Gyanendra, Challenging the Peoples' Verdict, Visits Kumari Ghar

Prime Minister and acting head of state Girija Prasad Koirala quizzes the palace officials as to why Gyanendra, the suspended king, went to observe Kumari, the living Goddess, without government permission.

As the country is increasingly unsure about the fate of elections that are scheduled for 22 November because of the Maoist behavior, suspended king and former autocrat Gyanendra yesterday evening went to observe Kumari, the living Goddess, like a thief, without government permission. With the mandate of the April Revolution of 2006, the government has been curtailing the political and cultural rights and role of the king. The prime minister, in capacity as the acting head of state, has been performing the duties of the head of the state.

[Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has ordered chief of the Nepali Army (NA) Rookmangud Katawal to pull out half of the NA personnel at Narayanhiti royal palace. detail here]

Following PM Koirala’s return after receiving blessings from Kumari in the capacity of head of state yesterday, the last day of Indra Jatra festival, King Gyanendra walked into the crowd at Basantapur and received tika from Shree Kumari, Shree Ganesh and Shree Bhairav. Gyanendra had reached Kumari Ghar at around 9:30 last night.

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today quizzed the palace officials as to why King Gyanendra went to observe Kumari, the living Goddess, without government permission. According to media reports, PM Koirala rang palace principal secretary Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan this morning and asked about yesterday’s incident. PM Koirala has discussed the issue with Chief of the Army Staff Rukmangat Katuwal. It was reported that soldiers in plainclothes were mobilized to provide security to the suspended monarch. A spokesman of Nepali Army expressed his ignorance about such mobilization.

PM Koirala talked about the details during his meeting with former district presidents of the Nepali Congress who are dissatisfied over the Congress unification. “If the king is trying to challenge by walking into Kumari Ghar without government permission then I will also do the same (challenge),” Former Nepali Congress Sankhuwasabha district president Tara Man Gurung quoted PM Koirala as saying.

This visit has been interpreted by many as Gyanendra’s attempt to play games in muddy water while the country is trying to institutionalize the democratic achievements by exploiting the confusing situation created by the Maoists anti-election stand and their withdrawal from the government recently. Some also feel that the Maoists are deliberately trying to provide playing field to Gyanendra by walking away from elections.





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  1. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    It was his right to go and get the blessing of tika. Why you are trying to make big deal out of everything instead of focusing on your best friend Maoist terrorists and corrupt Girija who is trying to be new king. I live in this basantapur area and going by the genral mood of the people it was clear that they wher hostile to idea of bahun trying to become new king. Most of the newsar think that this bahun is trying to play the game here. IF country is going to be secular and republic we do not need anybody trying to be king. Everybody is welcome as common man but not as King anymore. If bahun and some stupid Newar is trying to conspire againts our culture then the result will be very bad. As oppressed people we had enough of trampling upon our custom and heritage by everyone. Leave us alone or if we rise to revolution there will be no naya Nepal.

  2. stranger Avatar

    hey dude whats ur problem if he went there as a comman man ?
    he didnt make news headlines in the 10 pm news did he?
    if you go on circles and circles around a king who is already disposed then you will never know the maos who were breeding in the background and see .. whats happening today..

    the king is dead. long live the king

  3. gyapu Avatar

    Where is so called “FREEDOM OF PERSONAL CHOICE”?? Can’t Mr. Gyanendra visit the goddess in which he has faith??? why that bahun is doing all religious works in this secular country? what will happen to kumari if some christian or muslim person is elected prime minister??

    is giriga so afraid that “all power stripped” king will take away the power which gang of 8 has been practicing in the name of people but without any people mandate

  4. hope Avatar

    I think KING and HEAD OF THE STATE are two different phenomenon in Nepal, GPK visited Kumari in his capacity as Head of the State where as Gynendra went as King. Before abdication Gyanendra still is a King no matter whatever names you may put on. I guess writer has too much venom against the monarch so he sees conspiracies in every step. I don’t see any relevance of the Monarchy in Nepal anymore,however ,I condemn the efforts of some people with vested interest to drag a highly sensitive and sacred institution of Kumari into controversy. The visit itself should not spark that much fire as the temple of Kumari welcomesanybody to everybody without any prejudice , so the news must not be hyped !!

