Referendum Politics: Revisiting Regression?

Referendum would be a step backward from where we are now and many steps backward from results of the Constituent Assembly elections.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

“Roop” and “saar” (appearance and essence) are the two words that comrade Prachanda loves using the most. Many might not instantly believe if I say the Maoist is a republican party only in roop. It’s the one force that is in essence, in the name of super leftist politics, providing breathing ground to the ailing monarchy. No one should be in doubt that the Maoists were the only force that was responsible for the postponement of the CA election slated for 22 November. They brought up the issues that were already agreed upon (proportional voting system and declaration of a republic) to derail the electoral process. Now they are bringing other non-issues as issues to undermine the prospects of any future Constituent Assembly elections. Talk of the town, suddenly, is the referendum on the fate of monarchy. In principle, no one can deny the democratic nature of the plebiscite but to talk about holding a referendum on monarchy at this point in time would be nothing but provide a life to 240 year old feudal institution.

First, if a CA election can’t happen, as Kantipur asks in today’s editorial, on what ground a referendum can happen in the same situation? The Seven Party Alliance (that includes the Maoist) should first explain to the public why they postponed the election. If the Maoists think the election were not possible because of the king, how will they convince the people that referendum would indeed be possible in the presence of the king?

Referendum would have been useful within first weeks of the successful April revolution of 2006. But now we have come very far from where we were in April 2006. The king is virtually sidelined, at least in papers. The king is on the run. He is hiding deep inside the high walls of Narayanhitti palace. The referendum will bring the king to the surface. The king and his supporters will have to be given the chance to organize campaigns. It will be easy for monarchists to openly come on behalf of the feudal institution. Call me a Kangressi but I agree with the stand taken by the Nepali Congress party that referendum will only give king a voice which will be louder than the one that will possibly come along with the results of CA elections. I am not afraid of referendum and I am sure monarchy will loose in any elections but at this point in time the interest of democratic republicanism will only suffer from the referendum compared to the CA elections. Plus, no one was shouting the slogan of referendum of monarchy in the April revolution. The referendum will bring the royalists and their puppets from deathbed. Recent activism of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is only an example.

Referendum was never a national issue in the past two years. It was initially brought by CPN UML which was instantly snubbed by non other than the Maoists themselves. Maoists shouldn’t be trusted because they haven’t shown commitment to the agreement that they signed. If we decide to hold referendum today, there is no guarantee that the Maoists will bring up another excuse to run away from that. The only medium to tame both the Maoists and the monarchists is to go for CA election which will defeat both. And today we read an interview of chief election commissioner Bhoj Raj Pokharel in which he says the commission can hold CA election by mid-December if parties decide for the same.

The CA was such a national agenda that people from small villages in remote parts of the country to those residing in the hearts of the cities are equally disappointed and frustrated with the decision to postpone the elections. People were ready to vote. I have noticed in the past couple of days that the moral of whole country has gone down because of the decision to push elections to uncertainty. And foreigners have found a great opportunity to mock at our situation.

Look at the words of a statement issued by Indian Hindu fundamentalist party BJP. They are openly advocating for monarchy as if Gyanendra was the president of BJP: “Now the Maoists are forcing the interim parliament for the immediate abolishment of monarchy…Technically any such decision should be taken only by a properly elected constituent assembly.” And I hear a retired Indian army general in BBC Nepali Service talking about the possibility of Indian army coming to Nepal in case Maoists forcefully try to take control of Kathmandu. The only way for Maoists to go to power is through elections, he argued. I don’t blame the BJP or General (rtd.) Ashok Mehta for those remarks, our leadership deserves the credit for providing them such an opportunity.






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  1. asheem Avatar

    just a propaganda tool for them to stick on to power.
    honestly, i am fed up with these ppl.

  2. Analyst Avatar

    This whole country is in TOTAL mess due to the incompetence, negligence, and lack of determination of these corrupt politicians. There is total collapse of law and order in this country. What can we expect when we have the most corrupt and worst Home minister in the history of Nepal, and incompetent and corrupt IGPs Om Bikram Rana and Basudev Oli.
    Look at what happened after the murder of a child Dhiraj adhikari. There is no question that the killers of this child should be punished according to the prevailing law of this country, but the people who torched the house of Shrestha should be punished too. The house was torched in front of the police.

