Nepali Congress For Federal Democratic Republic Nepal

Nepali Congress, Nepal’s ruling, biggest and one of the oldest political party goes for federal democratic republic making it almost certain that monarchy will formally be abolished in Nepal in the next few months.

By Dinesh Wagle

It’s been quite a while I haven’t used the term historic in my writings recently but to continue with that for long time in these times in Nepal is very difficult. Something historical is happening in Nepali Congress, the biggest party of Nepal whose President is also the Prime Minister and officiating head of state. The Central Working Committee of Nepali Congress today adopted, in principle, the policy of federal democratic republic (sangiya loktantrik ganatantra) in Nepal. A team led by central member Chakra Prasad Bastola to draft the Constituent Assembly election manifesto for the party had presented the draft for discussion in the CWC today. The CWC meeting held at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Baluwatar endorsed the proposal following almost nine hours long heated discussion on the proposal.

[“The main thing is that the CWC has agreed in principle to a federal republican state structure and multi-party democratic system of governance stipulated in the draft of the manifesto that we have finalized today,” said Arjun Narsingh KC, the party’s member of the manifesto drafting committee. “We will now solicit suggestions from the party’s sister fronts in the run up to the Maha Samiti.”]

The party that has been advocating Constitutional Monarchy since its inception (about 60 years ago) had deleted the term some two years ago after king Gyanendra started playing foul with democracy. Though a large section of the party was pressurizing the leadership to go for republic setup, the leadership of Koirala was hesitant in the past several months to get away with monarchy completely. Even as the monarchy has been in the state of suspension ever since the historic April revolution (2006), Koirala was talking about giving space to king or ceremonial king or baby king. Leaders like Narahari Acharya who have been campaigning for the republic agenda inside and outside the party deserve the credit for the significant development.

The Party CWC also decided to convene a special meeting of its general assembly (Mahasamiti) meeting for September 23 and 24 to pass the resolution on federal republic. Mahasamiti is the highest body of the Nepali Congress after Mahaadhibesan (general meeting) that has the right to decide on policies for the party. This mahasamiti will be of the unified Nepali Congress and the policy adopted in that meeting will be of the unified party.
In another significant (not historic though) development, the CWC of Nepali Congress (Democratic) today decided in favor of its unification with Nepali Congress. NC-CWC is expected to formally decide the same tomorrow. The unification announcement is also expected in the next 48 to 72 hours.

[Sujata Koirala was the only CWC member who opposed the federal republic agenda and advocated for the constitutional monarchy. To advocate CM in today’s Nepal is no different than saying ‘I am for the king who will have power to dismiss democracy anytime he likes to do so.’ Historically, kings have always deceived Nepali people and democracy ever since it was established in Nepal in the 50s. Mahendra, the father of suspended Gyanendra, was the one who dismissed the first democratically elected government of Nepal in a coup in 1960.]

The current interim constitution has the provision that says the first meeting of the CA will decide on the fate of monarchy. With the NC going for the republic agenda, it’s almost certain that monarchy will formally be eradicated from Nepal on the first meeting of CA whose election is scheduled for 22 November (6 Mangsir).







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  1. B Avatar

    I would agree with Hope had our eight parties been competent enough. If we just want one less problem, why not get rid of the maoists? Do you think a new president will be allocated with less budget than what monarchy has been allocated with?

  2. keshuvko Avatar

    How come people interpret the Nepali Congress going for republican set up as Maoist’s victory?
    There were advocates of repuclicanism in the NC from the very beginning.

    Yes, in the post-1990 politics, the Maoists were the ones to fight for republicanism.

    But one should not forget that their ultimate aim is more than that. Let’s see what that truly is.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Shaman-enough about me already! Focus on the issues! When I said ‘most of the bloggers’ I did not mean you-it was a generalization(why can’t we make certain generalizations?) -so don’t get antsy.

    And we were talking about exploitation of the country’s scarce resources, not exercising our rights as citizens. Hope you know the difference.

    But like I said enough already! It’s getting childish.