  5. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    the title reads
    ‘Gyanendra, Challenging the Peoples’ Verdict, Visits Kumari Ghar’
    who are these people are they the same as those of ‘Peoples liberation army’. because the people around me dont give a rats ass about what gyane is doing really.
    im a little arrogant and uneducated so i really do not know what republic is??????? does republic means that we need to stop worshiping god????????? we cant believe in god? we cant worship someone as god?
    pls someone take time to explain to me. i would be very grateful.

  6. Y2PY2 Avatar

    The need of the hour is to sacrifice Pol pot Prachande with his son Prakash at Dakshinkali like a goat, then everything will be settled down peacefully in Nepal.

  7. Blow_Up Avatar

    Gyanendra shouldn’t have visited the temple because his visit has politicized the matter. If he wants to visit the temple, he should first abdicate the thorn and become the general citizen. If he becomes general citizen, then the constitution guarantees his rights to visit anywhere he likes to visit. But for king Gyanendra, there are certain restrictions right now because he has been suspended from the kingship and he can’t do anything without the prior approval of the government. Gyanendra should ask for government approval for each and every action he intends to perform.

  8. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Just wonder why should the King ask anybody’s permission to visit anywhere in the country? Who gave the mandate to Mr Koirala to be head of state? After all he and the whole parliament was not elected.

    The parliament was dissolved legally by Mr Deuba and was reinstalled by the King by his power as head of state. Whatever decisions the present “parliament” has taken are all illegal and will eventually challenged in the court.. and will be found to be illegal ..just wait and see.

  9. Jai Nepal Avatar
    Jai Nepal

    When our country has politically motivated so called journalists, nothing good is coming out from our country and on top of that he works for Kantipur!! Now anyone can guess what he might be up to. Going through his recent articles in this blog, I seriously question about his journalism ethics. The only reason I believe he’s running this blog is to spread the propaganda for whoever he’s working for. The reason I believe why our country is in the brink of extinction is the fact that we want everything good just for ourselves. We don’t have patience, we want to be millionaires overnight (without work, yes!!!), we want our country to be Switzerland (without playing any part of our own, of course!!), we want our universities to have standards like Harvard and Stanford Universities. Well, guess what…………….it aint gonna happen overnight ok! Let’s start doing our part and in the long run maybe……….yes, maybe we’ll reach there. What we are doing now is pointing fingers towards others for ourselves to be safe!! Americans had completed Empire state building in 1931………….remember what our country was and the knowledge base at that time. It takes time. I know I don’t have any writing skills but this chump who keeps posting biased and politically motivated blog news makes me wanna write anyways! I think we should coordinate a peaceful gathering of all the Nepalese in the country to show these power hungry 8party alliance bastards what we actually need. Right now, Prachanda thinks he can achieve anything and the 7 party thinks they can give away anything for him. We Nepalese are above the 8 party and they don’t represent me.

    P.S. The king might have lost his powers but he still has his rights. The rights of a commoner.

    Jai Nepal. Peace.

  10. RPG Avatar

    You don’t have to wonder. It’s crystal clear as it is that Gyanendra needs permission because be is the king. If he says, okay, I am not the king, I abdicate and become a common Nepali citizen, THEN he has the right to go wherever he wants to go. I would happily welcome if he abdicates and stops eating our tax like a pig. After that, I don’t care wherever go goes and licks whoever’s ass.

  11. scoop Avatar

    Media has said Gyanendra went as a commoner so what’s the big deal. Time to get your head out of the black hole and focus on getting rid of the maoists.
    Besides, the Newari community are not very pleased with GPK stepping in for the King. So he must have gone on their request. Many Nepalis are superstitious and if it takes the King to visit the Kumari to comfort that portion of the population then it was the correct thing to do. Remember many who write here may have drank too much western wine and don’t believe in all this but many in the valley do.

  12. hawa Avatar

    What people’s verdict? People’s verdict can only be determined after free and fair democratic elections. You mean the maoist propoganda. Well if their propoganda is the people’s verdict then so is closing down Kantipur for good -that is also tghe PEOPLE’S VERDICT.

  13. noname Avatar

    The writer got a little too offended. Hey, my dear Mao brothers now it’s time to do a little bam bam biglo on this writer. Show him where he actually belongs to. Just a few beatings here and there and mishandling like his employer will straighten him for good.

