For Prachanda, Nepal With King In Palace Is A Republic

Maoist Supremo Prachanda today claimed that a new era has begun with the ‘legitimate end of the monarchy’. Referring to yesterday’s decision of the interim parliament, the Maoist Chairman added that now a new era had dawned with the end of the monarchy.

[Maoists submit names of its ministers: read here]

Third Amendment of Interim Constitution Clears Deck for Republic

The Interim Parliament yesterday passed a third amendment to the Interim Constitution, stating that Nepal would become a federal democratic republic after the Constituent Assembly poll. Parliament amended Article 159 of the constitution. The amendment reads: “Nepal will be a federal democratic republic.” The amendment also says the decision would be enforced by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.” The amendment provides for parliament, through a two-third majority, to abolish the monarchy before the CA poll if the government is convinced that the king is conspiring against the poll. The amendment also formally transfers the position of head of state to the prime minister.

The constitution promulgated on January 16, 2007 was amended for the first time in March following a month-long Madhes movement, and for a second time on June 13 after the government’s failure to hold CA polls by mid-June.

Only three members- Pashupati Shumsher Rana and Krishna Pratap Malla of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and Pari Thapa of CPN (United)- voted against the proposal. Four members, two each from Rastriya Janashakti Party and Sadbhavana Party, boycotted the voting.

Amendment draws flak

“Constituent Assembly elected through fresh a mandate of the people is the only body that can exercise the people’s sovereign power,” said Rastriya Janashakti Party Chairman Surya Bahadur Thapa. “If this crucial decision is taken by the seven parties then where does sovereignty rest on?” He also warned of severe consequences because of SPA’s authoritarian attitude. (read here more about the amendment)

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52 responses to “For Prachanda, Nepal With King In Palace Is A Republic”

  1. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

    Even from his daith bed, BP reminded his follower the importance of reconciliation between monarchy and democratic forces to protect the country from crisis.’ ‘We are in a very difficult situation. Our country, our race and our land is passing through a very difficult sitution. We need to protect them. For this we need to maintain better relation with those institution including monarchy which can protect the nation.

    Monarchy is such an institution which can contribute a lot to protect our Nepal. Otherwise the element-which has been destroying our nation-can use to achieve its objective backing as from behind and supporting us.’

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]
    Boston, USA.

  2. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

    As soon as prime minister Girija Prasad Ko
    irala gave up BP’s national reconciliation and chose the confrontation with monarchy, what his senior brother had predicted is coming true. From the voice calling for disentegration of country to fast irosion of base of Nepali Congress, new tragic situation is emerging.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]
    Boston, USA

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