  3. scoop Avatar

    Referendum has always been the most participatory method. Unless of course you are one one those elitist brahmins (think SPAM) who wants to decide everything without the peoples permisson as has been happening.

  4. hawa Avatar

    Damned right you’re a congressi. Typical baun baje hogwash. What is better than a referendum buddy, nothing – one person one vote – not a group of brahminists telling us to vote for the bad party or the worse party, there is no other choice at this point in time. Telling us to bring the crook or the murderer back into power, there is no other choice at this point in time. Thye choice is either for that baun or the other baun.
    I’m afraid the UML and now the maoists are correct this time – A direct vote from a citizen for a reason, no hogwash, no nonsense.

  5. Trishul Avatar

    ““The referendum will bring the king to the surface. It will be easy for monarchists to openly come on behalf of the feudal institution. I am not afraid of referendum and I am sure monarchy will loose in any elections.””

    Then why Parties are afraid to go for referendum?
    Girija is afraid to go for the referendum because the king and his supporters will have to be given the chance to organize campaigns. He knew it very well that King will garner support far higher than some media think about. It can not be an easy win for the SPAMmer against the Monarchy. It was the same reason that Girija was so die hard against the fully proportional election system. These Parties have no agenda for their so called making New Nepal, but it’s only Monarchy vs. Republicanism. Girija foresighted that Pro-Royalists will ultimately come up united and people will vote for the agenda of Monarchy vs. Republicanism and not for the parties. Look, Republican vote has to be divided for Parties including NC, while the pro-royalist parties will get all votes for the monarchy. Girija knew that and recently even after underestimating the number he told that around 20-30% vote will go for Monarchy. Recent surveys in Nepalnews consistently show above 50% for some type of Monarchy. Nepal media is not reflecting the true scenario.
    Maoist will never go to election by themselves. They are now crying for referendum because in that case they don’t have to go to election party wise. Even if Girija had agreed on their demand of going for fully proportional system, I doubt they would have been faithful on their commitment. They made a bluff claim, because they knew Girija wouldn’t accept to go for fully proportional system. Even if Girija had accepted it, it was not possible for the election commission to change the system overnight.

    So, then what would happen next? It’s hard to predict, but one thing is sure; Maoist will try to create more havoc until they have to go for Party based election. That’s the point when they will leave the overwhelmed peace process and declare another revolution. Girija will try to continue as pseudo-king as long as Maoists are in the alliance. (I wonder why he does not die.) UML is always a loser, they‘ll stay like so forever. People will bear more sufferings, but still will never raise their voices unless the price of Petrol is hiked. The King will stay in hibernation until the dead end. We, so called patriotic people will continue to have the internet headache (it appears when you look at the news) and it’s never going to end. And, don’t expect Pashupatinath to save our country, because he is already too angry because our beloved country is no more Hindu Kingdom.

  6. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck

    Bulls eye for your comment. Candid but through.

  7. alok shrestha Avatar
    alok shrestha

    the election was just say cancel now, because of maoist fear of being defeated in election and which was sure.

  8. jesus christ Avatar
    jesus christ


  9. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    maoist started bloody war; so referendum must be on:
    (a) are they terrorist/
    (b)to accept maoist as political party
    (c) status of maoist in the parliament
    (d) integration of PLA on to NA

    then referendum on SPA legitimacy
    then only referendum on Monarchy

  10. Avatar

    There is no doubt that Maoist have capitalised on the timid and defeated mentality of Nepalese people. It seems that only the people who want to snatch the power from Maoists want elections. What is the point in having referendum of these people who do not even know what their basic rights are?
    Needless to say the biggest beneficiaries of election postponement seems to be Maoists and the KING but who cares?

  11. KingCobra Avatar

    Pol pot Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    Did you know what Gen Ashok Meheta said? That is why i have asked you for sometime how long do you want to live on this planet: one month, two months, three months or six months, but I am determined not to extend your longevity by more than six months. Is it clear? Just watch how your days will turn upside down!!