  4. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    If the bullshit SPA& M does abolish Monarchy without mandate, well this is very good receipe for civil war. As Maoist has shown it takes only few thousand man to create mayhem in this country as Nepal is perfectly made for guerilla warfare. There are enough supporter of Consitutional monarchy in Nepal if SPA& their terrorist friend tries to ignore it well we will be heading for another bloody civil war. Just look at what happned in Afghanistan and Iran once the Monarchy was out the country was worst off. So it is better to get peoples mandate before deciding anything. But worrying sign is Maoist is looking for excuse to restart war and this will create destruction of Nepal and its people and even thug Maoist. Jai Naya Nepal

  5. lakure Avatar


    Yes NC’s ultimate aim is more than a republic i.e. to surrender everything to Bihari (not even to terai people), like they are now surrendering to the maoist for their vested interest.

  6. Shaman Avatar


    Well, I was not the one making all tall claims that “I am/have not taking anything from the government” or had a fit of personal aggrandizement. Neither was I making wild-eyed generalized allegations about exploitation of the resources of the nation by the parents and grandparents of the (most) bloggers here. As I said before, if you can’t take it, don’t do it in the first place. And this is my final post regarding this issue.

  7. hope Avatar

    Haha, yeah, Your Eight Parties!! That’s it, we can not see anybody in neutral eyes, see B, where the problem lies??

    I agree with all of you that SPAMs are as incompetent as the king or may be even more and we have to get rid of these pig head leaders ultimately too. But do you agree king has neither been a solution nor a comfort for grief stricken battle torn country, instead he has made a mockery of the serious problem the country was in and I believe it was his stupidity that Maoist are in such a state now.He had opportunity to become one of the great kings in the history of Nepal had he joined hands with SPA and crushed the maoists but he blewed off with his arrogance and stupidity. We would have been much better off without maoists for sure.

    Now, look at the present situation,you accept it or not, Maoists are everywhere,although they are unpopular, they have the strength to unleash dangerous violence if they wish. Getting rid of them now, even all of us wants is next to impossible. Only through CA elections they can be slapped on their face and I’m sure they would hardly get 10% of votes. So, if parties are trying to create such an environment from where maoists can no longer escape the elections is definitely positive move for me.And when they go for election and face the music the actual support base would be vindicated by the people’s verdict. Then it would be easy for us and even for international community to forcefully contain them if not eliminate them if the violent activities would continue unabated.

    I still think gradually we will clear the mess, so , why don’t we start with the weak link?? Let’s hit the iron when it is hot (soft). Because in politics nothing is certain, a powerful king can never be ousted without bloody coup, when we have that opportunity to do it peacefully, it is not to be missed. I absolutely believe, the era of kings has gone at least in Nepal but it has to be done legitimately, as they have agreed and not through the “interim” parliament. “Interim” parliament is here for holding the CA elections and that must be it’s only concern.

    As far as president is concern, his budget would no way match the lavish lifestyle of the monarch, as the guy would be changed after 4/5 years and I believe we will have a president without political power who is responsible and accountable to people( or members chosen by people). So, where is the harm going for republic , why you force yourself to attach with monarchy just because you hate maoists?? Why we are trying to support one enemy to rattle another?? I donot believe the theory that king is being a roadblock for maoists to grab absolute power, if they have that strength they would have done quite earlier. Maoists can be weakend through CA elections and when republican agenda helps us to do that, why should anybody be complaining??

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Hope-I agree with all that you say. Glad to finally find a like minded individual. I have no respect for the monarchy too(I used have a little before though). Why should a country and it’s people love a king who has no love for his country and it’s people? I hope they are kicked out after the CA elections.

    The Maoists are scum but like you said they are still quite powerful. Hopefully they will be sidelined/marginalized after the CA elections. My only concern is how free and fair the CA elections will be.

    As for the SPA, we will deal with them when the distractions of the Maoists and the Royalists are gone.

  9. Deadonarrival Avatar

    The centrifugal forces like we have seen from Terai to now Himalaya will finally tear this nation to shreds and blades that will do the job will be gang of 8 with varied degree of contribution instigated by India to do a hatchet job.

    People do not seem to learn even from the not too distant history and aftermath of foreign instigated regime change which has no bearing to the host nation. Like a sheep with intelligence to insult people propose and propound logic that will not withstand test of time or the will of a people who since its inception by virtuous King has not yet seen even religious acrimony but now the Pandora box has been opened that has taken color of communal, regional and even religious strife. Is this what you call political expediency at the cost of a nation.

