

    Maoists won’t leave the govt, it’s too lucrative for them (I told you so..)

  6. it is very interesting note to be read seriously on the Future of New Nepal under Terrorist leadership, What is the future of Nepal and Neplais?

    Can’t help but draw some parallels to sikkim. Back then in 1975, the Chogyal of Sikkim was to prove extremely unpopular among his people with them calling for increasing representation among the nepalese community. Post riots and a formal request for protection from India, sikkim became the 22 state of the indian union and the monarchy was abolished.

    Playing the numbers game here, but 22 years after 1975 in 1997 the Nepalese maoists started their campaign for a socialist republic. 10 years after in 2007 they have seemed to succeed in abolishing the Nepalese monarchy and calling for a republic.

    I get the feeling that once elections take place and the monarchy is abolished early next year, we could start to see the growth of new ties between the two republics and a much closer unity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new prime minister of Nepal starts calling for a new framework of India/Nepal ties loosely arranged on the form of union of sorts.
    Indian/Nepalese armies would merge and northern border posts and observatory points would start to be built along the northern Nepalese border overlooking tibet.

    India will have effectively gained strategic control of Nepal without a shot being fired.

    On another note, but my rather sparse glimpses of Indian TV shows recently has me seeing Indians of Nepalese descent and of the North East turning up on a variety of Indian shows. Some have even won Idol shows leading to a mass fan base and a closer integration of Indians and Nepalese themselves.
    Another exercise in bonding and reassuring cultural affinity perhaps?

    In brief terms again, i do feel with the monarchy gone Indian and Nepal ties will grow significantly and proposals will be called for greater integration between the two. India will effectively gain greater control of the northern himalaya border with Tibet and its security increased.

    Or perhaps im hoping that this will all come to pass…

  7. Evangelical groups of Peoples and Christian aid funding agencies in Nepal are successfully implemented their design program to abolish more than two hundred years institutions that is pillar to protect Nepal and her identity with in her diversity communities. Since civil societies, so called journalists and major parties leader were successfully received good amount of dollars in the name of human rights and democracy strengthening schemes, in order to fabricated voice among few circle against the monarchy with suppressing voices and rights of impoverished people of Nepal. It has been clear to many learned soul that once Monarchy completely abloslied the crimes, atrocities, rape and more d established inside the countries, regional fight raise that is helping southern neighbouring to play vitale role in taking incharge of Nepalis internal and external security. This episode is providing crediable environment to play the numbers game here, but 22 years after 1975 in 1997 the Nepalese maoists started their campaign for a socialist republic. 10 years after in 2007 they have seemed to suceed in abolishing the Nepalese monarchy and calling for a republic.

    It is dead sure that we will definatly loose our identity and soil near future that this old maron GP and killer Puspa Kamal Dhahal ‘s egoistic role and behavior.

  8. I dedicate this line from Bob Dylan to the King: “your old world is rapidly fading; get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a-changing…”

    Nepal needs a real leader to restore order and rule of law.

  9. bideshi– its ironic but the lines from Bob Dylan seem more logical to apply to the corrupt and terrorising SPAM thugs.. they are the ones who need to ship out if they can’t run this country anymore– they are wasting everyone’s time. The king you are talking about has been out for two years now.

  10. how helpless we Nepales ppl seems that these corrupt and inept leaders ccan do anything…the political parties are being played by india…the SPAM rule is a lot worse than the king’s direct rule…

  11. Republic Kingdom

    Republic and Kingdome are actually the best antonyms and greatest enemy like water and fire. Where there is one, other’s presence is impossible or insignificant. But it seems anything is possible here and thus Nepal is now proudly declared by seven parties as a republic nation with monarch.
    We are really in a state of limbo that neither can we acknowledge the presence of king nor can we deny or ignore that passive power whom this same government who declared the end of monarchy are feeding the state fund!
    It is a joke that Nepal is now declared republic from parliament. But the monarch turned dictator turned puppet is still in national palace receiving the facility from state. What is its significance to declare republic when there is king. What is the use of declaring boy a girl when he is not? As non seven parties comment and criticize that seven parties can now do anything and prove anything upon agreement though they might not be true! What is the use on declaring Nepal a republic now when it is not? So how should we define the political condition of Nepal right now? Best term used may be “Republic Kingdom”.

