The Day That Was: 22-point Bargaining

Maoists have announced to get out of the government tomorrow. Intense negotiations today were kind of inconclusive but something concrete might come by tomorrow morning which will give reason to Maoist to continue their presence in the cabinet and start the CA elections campaigns. A look into the day’s happenings:

It was a day of intense negotiations and bargaining in Kathmandu today as top leaders of various political parties were engaged in solving the latest political problem in Nepal. Those involved in the talks were mainly from Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist and CPN UML. And there was one ‘surprise’ personality who emerged as the mediator between NC (the Prime Minister) and CPN M (the Chairman- Prachanda) and ruled the FM and TV stations today. The semi-underground general secretary of CPN (Unity Center) Prakash (formal name: Narayan Kaji Shretha) met both top leaders, conveyed one’s message to the other and tried to bring both in an agreeable position. He was in Nepal FM, he was in Kantipur FM, he was in Kantipur TV and he was in BBC Nepali Service briefing reporters with his opinionated updates on the day’s development.

The crux of today’s outcome is this: no concrete development on the negotiations but, as Prakash put it to a FM station, there is still some hope of breaking the deadlock by tomorrow morning, the day Maoists said they would pull out from the government. The lead of the news is that the Prime Minister was firm on his stand on mainly two issues: declaring republic via parliament and opting proportional representation in the upcoming constituent assembly elections. Another bargaining chip came from the house of Prachanda that the Maoist party was ready to accept the new idea floated in the past few days: the parliament declares republic and the CA will endorse it. Koirala countered that with this: Instead of parliament, let the joint public assembly of eight parties declare republic which will be endorsed by the CA. The result: Koirala rejects Prachand’s offer and vice versa. Prachanda’s argument: Our party will loose its credibility if we deviate from out stand this time like we showed flexibility in our previous talks with the government. Koirala’s argument: The parliamentary declaration of republic won’t get international legitimacy. The PR voting system has already been agreed upon amidst disagreements.

FM radios also reported that the Prime Minister was going to issue an statement clarifying his stand on the Maoist 22-points demands but that didn’t happen. Reports say that the Prime Minister has postponed his plan until tomorrow on the request of mediator (Prkash).

It can be expected that tomorrow morning will going to be extremely busy for the top leaders. The optimistic scenario is that Maoists will still be in the cabinet by the end of the day tomorrow and we will see a new agreement between them and the government. What will be that agreement? It won’t be surprising if they go for parliamentary declaration of republic or eight-party assembly Tundihkel declaration. In any case it’s certain that a firm commitment to republic will come. We will also hear them agreeing on bringing out the Nepali Army soldiers from Narayanhitti Palace, the official residence of suspended king Gyanendra.






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  1. introvert Avatar

    this time maoist wont compromise in people demands. if they keep compromising showing too much flexibility , they will have to pay the cost.

    compromise wen there are genuine issues but in the past they failed to do so eventhough they are the only party who tried to work for the nepali people. my support to them with critism.

    still i appriciate their effort. they are far better among others in the interest of general nepali people. they are heavily attacked by power centers to threaten our freedom and soverginity. we nepali people must understand to save ourselves supporting them who are working for grassroot and general nepali people.

    we need to understand one thing, this feudalism(monarchy) should be abolished by revolution not by ballot. revolution doesnt come through ballot.

    dont try to say monarchy saves the country, its pathetic. we all know how he came into power after masacare of royal family.

    dont ever believe this agent of power centre. power center brought him into palace and he is clearly agent…….. dont forget agent’s job is to work on the behalf of principal(power centre) and to ignore other stakeholders.

    declaring republic state should have done immidiately after the success of april movement……. its too late.

    no time waste!!!!!!!!!

    we dont want that white elephant anymore…….

    and we dont want those parties rulling government who only speaks after foreign envoy speaks. remember, who was GURU of GPK? the famous caward ,,,,james F moriarty(jimse fataha) now his GURU has been changed, the indian envoy.

    think guys wot GPK can do?

    maoists have to come out of the government and go to public to restore their popularity.

  2. Baje Avatar

    Introvert, what a beautiful and intelligent write up.

    Yes, everyone will be happy if the Maoists leave the government. Especially the Royalists.

    Congratulations for such infalliable logic in your writing!