    If you have ideas to spare – use it with caution not develop herd mentality to justify and accept in full without understanding it- if you do you are no better than the one who believes in superstitions

  10. KingCobra Avatar

    Prachande, one of the GREATEST MASS MURDERERS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY LIKE HITLER AND POL POT, is solely responsible for the current instability, chaos, and miseries in Nepal. we decided that peace and stability in Nepal is impossible without eradicating this mass murderer and his YCL goons. So, we decided to behead this mass murderer and his YCL thugs before the CA election. JUST WATCH HOW THE STORY WILL UNFOLD DOWN THE ROAD!!!

  11. SkyWatcher Avatar

    Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, the founding member of Nepali Congress, has said today that Nepali Congress’s decision to go for republic is bad for the future of Nepal. I am not surprised. This pane old man was the one who used to repeat, until recently, that there should be no change of even a single word in the 1990 constitution that he helped to formulate as interim prime minister. He also didn’t take part in the jana andolan-2 in April. Now he suddenly rises from the coffin (I thought he was already dead) and defends monarchy that is definitely dying. Hello Bhattarai! You are in the new world man. Stick to chewing the paan. God, these oldies! Kapali, please take care of this psycho.

  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey Kirat: at least we agree on thing: we need free and fair CA elections!

  13. B Avatar

    I agree with you hope. But you believe that King was the main reason by the success of the Maoists and I believe that SPA were. Look GPK was corrupt and incompetent when he was 74 yrs old, i dont blieve it should change when he is 86. You probably live outside of Nepal and think you can wait another 50years for democracy to work in Nepal. But we, we want changes now as we know it is long over due. In the next 2 years this country may not even remain.

    You also need to get it into your thick brain that people supporting the king do not necessarily oppose democracy. But it is so easy for your thick headed dumbasses to turn everything into democracy vs. monarchy. I gues that makes NCs Krishna P. Bhattarai an autocrat too.

    One simple question for your? What sort of federal system are we going to have? which state will recieve how may % of budget and on what basis? Will madhes (different states there) receive more budget because it represents 50% of the total population? So what would karnali get?

    What happens if there are no agreement among eight parties regarding the CA result? When will the next general election be? Will the NA have the capability to take controll of the situation should it run out of controll? Who will take over nepal if she fails to prove herself as an independent state? What are the chances of this elections being a success? who takes responsibility of the lives being lost now and untill the completion of the GE?

    Yes, opposing monarchy will make you a democrat. Removing the king might guarantee no intervention on our system. But then, sikkim is democratic too. Yes hope, you can hope that eventually get rid of the bad apples from our sytem or you can learn from your past mistakes. When you are living outside of Nepal, it is easy to gamble with the whole nation (like GPK calls it) after all, her collapse still guarantees your life and security.

  14. DOA Avatar

    Rightly said B- let me quote Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim- “Nepali harule Sikkim baata paath siknu parchha. Hami Sikkime haru sanga Prajatrantra Chha tara DESH Chaina, Adhikar chha tara Sarwadhikar Chaina, Jaat, Dharma ra Vesh chha tara ASTITWA Chaina.”

    I hope we all understand this basic premise before its too late.

  15. lakure Avatar

    I think this country will not become Sikkim but Fiji….

  16. lakure Avatar

    This country is going to be FIJI….welcome bihari people to rule our country…

  17. lakure Avatar

    This country will become FIJI…

  18. NST Avatar

    B, you took the words out of my mouth. Very eloquently put.

  19. B Avatar

    If the entire nation’s budget depends on charity and donations from the international community, we talking about federal system without proper research or study, is plain naivity if not blatant stupidy.

  20. hope Avatar

    Democracy to become a successful phenomenon will definitely takes time, it needs much longer time than what was provided in Nepal. Nepal was never given a proper chance and time to exercise the benifit of democracy in it’s true nature. And I think the blame goes mainly to king as well as SPA , they failed to capitalize the golden opportunity they had to nurtur a vibrant democratic nation. And sorry B, you wanted turn around in two yrs, that’s very childish!!

    Yes, being pro or against monarchy doesnot make you democrat nor make you royalist. There are numerous examples in the world they do coexist, but we must be realistic in our point of view,we are talking about Nepal, where kings have always exercised their power as devine and beyond any legal boundaries. Their words were taken as law and those near and dear to them are above the society.