    Samyam Waglé
    Bungkot, Gorkha.

  12. I think that the royalists should be thankful that their king was not chased out of the palace with sticks and stones.

  13. the king’s direct rule which lasted for only a year and a half was a lot better by miles and miles than the widespread chaos and anarchy that exist now under SPAM rule. but its clear that the bhede nepalis can’t get enough of SPAM. as you sow so you reap. enjoy new nepal everyone.

  14. bhayankar– teacher turned terrorist Pushpa Kamal Dahal recently talked about aligning with the nationalist people who were surrouding the KIng– he later made a failed attempt at qualifying his statement that waht he meant was only politicians who were close to the king but were not royalists (what a joke this guy is turning out to be)– this shows why no one could use sticks and stones. The Maoists are the closest allies of the palace and this nexus is not very well understood by Nepalese people and the coorrupt thugs.

  15. Why are the Nepalese people feeding and living under the dictatorship of the unelected government who are actually terrorists-turned-warlords-turn-politicians. Not one party but all seven of the deadly ruling alliance after all has blood of the innocent Nepali people in it’s hands. So why accept this?

  16. How are you comrade PK Dahal? We will see how things will go for you by April.

  17. Very interesting, Avinash?
    Well, this one person Binayak, self acclaimed Voice of
    an entire country – just another cry from the far right field.
    We’ve heard it all before. But, what are the CA going to do
    about (ex) killer king Gyanendra? I think he belongs in

  18. seriously guys why don’t we conbtribute money and hire someone to kill all thugs leader of Nepal. i am sure we will find someone. sick of political party

  19. count me in santosh. i’ll give a thousand dollars myself. we need some hitmen. i am sick of all the fiasco too, we are going nowhere, the country is in tatters, our economy is in tatters, Indians are entering Nepal and shouting antiNepal slogans and the SPAM are doing nothing.
    Republic Nepal??? Is this the kind of republic we dreamed of??
    I have one more proposition- if somebody is willing to train me i volunteer to be a hitman myself and kill all these illegitimate sons of Nepal.

  20. what do u expect from a teacher who turned into a terrorist (TTT) and still follows the Mao doctorine– he has blood in his hands this guy PKD? He is a firm beleiver of cognitive dissonance– PKD loves to talk about things he will never do. what a hippocrit.

  21. Anyday ready to put in a hundred thousand Euros to finish off the SPAM warlords.

  22. If a ‘Democrat’ like Bhutto could be removed there is no reason why the terrorist politicians can’t be. SPAMmmers should and must go.

  23. We should not become murderous terrorists ourselves to remove corrupt petty politicians from power. The King is a non-issue ; he had a chance but did not seize the moment. Now, only the Nepal Army can step in to restore order and rule of law. The criminals that have been robbing the nation must be arrested, their passports seized, and forced to return the wealth they have illegally amassed at the countries expense. The Army should then ruthlessly suppress any violent dissent from ANY quarter, and then schedule safe, fair elections to form a true government of the people. Only this can save Nepal.

  24. “The King is a non-issue ; he had a chance but did not seize the moment. ”

    utter bull. the king was not even given a chance to sort out the mess. yes, he did try, but right from his first day the corrupt politicians, the nepali media and the international community put one obstacle after the other and did not even let him do his job. but then why did he have to try to fix the mess that he is not even responsible for? he should have let the people who created the mess fix them. he should have let the nation and its thankless bhede people suffer and die a horrible death. coz that’s what they deserve. nepal is a funny place. only cheats, liars, and murderers thrive in this damned land whereas virtuous people who follow an honourable path are trampled on and lynched. the king ended up paying a heavy price for trying to rescue the nation. he should have known better than to try and do good for the country. he should have known that there are contemptible nepalis not even worthy to be called humans, the kind who would even kill their own parents or brothers for selfish interests. but the king need not fret because soon this nation is going to pay a much bigger price than what he had to.

