Indian Idol, Protests and Nepali Identity in India

Nepali community in India is fiercely staging demonstrations to protest demeaning remarks made by a New Delhi FM RJ. Why?

By Dinesh Wagle

Indian Idol Prashant Tamang in Kathmandu Nepal

Newly crowned Indian Idol Prashant Tamang, 24-year-old Indian police constable of Nepali origin, was warmly welcomed in Kathmandu this afternoon. He is here to take part in two concerts while his hometown Darjeeling (India) is tense and his fans across the region are protesting the demeaning remarks made against him and Nepali Indian community by a Radio Jockey in New Delhi.

It was only a few days ago that North East Indian city like Darjeeling and Siliguri (or Silgadhi) were merrily celebrating their beloved boy Prashant Tamang’s mesmerizing victory in the hugely popular and closely contested Indian TV singing talent show Indian Idol. When Prashant, a 24-year-old boy of Nepali origin who is a constable in Kolkata (or Calcutta) Police, was announced the winner, his mother took out a Nepali Dhaka topi (traditional Nepali cap) and proudly put that over her son’s head. The Indian Idol program was phenomenally popular, especially among Nepali communities in India that thousands of people didn’t sleep to push Prashant towards the success by voting in the contest. Why? The answer is very easy. In a big country like India, Nepalis (Gorkhas) aren’t recognized in the way they deserve to be recognized. There is sort of identity crisis and Nepalis in India are by and large marginalized.

In that situation, they suddenly found their identity flashing in the avatar of Prashant in a nationally televised program that was watched by millions of Indians across India. Prashant was not only occasionally chatting in Nepali with Udit Narayan Jha, one of the judges in the contest, a popular Bollywood singer and a Nepali but he also sang a Nepali song in the grand finale of the program that talked about the glory and plights of Gorkha. The very presence of Prashant in the program and his ultimate success gave the Nepali community an identity that they were craving for. There was a movement called Gorkhaland (a separate state for Nepalis) which didn’t see success but I am sure it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the winning of Indian Idol by Prashant was in no way less than having a separate statehood for Nepalis in India (or something like that).

When a New Delhi FM RJ badly cracked a joke on the same Gorkhali identity it really hurt the Gorkha sentiment. That is why Nepali Indians and other fans of Prashant are furiously protesting those insensitive remarks of the RJ. Whatever the RJ said was not only insensitive but also demeaning to the community. The RJ’s uninformed statement undermined the very glorious identity of the Nepali community in India that was renewed with Prashant’s victory. The RJ Nitin reportedly said:

“Aaaj Prashant Tamang ‘Nepali ladka from Darjeeling’ [Today Prashant Tamang, Nepali boy from Darjeeling] has become Indian Idol [laughs sarcastically] and we have a [cricket] match tonight so we need to guard our house / malls / restaurants by ourselves as there will be no Nepali people to guard these place and whole night we need to say Jagtay Raho [stay awake].” The RJ also added that all the Footpath Momo shops will remain closed as Nepali guy has become Indian Idol.

[Click here to read an Indian newspaper report about the controversy.]

Even in Nepal, the program was so popular that thousands of people from across the country rallied in Prashant’s favor, collected hundreds of thousands of money and sent them to Darjeeling so that more votes to Prashant could be text messaged. Though the Indian Idol program’s slogan was ‘Bharat ka saan’ [pride of India], many Nepalis were thinking that Prashant was actually ‘Nepal ko saan’ [pride of Nepal.] Many groups of Nepalis even went to Darjeeling waving the glorious Chandra Surya: Nepali national flag. Actually there are many talented singers in Nepal who hail from that Darjeeling and surrounding area of India and are living in Nepal for decades. Amber Gurung, who composed the tune of the new Nepali national anthem, hails from the same area. Though I haven’t been to Darjeeling, I have heard from many of my colleagues that the love towards Nepali language and culture is more visible and intense in Darjeeling than in Nepal itself.