    There are lot of questions as you pointed out lot of what ifs, but there are another what ifs too, what if that really works?? What if parties would be exposed to the people as they no longer get excuses in the name of scapegoating the king?? What if some young generation of leaders emerge from either parties which are more educated and daring?? What if Maoist are really wiped out from the election ?? These all are hypothesis you can bend either way. But one thing is clear it takes just a minimum effort to make things happen when there is somuch hatred and distaste going on for some system or institution. I agree there is even larger percentage of people dislike maoists but be realistic , they cannot be ousted as easily as the king .

    I really wanna hear something from those who wish to keep monarchy, they never gave any argument supporting him, just because other options may not work so we have to keep him doesn’t make sense. All the time I hear them say may be something bad happens after his removal so better keep him, ha, what a joke!! Isn’t it a fact he has nothing good to offer?? He is obsolete and just a burden for poor country which is indebted with foreign donations and loans.

    And for KP Bhattarai, I regard him as one of the most idiot and incompetent leaders in politics. He is a shame for a leader. Had he been little more visionery we wouldnot be facing Maoists in our back yards now. I would love to give you some of his thoughts:

    It was late 1999( please correct me if I was wrong), maoists insurgency just started and they have already killed number of policemen and ordinery people. KP as a PM was back from New York attending UN convetion and was interviewed by BBC in London. Nisha Pillai, the anchor asks: There is a serious act of violence going on in western part of Nepal, how would you solve these problems?? KP replies pointing towards his nose: Maoists are small irritants and the problem is not big as you have presented . Then she adds: already 500 or so people are killed how can it be small ?? KP replies in his typical fashion: Ok Ok, big irritant , and grins loudly. I was just trying to say how shortsighted he was, how ignorant he was. And Nepali people paid 14000 lives for his ognorance. Had he realized the magnitude of the problem maoists would never have survived this long . That’s KP Bhattarai for you!!

    And for your information, I spend my fair amount of time in nepal, so country’s well being does matter to me!! And I am willing to remove bad apples one by one which is more rational and practical!!

  21. Kirat Avatar

    B- what a useless rant! What’s your point? Don’t oppose the monarchy? Keep the status quo that has made Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world? This is what I mean by ‘being afraid of change’.

    Sure there will be difficulties in changing…but Nepal has been one of the poorest countries in the world for over 25-30 yrs. I think you’re the one who wants to wait 500 yrs before things change.

    Come with one good reason for keeping the monarchy and I might be persuaded. But don’t give that sh!t about ‘a symbol of unity’ or ‘bulwark against the Maoists’.

  22. Kirat Avatar

    I hate the Maoists scum and I can’t forget that if the Holleri incident of July 2001 had been better handled by the Palace and the RNA-they might have been crushed then. What a terrible mistake it was. Talk about digging ones own grave.

  23. Neta Avatar

    Kirat, well said about the king and thus about Nepal’s poverty. Hopefully Bhudai is listening to you as well.

  24. hawa Avatar

    Once we opt for a republic it will be a federal republic which means federalism which means many federations – wher is the money going to come from to run all these different ethnic fedarations? – More donors calling all the shots???? Not from the peoples pockets in those fedaral areas for sure.

  25. Kirat Avatar

    hawa-once it becomes federal the role of the central administration, which is all encompassing right now, will be drastically reduced. the budget being used by the central machinery right now, which will no longer be required once the federal setup is established, will be transferred to the federal units.

  26. B Avatar

    The new nepal envisioned by the SPAM could not even nominate a better Prime minister than GPK. HA! yes it is going to change in due course of time. The old Nepal is gone with no new Nepal in sight. I blame GPK more than KPB for the status of the maoists today. Yes, i agree that democracy takes time to prosper when the politicians are collectively and ultimately working for the interest of the nation. I seriously doubt not only the competence of the SPA politicians but also their intentions and intelligence. A lot of you said, until very recently, that the maoists should be given a benefit of doubt. Look where we are now. Even kirat says he / she never trusted the Maoists anyway (but we all know otherwise). This is what happens if and when you do not have a vision and are driven by vendetta instead of the larger good for the nation.