  25. When the King still had the full loyalty of the Army and had full powers during the state of emergency, he could have taken decisive forceful action. He did not, and backed down in the face of the Maoist conjured and conspired Jandolan. That was his missed opportunity. It would have been painful, granted, but it should have been done. That moment is passed now and only the Nepal Army has the unity and strength to act. If only it had the will.

  26. NST, on January 3rd, 2008 at 4:55 pm Said:
    Bideshi, on January 3rd, 2008 at 8:43 pm Said:


    Well said!

  27. Hats Off to you NST. Very true, thoughful, well said.

    I pray for the King and the Country.

  28. Outrageous!!

    We are in this mess becasue of the incompetence of Mr Gyanendra. King messed all things up, I thought he took right step when he dismissed Deuba govt and try to run the government himself. But he is so incompetent that even those who were fighting in the Jungles dare to come to the cities and made ordinery peoples life hell. He has to be blamed for all things that happened after so called janandolan. It was becasue of his lack of courage and decisiveness people are suffering and all those killings in Terai should also be blamed on him.

    He deserved the consequences and I’m happy he is paying the price but the irony is people are paying for his mistakes too and are suffering the tyranny of SPA and esp maoists. Had he took decisive steps and acted more stringently Nepal would have been lot better place. Those who still thinks he is better leader than SPAs, I feel pity for them. He is as incompetent, if not more, as SPAs. We better get rid of him now then SPAs!! Need a complete overhaul of Nepal’s political system ,not to mention the parties. I agree with Bideshi that Army has to take initiative to avoid total disintigration of a country!!

  29. Am not a royalist but I would choose the King over this bunch of thugs any given time………..

    And above I read a comment from somebody that royalists should thank because tehe King was not chased with shoes etc……….

    Who is gonna chase the King? you!!!!

    Keyboard warriors…… Mfkrs

  30. hatne haina dati ladne nepaliko baani hunchha,kahile najhukne seer ooveko swaavimaani nepali hunchha, biswo ko kunaa kaapchaa maa khoja , nepaliko mutu ma khoja tyahan singo nepal hunchha tyahan raja rani hunchha…..

  31. As expected earlier, the elligitimate interim parliamentary session of the self nominated MP’s amended the already expired and elligitimate interim constitution by a two third majority.

    As per the amendment, the country has been declared a republic to be effective from the first session of the

    constituent assembly like wise, it has been decided that the CA election will be held within the Nepalese month of Chaitra this year 12 April 2008. At the cost of declaring a republic,the Maoist accepted the mixed system of election for the CA.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  32. Prime Minister Koirala was inches away from being the tallest stateman in Nepal’s History.He bought the marauding Maoists into the mainstream.The king was pensioned off into the palace..

    The extrim left and rabid right tightly reigned in, it appeared for a while that he would build on centrist politics. The international community was in awe of the octogenarian. President Jimmy carter called him his ‘hero’. Manmohan Shingh pronounced him a south Asian stalwart.

    His daughter Sujata koirala is positioning herself as heir apparent, but by waving the card of constitution monarchy. Even she seems to have failed to gauge people’s frustrations with politics of elite consensus.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  33. These goons of the so called interim parliament are pseudo-dictators, and the head honcho Girija Baje is willing to make all sorts of concessions to the Maoists to keep that coveted PM post. This sort of appeasement strategy is going to backfire, for sure.

    SPA is nothing but paper tiger.

    Whatever happened to the right of the people? Are these self-nominated clowns the true reps of the Nepali people?

    Maoists have no intention to contest the elections. They are aware that they will not get anything close to a majority. Maoists will create havoc and the so called CA elections will be postponed yet again. People’s right to have its say will once again be revoked.


    This Samyan dude’s fallacious arguments just goes to show his naiveté and myopic outlook.