Coincidently Prashant is in Nepal now to take part in two concerts- one today afternoon in Kathmandu and the other in Pokhara. He arrived in Kathmandu yesterday afternoon and, no surprise, was warmly accepted by a crowd at the airport. He briefly talked to reporters in a press meet in the five-star Soaltee hotel. “I had dreamed of wearing the Nepali topi on the stage after winning the contest,” he said, according to Kantipur reporter Suraj Kunwar who attended the press meet. “I had wanted to bring out an album of Nepali songs but sadly couldn’t because of monitory problem.”

This evening I saw celebrated Indian journalist Vinod Mehta, editor of Outlook magazine and Javed Akther, famous Indian lyricist, on CNN IBN channel condemning the remarks of RJ. Mehta pointed out the fact that media, especially the electronic, are influential and they need to be extra careful and go through matured editorial scrutiny while dealing with sensitive issues. Yes media is indeed powerful and I can give an example related to Prashant and Nepali media. I was the one who called our reporter in Jhapa, a Nepali district bordering Darjeeling, to go to the home of Prashant, talk to the family and fans and file a story from there. The reporter, Benup Raj Bhattarai of Kantipur daily, promptly filed a story. I enthusiastically edited, put additional quotes from a Nepali film actress in Kathmandu who hails from Prashant’s home town and had just returned from her home, and the 800 word story was published along with two photos of Prashant and the signature campaign because, luckily, there was plenty of space on the back page of Kantipur that day.

That was the first story about Prashant in Nepali media and, oh, that was just the beginning. Within days, almost all papers in Kathmandu and in eastern Nepal were publishing every detail that they could gather about Prashant. Meanwhile, Kantipur also kept the coverage and that created huge interest among Nepali viewers because the TV channel that airs the Indian Idol program is available in almost all cable channels in Nepal. As the voting was progressing towards the final day, a group of young boys in Kathmandu came to me saying they had made ‘Vote Prashant Tamang’ t-shirts and they wanted their effort to be covered in Kantipur so that they could sell the clothes and send the money to Darjeeling. This case really makes me think that media is indeed powerful.

And we have seen/experienced a tragic incident a few years back when a rumor spread like wildfire that Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan allegedly remarked something demeaning about Nepal. The Indian actor denied having made any such statements within days but by then we had already seen some of the worst riots in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal in which an innocent 9-year-old girl lost her life and properties worth millions was destroyed. We are rumor prone and yes we are also very much sensitive about our dignity.

This time, when I heard yesterday in our newsroom that Nepalis in Darjeeling were calling for a Darjeeling banda (general strike), I instantly decided not to publish that news in Kantipur. Why? Because I know the fire will almost instantly come in Nepal. The same people who went to Darjeeling waiving the glorious Moon and Sun will start rioting to protest the silly remarks of the New Delhi based RED FM RJ. I prey that the protests in Darjeeling and surrounding areas don’t come to Nepal.

In the CNN IBN program this evening, Javed Akther made a valid point that such insensitive and foolish remarks should be ignored. That’s right, I also think so, but when the issue reached to the crowd it’s very hard to control the anger. I really do wish people of Darjeeling and surrounding areas didn’t hurt themselves by organizing violent bandas and vandalizing their own properties to teach a simpleton RJ about their glorious and world famous identity. Instead, they should pressurize the Indian government to reform the education system that properly provides knowledge to students about Nepali community in India.

Thanks to UWB reader and commentator Patriot for sending the RJ remarks and the Metro Times news clip.

PS: A quick note to those Indian Hindi news channels who are mispronouncing Prashant’s surname. He is Tamang (which is pronounced Taamaang, not tamaang)






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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What an faggot. I hope his moron looses his job.

    Frankly I don’t understand why Indian people seem to think being a Badhur is demeaning. They should think about why there are so many Nepalese/ Indian-Nepalese as security guards in the first place. Why can they not trust their own country men? Is it because they consider their own people unturstworthy and dishonest?