  12. pahadi keta Avatar
    pahadi keta

    king cobra
    You seem to be so proud of some dhoti army Gen sahib’s comments about nepal…why don’t go get enlist yourself to indian army and fight with pakis. What does some retired indian general’s comment has to do with what’s going on in nepali politics anyway? Do you support indian military invasion of Nepal. That will never happen…..I neither have desire to join king’s army nor PLA….but if indian army comes to nepal….i will gladly give my blood.

  13. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    Gen Ashok Mehta was one of the controversial general in Indian Army. He was forced to resign due to his arrogant behaviour and political links(especially with ISI). His remarks does not make sense at all nor the Delhi government is going to listen him. He was informally charged with conspiring against their own force.

    Previously, Gen Mehta raised a voice not to include Nepalese Army in UN Peace missons, as NA was fighting against maoists, and Nepalese troops be replaced by Indian Troops from all UN Missons.

    When Gen Mehta was advisor to force commander in Leabnon, the contract of NA with UNIFIL (united nations interim force in leabnon) was ceased and was replaced by Indian forces. UNIFIL was longest served UN’s mission for Nepalese Army and one of the lucrative UN Mission.

    Gen Mehta, self claimed nepal’s expert, have made several controversial comments on Nepal’s internal affair. He asked Indian government to interfere with Nepal after maoist attacked Dang barrack, but government did listen him. Far more, Indian government do not trust Gen. Mehta at all.

    So no need to make a fuss on such asshle’s comment.

  14. ShIvA hArI Avatar
    ShIvA hArI

    The way Mr. so called retired general Ashok mehta said about the intervention of Indian army into the Nepal, it is still seems that India hasn’t given up their mind of repeating the history of Sikkim with Nepal. We warned that we are not like those sikkimese who were afraid of Indian guns and voted the party which soon after victory merged their country with India. Until and unless we have warmth on our body we wouldn’t let them to put their dirty feet on our holy land.
    We should stop our politician not to run for other’s interest and not to bargain with our sovereignty and nationalism. Don’t listen to the outside …..Pay more attention to nation, to we Nepalese people.
    Beware India!!!!
    We don’t want New terrorizing country any more (like America in Iraq)
    We will respond the same way as those Iraqis are doing. Remember we are the brave Gurkhas.

  15. Ram Bhadur Avatar
    Ram Bhadur

    Dinesh Wagle:
    Whole country has been burning, slice into slices, you see what was happen in Kapilvastu? No one has guts to tell who did Kapailvastu massacre? Yes, many people guessed it By GAYNE? Right? Whole Country has been going it by terrorizing and killings business as regular. Who does it? it does by Gayne? Right? you happy now? and you want to be as good Patrakar? yes you are! Wagle, You now tag me, I am devout of King, Gayne? It is alright, Blamings business of Maoist and other thugs, spread out whole country, the result is what we have been going through it now. Eight years old schooley kid kidnapped and killed, who did it, GAYNE does? Such mayhem is happening left and right, people who traveled were looted at gun point on the way to their home as the door of this Dashain. It does by KING’s supporters? Right? It is ridiculous that you are so called journalist never reported and exposed to those imposter and terrorists (Maoist). now you have your only talent to blame and low morale and only accusing to GAYANE? Is this called Journalist, Dinesh? Good luck man, how long you will run to this pathetic blog.
    Ram Bhadur KC

  16. Ram Bhadur Avatar
    Ram Bhadur


    Now I called you Muslim now and buy tickets to your family for Pakistan, and enjoy it. if you say hindu fundamentalist. Lack of credential to analyze situation how you run this blog. Country is going through worse than Iraq and Af’sthan, without indian troops marching. Roll it again red carpet to Maoist terrorist

  17. Patriot Avatar

    Wagle – one advice – as a host you dont post higly opinionated articles. You post a neutral analysis offering perspectives from all sides and let visitors debate on that. Perhaps in a last few lines you post your personal opinion. But not lace the entire thing with your signature, else it becomes an attempt to influence readers. Thats the fundamentals of journalism.