    What is the utility of the king, you ask. I say it keeps sanity from escaping Nepal. Even India has started back tracking or undoing their mistakes of sidelining the king. They should have targeted the maoists but instead they tried the king. I can guarantee you that the november 22nd election will not happen and if it does it will be without the maoists. You keep saying that the maoists will be sidelined during this elections, but my friend there will be a huge cost to pay for this.

    Like Ms. Chitra lekha yadav said, it was the sheer incompetence of the SPA that allowed the king to take over and even if you remove the king, the threat will still remain only the source will change. I think you must be outta ur mind, if you think that a republic Nepal will always be democratic and no one will intervene, even when the politicians break all records of incompetence, negligence and ignorance. If a system fails, another will replace it. My advise to you my friend will be, to HOPE that the SPA will perform now. To hope they will finally work in the interest of the nation because even without the king, the army is bound to take over if they fail again. And do also hope that you are not in Nepal when all hell break loose.

    So, kings utility will be as that of the president and Governments duty will be not to fck up again. I like the king to remain as a threat. Even the king can not rule without public support, as you may have already seen in Janaandolan episode 1 and 2. Monarchies can not rule like saddam husein or parvez musharraf. I am against the idea of ceremonial monarchy, if he stays he should stay as constitutional or else go. From your posting you still seem to think that nepal has ample time to experiment and pick n choose but i believe that is not the case. Yes, it takes time if the leaders are at least heading in the right direction but ours are going the wrong way. Finally, i would rather support the Maoists than the ever incompetent, ignorant and ill intentioned SPA.

    “And for your information, I spend my fair amount of time in nepal, so country’s well being does matter to me”

    I dont know what it means, really. Does it mean that you are still a Nepali citizen? well, what ever. Country’s well being matters to GPK as well, so what the fck.

    As far as Kirat’s stand on Monarchy is concerned, i think this post has already exposed his / her political bias enuff.

  27. Shaman Avatar


    “hawa-once it becomes federal the role of the central administration, which is all encompassing right now, will be drastically reduced. the budget being used by the central machinery right now, which will no longer be required once the federal setup is established, will be transferred to the federal units.”

    Again, Kirat, you give so much importance to theoretical framework and possible benefits. Everything looks so good in theoretical framework. Federal set-up does not work in a thin air and it has administrative costs. The more federal units you will create, more the cost will be because you end up duplicating the administrative set-up everywhere. Whatever amount of allocated budget will be wasted on running numerous federal administrative offices. So the argument that compensating from the central machinery to federal machinery does not hold true. And who will bear those costs? Will the government print more money? Perhaps, the better way would be decentralized set-up that UML had introduced during their 9-month rule under the name Build Your Own Village.

  28. lakure Avatar

    How long time it takes to establish the pure democracy in Nepal ? We had already spent 60 years in practicing the democracy……but we are again turning back to 60 years with the same theme…. the spa leaders became successful to topple the king due to their acceptance of maoist leadership in Janaandolan-2…but spa leaders forgot what maoist really want and their ideology of 1917…the simple thing is maoist had mobilised the Janaandolan-2 not for spa but for their own interest… it means to comeback to present world, it takes another 90 years….we are loosing our time for the ecomomic development and elimination of poverty in the country due to the political instability…but how long ???? who knows after 60 years this nation will remain or not? and who is going to rule this country after 60 years ? It means we have to live in poverty and always expect the donations/ grants/ aids like beggars do…

  29. B Avatar


    Who knows if this country will remain after two years? There has to be rock bottom. Or are we destined to keep falling and falling into this void of poverty and violence?

  30. lakure Avatar


    U r right, they are inviting Bihari (someone like Lallu Yadav) to rule this country.

  31. hope Avatar

    The king can pose a threat if Army stands behind him, alone he is nothing, so when army still remains strong figure in Nepal, they can check the SPAMs without kings help , they can pose even more threat than a lone king does.

    And when you have hypothesis of India annexing Nepal as Sikkim, believe me they won’t be that stupid again. The regretted the move then and will not commit the same mistake again.Moreover, Nepal is already their own peg of wine, king to SPAs to maoists everybody needs India’s consent to decide anything. Why would they take that risk of irking international community when they are achieving everything they wish now?? I don’t think Indians are as stupid as SPAs.