    As outraged as we should be let’s just hope Nepalese junta practice restriant and don’t go out into the streets and vandalize property and repeat the Hirtik Roshan saga. Firstly all that disruption hurts our own people and secondly it shows uneducated bigots like RJ Nitin that the comments some half-educated insignificant radio jerk can irk a nation!

  2. kati kuti Avatar
    kati kuti

    “to protest the silly remarks of the New Delhi based RED FM VJ”

    hey blogger,
    Do you get video on your FM Set? then why do you mentioned about RED FM VJ.

    How sillyness of you?

  3. hope Avatar

    Shouldn’t be even an issue at the first place, why Nepalese give somuch importance on what a stupid indian says?? Why we are always so sensitive about what an Indian thinks and says about Nepal and Nepali?? Why we can’t just ignore such idiotic views of an idiot and get on with our lives? As a matter of fact India is not a world and we have lot better image in other parts of the world than Indians do.

    Having said that, when an Indian Yogi can be accompanied by a second powerful Nepali minister in his tour,when Nepali people are enslaved by Indian culture through indian TV,when an India actor says sth bad about Nepal and Nepali a country can turned into riots, what else would you expect from these bankrupt mentalities??

    We must come out of this “INDIA MANIA” and take a look around world, India is one of the least developed and poorest countries on the planet, if you travel around India you will be happy that you are not an indian, people are dying out of starvation,religious conflicts killing thousands annually,the superstition which are fatal quite often,the gap between rich and poor, the inhumane condition of the migrant workers. Nothing good comes out of India yet Nepalese are treating them like saviours. The world beyond India is much nicer and developed and more humane. We have to stop idolizing Indians and India, we have to start ignoring Indians and neglecting India. We must find our own cultural identity, stop veiwing those bullshit news channels and soap operas, try to support our own media and entertainment. Yes, it is boring , but they need time to gain the stature of India entertainment but if we don’t support them who would?? It just take small steps to stop this Indian hegemony, we must make them absolutely irrelevant in our matters, then no matter whatever they say ,we won’t even notice!!

  4. guyfromktm Avatar

    We have to work hard ourselves to create for ourselves a new identity, until that happens, we will continued to be called “gurkhas” which many of us are- and if the only bunch of Nepali you have ever met is a “gurkha” then you can’t blame the person for calling us one. We are very good at name calling ourselves and we have always addressed Indians as you-know-what. We need to get out of this tyre-burning mentality for everything – it is almost like we have developed a habit to wake up in the morning with a deermination to go out and protest everything that day- and try to join hands for something more constructive. Wagle’s article above is ebither here nor there– he is just trying to falsely claim credit for kick starting Prashant mania in Nepal and the rest of the article seems to have been woven around that– it has no message for me in it. We can’t use blogs like these to fuel communal violence– in fact out effort should be just the opposite.

  5. coke Avatar

    Time Ripe for ending slavery attitude that we have for the aliens. Bahadur as we are should be used for nation building than protecting others houses.
    If Prashant being an Indian can unit the neplsese across the globe why not we the Chaukidars in India come home and build a new nepal by overthrowing the good old boys at eighty who are the real slaves of the Indians.
    Nepal ma Nepali aatai Halcha ni
    If Israel can assimilate its brethern why not with the Nepalese.

    I see Gyanendra(No 1 Lendup Dorje) back with flyng colors, if anti-India sentiments grow as it is growing in Nepal(talk to the Nepalse walkign in the streets they now talk of our lands encroached and the 1950 treaty as well), and the talk to importing Tibet-Oil is obvioulsy shortening the life of the present government.

  6. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    We should view Prashant simply as a talent boy and for that reason he deserves
    respect. But seeing him as a fellow Nepali simply because he can speak
    Nepali is hollow nationalism. We have to change this attitude.
    Think about a Terain in India. If he spells a word of praise in India then
    there will be riot in Nepal.

  7. rage of the country? Avatar
    rage of the country?