  14. noname Avatar

    I don’t know on whose behalf does the bogus owner of this blog speaks. Even all the internet and real world polls are in support of King Gyanendra and the Monarchy heavily.

    In the meantime, why are the democracy spreading warlords shying away from the elections whereas all the royalist aka authoritarian parties have registered for the elections? It shows that the warlords are actually the authoritarian hegemonists.

  15. noname Avatar

    Following from telegrahnepal…link available on my name.

    To recall, Nepal’s presumed “unpopular monarch”, King Gyanendra on the last day of “Indra Jatra Festival(Yesterday) providing continuity to the age old tradition had arrived in the Bashantapur Durbar premises to receive blessings from living goddess Kumari.

    The King had arrived there at around 9:30 PM last night. His arrival there coincided with the departure of the acting head of the state, Girija Babu, who was greeted with slogans like “Down with Brahmanism”.
    On the other hand, King Gyanendra was received amid a huge round of applause and the locals chanting pro-monarchy slogans.2007-10-01 19:28:41

  16. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Nepal has not gotten rid of monarchy yet. King Gyanendra lives in the palace and two army battalions are there to protect Him. So He has every right to visit and receive blessings from living goddess Kumari.

  17. mozzas Avatar

    WOW….interesting views actuallY.

    everyone is right in their view.HM KING GYANENDRA,MR GYANENDRA OR GYANE…call him with an name but as a Nepali remember one proverb
    ”HING NABHAYE PANI HING KO KHAD BASIRAHANCHA”,its simple no one can digest lets see who they can…..gpk,brb,mkn,pkd..WHO?

    so now the govt. have rite to rule a life f HM…
    -he is nepali
    -he is hindu
    -he is not the king

    freaking freakers…stop acting like a child n stop the childs play….
    the game is so good but the people dont know how to play…all bahuns how can they play fair game too..COZ DAAN LENE HARU LAI SADAI J PANI FREE CHAINE ANI….






  18. Baje Avatar

    To all persons who are intimidated by Gyanendra:

    Please get over it and get on with life and stop putting him on pedastal where he does not belong.

    Thank you.

  19. SRTech Avatar

    GP may be crossing his line here. If Gyane has the right to visit any place as a commoner. He’s no longer a King, why is GP making a fuss about all this.

  20. noname Avatar

    Just to make the heads clear of the children of ganglords here…King Gyanendra visited there as the King! And the unelected head of state (you presume to be) is Girija…let’s see how many votes will the entire 8 party ganglords garner

    Get your minds clear.

  21. Pillar of Strength Avatar
    Pillar of Strength

    Hello royalist psychopaths,

    We are not against any visit of Gyanendra in his personal capacity. But to enjoy that right, he must first show the huti, if he has drank the mother’s milk, to leave the Narayanhitti palace, abdicate and stop eating our tax money. If he does that, as someone has stated above, we don’t care if he goes to a temple or a brothel.

  22. replytoall Avatar

    as if u mo fo pay any tax !!!

  23. waiba Avatar

    What BS some of you have posted here. Piller of Stringth, your appropriate spydonumns for you should be Piller of Dellusion.

    Living Goddnes is jewel of Nepal, all Nepalese and non Nepalese are welcome to pay their respect. Those who believe that the Gynandra crossed the lines are fools. You don’t know Nepal or the world. You fools, you want Giraja or Prachanda to dictate and change the religious traditions of Nepal. Look, the King Gyanandra is human being, and he is a Nepali citizen, and he should be at least applauded for his reverence for the living goddess and Nepalese traditions. The land of peace and Buddha is filled with hard nose bigots who have already destroyed the country and economy with corruptions and nypotism, and now they want to destroy the traditons and religions as well. These corrupt bigots bring the whole temple down, but only one brick at a time, so watch out, and wake up…

  24. DOA Avatar

    We, the people, shall protect which is alienably rightfully ours which means our faith, tradition and culture. To those who seek novelty in killing of a nation by being what we are not, being that we are not (no matter how hard they try to copycat their masters) and acting which we can never be shall feel the wrath of people who have given them benefit of doubt till now but no more.