    Second – I think nothing can be more democratic than referendum. Sure its come at a wrong time, but its never late for a good thing, much better than some elites trying to tell the people what should be and what should not.

    First get over your biasness regards monarchy, maoists and congress (though I dont question your suppport for NC – thats your right), perhaps then you can offer quality journalistic information.

  18. B Avatar

    “Is this called Journalist, Dinesh? Good luck man, how long you will run to this pathetic blog.
    Ram Bhadur KC”

    I completely agree with you man! you have said a lot without saying much. I particularly like, “how long you will run to this pathetic blog.” Yes how much longer do we Nepalis have?

  19. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Let’s have REFERENDUM on leaders of NC and UML first.

  20. hope Avatar

    I wonder why people are wasting time debating the impossible topic of Referendum. They were unable to hold an election even when all the neccessary preparations has been completed and you are expecting they will hold referendum?? Hahaha…….. Joke of the day at least!!

    But yes, the statement made by a retired Indian army general is indeed alarming. People just don’t make rumours in vain, there must be some discussion going on in India hence the statements by BJP and the general. And look at the timing, when people are questioning the legitimacy of the SPA government, when all SPA looked like bunch of idiots who are determined to destroy the nation, when the popularity of SPA is all time low, when public confidence level is down to bottom, when people are enundated with all sorts of problems and no solution seems in the horizon, the STATEMENTS does make lot of sense.

    India is making kind of situation once they made in Sikkim, they are suffocating a country in the name of Moaists/SPA or even King, and people will ultimately request India to save our nation from dismantling completely, hmmm scary scenario!! Look what kind of sorry state we have been put in by these SPAM a**holes!! As a matter of fact Maoists deserve not less treatment than total elimination but I wish to see NA do that rather than some aliens!!


  21. matribhumi Avatar

    And is this not feudal system Mr. Wagle and Mr Horning…? Enlighten me with your vast knowledge and political science insight…please I am waiting to hear what you will have to say about this:
    The Maoists have intensified their donation drive in Dolakha district saying that it is ‘for waging yet another people’s movement to ensure constituent assembly (CA) election’.

    The former rebels have written to various government offices, VDC’s, educational institutions and vehicle owners demanding donations for the cause. Although in the letters sent to government offices and VDC’s, it is written that the donation is an ‘assistance for Janaandolan to ensure CA polls’, they have fixed certain amount of money for “each category”. A local school teacher said that each VDC has been asked to provide Rs 15,000 while employees and teachers have been asked to part away with a sum equal to their one month salary.

    The Maoists letter also says, “We received regular assistance during the people’s war period and expect similar assistance now also”.

    The Maoists cadres in groups of three or four have also started collecting money from vehicles from different places along the local highways, reports said.

    When asked about this, the Maoist district secretary Kripashwor admitted having started the donation campaign, but said that they have not forced anyone into forking out donations.

  22. Kirat Avatar

    A referendum on the Monarchy and Republic would be much better than electing a bunch of no gooders who will decide our future for us. Nothing can be more direct and democratic than a referendum. So why is Kantipur and Dinesh Wagle so scared?

  23. WEB_DESIGNER Avatar

    This is just raw politics.

    These corrupt politicians are playing their dirty game.

  24. bridohi Avatar

    Yes, Referendum is the true test of the people. It is only fair. One Vote per person. It is fair & square provided we have a free & fair election.

    Maoists know that declaring a republic through an unelected Interim Parliament will not be legitimate. The CA elections were not going to bring about their majority. Thus, now talk of referendum again.

    My only concern is that the Maos who did not want to face a CA elections and who are advocating for a PR election, are now wanting a Referendum. They are using the democratic institutions to their own advantage in the name of the people.

    Why are they making a mockery out of democratic process? They already changed their minds once they saw the light at the end of the tunnel. What is to say they won’t again.

    For a Maoist party that vehemently is trying to grab for power through the PR system, it seems ironic that they are now pressing for referendum of 1 person 1 vote. There seems to be a double standard.