    Well. this may be more of a question about the quality of content in Indian Media and filtering the content.
    Q:Should we, as Nepalese, worry about it?
    A: Sure, if the content(audio/paper/video) has to do with our country, this needs to be pointed out(especially if it is negative and demeaning). The seniors at the Indian media should take some responsibility of that comment and respond as they intend(hopefully, a little sorry…and such could do). But, yes, Nepal does not need to go out on the streets for that. That would b a dumber move.

    End of the day, let’s celebrate the victory of Prashant who seems to have a Nepali background.

    I don’t watch Indian Idol too much, but got all excited out of what Prashant acheived. Quick question: So, is there any citizenship criteria to participate in Indian Idol at all? By nationality, is Prashant Indian or Nepali?

  8. NIraz URf HHH Avatar
    NIraz URf HHH


  9. puspa kamal dahal Avatar
    puspa kamal dahal

    who is this parsaante?

  10. Anita Avatar

    I think it’s wrong to put down India here, sure India has poverty but India and Nepal have many rich ties culturally and politically.
    Prashant is an Indian Nepali – both India and Nepal are important to him.
    Why does this have to turn into a political issue? I don’t think he was trying to make a political statement when he participated in the show. He is a talented singer who won an Indian national competition.
    At the end of the day Indian Idol is an Indian show, if you don’t like it – don’t watch it.

  11. madya desh Avatar
    madya desh

    pahades are communal. prashant tamaaang ia an indian of nepali origin.
    he is an indian. so why so much halla gulla in nepal because he won. is it because you raised money to vote for him in large numbers. that is cheating.
    would the pahades have gone to so much effort to raise money if instead of tamaaang, the contestant was named udit narayan jha. the answer is no no no.
    the discussion is pointless. and this wagle bahun is trying to take credit for prashant’s win. that is bahunism.
    real nepali

  12. guyfromktm Avatar

    rather than divert our attention to this issue about who is an indian, who is a Nepali and what should an indian call a Nepali and vice versa– this blog should return its focus on the terror tactics of the terrorist party led by TTT— they took out a motorcycle rally threatening to incarcerate rayamajhi ayog accused in public– this threat to take extra judicial action is comepletely uncalled for when the nation is trying to move towards a CA that will try to demonstrate to the terrorists where their real popular base lies– nowhere. The election is to demonstrate to the terrorists that the same people that they terrorised for nearly 12 years are waiting in their wings to show the real people power to these power hungry communist autocrats and are waiting to completely vote them out. Being afraid of this outcome, the terrorists are now resorting to presssure tactics like fully representative model of CA and also this call for an extra judicial treatment of the Rayamajhi ayog in public. These cowards are dead scared to face the power of the ballots– thus are resorting to power of the guns. It is irrelvant in today’s context about what is happening with Prashant and whether or not he is a uniting factor. What is more important is what is happening within our own national boundaries and the fact that terrorists are taking this country down the path of complete destruction.

  13. hammer.. Avatar

    ..aaja concert k bhayo?…
    pahila nepali ko paisa sakiyo darjeeling gaera sms garera..
    aile concert ko ticket ma..
    ..kati sakaune nepali le…
    aakhir tyo paisa ..nepal ko flood,landslide victim lai use hoina kyare….
    paila indian mobile Airtel le lutyo..aba ko ko le..kaile samma lutne ho..
    ..nepal ko border bhitra nai rahane gari nepali j gare ni huncha.. border cross garyo bhane ghata yei desh laai ho..

  14. manish Avatar

    hey nepali brothers what are you so angry at?is that your low confidence?i am a punjabi, an actual indian and lots of indians make jokes about what?We laugh with them.We know that such things are to be taken in the right spirit.An RJ made a remark about u people.Big deal?have you forgotten that not only u , we indians voted for prashant too!you think votes from nepalis could take him ahead of 1.1 billion indians?you can work rely in have special regiments in our army.we count on you for our pride, secuity.Which other countries have such relations?pakis call us pee drinking ass hole hindus.And we are secular!you are a hindu nation!Be proud.Be aware!we are brothers .Lets work together!Forget the RJ!who cares.fact is prashant won because he was talented, and people in india voted impartially.cant u all c?c’mon man!