    The rukus of few who view King’s personal visit to Kumari as an challenge- so be it. Days are numbered for people who think they know better or are better than the rest just because they are born to certain caste or kissing ass of agent of destruction surely knows the end is very near. Only thing we who believe in Nepal should be aware is we should not let them destroy our heritage, culture and tradition for the sake of their over-zealously self- serving interest by destroying very notion of Nepal for Nepali.

  25. Pull Avatar

    Ani tero hajurbau Gyane le khayeko kura ko paisa tero bau le tireko chha ta ? Hamro tax le haina? Ki tero bau ko khalti bata ha? Testo chitta dukheko bhaye ja na ta Gyane ko bhatuwa, usko taluwa chat. Kina yo web site ma aayeko?

  26. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Keep licking ass of your lord Prachanda and Girija and you will be chanting “Mera Bharat Mahan” in few years time.

  27. bhotey ko chora Avatar
    bhotey ko chora

    oie pillar of strenght,
    maoist …..prachande and babu ram ko nazayeze chora kasley yaha tax terey ko cha…tax sabai maobadi ani neta ..tyesma pani napugyera maobadi chor haru jabardasti chanda uthaucha…tyo chahi dekhdaina ki kya HOO…i think this is new nepal….. with naya bayebith darrr
    with naya bayebith loktantra
    with naya bayebith swatantra….
    jai naya nepal

  28. bhotey ko chora Avatar
    bhotey ko chora

    i think pillar u need to watch movie call the last king of scotland…then u will find the things fact…what gonna happen in this country if maoist rule in this country…u stupid broad ur mind..

  29. mozzas Avatar

    god..why are we all shouting 2 each other..come on stop the licking and taxing….How much money does nepalese ppl earn to pay a heavy tax….well, of course if ur father or whoever earns lot pay it….everywhere around the world ppl pay the tax and it does go to the king/queen or the head of state its so normal..
    the tax we pay is his salsay n he does a job looking not just one family but the nation.wat job he does is not easy….eeuta sano ghar thamna manche lai kati garo huncha kahile experience cha?god be in his place n think….

    well yea he may hav some bribe tara wats a big deal on it.its normal for survival….
    i love my country n if tomorrow i ha a power i wud definetely use but not killing ppl…and i dot think if king did kill anyone that way coz its always an indirect source if earning which cant be snicked dat all at one………..

  30. replytoall Avatar

    Hahahaha……… Ganatantra badi haru hai.. bhan na ra#$i ko baan tax tireko chas ekchoti……. VAT tirnu parcha bhanera bill dhari nalini jatha haru Ganatantra ra ramro Nepal ko spokesperson.

    Ani yo website chai tero bau “property tax” tireko property ho!! yo aunu paune yo aunu napauney bhanney.

    Tai jasto ra@#i haru ley tax tirekai hunaley Nepal ma aid ra loan budget ko thulo hissa bhako hola. Gyanendra teroi tax ley gadi chadera gako rey ni. Ke garnu sakchas garera dekha na ta.

    Ganatantra ko naam bhatyayo, Raja lai bash garyo…bhais jatha modern progressive citizen of the 21st century. Tha dhari cha ra@#i ko baaan Ganatantra bhaneko ke ho bhanera.

    Jata hawa lagyo tetai udera janey paat jatha….

  31. Pull Avatar

    Tero father gyane lai aba yo desh bata lakhetinchha. first, people will drag him outside palace and, if not slaughter, will kick on his ass and throw him out of nepal. Ta pani janata ko paisa ma sittai ma khane wala paris kya ho? tero tauko khub dukheko jasto chha, mero tax ko kura le. hamro ragat pasina khub sosan garera khayeko chhas, aba hami ragat ra pasina haina, talai birya dinchhau. lau kha.

  32. mozzas Avatar

    hey hey…..too much now ..lemme give one small hint of FUTURE NEPAL,if ur fav.leader rules n king goes.

    1..u all dont know how to talk in civilizedmanner.look at you how bad is ur mouth n how soothing is ur brain.

    2.the very first day of ur life will be so beautiful and bright just like manche marnu agadi ko time. matter who comes u still pay the tax n on top extra bribe u need to pay as all nepalese do behind.

    4.all he family of the top leaders will be ruling the nation.

    5.but still u wont be anwhere coz u need to qualify your dead brain o pass the metal exam coz u will regret n traumatized by ur own mistake .mark my words.