    Their ultimate goal is chaos & instability. They know they cannot win elections so now their strategic shift is in two fold:
    1) Intimidate the king & pro-royalist forces so that the king & his supporters may try to grab power. This way Maoists will again be the people’s heros & fight on behalf of the people sidelining the parties.

    2) Get to their goal by force either by declaring a republic through the Interim Parliament &/or grab power by proposing a change in government thorugh of vote of no confidence in the Parliament. If there is a government lead by Maoists, then, they have gotten their objective. No need for no elections. They will rule by decree.

    If Maoists come to power by force or Parliamentary tactics, yes, there will be intervention. Most probably it will be India like Gen Mehta says whether we like it or not. This was done in 2007 BS sal to protect king Tribhuwan & the democratic forces against the Ranas by the Indians. The Indian army was in Kathmandu. Who is to say that we may not see them again.

    This is what Maoists are banking on–Indian intervation. We all know how much adverse Nepalis are againsts Indians. They will rally around the flag & nationalism regardless of political & ethnic affliation. In the end, all Maoists atrocities will be forgiven & forgotten. Maoists will be saviours!

    Lal salaam. Lal bahadur.

  25. Wagle Avatar

    I am not against referendum. As I said in my post above, the country will vote for republic by overwhelming majority. Even in the blatantly rigged election organized by the autocratic government at the height of Panchayat in 2036 BS, the party less system struggled to win the votes. This is 2064. As they say in Hindi, monarchy will face kutta ka maut in referendum.

    But my point is: we are talking about bigger issues here. Keeping monarchy or doing away with the symbol of feudalism in Nepal is not the only issue the CA will be addressing. The fate of monarchy will be decided right in the first meeting of CA by a simple majority. After that, the CA will be engaged in formulating a new and inclusive constitution and restructuring the nation. These two issues are far more important for Nepal right now. These two issues, more than a decision on monarchy, will actually have lasting impact on our future. Accept it or not, CA is the agenda the country has adopted and referendum can’t be considered as an alternative to the CA.

    [Call me Emale, yes, but I agree with the CPN UML that referendum should not be considered as an alternative of the CA. BTW, UML was the one who first brought the issue of referendum and proportional system and also wrote a formal note of dissent while Maoist was hobnobbing with Nepali Congress to go for ‘first-meeting-of-CA-will-decide-on-monarchy’ and ‘mixed proportional system’. I applaud the sincerity and commitment of UML towards the CA election though they occasionally demonstrate ‘neither-this-nor-that-attitude.’]

    If you agree that referendum can’t be considered as an alternative to CA and if you think referendum is possible now, then my question is: Why not hold the CA itself, rather than referendum, that will not only address the issue that referendum is supposed to address but also provide platform to solve other bigger issues that referendum will not provide?

    My other point is: are Maoists really serious about the issues that they are raising now? What is the guarantee that they will not bring up another excuse to derail the referendum process just like they shamelessly did with the CA recently?

    Yes, referendum is one of the best forms of democratic exercise and nowhere in my article above I have said otherwise but I don’t buy the arguments like referendum ‘would be much better than electing a bunch of no gooders who will decide our future for us.’ While supporting the referendum, democratic people shouldn’t forget the basics of democracy like people elect their representatives who in turn decide on behalf of their voters in parliament or CA. There is no alternative to the political parties in democracy. [BTW, that also should be not be interpreted as my support to fully proportional system because I also believe in individual liberty which will be sidelined if we adopt that voting system in elections. So, call me Kangressi yet again for supporting the stand taking by NC on this matter. I don’t want to be in such a situation that I must join on of those parties to stand in the election if I want to stand just because there is no choice for me to stand as an independent candidate.]

  26. What the Heck Avatar
    What the Heck


    You are just scared that the political monotony against the king would end if referendum was called. THen you would realize that 40% of vote assured for the monarchy would suddenly bring pro-monarchist together. This majority is silent for the very reason that they would be called regressive or pratigami forces. If unleashed hell would freeze over.