    I still think CA election is the only option to have some kind of acceptable solution for every bargaining factions, if there is sizeable number of people who vote for Monarchy ( parties favoring it) and wins enough seats to oppose to move for republic, then it will stay. But when they don’t they must accept the verdict too.

    The move to opt for republic is a positive development to convince maoists to go for the elections and make sure they actually participate the polls. And let the people decide who they wanna keep and who they wanna throw.Yes, a price has to be paid no country can advance without sacrifices , people have sacrificed enough during century old Monarchy and decade long insurgency, it’s time for Kings and Leaders and Maoists to pay the price, for that CA election is the most important thing to happen.

    The notion that in any circumstances Monarchy should stay is as irrelevant as maoist claim to abolish it through “interim” parliment!! Things must be done legitimately and let the people’s voice prevails!!

    B, pessimisms won’t help our cause, where as a positive change in the offing might !!

  32. B Avatar


    Monarchy should stay is only my opinion, and i dont think my opinion will actually change the course of Nepal’s future. I totally agree with the rest of what you have said, let the people decide. If the CA election is free and fair, the royalists, the SPAMists, the leftists, the rightists and the centerists should all accept whatever the result is. I absolutely agree, after all people power is the ultimate power. I just think that even the supporters of the monarchy should be given some space to campaign their cause instead of branding everything about monarchy as being anti democratic.

    Look, Sikkim was not annexed by India forcefully but instead, india created such a situation that it remained clean of all wrong doings. Nepal is no longer an India’s little brother but instead US, China and various other countries are turning this into their playground.

    Being an optimist does not actually mean being delirious and ignoring the worse possibilities. An army threat is a lot dangerous than any threats from the monarchy, i hope you actually realize this.

    I also agree with the fact that all the political players have failed the nepali people in the past but sadly, it will not be them who will pay but us.

  33. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Since we did not elect the king why we need to wait to get rid of his status by election?

  34. Kirat Avatar

    Shree-because in theory via election will mean the people’s mandate. What better way to kick out someone than by the people’s mandate?

  35. Kirat Avatar

    B-finally you have come clean. From your reply I can see you have tremendous faith and love for the Monarchy. You attribute almost divine powers to them -‘I say it keeps sanity from escaping Nepal’ You think that they will be a positive threat to the mismanagement of democratically elected leaders, as if the Monarchy are saints who commit no mistakes themselves and have never been autocrats in history. You condemn the SPA for their mistakes and bungling but infer that the Monarchy is above it all. And you repeat the famous royalist mantra of over 50yrs that if not for the king India will upsurp Nepal’s sovereignity. For you the Nepalese Monarchy is God like.

    I understand where you are coming from pal. But for me it’s all mumbo jumbo like the astrologers that your Monarch trusts so much. Hopefull one day, soon, all Nepalis will truly understand (it takes time) what real democracy is and you will be able to shout from your rooftop your belief without fear of reprisals from rabid Maoists and such others.That’s the true beauty of democracy that we have never had as yet.

    I also have my beliefs. But I do try to ground my beliefs on reality and practicality. I know the SPA have thoroughly discredited democracy-but I have seen democracy in action in Western Europe and the US-and I am envious. I want the same freedoms, power and wealth for my country too. Japan did it, so has Korea and Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries are trying and getting a measure of success-India, South Africa and some of the Latin American countries.

    I pine for a democratic Nepal where the people will have freedom, power, knowledge and tolerance as per the tenets of democracy. Democracy treats all equal. You know what Monarchy does.

    You pine for a country where the Monarch is all powerful, benign and wise and his subjects happy and prosperous. Not bad. But can you see the fundamental difference? We’ll always disagree-but true democracy encourages that debate whereas debate would be forbidden under absolute Monarchy. Democracy allows your voice to be heard and one day who knows democracy might allow you to reinstate your monarch and give him power-if enough people believe in your ideas and vote for it. But right now pal they’re in mood to humour bungling Monarchs and I really hope they get their butts (metaphorically) kicked after the CA elections.

  36. hawa Avatar


    I think your the business man right? Do you make money or are you running on a loss? Don’t be naive , with the central money? What central money? Federal areas have to collect their own money and spend it. Why should say the Newar federal region (i.e. Kathmandu) share all their income with the rest of the nation? Why should the madhes do the same? Besides, federal systems means more representatives, more courts and judges, more of everything all decentralised – their own local policeforce to boot – where is the money buddy? Stop talking nonsense with this money being given from the centre bull. Do you have any clue as to what federalism entails? I sincerely doubt it.

