Thanks To Maoists, Constituent Assembly Election Postponed Again

No new date has been fixed. The Election Commission alone does not have the right to fix a new date.

In a very sad political development in Nepal, the Election Commission today suspended the entire process of Constitution Assembly elections scheduled for 22 November after it received a request this morning from the government to do so. The government, on its part, decided to request the Commission after the alliance of seven parties decided to postpone the electoral process. The seven party alliance (that includes the Maoist) decided to postpone the election programs after the Maoists expressed their unwillingness to participate in the election (without first declaring Nepal a republic and/or adopting full proportional voting system) in a meeting of the seven parties held at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s residence at Baluwatar this morning. The Election Commission that had completed all preparations for the elections thanked all political parties, leaders, the media, the general public and international community for extending their support during commission’s preparation work for the polls.

CPN-UML, Janamorcha Nepal and Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party have written notes of dissent on the agreement, UML leader Jhalanath Khanal said, according to the Himalayan Times. Earlier yesterday, the leaders had agreed to put on hold the election schedule till the special House session after no consensus was reached on Maoists two key demands on republic and electoral system. UML leaders blamed Nepali Congress and the Maoists for the deadlock. The party said it cannot agree on postponing the polls at any cost. Nepali Congress leaders said they opted to postponing the poll process rather than confronting the Maoists. “We thought it was better to postpone the polls rather than confronting the Maoists,” today’s Kantipur daily quotes Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel as saying. (more here)

Reactions: United States embassy in Kathmandu was quick to issue a statement saying that the US was “disappointed at the suspension of the CA election process.” The statement said: “It is important that all parties firmly commit themselves to quickly establish a new election date…. We urge the Government of Nepal, with the full support of all parties, immediately to address the key elements of the Comprehensive Peace Accord which remain unfulfilled and to implement its agreements with various ethnic groups. The period between now and the Constituent Assembly election should be used to show the people of Nepal that the Interim Government is responsive to and can meet its commitments to make a better life for the people of this country.”







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  1. prism Avatar

    I agree with the idea of the referendum but I seek the reassurance that everyone including the Maoists will accept the results regardless of the outcome. Don’t want a situation like in Burma where the results of the election have been totally snubbed.

    The question now is, how can the Maoists assure they will abide the referendum vote and not come up with 20 demands and pre-conditions another 50 days before the vote? See, how Maoists have lost their election credibility!

  2. scoop Avatar

    referendum is the way, always has been.

  3. RAM Avatar

    Doggy prachand and your team, you saved the king. you sucks——-

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Patriot: you are a smart guy but your prepective is too narrow. Please kindly step outside of your communial anti-bhunist/pahadi mentality for a second. Maybe unlike other ethic groups bhuns/chettris are the most disunited and disloyal to their own people. Trust me there isn’t a bhun conspiracy (we don’t meet secreatly at night and talk about how to oppress the other ethnic groups). It’s every man/women for themslves in Nepal – it’s all about money and power!!!

  5. Avatar

    First of all, I would like to congratulate Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal for succeeding in accomplishing his mission of disrupting Constituent Assembly Elections.
    I would also like to thank Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala for proving that my opinion about him being a failed leader is correct. No doubt that he will get every help from other parties in making Nepal a failed state.
    As for us Nepali People, luck seems to have deserted us since the curse of Sati Devi.

  6. scoop Avatar

    You have made an interesting point. And I am sure patriot understands that bahuns in general do not huddle together at night planning what to do. But the parties made up of the elitish bahuns probably do huddle together planning how to hold on to power. They have been huddling together in Baluwatar for the past 18 months. Also your opinion that here it is every man for himself sounds correct – however, the bahuns already occupy all the power positions where they are cushily “for themselves”, while the rest are way down in the pecking order unable to reach the top layers – and as you say are also “for themselves”. Do you get the picture?

  7. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-there is Bahun conspiracy of sorts. It’s called nepotism (afno manche). I have never know a Bahun to recommend a job for a non-bahun/non-chettri. Believe because I have a lot of work with the govt. offices I have had to recruit a lot of relatives of a Bahun officer/secretary. In this manner Bahun’s have filled up most of the politcal parties, govt. offices and a lot of the private companies. This is the reality-perhaps a matwali would do the same as well but you never know because we have always been excluded from the mainstream. It’s not a narrow perception, it’s the reality.

  8. Patriot Avatar

    Bhudai – I know what you saying, believe me I am no racist, I have more Bahun/chettri friends than matwali. This critic is aimed at those few elite community who want to control everything (the real reason why our country is in such a mess) and k garne if they happen to be mostly bahuns. Look even now ethnic equality is not a priority for any party, politicians. The country will disintegrate but these Bahunists will not let go. If you call this reality ‘narrow perception’ then this country will never heal. Look around you. If you think I live in a cocoon, then I am one of the majority who think the same. Isnt that a problem worth addressing?

    Again, I have always maintained not all Bahuns are Bahunists and like scoop said surely bahuns in general dont huddle to conspire against others but surely elitish bahuns probably huddle together planning how to hold on to power forever. Hope you can cut through and get what I’m trying to say.

  9. Nepalidemocrat Avatar

    The majority should have their say we should become a republic and have a election both as quickly as possible. The south can have a election later if elections are imposssible there. Like East Germany once had elections later to the EU parliament than the rest of Germany, when it joined. And US senate elections occur at different periods.