  34. 1.yo sabai bhayeko RAW ( India ) ka dalal 7/8 dal le garda ho…………. je hos aba yo maobadi sena lai seema surakcha gara lagaunu parcha, ra saath saathai Greater nepal ko mudda ma yeslai pani sangai parichalan garna parcha… … yo TIKE saamsad haru le desh lai tukryaune nai bhaye…TIKE haru lai je manlagcha tehi garne adhikar kasle diyo?? Dhoti ( india) ko yisara ma 40 lakhs Indian lai nagarikta bade aba pheri Nepal lai Sanghatmak Gadatantra ghosada gardai chan…yo desh lai jaati gat aadhar ma sangh ghosada garda bhayenkar dusparina aucha… yenha 7/8 jaati matra basdainan… kathmandu ma basne Tamang hu.. yeslai Newa gadarajya ghosada gare hami gair Newar haru le hatiyaar uthaune chau… Yek jaati, Nepali matra hunuparcha.. ra Nepal lai yekatmak nai rakhnu parcha…. ani Greater nepal banauna parcha…. Jaya Greater Nepal, Nepali jaati, Nepali bhasa.

  35. hope,

    you must be be seriously demented if you think that the king is responsible for the chaos and anarchy in nepal. hellooo, was it the king or the corrupt politicains running the country since 1990? the king only took control briefly in 2005 when things got totally out of control and there was absolute lawlessness across the country. but the corrupt politicians, having lost the freedom to do as they please with impunity, did the unthinkable and joined hands with the maoists. it just shows to what extent the corrupt politicians are willing to go to get back to power. the politicians have confessed that they actively helped the maoists lauch attacks against securioty forcrs and government buildings and destrroy vital infasturcture during the time the king took control. these politicains don’t give a damn about the country and the people. they are worse than bihari goons. they were not able to contol the situation themselves nor did they allow the king to do so. when the king annonced the polls they publicly declared that they would kill the candidates if they contested the polls. the 12 point agreement between maoists and parties was orchestrated at the behest of new delhi and the original draft was in hindi. the king had said that he was taking the control temporarily for only three years. he was made to step down in just over a year. its insane to blame the king. if king was the real reason behind the mess why is it that the country is in a dire situation now than before when the parties and the maosits have been running the show for more than two years since the king stepped down after a brief stint? why is there a total breakdown of law and order and people are more insecure than ever before? according to you becasue the counrty has been declared a republic by these politicians and the king has been reduced to a non entity every thing should have been honky dory. why is it that the things have gotten far more worse?

  36. “why is it that the things have gotten far more worse? ”

    I agree with you. Things will continue to deteriorate unless a strong hand asserts control. We are facing anarchy and national dissolution. Will no one step forward to save Nepal?

  37. “why is there a total breakdown of law and order and people are more insecure than ever before? ”

    Glad that you admit. Yeah it is far worse than before, it was lot better when king didnot take over. Atleast the Maoists were declared terrorists and they were unable to penetrate into the cities.

    What do you think mate?? Was not the king given opportunity to be a hero of the nation?? Was not he himself declared he would clear the maoist mess? Were not people supportive of his move for at least one long year?? Don’t you think it was out of his stupidity that the hopeless SPA(then) forced to join hands with the declared terrorist?? Was not his lack of vision and leadership made a blunder which gave a rise to unholy alliance which inturn made his own life hell(he deserve that) and also made the entire populace suffer immensely?? If you may recall , the rallies of then SPAs were merely of few people not even counting to hundreds, wasnot that enough evidence that SPAs didnot have any support and he was given full unspoken support by the people?? If he is blind to see those can you blame anybody??

    You cannot get excuses like he was not given enough support or time to act or there were lot of obstacles and roadblocks on his way, common buddy, who declared yourself king?? What all the power and army behind you for?? You have to show the leadership when there are lot of difficulties ,lot of obstacles.If it’s that easy why he should take over?? Sher Bdr Deuba was incompetent enough to create a mess, why we need Gyanendra for that??

    Let’s put it this way: Had he not taken over, the country would definitely get some international support to curb the maoists violence and as there was War on Terror going accross the globe Nepal wouldn’t be left out. And as facts proved it maoists never dared to come to the urban area as they feared a genuine backlash , scared of the overwhelming military and financial assistance from foreign powers to eliminate them. They were declared terrorist by India and many other countries which was sufficient enough to wage allout war against them. What the king did, he came out and distracted international outrage from Maoists to himself, wasn’t that stupid enough ?? If you are not gutsy enough why gamble with the country?? If you are not daring enough why play with nation’s future??