  15. anti mandale Avatar
    anti mandale

    This time, when I heard yesterday in our newsroom that Nepalis in Darjeeling were calling for a Darjeeling banda (general strike), I instantly decided not to publish that news in Kantipur. Why? Because I know the fire will almost instantly come in Nepal.
    Hehehe, then why this news was published in front page of Kantipur ?

  16. Tori Laure Avatar
    Tori Laure

    for manish and all,

    1. your statement “…And we are secular! you are a hindu nation!Be proud” is a complete bullshit!. Please do some research before you open your mouth. Nepal is no more ‘a hindu nation’, We are secular too.

    2. ‘punjabi’ reminds me of a joke:

    Punjabi-A: (to another Punjabi) “Can you tell me, how can we know, that right now, if I am in my room or not?”

    Punjabi-B: “ha’s very simple, i can just go to your room and see if you are there or not.”

    Punjabi-A: “hmmm…you are too fool!. , can’t u just call to my room and check if I am there!”

    but sorry no offense please…was just a joke!

    Prashant is mine, Prashant is your…, Prashant is ours!

    tori laure.

  17. scope Avatar

    As Bhupi said, we are bahadurs with no buddhi. Why all this hue and cry over what a Gorkhali did in his home country and how his fellow citizens are sorting it out among themselves?

  18. nepal bhakta Avatar
    nepal bhakta

    Hey manish, brother from punjab. that was an amazing sense of understanding that you tried to instill in us nepalese. thank you !
    be it nepali or punjabi we are both a proud race ! but at times both of us have been furious over something that really does not sound right and cannot be digested. Nepalese society , like punjabi society,is quite egalitarian.

    Nepalese have been slandered time and again in India but Nepalese are such tolerant and trust worthy race that , thank god , so far nothing nasty has come about on previous occassions.

    But everything has its limit.

    Distorting the word Gurkha [ As Gorkhas in india ] is serious offence in the eye of a nepali, just as it would hurt punjabi if anything nasty said against Nana Saheb.

    Today Nepalese , be it in Nepal, India and elsewhere in the world are trying to break that grim impression that has been cast on them due to economic problems. And it is happening without much notice, but scrutinise and you will see nepalese from top positions in Nasa to UN to Walt Disney .

    But Manish, thank you for your placating words. it sure sooths our wounds.

  19. madhya desh Avatar
    madhya desh

    do you remember
    mana makhu marsya kha

    this name calling goes both ways. therefore, take it in your stride and stop whining.

  20. noname Avatar

    Nepal was, is and will remain a Hindu nation. These warlords and their cadres and comrades may keep barking here and there in order to try and stamp their authority and shite on others but let’s see who wins the game.

  21. Sam Avatar

    Nepalis who are Nepali in India should return to Nepal. In India, there is no room to call your self “Indian” and “Nepali.” You are either one or the other. Pick on. If you want to be Nepali, move to Nepal! But no, you won’t. Because India is so much better than Nepal.

  22. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Sam: you will then guard your borders, houses, businesses etc. You Indians obviously don’t trust your own fellow countrymen. Besides Indians of Nepali orgin don’t consider themslves Nepali, as far as I am aware.
    Furthermore, don’t forget there are lots of Nepalis of Indian origin living in Nepal.

  23. Sam Avatar

    I guess what I disagree with this blog is promoting separate identities within India. After all, everyone should be “Indian.” Nepalis do not need a separate state. In fact, they have their own country, NEPAL!