  33. PATRIOT in capitals Avatar
    PATRIOT in capitals

    ”If GPK wants to display his manliness he should show the courage to stand up to abominable Maoist excesses that need urgent attention, not roar at a docile and benevolent king who ostensibly in his eyes committed an unpardonable “sin” by daring to offer his prayers to the living goddess at Basantapur Durbar. Even the authoritarian regimes in China and Myanmar don’t go this far. It totally beggars belief. Most of us are God-fearing and we routinely visit temples/Mosques every so often in Nepal. Why should the king be barred from worshiping Gods and Goddesses? Is that the biggest sin that the king can commit? Why do we have such a low tolerance threshold for the king while we are willing to put up with horrible atrocities from both the political parties and Maoists without batting an eyelid? ”

  34. Patriot Avatar

    On every post on Gyanendra, I cant help but notice Wagle’s extreme reaction to the point of being very personal and prejudiced. Wagle – I think you need to take it easy. Let us decide for ourselves the implication of this story.

  35. Nepali Avatar

    hey ppl, u know? everything where we nepalese unite together regardless of our races, language, or any… are being continuously destructed. there are more than 90% hindus here and it is destructed. it doesn’t mean that i hate other religious. god know. i don’t mean so. i respect all of them. trully. Next, we were united at monarchy no matter what races we are from, what parties we r from, what religion we r from,… everything attacked and broken down. now at least we unite at one point- Nepal. And there is attack on this point too. In terai, national flag is burnt somewhere….. plz nepalese ppl, have ur own brain, don’ t go after the blind leaders….. they r so selfish and are the puppies of India. plz plz plz, love nepal in true sense. don’t go after the political slogans…

    King Gyanendra is, in my view, the most passioned king ever, and the real living martyr of Nepal. He didn’t OKed to bow down before foreign powers!! But Oked to bow down before his own ppl !! He really loves Nepal and Nepalese. Please believe.

    Some ppl talk of taxes. These ppl are psychologically sick. Do u know what is King’s responsibilities?? For u there is none….. Pls go on study n u will know… What about ppl dead in Kapilvastu? in Gaur? aren’t they janata? aren’t they nepali? only the jana-andolan 2 ppl are janata? oh god, plz, ppl check urself and improve ur mind plz plz plz………. more than 30 ppl dead in Kapilvastu.. don’t u count them as nepalese… don’t go blind to ur leaders. Be leader of ur own my lovely citizens! ! Bhupi sherchan has said, ”Hami Budhddhu nabhai kahilyai bir hunasakenaun”

    Don’t go after this blog owner or the administrator(writer) who is biased and blind to their belief without even thinking once.. don’t go after taxes man… nation is much much more than money… I thank all the pro-monarchy ppl. We must pay TAX even if there is monarchy or not…. But plz, understand. Don’t be ‘gotis’ of foreign powers……. don’t help them. Just think twice.

    Jaya Nepal. HM King Gyanendra has been blessed with Shree Kumari, Shree Ganesh and Shree Bhairav. He has already got power and good blessings….

    I m sorry to those who are against my ideas.. Sorry. But plz plz plz, don’t be the easy players for foreign powers. Plz, Help Nepal. Save Nepal. Help Monarchy. Save Monarchy. I thank all the Nepal-patriots…..

    God Bless You. May u have success and prosperity always.. Jaya Nepal.

  36. shiva Avatar

    People’s Verdict?? plz!! that doesn’t represent me. M i not a ppl of Nepal?? shit to ur attitude!!!! sorry. I Love Nepal. Sorry.

  37. Suman Avatar

    Nepali is great. He has got power in his sayings…. Blog owner, don’t ruin Nepal plz…….

  38. noname Avatar

    Very well and passionately put by Nepali (16:58:49) :.

  39. mozzas Avatar


    wish people understand you and not underestimate the view…well done…

    HEY PPL AFTER PRACHANDEE….go and worship him coz u r not hindu…..

  40. What The Heck Avatar
    What The Heck

    I dont think its right to call Gyan Dai our enemy. He took the country in his powers when people felt hopeless. Remember no one came to street the day he took power. He made some miscalculation which is far forgiving than those made by politicians. But to call him desh drohi and make him a second class citizen and to put him under quasi house arrest is wrong. Look at Girja, he is in poor health when important issues props up and is fit to substitute Kings religious role.