    I no way defend and support SPAs, they are the traitors of our Nation,they have destroyed our country to pieces and they must pay the price once people will have the opportunity to have their say, having said that if you think king is better than these thugs ,you are having realy really outsiders perspective!! He is solely responsible for the two years hell after socalled ‘Janandolan’, it definitely was his idiocacy and stupidity and incompetence that we are in such a sorry state. He is paying the price for his blunder but he took the entire nation to the payroll aswell!!

  38. hope,

    I still feel that spam should be blamed more than a king for this chaos and anarchy and division.
    Everyone knew that this situation will come after abolishing the monarchy all of certain without poll, vision and strategies. The cases are there in Afghanistan, Iraq, Combodia and other African countries countries. Yes king Gyanendra unable to handle the situation but what about Spam ? They committed people to bring peace and democracy after takeover of all power from king. They assured that they will bring heaven rule in their regime by considering it New Nepal. They even told that Nepal will become Switzerland. But all became lie and they had broken the promises what they made infront of people. They are the one who gave space to RAW and they are the one who raise the voice of ethnic rights. Now they are paying the price of it. Now they are being tagged as “Pratigaman” by different ethnic groups. After April, either they have to surrender to ethnic groups or country will face dangerous civil war.

  39. nepalko aavaswaktaa ganatantra haina. raksi oohi ani bottle maatra fernu ko kunai khaas mahatwo chhaina.

  40. i m so surprised to see Mr. hope accusing the king! Had he been given the three years he would have changed a lot because all of us know the degrading situation of the country before he took the power in his hand. The king wanted changes but is aware of the attitudes of the so called leaders (are they leaders??) and the corrupted officials. So he tried to keep them all in control and save the country. I don’t know why I deeply respect and believe in him. I am never a particular politically inclined people. I just love my country and always wanted the good of all. But things turn out bad. Foreign powers didn’t like the good of Nepal and they got easy nepali leaders (who are ready to die for money). They got some big media into their hands and we know how sensible and powerful is Media !! They all got huge tonnes of money and were ready to be their slaves. Poor and illiterate nepali people couldn’t think freely and individually. What a painful truth.

    Today my mother Nepal is crying and no one is stepping for the sake of her happiness coz nepalis have become cowards (very sorry to say so!! ) But what a painful truth!!

    Shree pashupatinath le hami sabaiko rakshya garun !! King Gyanendra is simply great and bears a kinghood personality!! Long live the king ! Long live nepal. Let good fate fall on all nepalis. jaya jaya nepal. jaya nepali.

  41. Some people used to say “in republic concept, the country will disintegrate and country turn it into Afghanistan” -which is becoming true looking at the present scenario.

    This thrilling waves of politics changing the direction to abolish the stupid spaM leaders as well. Now, DPA is coming in political front in geometrical sequence. Within few months, those who are against the misrule of spaM are going to unite in the name of DPA.

  42. Till his last breath, BPKoirala had never compromised with his political ideals and commitments. Although he has taken many extreme steps including the armed struggle, he maintained morality in politics. Whether he was in prison or orexile,BPKoirala alwayas saw monarchy as an important for Nepal’s independence edentity

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]

  43. To day, our country is in a national crisis.All have realized that this crisis is getting leightened since the last few years. As a result, the very national identity has been indangered,said BPKoirala in the statement he gave on return exile on December 30, 1976. Although more than three decades have already passed since he issued the statement, Nepal’s situation is getting much worse. From regional group to ethnic groups, there are even demands for separation.

    At a time when a country needs to have strong unity and reconcileation of monarchy, under the leadership of BPs own brother prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala or Pusp Kamal Dahal the government is marginalizing the institution of monarchy by putting it torture chamber @

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]

  44. At a time when the country needs to have strong unity and reconciliation between the whole forces and traditional enstitution of monarchy, under the leadership of BP,s own brother prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala, the government is marginalizing the enstitution of monarchy by putting it in torture chamber @

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]
    Boston, USA.

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