  24. steven Avatar

    c’mon guys, a wise cracking RJ made some supid remark about nepalis…well he keeps on doing it…if its nitin then he keeps on pulling someone’s leg or the other..all these RJ’s gets paid to make some wisecracks about something or someone and they get paid for it..well i guess in this case he was insensitive and people were right in criticising it..but thats as far as it should go..he is of no importance and whatever he says or does is not going to change the fate of anybody.
    i guess our movies and entertainment industries thrives on just have to take a look at it and see, a bar girl will always be a christian named as mary or a julie, an old wisevman will always be a muslim and he will be most probably blind.., a parsi will always be called a rustom and he will have a nagging wife with loads of children at the back of his 1950’s car, a sardar and sardarni will always be there and the washerman or vegetable will be a bihari speaking bjojpuri.etc the image of a nepali will always be a faithful watchman in a uniform..these are stereotypes and its gonna take some more time to kindly bear with us..and the fact is prashant is an indian of nepali origin, you guys should be as happy of his win as any nepalese or indians..we in india celebrate every win or achievement of some guys of indian origin, we have fancy names for them like PIO or people of indian origin, NRI’s, ABCD or indian born confused desis now c is confident dosnt matter whether they have ever been to india or not or they even consider themselves remotely indian, we celebrate their victories, so why should there be any hesitation amongst you for celebrating prashant’s victory. the disturbance in siliguri was an unfortunate event and should be stopped at all cost for spreading

  25. Sam Avatar

    I agree with steven’s comment. However, so many people were injured by the rioting. These riots can never be justified. These scums involved destroyed private property and injured many innocent people. India needs to have laws against such scums. If you are involved in a riot, a minimum jailtime of 6 months. People know what they are doing is wrong. If you are pissed, destroy your own stuff, not others.

  26. scope Avatar

    “If you are pissed, destroy your own stuff, not others. ”
    Don’t worry Sam, we are past masters at destroying our own stuff. Just take care of your own Gorkhalis. If media reports are correct, rioting in Siliguri was initiated by non-Gorkhalis.

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    How easily you right this off as an unimportant event. You see the thing is that until you have been the victim of a racial slur or stereotype you are just never going to get it.
    It was wrong for that fat fcuk Nitin to say what he did. His comments go a long way in perpetuating the stereotype and fostering such discriminatory attitudes in people. I agree the rioting and wanton destruction of property must stop. But either Nitin needs to come out and publicly apologize, resign or he needs to get fired! It’s as simple as that. Did you ever hear of Don Imus? Just some months back you Indians were huffing and puffing when Shipa Shetty was discriminated against on Big Brother and now when it’s our turn we are supposed to just pass all this off as a wise crack. If that moron Nithin had only made such a crack about Muslims, Sardhars or Christians his head would be ripped off and throw in some gutter so please save me the lecture.

  28. Patriot Avatar

    For all who didnt know, this is the second time this RJ has tried to humiliate Nepalis publicly in his program. First time Neplalis were resigned to it. Not this time.

    steven – i like your argument, while India has its own share of probs but you and i know its tyranny everywhere and the rulers there dont hear you unless you create a lot of noise. Gandhism dont work. that riot was unfortunate but justified at the end of day. its getting newspace these days, infact todays delhi times front news was about this. India is so desperate to get international recognition that it has totally neglected its domestic issues. if it cant gets it house in order first then whole of northeast kasmir will set the precedent for India’s disintegration. and with hostile neighbors all around, it doesnt make things easier.

  29. Vinay Avatar

    Hello all,
    Firstly, I am not nepali but i take pride in prashant tamang’s indian idol win because he’s a fantastic singer and deserved to win; i totally understand the nepali community’s joy at his winning; But i dont understand why the RJ’s remark should be taken so seriously; in india there are sterotype jokes about every community – the kanjoos marwari, the gawar UP ka bhaiyya, the lungi-wearing madrasi, everybody knows jokes on sardars (sikhs); these kind of jokes should be taken in the right spirit; most indians i know love and respect the nepali community for their contributions to almost every sphere of socity and also our economy; and ofcourse bollywood!; nepalis are our brothers in every sense – we share our Hindu way of life and our culture, food, customs etc.. why would we ever hate you?
    Jai Nepal

  30. sirensongs Avatar

    Frankly I don’t understand why Indian people seem to think being a Badhur is demeaning. They should think about why there are so many Nepalese/ Indian-Nepalese as security guards in the first place.

    My thoughts exactly – when I read the RJ stuff I thought, “just goes to show what an integral part of the Indian economy Nepalis have become!”