  3. bridohi Avatar


    Your argument for the abolition of monarchy through a revolution is mute. The Maoist revolution has run dry and amok. One has to attract the people to your revolution through ideas or deeds. In both spheres, Maoists have come last or zero through mass extortion, high handedness of YCL and a psuedo-parallel government through their milita even though they are a partner in the government. Instead of attracting the masses, you have made them disillusioned and only given them a glimpse to the “Pol Potish” nightmare that is ahead.

    You have lost your mandate in the Terai to the JTMM and other Madhesi political groups. You will not win there. Your short sighted policy of igniting ethnic based federation has only opened up a can of worms.

    You have created havoc in ordinary lives through lawlessness & security has eroded through in the urban and rural areas. You are not going to get any votes in urban centers for sure as people are more smarter than you think.

    In the hill areas, you may get some votes, but, the people will not forget all the terror, murders, forced conscription, extortion you committed in the name of the people’s rule. You won’t get many votes out of here either.

    You cannot go back to the jungle due to int’l pressure. Besides, your own Forestry Minister along with your cadres have destroyed swaths of what little forests we have.

    You cannot hide in India anymore due to the embarrasment that would cause our Southern neigbour.

    All you can do is come out into the streets which you have proposed. This is only done to destablize the country. You know you cannot win the elections, so you are choosing this violent path again. You are nothing but namaradas… Ama ko dudh khaya ko bhaya come contest the elections in a free and a fair manner with no conditions. Man to man. Woman to woman.

    There are only TWO parties in Nepal that would not like to see an election as it means to their end: (1) the monarchy (2) Maobadis. They both stand to lose.

    Maoists, you wllingly signed the Peace Agreement and demanded the CA elections along with the SPA. Now, the Maoists want the declaration of a republic without the CA elections. This is unacceptable to the PEOPLE. They are shifting the goal posts when it is time to start the game. It seems the Maoists are afraid to go to the polls. You made a solemn pledge to the PEOPLE, you need to abide by it.

    It is not the Maoists who dictate the mandate, but, the PEOPLE. Let the people speak through a free and fair election. It will be the PEOPLE who will decide, not PK, GPK, MK etc.

    Isn’t that what CA elections is suppossed to decide? Whether we want to be a republic or a constitutional monarchy? So why all the pre-requisites… Let the PEOPLE decide.

    Civil society, International community, INGOs, NGOs, US, UK, UN & India need to unite with the PEOPLE of Nepal to ensure there is a free and fair election. Let the cards fall where they may…

  4. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    Prachanda: ” mero 22 points pura garne bhae gar natra ma roe dinchhu..”

    What a childish behaviour by maoist.
    Come on.. grow up.

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


  6. introvert Avatar

    guys ,

    first thing, CA election is not gonna happen ,

    if happens its with reservation seats and collusion , that not gonna solve the problem and unstable future ahead.

    i m not in the favour of dead peace. i favour the peace with justice. CA elction once postponed from june, its meaningless. now lots of demands from various groups. proportional representation in CA election is the most important demand which sud be agreed before election.

    CA election is not periodic election. if we need few more months time, people of nepal will accept it. if that can be solved earlier of the date of election will be fine.

    i dont see any demand from maoist are bad. they are in the interest of nepali people.

    maoists are the main contributers for the changes in our country and they deserve to rule our country for upcoming years, if other come with better vision we will give them chance.

    i dont agree with the points maoist were unsuccessful in JANA UDDA. it is generally accepted by the analysts that was the most successful communist movement for the century in the world…… so USA smells cold war.

    i already wrote that maoists started to face ctirism wen they entered into the parliament and then government coz people expected too much from them. its not mean that maoist are unpopular as other parties. people are suspecious whether maoists also follow the same route as NC and UML did.
    they are still the favourite, people still vote them coz there is not any better option left for us.

    their objectives are not dirty as others ones, they are clear in their vision but the process gone wrong several times………. we have to check the intention not the process. we dont want any disabled parties rulling our home land with the BAISAKI of power center.

    i have worked during conflict in maoist influenced area and i know how much people support them. its totally different than wot comes in media. actually people love maoist but still people hasitate to tell it coz country gone through long war of decade. still hang over left in people. there was a time no one would be left over if that was maoists supporter. actually that is hang over.

    actual result comes by election. wait and see. we nepali people fought against power centre and disposed their dirty objective in the past , we won and will win .

  7. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Mark my word:

    Maoist murderers will not leave the government, it’s too lucrative for them to do so.

    They will come up with some feeble jana-excuse to either extend the deadline or to continue with the status quo.

  8. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    those who are afraid of CA, make stupid demands, not to participate on CA.