  37. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    With federal system of government various ethnic groups like Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Rai, Gurung, Limbu, Sherpa and others will have their own local government for local development. Development of ehnic groups means development of Nepal.

  38. Kirat Avatar

    hawa-err..I don’t think you know what a federal republic is…best examples are the US, Germany and India. Certain taxes will be for the federal states to collect certain for the central govt. to collect. Sure there will never be enough money…is there ever? You are talking as if the present centralized form of govt. was running smoothly and providing all the basic services that a govt. should to all the people and all the regions of Nepal. The Federal setup if properly managed should result in minimum duplication of courts, police etc. Jurisdiction has to be properly defined.

    Look there are many pros and cons of Federalism-but economics is really the issue okay? Besides with the present set up all the different administrative branches have become too large and unwieldy. With a Federalist structure they will be smaller and more manageable. Also they will be more accountable to their particular region and thus more responsive and because of the local peoples influences less corrupt. Right now the CDO of Jumla can be from anywhere else in Nepal and will give a sh!t about the area as he is not from there. Also he is accountable to some idiot sitting in Kathmandu who gives a damn about some remote corner in Nepal-little support and little monitoring/accountability. Tomorrow he will most likely be a local and thus care more about his area and also will be answerable to the Karnali govt who will care because of the vote thing. If anything state resources will probably utilized more efficiently by Federal states than the present mess-because they are smaller more manageable units and because they are directly accountable to the local people.

    Like Shree Shrestha said in a Federal set up Nepal’s different ethnic communites will also be allowed to let off steam in a proper manner as well, instead of always being marginalized.

    If you guys have a problem with the federal set up come with some proper logic rather than half baked economic theories.

  39. hope Avatar

    Yes, shree, Federal Structure guarantees the autonomy of federal government on it’s decision, the money they generate would be spent in their state/region. Center will only makes decisions on national/international agendas. Hence there is every possibility that some staes/regions generating more money than some others and like any other countries the excess amount would be spent on the less developed regions by center.

    I would like to give one simple example, if you have heard of Gunagdong Province( with Guangnzhou and Shenzhen city) of China, they generate the highest income provincewise, they spend more of those amount in their own province and some portion they give it to the development of Tibet ,some of you may argue many political resaon for that but that’s not the point,if you see it practically it really works.

    The example can be followed, you cannot be very stubborn and narrow minded when it comes to a country, the high income generating regions of Terai, Kathmandu,Pokhara would contribute to the less developed and unfortunate regions like Karnali. And people of both the regions made aware of the fact which inturns makes rural people feel they are not abandoned, they are being taken care of and urban population proud of their region.

    Having said that if people have divisive mentality and commited to disintegrate the nation then nothing works!!

  40. hope Avatar


    I coudn’t agree more! The federal structure is what we need to make the administrator more responsible and accountable to his own constituency than the center. It is economically more cost effective and bureaucratically simple . It would solve all the grievances of people of different regions as they will get more say in their own destiny!!

  41. Kirat Avatar

    correction-I meant to say the ‘economics is not really the main issue…’

  42. B Avatar


    HEre you go again! Absolute Monarchy. What can i say, the wise one. YOu know it all and have seen it all. We can not prosper as long as Monarchy remains, is your theory and i will not even contest you on that. Good luck. I guess you can gamble and say be all or end all. You are right as you have always been. Yesterday, you were a maoist sympathizer and today i am a royalist. this is what makes you wise and me wrong.

  43. B Avatar

    “It would solve all the grievances of people of different regions as they will get more say in their own destiny!!”

    I agree with you. As soon as we have a federal system everyone will be happy. Just look at how well india is doing at addressing minorities in different states.

  44. Kirat Avatar

    B-it’s okay to support an absolute monarch if you want (as long as we stay within the rules). I’d like to believe it’s a free country. In the same token it should be okay for me to criticize the Monarchy and want it’s abolishment as well.