    I fail to understand; when the current political leader would bring a broader issues like economic development when this has never been their cup of tea. Noting of sort has happened for two years except political bickering. Dont worry Mr. Wagley after king is gone, the political party would be infighting each other to grab the power or who stays in the palace. PM will be changed on monthly basis each one rooting out each other by calling vote of no confidence.

    The stark reality is this all will happen admist country going bankrupt: virtually IOC having a main say in development in monetary/economic issue. People will still be deprived of shelter, water, education as it is will be doldrum, most of the important government/administrative position will remain vacant as political bickering not only will be in the parliament but will seep in nooks and cranny of nepalese society.

    And after king gone, poltical party will still blame to 235 years of Shah dynasty for bringing the chaos. They would blame Pritvi Narayan Shah of destroying the federal system that nepal had. Ethinics rulling their country, Mahendra for destroying democracy. Birendra for being too nice. Gyanendra. for…..The blame will go on and on until they run of issues. The blame and political bickering will still go on bringing country into chaos. Maoist will try their luck of grabbing power bringing their popular janta mandate strategy. Once the people get tired of them, they will declare them asacham, apoligize for their mistakes and ask them for one more chance. Janta’s having no choice will give them one more chance and hence the political bickering starts again. By this time Girja will be dead, Prachanda long gone to hell, makuney burried. A new generation emerges, the new hope will still fail because of scars put by the current leaders: all they would have learned is politics of bickering, pulling legs and finger pointing.

    Unless these poltician mature and relealize the key issues of the countries which are simple: shelter, job, development and security, they will not only doom our generation but coming generations.

    I wish i could paint the picture brigther. Darn from where im sitting I see no hope. Yet hope is all the politician have been asking from us.

  27. noname Avatar

    The author of the article loses the debate 1:13.

  28. Zac Avatar

    People who call all politicians are no good are deranged. How can anyone have such a vaccuous dishonest view. None of them, have stolen as much money as the king and his oppressors. The politicians have fought for a democracy and seen the war end. If ending the tortures and war is bad to royalists then no wonder they have lost all their support.

  29. Tristandri Avatar

    Under monarchy Nepal saw China and India become richer. Since monarchy ended Nepal has seen the war that was urging end. The only choice for the people, is democratic moves towards a republic that ends the torturing threat of monarchy, With it’s inequality, and oppression and poverty.
    I vote Republic
    For Nepal which shall win for Nepali’s

  30. Bharu Avatar

    Thinking that “the politicians” are some other spcies who are all corrupt is what the Nazis believed. And they belived Hitler was not. Of course look at Germany in the 1920s and 1950s, history shows it was the politicians who were not corrupt and the Nazis who were.
    Vote Republic
    Vote Republic
    Vote Republic
    Vote for the new Republic fo Nepal, to replace the state of Nepal.

  31. Ram Nepal Avatar
    Ram Nepal

    What is the basis for your assumption that Monarchy will lose the referendum?
    ???? ?? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ?????? You can not always win the public support by propoganda . We had seen the public support for Girija and Makune before the so called JanaAndolan. They used to have hardly 2-300 people after them during their protest for almost 3 years. I doubt they’ll get that much if they are thrown to street now.

  32. asheem Avatar

    i dont know where you get your statistics from, but honestly your claim that the king will loose in majority is nothing but a mere stale statement.
    people that i have been talking to, even some who were hardcore supporters of republic, have admited that it was better when the king was in power. they also say that, for nepal to be a real country again (not a, single country, multiple system kind of thing) there has to be new young leaders who know economy is the back-bone of security and stability and vice-versa. ironically, these leaders according to most of them, know nothing about economy and thier main issue now is nothing but cheap propoganda.
    as i could see, just to get a little bit of cheap popularity after they “postponed” the polls, they agreed to nationalize the royal property. if you ask me, instead of engaging in these issues, they should have wasted that time on other issues that will benifit the nation.
    so D.W please do check a little on present senario instead of assuming the present situation with the data you had last year.

    guys i really am unaware of the “statement” from “gen mehta” can someone send me the link or something??
    thanks guys

  33. B Avatar


    What VOTE?