  10. Chhetri Avatar

    Maoists policy was never clear to peace in country. Nepali people suffered deeply from them because of their extortion, physical attack and many more things specially in the villages. In one way the monarchy seems weaker than before but who will be responsible for all obstacles which rosen in the period of Maoist insergency. Is Maoist party ready to handle the problem of Terai ? Or they just blame other parties for that all things which is their brand ideology.

  11. sankalpa Avatar

    i am deeply saddened by this news, a friend in ktm told me that the polls were suspended, the parties have repeated their same old same old by not delivering (remember how boldly girija said “chunab huncha bhanapachi huncha.”). But i find it really strange that the students did not protest this time around, i think ascol is tired. i still don’t understand the great people of nepal specially the anti bhaunists, remember when the king said”janta ko naso janata lai nai farkauchu”, why did the majority of these anti bahunists ran to the nearly dead girija and begged him to be the leader again. why didn’t they find someone like binod chaudary(chaudary groups”wai wai”) or say someone other than a bahun to lead our great country out of transition and negotiate with the maoist. oh, i forgot binod chaudary is a made, and others are jhapus, bhotes, dhoti, so on and so forth.. hey guys wat do you think, what would happen to a bhote girl if she marrys in a newari family???she is going to be happy!!! right , atleast she is not married to a bhaun. I agree maoists are immature and have no real experience in politics but hey they atleast say they are fighting for the marginalised?? and if you people are at all concerned about terai why are you blaming the maoist for producing groups like jtmm and what not? hey they are fighting for the madhesis aren’t they?? you know what the best solution to nepal is, i think the maosit should disintegrate into several different groups like jtmm in terai and some group in himal, some in terai and they should all chase away people that don’t belong to that place and rule, that will be the best inclusive system…. then no more bahun domination.

  12. kale Avatar

    this sankalpa is sick bastard. very very low interpretation of wats going on in nepal and wat actually nepal is made up of or its characteristics. doesnt understand the difference between the bahunist ideology or culture in our every sector of day to day lives in nepal n the ethnics or caste an individual represents. actually he puts ethnicity or caste collectively more to that damn, awful, destructive, self interested, cunning, nepotisim, corrupted ideology of bahnist of an individual…..

  13. sankalpa Avatar

    oye kale,
    if bahunist or bahunism whatever the hell you call it is not about the ethnicity then why call it bahunism, call it something else. Let me paint a clearer picture for you. If a made goes broke in his business then other mades will provide him with fund to start back again, what do you call that madenism, and tourism surrounding mount everest in dominated by bhotes, wat do you call that bhotenism. are you too damn stupid to realise that instead of dividing people by inventing words like bahunism why don’t you start inventing terms that strenghtens system like democracy, good governance and so on.
    Wat the hell are you talking about when you say i don’t know wat is nepal made up of. you idiot i am talking about a country where 60% are illetrate and 40% are poor ok, so step out of your jealous mind set, tero neighbour le tero bhanda ramro ghar banayo bhane tyo ghar kasari bhatkaune haina , testo ghar kasari banaune bhanera soch.
    ani if i don’t know what’s going on in nepal then tell me wats going on.

  14. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Yes nepotism has been/is still a huge problem. But let me say that this isn’t confined to the Bhun community -I’d in fact argue that it’s more prevelant amongst the Newaris. In fact my preception has always been that Bhuns/Chettris are the biggest leg pullers!
    I agree there are elitists who are trying their very best to hold on to power. But like I said – it’s about the money and power not about ethnocentric ideology. If tomorrow hiring a Newar, Kirat, Gurung etc. is going to be beneficial to me a Bhun/Chettri doesn’t give a rat’s as*s about not helping a fellow Bhun. It won’t even cross his mind.

    “but surely elitish bahuns probably huddle together planning how to hold on to power forever.”

    My problem with the sentence, Patriot, is you should corss out the bahuns. It’s the elites (which doesn’t just include Bhunds FYI) are all trying to hold on to what they have.

    “This is the reality-perhaps a matwali would do the same as well but you never know because we have always been excluded from the mainstream.”

    It’s going to take time and effort to sustainable change a country’s socio-economic structure. But the first step would be some stability which these Maoists bastards won’t allow.

  15. People's Voice Avatar
    People’s Voice

    Just a request to all bloggers, can you please don’t use resism words such as Bahun, Sarki etc. Don’t you guys know that Moaist used these pharases to divide once our united country in the name of janajati, tharuwaan, madhesi etc..

  16. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai/People’s Voice/sankalpa : If you don’t like the word bahunism then try and figure out why 90% of all govt. employees are bahuns when your total population is less than 30% of the country. Also look at the number of MPs we have had since 1990. You’ll see a pattern that overwhelming is bahun. Care to explain? Becareful that your explanation is not racist!

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    I blame all the worst to Girija…he is born to destroy our nation save by our anchestors.

  18. Sudip Avatar

    Hey Durga Mata Maobadiharuko buddhi des ra janatako sewa garne tira lagaideu.

  19. mukesh mahato Avatar

    in our nepal there no rule or regulation .all the political person can made rule or regulation . My future in political

  20. mukesh mahato Avatar

    i am also made neta any one person contect me 9814784772 because there is much corruption peroson he can only take rupess no any can made nepal etc ….

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