  45. hawa Avatar

    Duh Kirat,

    Yes you have cited the examples. Taking the US – Every state in the US have their own goverment, courts, police etc etc.
    Further, Kathmandu, does not necessarily have to remain the capital of the nation, it can shift anywhere. Therefore as we already know we have most of the income coming in the govt. coffers from Ktm and the Terai and ofcourse donor money. California may have to give some portion as central tax but most of it is kept in California. Besides, the maoists have already made it clear that a west version of federalism is not what they want. Even if we have it, there is no money buddy, and donors will not be running around giving out money nilly willy. Centralised donor money is hard enough to handle, imagine the nightmare with decentralised donor money?
    I’m sure you’ve heard of economies of scale.
    Forget the nitty gritty above, just the extra governors, judges, plolice force etc etc etc is enough to give nighmares t the budget maker. It will just plainly take more money then we have (or rather donot have) right now with straightforward grade two maths. Don’t talk casually through your behind.
    Economics ain’t the issue huh? What a dudoo – if it was’nt the issue we would not be here in the first place buddy.

  46. hope Avatar

    Hey B, being oversatiristic sometimes can make people misunderstand your point!!

    Yes, India is a bad example, in fact India is bad example for anything. Except their democratic practice and the way a President works, nothing can be learned from them.They probably have their own shorcomings and restrictions as we know the huge population and the problems created by annexing small countries like Sikkim, Kashmir.

    The case in terms of Nepal would be totally different as we donot have such religious hatred towards each other , we still donot hate each other just because of origin or ethnicity.Thanks to Maoists we are inundated with flurry of regional conflicts though still people donot kill eachother just because you are from different race or ethnicity.

    The main grievances which engulfed Terai and some other parts of Nepal was mainly because they were deprived from socio-economic ,political opportunity. They thought they were treated unfairly by center by not allocating enough resourses and not delegationg enough power they thought they deserve, which actually is very fair assesment. So, when you decentralize your power structure, delegate authority to concerned region it may work as a solution.

    I think federal structure is very good solution to satisfy various demands of different groups and regions. Ofcourse , there should be plenty of research and study has to be done before implementing anything. But it is a solution indeed!!

  47. sagarmatha Avatar

    The federal system ruled by ethnic and regional parties can be far better than this spaM thugs. Atleast they will get pressure from their own ethnic/regional groups to develop their territories. They give more meaning toward their regions and ethnics for the development. These thug spaM leaders staying in Kathmandu with the corrupted money hardly going to their places. Thinking about development of that particular area will nothning more than foolish if the elected leaders do not bother to go their areas.

  48. Kirat Avatar

    Hawa-don’t get overexcited. You’re acting like a little runt who’s ready with an answer for a question that hasn’t been asked yet. Tut. tut.

    The economics in question was one of Unitary vs Federal. Not economics as a whole. And don’t show your ignorance by stating that there will be a requirement for extra police, extra courts, etc…how many times must it be stated that once there is a clear demarcation of the powers/jurisdiction of the federal and central govt. there is no need for duplication. You could argue that a federal set up would be more economical because smaller administrative units are easier to manage and thus more efficient. No need to keep on going to Kathmandu or waiting for Kathmandu to make a decision while the opportunity passes by.

    Like Sagarmatha says above they will be more responsive and accountable because of effective local pressure.

    Now who’s a dudoo?

  49. hawa Avatar


    Noones getting excited. But if you know what the hell this thing is about then you would worry. But you’re like a one track goru who always needs to get his one track two bits worth in at the end. If this federalism happens then you will know what I mean. Till then it is pointless to explain to gorus like you. You are really clueless are’nt you? No duplication??? Federalism under ethnic lines and no duplication? get some common sense man (dudoo).

  50. sagarmatha Avatar

    If particular caste rules another ethnic areas, like madhes/ limbuwan/ khumbuwan etc., he/she doesnot bothers to develop that area because he definately try to stay within his/her caste only. He better prefer to build a bungalow and stay more time in Kathmandu than that particular area. Their desire wil be to give more concern on winning the election by crook mentality. That is why they distribute false assurances and some items just to win the election. They used all the national machinaries to win the election because they know without that they will not get local support. To develop their area will be their second thought. That is the reasons why many of the place in Nepal is far behind the development even after the introduction of democracy since 55 years.

    This is already experienced in India also. After uprise of ethnic/regional parties and their strong presence in central level have brought development in South part of India than before. Now they have realised the importance of ethnic/regional parties.

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