  34. B Avatar


    What politicians and what democracy in Nepal? Where was there a democracy in Nepal?

  35. B Avatar



    SPAM can only be sure about 10% (who were involved in Janaandolan II, The Sequel) of the Nepali population voting for the republicans. Other 10-20% they can make assumptions that they will vote for the major parties even if they might not support the republicanism. They do have no idea at all about the other 70% who do not really care about or are affiliated with, the major parties. And the 70%, they believe is tilting against republicanism thanks to the SPAM performance in the government. This is why they are afraid.

  36. B Avatar

    and would like to conduct a referendum and see what the public thinks before going to ca with republic slogan.

  37. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Refrendum is best option now to decide fate of monarchy. Otherwise, stupid journalist like you and corrupt politcians are trying to decide everything in name of Janata. For example I am for constitustional monarchy but problem for me to vote in CA is that every stupid party has declared Republic their goal ( I do not know if they did out of fear, greed or pure stupidity) so where do people like me vote. If there is referendum I can vote for this issue and let the majority decide then only we will be satisfied. If CA decide then it does not reflect view of many people and best way to oppose is to again launch armed rebellion so just to avoid that refrendum must be held. IF CA can not be held it is purely to be blamed to this stupid seven party ( if they have proof that kIng played foul play then they should provide solid proof of it to people, after all all the power is vested on them for now) but I doubt that they are able to carry on CA or even refrendum as they are incompetent and corrupt and rule on Janata forever without mandate. IF this SPAM can they will declare that they can rule forever and even make sure that their children will take mantle once they are deceased.

    As for the Wagle he is too confident that republican can win, republic can not be declared just because few bunch of terrorist and indian funded paid party hooligan forced peopel to come to street. Now, corrupt journalist with vested interest like Wagle are tyring to terrorise people by implying that if you do not support republic you are pratigami. So best way and if these party does not fear the result is to held refrendum to decide fate of Monarchy. Surprise will be waiting for like of Wagle. Just SPAM must have gut to do it. But I doubt it very much as these SPAM neither has intelligence or courage to go for referendum. They are sure looser.

  38. DOA Avatar

    When a jackass sees himself in the mirror- he see nothing but himself as glorious & righteous. The way D.W. portrays his view I see no different then Mahara or Prachanda threatening and posturing. Talk about being dumb enough to bare his dimwitted demon filled chest with a cry of being a democrat. He ain’t nothing than the rest of the goons who you see balantly demonstrating their inapt, narrow and deadend cry of democracy by killing the very same democracy. I say you will- stuck on being a bhaunist .

  39. Kirat Avatar

    Vote Republic or Vote Constitutional Monarchy! It’s the people’s freedom of choice. Let them decide their own future. Let there be a referendum. No long winded arguments needed. Because since the time of the Ancient Greeks no one has been able to conclusively argue that there is no better democratic exercise than a direct referendum. Power to the people!

  40. Ram Bahadur KC Avatar
    Ram Bahadur KC

    Majority of half literate people including so called journalists and parties crowd who survive on some one else mercy or corruption or on looted. Lack of education, dignity, and ethics, they flew venom to get popular in the eyes of their white boss or desire to have tag on journalists or human right activities or civil society leader and so on. Without knowledge of reality of socio political landscape, these half literate folks run to Tudikhel or cover their news papers full of lies, low pathetic thoughts. The country ha been made into slice into slices, ordinary people killed, looted and kidnapped at gun pointed, gun point donation drive non stop running on, looted personal properties never retuned, people never feel secured in town or remote villages, every day strike and Chakka jam, massacre like Kapilvastu going, chief district officer bitten up, these sort of atrocities is normal business in our surroundings, but those called journalists, human right activities or civil societies leaders and parties carders are never united to stop such mayhems. Now they are more active to nationalize royal properties, powering anger on GAYNE and royal palace, does this action fetch to sustainable political solution to the country or those people has been going through unthinkable poverty and miseries? I am not hard supporter of King, but we need to keep royal institution to unite country and people which stop instead of divided. This time of age of our country needs to action against to abolish Maoist terrorists instead of royal institution. By publishing malicious thought like this man Dinesh Wagle, who is naïve and child are the main culprit to bring this situation in the country and this sort of carder also need to take it out. Does this baby boy have gut to expose what maoist did for more than two decades? Does this Person who runs this nasty forum has ability to publish atrocities and destruction of economic landscape of the country? Now this birth defected man is talking referendum for what? Does this man know or have background knowledge of socio-economic-political of the country? Talking nonsense, just stop this sort of maoist propaganda.