  9. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    “i have worked during conflict in maoist influenced area and i know how much people support them. its totally different than wot comes in media. actually people love maoist but still people hasitate to tell it coz country gone through long war of decade.”

    It seems this blogger is blogging from YCL’s office.

  10. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Introrvert, Remain Introvert. Your logic that Maoist has contributed to Nepal Politics is laugafable, They are pure terrorist and after so many people killed they settled for five minister, four ambassdor and 83 bullshit parliament seat. That is what they got by killing so many people and destroying infrastructure of country. I am angry with them not becuase they destroyed infrastructure which can be rebuilt but because they destroyed the ethnic harmony between people, they divided people in ethnic line for their small gains. Now we are reaping the furit Maoist planted and SPA watered. I agree that there was some discrimination before also but that could have been solved by democratic process thru 1990 constitution but all the party’s chose to detroy that constitution and present power to Greedy king in platter. It is foolish only to blame king for everything, we have to remember who were in power for 14 years. Constitution is just a guide, it is the intention of the people who runs the country that matters otherwise the constitution is not worth a toilet paper. I wish Maoist quit the government ( which they wont despite theire pitiful whimpering) so that they will see thier true support.

  11. bridohi Avatar


    I will agree with you in one area–the CA elections will not happen cause the Maoists don’t want it to happen for it is not in their interests. Maoists have felt the pulse of the nation & they are not going to win the majority in CA elections.

    Nor does the monarchy want elections. It seems only the people want the elections. Yet, you speak on behalf of the people…What a farce.

    Revolutionaries do not necessarily make good administrators or statesmen. The Maoist mentality was still stuck in the jungle–power comes from the barrel of the gun. You did not have good transition from guerillas to peace makers. If you were serious about Peace, then, you would have stopped mass extortion, forced donations, YCL & ur radical trade unions. Old habits die hard…

    Instead, the Maoist agenda got hijacked by the ultras in the party. For the sake of the party unity, you are now peddling the street agitation on behalf of the people…

    You are a part of the governing coalition, yet, you blame the government itself. What an irony! Your only mandate of the Interim Government/Constitution is to conduct CA elections & nothing else. Eveything else only comes after the CA elections. Any other proclomations by the parliament or SPAM lacks legitamcy for you were not elected. Remember that…

    You all bargained for seats in the lame duck Interim Parliament. You were nominated, not elected. Remember that. Just as in the Panchayat system by the Sri Panch, now in the kangaroo Interim Parliament by Sri Teen Ke (PK, GPK & MK).

    Maoists have squandered the goodwill of the people. Now they are re-inventing their image in the name of the people… What they could not achieve through violence or peace talks, now they want achieve by creating instability. This is nothing but black mail.

    Nepali people deserve better.

  12. hope Avatar

    Yes, the fear factor, fear of loosing , fear of embarrasment, fear of consequences that lead maoists to run away from the CA election. And only people with stupid menatlity like maoists themselves believe actually they put forward the 22 points demands and threat of quitting govt is for CA elections.
    It is an irony that the CA election, for which they fought for decade, killing more than 14000 lives, when they got that they are escaping from the very thing. It certainly is the defeatist menatlity which is forcing them to make hindrance after hindrance to avoid the people’s verdict. It is a shame for a group who somuch love to attach People’s name in everything they do are afraid of the same people!!

    This in term vindicate that the whole foundation they have fought, the whole principle , the whole sacrifice they claimed they did and all the promises they made to rural and poor are baseless and fake. They are determined to cause mayhem in the country.

    I sometime wonder if Maoist had any hidden agreement/alliance with the King. I seriousely doubt their demand of republic now as it is because of them Nepal is far away from being republic. It would have been such a smooth transition from Monarchy after CA election with a legal framework and recognized by everyone concerned ,even royalist would accept the outcome. Are maoist trying to save the Monarchy by demanding it’s ousting before election ?? Because they know very clearly that an illegitimate abdication would be met with lot of intl criticism and even rejected. I bet if parties decide to go for republic before CA election and will be ratified by CA , maoists will put another demand for sure. May be the first president must be from their own Party or sth else, they are trying to save monarchy undoubtedly , it is not clear though whether with working alliance with King or not!! The killing of a Madhesi in Lahan for instigating the flair of violence (which backfired ultimately) and now killing another in Kapilbastu for similar purpose, they all point the nexus between Prachanda and Gyanendra as no one doubts that CA will be fatal for both, they will loose everything they have after the elections, no wonder both are desperate!!

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