Maoists Quit Nepal Government, Political Crisis in the Country

Constituent Assembly Election Is Uncertain, Country Faces Further Chaos On The Streets Though the Maoists Have Said They Wouldn’t Go Against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Maoist cadres and supporters participate in a rally in Jorpati demanding declaration of republic. Many rallies like this one came together in Tundikhel and turned into a mass meeting that was addressed by top leaders of the Maoists. Chairman Prachanda was absent. Pic by Sita

Five months and 17 days after they enthusiastically joined the government giving Nepalis hope of peaceful future, the Maoist party has called it a day as the ministers representing former rebel organization in the cabinet tendered their resignations to the Prime Minister this afternoon. The resignations come after their party’s talks with other collation partners couldn’t produce a solid conclusion today in Baluwataar, the official residence of the PM. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, Maoist chairman Prachanda and NC-Democratic President Sher Bahadur Deuba. Also present was CPN Unity Center General Secretary Prakash who has been working as a facilitator in the talks on the 22-pint demands of the Maoist party.

Update 1: There is still some place for hope though. The resignations haven’t been accepted yet and Maoists haven’t severed their ties with the Eight Party Alliance. Prakash, a mediator in the crisis, said that he was still hopeful as the EPA has called a meeting tomorrow.

Update 2: Meanwhile, the Maoists have started organizing rallies in various parts of the country. Kantipur FM is reporting that Maoist supporters organized a mute rally in Chitwan and guerillas in Shakitkhor cantonment also organized a protest.

Maoist protest programmes: door-to-door campaign – September 19 to 22, mass meetings in each VDC and municipality- September 22- 29, gherao all election offices September 30 (the day for filing the candidacy for CA elections), ‘expose’ the persons indicted by Rayamajhi Commission from September 29 to October 2, and organize a nationwide political strike from October 4 to 6. (read a report from the Maoist mass meeting on THT)

With their quitting the government, the election of the Constituent Assembly is now effectively under uncertainty. The Election Commission has implemented its Code of Conduct from today.

The Maoists are expected to formally announce their withdrawal from the government and kick start their ‘peaceful’ agitation from today in a mass meeting that’s being organized in downtown Kathmandu at the time of writing this report. Prachanda will not be present in the Maoist mass meeting in Tundikhel today because of “health” reason, Krishna Bahadur Mahara told reporters.

22-points demands are, according to the Maoists, pre-requisites for the CA elections slated for November 22. Two of the 22-point demands include declaring Nepal republic in parliament and opting for proportional representation voting system in the election. The interim constitution has the provision that the first meeting of the CA will decide the fate of monarchy where as the eight parties, including the Maoists, had earlier agreed to go for mixed proportional voting system.

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