    Let’s face it – the Nepalis will work harder and for less money than Indians in these jobs. It’s not as though there is a shortage of Indian around to do the jobs…the fact that Nepalis are hired for them says something (something positive about Nepalis, I believe).

    All the best for Prashant, I was cheering for him here in Ladakh.

  31. Kirat Avatar

    Well the poor Indian people were so badly screwed by the British for over 300 yrs that a part of their psyche has been permanently damaged. When someone else has the upperhand over them they act like slaves-when they have the upperhand over someone else they feel it necessary to treat them like that-that’s when the trouble starts because no one is going to tolerate that nasty Indian attitude. Pity the poor Indians. It will take them another 300 years before they learn to behave without an inferior attitude. That’s how badly the British screwed them up.

  32. Sankalpa Avatar

    you know all of you should do what i do??? Beat up an Indian nearby, take out you frustration on him and let it go. Hey, that’s what i did in that Hritik Kanda. So beat up an indian in your school or college or work or wherever you can find one but don’t go around burning up stuff and shit. common people be smart.

  33. vinay singh Avatar
    vinay singh

    why fighting over such a petty issue. We have many things to fight togather Povery, sanitaion, health & hygiengene and this row is endless?? Wake up India Wake up Nepal. Now you gonna have democracy in nepal also. then you will see why tongue often slips in democracy. Enjoy democracy!!!

  34. american Avatar

    i am laughing at the negative tone of this article and visible dissent to India. I know Nepals’ economy is totally based on India, else China is ready to screw Nepal. very thankless attitude…

  35. anonymous Avatar

    Last week I spoke to two indians on holiday abroad, we agreed nepalis are STUPID because of how they destroy business and entire country…..
    Sure India has maoism and unhappier classes, but to go sit in misery collectively for egomania and ignorance?
    cheers namaskari. I am indian.

  36. A NEPALI Avatar

    Hey u anonymous indian,
    You are great!U must be feeling so great how you can snarl insults and feel secure for doing so.GODBLESS YOU !




  37. BLUE  SKIES Avatar

    SO take your insecurities elsewhere….

  38. Ajatshatru Avatar

    It is nice to see that so many Nepali brothers are happy to see that Prashant has become an Indian Idol.
    It doesn’t make a difference if he calls himself an Indian or a Nepali, because both are similar ways of living.
    Although I am Indian,I have no problem calling my self Nepali or Jai Nepal.
    As an Indian, the Nepali culture fascinates me and I love the Nepali people
    Nepal is beautiful and so are her people. If you look at the similarities, the world would be more harmonious. If you try to find differences, the world will be full of bloodshed.

    Nepalis are very welcome to live in India, we love you.

    Just one request, please don’t hate Indians.

    Nepal rocks
    Jai Nepal
    Jai Bharat

  39. naren Avatar

    Ya, really there is no other country like Nepal and India, Nepali are free to inter India and Indians also free to go Nepal. so we should not hate each other all are like frog in the well those who hate each other, they never visit other place and claim that they are the best and hate other.
    almost everything is similar between India and Nepal. Even china also Nepal,s close but they are not like India. we are not allowed to go China just like that they hit on our back.
    so Lets Love Indian and Nepali we are two side of same coin.

  40. ritu Avatar

    You guys are acting ultra sensitive here.I really dont know what to say.
    You guys are giving importance to what one stupid RJ said on radio instead all those Indians who voted for him?
    If you really want to earn respect stop caring so much about what some idiots in corner of this world say something about you.It reflects your low confidence.
    There are N number of people who keep ranting against India and call all fucking name.Just see on google you will see some good rant against us.Do you see people running here wild and burning properties because some one in Bangladesh/pakistan/China said something against us?

  41. Thupden Avatar

    i hate prashant tamang

  42. Thupden Avatar

    india ko manchey ley vote deyara nepali ma picture ko hero yo manchey vote ley garda matrai winner vako natra asko voice bathroom singer jasto cha tai karan ley i hate

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