    Thank you
    Ram Bahadur KC

  41. hope Avatar

    Still align towards a country without Monarchy I am, but I admit , embarrased by SPA blunder after blunder, the daily atrocities by Moaists, the deadly violence unabated in Terai, daily abductions and killings even in the capital, growing Indian influence in every part of Nepali politics,all sorts of problems public are facing, all these facts helping Monarchy in unprecedented manner . Monarchy today is lot more stronger than a year ago, the popularity was in all time low then but has gained significant support now. Ironically it was given an olive branch by none other than Maoists, in principle, they were determined to get rid of centuries old rotten institution, what a paradox!!

    Yes,it looks like people who support republican set up are loosing the debate . Thanks to the SPA a**holes we are left with very little options. Their actions(nonactions may be) made the incompetent king looklike an efficient leader!!

    Though I admit referendum is undoubtedly one of the best democratic practices, I am damn sure, SPA dogs are not even considering it. Maoists just spilled it out of embarrasment of deferring the polls and facing outrage in public. How on earth you could expect these pigs can hold a referendum when they failed to hold CA election even after all the preparation?? Hypothetically, if that happens, I am sure reapublicans will have very hard time!!

  42. Bichar Avatar

    It is indeed pathetic to see a bunch of royalist thugs trying to avoid the CA elections with the excuse of referendum. The purpose of referendum could be served by one single meeting of the parliament whose special session will begin tomorrow: just declare Nepal a republic. Then concentrate holding CA because we need to make Nepal a federal republic under a new constitution.

  43. Braindead Avatar

    It is indeed pathetic to see a bunch of SPAM thugs thinking that the 300 plus parliament members (none of them elected, all of them incompetent) has the right to decide the fate of 25 plus million people. Which planet are you living on Mr. Bichar? I think I will just declare you a moron.

  44. scoop Avatar


    I think your name suites you, there are as many republicans in this forum in support of a referendum. A parliament clearly made of up people disliked by the general public and not even with the peoples mandate (as they have not yet been voted into parliament), hardly has better qualification to decide anything leave alone the monarchy issue as compared with the direct vote by the people. To put it simply it’s the same as letting you decide everything for the rest of us – would’nt that be cushy.

  45. scoop Avatar

    Sorry Braindead – the comment was for Bichar – maybe he should swap his name with you.

  46. scoop Avatar

    PS Bichar,

    Having a referendum on monarchy does not mean avoiding CA. That will also be held for the more important dicisions (just letting you know since your whole existence seems to be based on the monarchy).

    Further, do your comments on “royalist thugs” apply to the maoists (now) and UML (earlier) as well who have both proposed a referendum?

  47. Baje Avatar

    I strongly disagree. Holding a referendum (if it can actually be held), would produce indisputable results that incorporate universal suffrage – everyone votes on an individual level. You can’t get any more democratic than that.

    I fail to make the link between “regression” and asking for everyone to vote. If everyone is so damn sure that a republic is certain, why do people like Mr. Wagle fear Gyanendra and fear the Nepali peoples’ choice??

  48. NST Avatar

    Bichar, you and your comrades killed more than 15000 innocent nepalis, yet you have the gall to call poeple who support constitutional monarchy “royalist thugs”. let the people decide the fate of monarchy through referendum. where is the problem?

  49. sagarmatha Avatar

    This maoist neither win the election nor they prefer to held the election. Their own co-partner UML and NC will finish them.

  50. sammy Avatar

    Power play is the name of the game in nepal.

    people who have power in nepal, will display them, as we are currently seeing the scenario of nepal.

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