    I personally feel that if reconciliatory jesture is to be conducted it should be conducted with all the parties be it left wing, right wing or the King. However I have lot of reservation for the Maoist and their tactical approach for democracy. Why are leaders blinds when we least of the people invovled in politics can clearly spell out their evel mind. Dont they know if you play with the fire you’ll get burnt. If you dance with the devil, devil will dance you. Please recap all the one liner maoist have been sending and recanting the same statements.
    1. We have not kept all the weapons in the cantonment
    2 Peace talk is strategic and tactical issue.
    3. We have 36000 PLA and 500,000 YCL enough to take over the country
    4. We wont go to election but take Government by force (or Janta Ko Akrosh)
    5. Ill be president within two years (Prachanda)

    It doest not take Da Vinci’s method to decihpher the message. The message is loud and care, we were in peace talk as a strategic ploy to be in the city as nothing was happening the villages. We will bring all the hidden weapon and with the support of PLA and YCL we will distrupt the election and make our Comrade Prachanda our beloved President.

    This is a chilling reality and they have reached 75% of the journey. Under such circumstances if the country is to go through the bloodshed, people will look towards King for the show down and pull the country into one piece. If King is gone they will achieve the success rate by 100% and that is the reason they want Ganatantra before election. THe chilling reality of the election for them is they have relealized they have no support of the people and they would by far loose whatever they have gained now. Its a do and die situation for the maoist.

    The best solution is for Political party and King to have a unity and space for each other and let Maoist rot in the Jungle.

  41. curious observer Avatar
    curious observer

    “Why do we have such a low tolerance threshold for the king while we are willing to put up with horrible atrocities from both the political parties and Maoists without batting an eyelid? ”

    Great line…whoever wrote that.

  42. Kirat Avatar

    A part of me says that KG should do a military coup on December 1, 2007. It’s a part of myself that I disagree with a lot. KG already did it once and screwed up so terribly. Plus he does not seem to have the competency or the will to manage the mess. Has he learned and changed accordingly? It’s a part of me I would like to disown. But it is a part of me that seeks law and order in this land as opposed to the neverending chaos we presently have.

    How funny!

  43. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    If KG decided to do military coup the people will like it in the following conditions:
    1. Press will not be censored
    2. Phone and Internet will not be blocked
    3. Anounces the election of prime minister by general public right away
    4. Cancels the Interim Constitution but ammends the old constitution to make it democratic.

    Right now Girija trying to stay in power until his death by postponing the election. He can always blame on some unseen forces.

  44. Patriot Avatar

    Dont worry Kirat – we never had a choice anyway. It was always between the devil and the deep sea.

  45. Kirat Avatar

    Good one Shree. Though I would really like to see a new more inclusive constitution.

  46. hawa Avatar


    I’m obviously for a constitutional monarchy but a republican like you suggesting that Gyanendra does another coup takes the cake. Even I’m not for it. Why are you and the likes of Shree Shrestha who had all these programs for a federal republic? I just don’t get people like you. Tomorrow you’ll be saying the maoists are fine as well.

  47. shakti Avatar

    Nepali has written so much hidden truth. Everyone should read this and God Bless to Nepali.

    Please, let us not go blind just showing the wiseless anger… Cool down and think twice.

    Please read the lines by nepali. great!!

  48. Kirat Avatar

    hawa-we’re half joking…and we’re sick to our stomachs with the great mess the political parties and the maoists have made of a glorious opportunity to finally get our country moving in the right track.

    Patriot-no I think we always had a choice. we made the wrong ones or were too bothered to exercise our choices. in the last six months i’ve lost a lot of faith in our Nepali people.

  49. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat – i know what you mean. but in case i missed something can you tell me what was that other choice? for i remember though this current situation was to be anticipated, Gyane didnt leave us much option or in ur words atleast he didnt demonstrate the ability to manage the mess.

  50. hope Avatar

    Yes, Gyanendra didnot show any ability, the guy doesn’t have any. Don’t get desperate, it’s too early to go back in the past. The elections will be defferred again for sure and we have new situation. But does that mean, king is the only saviour we have( the same mistake as some people thought Maoists were the only option for Gyanendra’s rule).

    Let’s talk about the possible outcomes and wayouts!!

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